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Rebel Sweater

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 22, 2008


I am going to go over later today and take some pictures of the new baby Jeremy. It’s the first day I’ve felt up to walking around the corner. Sad Girl is no longer sad, from what I can tell. She’s gotten some REALLY nice stuff from readers here. Thanks so much. She got a baby bjorn, which she loves, and has the baby in 24/7, from what I hear. She got a beautiful handmade afghan, which is now in the crib Val gave her and the primary blanket the baby uses. She got some *wonderful* outfits from Macy’s on-line, and a gift card to Wal Mart, which I was told she used to actually buy diapers! (Good For Her).

Since the baby was being treated as the little outcast, I decided to make him a rebel sweater. I’m going to bring it over today, too. I just finished the sweater yesterday. Here it is, cute, huh?

Paul loves it and says he would wear it if it was his size. You can just barely see it, but there’s a skull button at the neckline. I’m really loving matching buttons tot he theme of the outfits I make. I need more novelty buttons.

But, thanks everyone for sending things to the new baby. I still have a quilt to make him, and some little sleeper sacques to get done, then I can concentrate on Val’s baby. I have loads of stuff lined up for her.

I’ll post some pics of the baby in a bit.




14 Responses to “Rebel Sweater”

  1. Huey said

    What does a ‘rebel’ do in Malone? …get a job?

  2. Caroline said

    Adorable sweater! Absolutely adorable. You are a great friend and role model for all of these lost girls of Malone and their babies.

    Glad to hear she has her baby home now and has received some nice gifts, everyone deserves to be welcomed into this world with some new duds and binkies and such.

    So sorry to hear you were feeling so ill, hope you are much better. That hospital in Malone sounds like it should be in a Stephen King novel, I wouldn’t go back.

  3. HT said

    Um,I think it also deserves a skull cap. Too frickin’ funny. You’re such an idiot.


  4. gaia said

    Ooooooh, I want one, too. I live off a road called “Teach’s Cove Rd” Teach was the real name for Blackbeard! I feel very piraty. It’d be even better with a sweater like that. And, supposedly, this old dude buried treasure never found around here, so if I had that sweater on when we pulled it out of the water or dug it up working on our flower-garden, you would be entitled to a share!! Someday, somebody is going to find it.


  5. Kim (Canada) said

    I’m with HT!
    (Except for the “idiot” part….I think you rock! LOL!)

    A definate MUST on the “Skull cap”!
    Then I’d definately want one of these outfits!

    Good day to all!

    Fonzie :`)

  6. luvgabe said

    Kim, the sweater, as always, is so well done!

    Someone please explain to me why “skull & crossbones” equal “rebel”? Why is being a rebel represented by a death image?

  7. nita said

    Love the sweater and glad to see you back! Take good care of yourself. Too little time, too many sweaters! I’m in awe of your talent. Glad our little things made this gal feel better.

  8. Greg Goss said

    Luvgabe asks how pirate insignia equates to rebel. The link is made via biker culture, where the link is common. Kim’s hubby is a biker and revels in the antisocial symbology, though apparently has not a trace of antisocial nature — indeed is famous for rescuing kittens and fools.

    The mangled symbology of hostility is apparent in an upcoming Canadian event. One of the events in the ultramacho Calgary Stampede in recent years has been the day dedicated to fundraising for breast cancer research. A supposedly one-off promotion “Tough enough to wear pink?” would let any guy wearing pink in to the grounds for free that day. The idea has exploded and pink-themed “are you man enough?” challenges are all over the place. Tied into that is a fund-raising ride by a local biker’s club — to raise awareness of fundraising efforts for the breast cancer research, and to raise some money directly. So these macho bikers are getting pink outfits made up, complete with pink skull and crossbones and such. Somehow the idea of embroidering antisocial insignia onto a pink outfit worn to promote medical research is somehow misplaced symbology. If the symbology is “tradition”, then it’s no longer much about rebellion.

  9. luvgabe said

    Thank you, Greg Gross, for explaining the equation/association of “rebel” and the “scull&Xbones” imagery. Fascinating….

    Perhaps I’m losing my sense of “cool” as I grow older. I’m just uncomfortable with the “scull” icon, which is a celebration of death. We already have too much of the culture of death in contemporary society, with its glorification of violence, nihilism, “fuckU” anti-socialism, & death.

  10. njgill said

    luvgabe – a “scull” is a boat; the icon Kim knitted is a “skull”, and it’s not neccessarily symbolic of death – after all, we all have one protecting out brains (I hope). If not, our heads would be big squishy lumps !!

  11. luvgabe said

    Njgill: Geesh, so I did a typo with “scull.” If you look at my posting of June 23, you’ll see that, like you, I really do know how to spell “skull.” Hope you enjoyed your brief nanosecond of superiority.

  12. A.D.A. said

    Miss you, Kim! Please be in the hospital getting better! The sweater is beautiful and original. One of a kind, like you.

  13. barb said

    Kim, your sweater is really cool, I call it, and you, both rebels. Get well and bring news of ZL. Best wishes to Jeremy!

  14. you bro said

    see. thats cool. funny though, i’m trying to picture paul cruising on his harley wearing one. maybe. post it on ebay under harley wear. lots of biker parents would want one for their little biker kids. cha-ching!! love ya!

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