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Stupid Movies, Stupid Showers

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 30, 2008


This week has convinced me that I am really not female. You know how I know that I am really not female? Because I don’t give a flying fuck that the new “Sex and The City” movie comes out this weekend.

I watched five minutes of this show. Once. Didn’t get it. Thought it was boring. And I thought their clothes and shoes were fugly and uncomfortable looking. And for four women who “embraced their feminism” – they sure spent a lot of time validating themselves through their boyfriends rather than through being smart, funny and successful. Well, except for that one woman – the Ho – because, really, who doesn’t love a ho who isn’t afraid to admit she’s a ho?

And I hate the trailer. “Should I buy you a diamond ring?” “No, just buy me a really big closet.” Oh for the love of fucking god. Way to be an independent, forward thinking, embrace-my-feminism woman. Because the TRUE way to tell how successful and beautiful a woman is is by the size of her closet.

I think this series and movie sets women back 50 years. I think if I was fabulous and wealthy and independent and lived in New York fucking City for Pete’s sake, and I had three wonderful, successful, smart women friends, well, when we got together to talk and do lunch we’d have a lot more to talk about than Prada and pricks – and shoes.

I hate “Sex and the City.” Stoopid. The only thing it’s good for is to compare them to The Golden Girls and try to guess who ends up being who.

So, Instead of watching TV and getting pissed off every time a trailer for this stupid fucking movie comes on, or turning the channel to another “interview show” and being subjected to Sarah Jessica Parker talking about this new stupid fucking movie – I’ve been sewing.

I took some flannelette that a friend sent me last year and made some little sleep sacques out of some of the different prints for the baby shower next weekend that I probably won’t even go to.

The sacques are simple little things with one button closures and a drawstring bottom, but they are kind of cute, and kind of practical for a new baby. I liked sacques better than sleepers when my kids were little because you didn’t have to unsnap and undress them just to change a diaper – just open the drawstring bottom and have at it.

This is the first one I made – it’s a cute little blue and white print with clouds, stars and moons – and I used a baby blue moon button for the neck.

I have two more cut out and ready to sew together – one with red trains with a red train button for the neckline – and one is airplanes with an airplane button. They are really quick and easy to make – and I hope Val likes these, too, because I have a lot of girl prints to make for her baby.

And I’m almost done the bear cub cardigan – just working on the hood. And this one requires no finishing, because it was all knit in the round and the sleeves were on double pointed needles – and the hood is a three needle bind off. No seams! Yeah! Once you are done knitting – you’re done the sweater. I should have it finished by tomorrow.

So, for the shower I won’t attend, I have a quilt, two sweaters I made myself and the three sleeper sacques. That should be plenty for a girl I’m pissed off at for getting pregnant in the first place – right? I can’t imagine the haul I’ll have for Val – since I’m THRILLED that she’s pregnant.





27 Responses to “Stupid Movies, Stupid Showers”

  1. HT said

    I agree with you totally about Sexless in the City. What a bunch of hairbrains.

    Cute sacks. Questions: Do they stunt growth? What if the kid is a kicker or has restless leg syndrome?

    Did Val ever find out if she’s having a girl for sure?

    I think you’re androgenous.


  2. Robynn said

    So funny. I quite liked S&TC (yes, it’s shallow, and reductive, and annoying, and dear god the crazy clothes – but it was also quite fun) but the film? No no no. All wrong. Anyway, I love what you say about matching them up to the Golden Girls; a whole new way to watch!

  3. Susan said

    The sacques are great. I put each of my 4 kids in them and NO it doesn’t stunt their growth. New babies loved being swaddled and the sacques help keep them calm. I enjoy Sex and The City for mindless entertainment but isn’t that what TV is all about? Shouldn’t be a movie . . .

  4. Val Dalton said

    haha Thanks Kim you’re the best! I love those open bottom sleepers too very easy! Especially when its 3 am and u haven’t slept for more than 2 hours straight lol. I should find out this weekend if it’s definatly a girl or not. I really hope it is because i’ve already bought a ton of girl cloths from someone down the road from me. She had a garage sale last week and had a ton of 0-6th month girl cloths!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. ginger said

    Thank you for your interpretation of S&TC. I could not agree more.

    I love the sacks. My first grandchild will be born in September (a girl). Do you make them for sale? I loved these when my girls were babies. So easy.

    Love your blog!

  6. tess said

    Its nice to know that I am not the only one who could care less about the Sex in the City movie.
    Kim, those baby saques are so cute. I loved them when my sons were babies. So easy. I don’t really sew, but they look easy enough. There is a pregnancy center near me, I wonder if I could sew them together and make them a gift for some expectant mom. Is this a pattern I could buy, or is this something you were just born knowing how to do?

  7. Chrissycat said

    YES! I agree wholeheartedly about the S&TC crew. Feminists BAH! More like a bunch of princesses who would be afraid to throw an extra handful of worms into their gardens. (EVEN IF WORMS ARE SO GOOD FOR THE SOIL!)

    I’m pinning your words up in my cubicle at work, where REAL feminists work their fool butts off and don’t have time to coo about Prada and shoes…pricks perhaps, but not Prada and shoes!

  8. I am so glad I’m not the only one that hates S&TC!!! I hate how it ‘sexualizes’ women & instead of showing them as the independent women that we are, they are still ‘oh woe me’ and being all ‘damsel in distress’. Who has time to do that anymore?

    and men……who talks about men that MUCH? Who has a life that totally revolves around the next man, or the next drink? Not me. No thanks.

    Was it just me or were most of the men either psycho, or still needed diapers? Men are independent too, there’s no need in dumbing them down just to prove how ‘strong’ we as women are NOW.

  9. Do you make them for sale? I loved these when my girls were babies. So easy.

    No, I don’t really make them for sale because they really cost nothing to make. I mean, it’s a yard of flannelette – which you can buy at the Joann’s after Thanksgiving sale for 99 cents a yard. And it’s one button, which you can buy in bags of 20 for like $1.00 when buttons are 50% off at Joann’s. So there’s no money invested – so how do you charge for that?

    I’d happily make you some if you know if it’s a boy or a girl – or if you just want something gender neutral – or if you want to go to Joann’s and buy some fabric you really like and send it to me – like I said – it’s a yard. And even when it’s NOT on sale – it’s like $2.99 a yard at Joann’s.


  10. Is this a pattern I could buy, or is this something you were just born knowing how to do?

    Oh I’m SURE there are patterns for these – but you *really* don’t need a pattern. I just cut one piece on the fold for the back in the general shape of a triangle with a neckline, cut one with a flap for the button band not on the fold, and cut 2 sleeves. Then I took the biggest “section” left over and cut a 2 inch strip of that for the drawstring. Easy peasy. It’s one seam, fold the neckline over and bind it, sew the sleeves in raglan style and make a seam on the bottom for the drawstring. Make a small hem on the sleeves and you are done.

    I swear it took me all of an hour to cut out the pieces and sew the thing together.

    I think it would be a great gift for the pregnancy center – they are really nice for infants and easy for new moms and really easy to make.


  11. tess said

    Thanks for the directions. I am actually going to try this.

  12. luvgabe said

    Thanks for saying what’s on my mind about the faux-feminist Sex&TheCity! Right on, Kim.

    Speaking of women today, has anyone noticed how some female TV anchorpersons are now showing their cleavages? I’ve seen two on Channel 5 in the San Francisco Bay Area: Sydney Kohara in the morning & Dana King in the evening. Is this some new trend, WTF?

    Also, there’s a news story from Japan of a 58-year-old woman being found living in the closet of a man’s home. The man noticed food disappearing from his kitchen & installed a camera in his house linked to his cellphone. Well, he saw a woman creeping about his house, & returned home with the police who searched & searched until they found the woman hiding in an upper compartment of the man’s closet. She had been living there for a year!

    Kim, have you checked your barn lately?

  13. NJGill said

    Sacques are better for babies anyway – the feet on those onsie thingys can put pressure on their toes.

  14. your bro said

    couldn’t agree with you more. i never got what the appeal, or why they thought this was like some miracle of a tv show. who gives a shit about these chicks? i too am tired of the trailers for it as well. now a movie like “the happening”, now theres a movie of interest. at least m night shamalan has talent. if not a weird fucking name.

  15. Caroline said

    Another adorable and practical project Kim! You should copywrite your brain!

    You sure hit the nail on the head with the SATC comments. I could never GET what the big deal was with the fugly clothes and the dim-witted personas, and am I the ONLY person who finds Sarah Jessica Parker the absolutely most annoying actress of our time? Whatever happened to movies where the heroine was strong, smart and normal? Even 12 years ago we had Marge Gunderson in “Fargo”, and how about all of the great “womens’ pictures with Bette Davis, Olivia DeHavilland, Joan Crawford and so many other great films that allowed women to have substance and smarts AND beautiful clothes from Edith Head and Adrian.

    I am saddened by the media and powers-to-be not too-subtle attempts to undermind all of the strides and sucesses and accomplishments women have made in the last 35 years by this movie. It isn’t just this movie either, look at the “role models” the media and entertainment industry is hyping lately: Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and et all. Hillary was right, women are the lowest monority. Where are today’s Jane Fondas, Sissy Spaceks, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Langes?

    What do you guys think? What kind of example is the media protraying for young girls to emulate? Is that why so many of them are getting knocked up so early? I am pissed off about this and I am interested in your opinions, theories, etc.

  16. HT said

    Well, I’ve never looked to Hollywood for role models. That’s not to say they don’t influence youth though. I think the media is the “same ole, same ole”. By that I mean, they (who the hell ever they are) continue to sexualize females. They just continue the whole idea a girl/female is a sex object. No brains. No talent. Just a bod. Virginia has not come a long way.


  17. Randee said

    Completely with you on SATC.

    However, I never watched it for the ladies. I watched it for Chris Noth. The man is smokin’.

  18. anygirl said

    Hey, Hey, I agree with you about SITC..overkill…$65 million for that movie…feed the poor instead…better yet, teach them a trade so that they can feel good about providing for their families…I love the little saques…have used them on the babes and so warm and comfy..easy too…actually, I want one…yes, clouds would work for me…heres to comfy clothes and to our Kim…you are the very best at what you do..thanks lady

  19. ceejay said

    I love reading your blog – have since Spector. Allow me to differ re: S&TC; the movie *IS* about smart, talented, strong women – including Samantha, the one who likes lots of sex – sometimes with different men. Does this make her a Ho? Hope not. The backdrop for the movie was New York and the wild fashions but the plot revolved around love; man/ women, man/man, husband/ wife, parent /child, firend for friend. These women made it through the crap we can face – infidelity, infertility,caring for older parents, break-ups – cause they supported each other. Sarah Jessica and the rest aren’t traditionally pretty – they all have flaws; God who doesn’t. Don’t understand the condemnation for holding them up as “sex objects.” Wasn’t like that at all except of course for Samantha, the 50 yr old Ho, God bless her. Every plot needs one.

    Like Sarah Jessica in the movie, I don’t care that much about a diamond ring either, but I would really like a bigger closet. Fuck.

  20. susanp said

    come on – lighten up! I did go to the movie this weekend, enjoyed it, certainly know why it is r rated. Maybe women are taking this as how women are pictured in the world- everyone knows this is not the norm. I do believe that Sarah Jessica Parker is a fine young woman-she does much more than act

  21. mama k said

    Yeah, I never “got” S&TC either. Dumb show.

    And you are so generous! I hope the recipient appreciates the gifts. 🙂

  22. skanklet said

    Hey…S&TC, where the women are strong and the men are good looking. Lake Woebegone with cocktails. The writing is smart and funny. Love it.

  23. mclayton said

    Never watched SATC–heard enough of that crap while working. Some people never know when to shut the fuck up. Television is not much good anymore, sure glad we have Kim and her blog for entertainment!!

  24. luvgabe said

    Here’s what former model & actress Lauren Hutton said about Sex&TheCity (from

    “Who’s been influencing Lauren Hutton? The actress-model recently aired her complaints about the way women are portrayed in the “Sex and the City” TV show and new movie of the same name.

    Much like concerns expressed by a lot of parents, Hutton raged about the promiscuous lifestyle of the women in the storylines. Hutton blamed writers for turning the female characters into floozies.

    While appearing on NBC’s “Today” show, the actress decried “Sex and the City” for perpetuating what she sees as the myth of female sexual promiscuity somehow being a natural behavior. “It’s written by guys, who happen to be gay, who are sluts,” Hutton commented. “Let’s face it, most men are sluts. That’s what testosterone is supposed to do. As a hunter, if you stayed alive after 30, nature wanted your genes out there. Women were just trying to get the best sperm to make a masterpiece. You have a bunch of guys who are sluts, writing for women and telling them they are supposed to act like this,” Hutton lamented.

  25. skanklet said

    Woah! LH is riding on the looney train – she’s never even seen the series or the movie. And WTF is she talking about?

    Gay guys writing for S&TC? What’s the problem with that? And sluts…. oh nooooo. Save me Jesus! Love S&TC. Will I go straight to hell? Hope I’ll get in to join the other sluts.

    You old gals must have sex don’t you? Isn’t that why you wear those huge elastic-waisted comfort pants you all love so much? So you can pull them down fast and get to business? Well ENJOY, and I’m right there with ya.

  26. Caroline said

    Sorry Skanlet, I am neither old nor wear elastic waist pants and I stil have sex. It’s not the slut personas I object too either, it’s the BORING story lines and obnoxiously annoying actresses portraying these bimbos. It is a sad state of affairs when overhyped shit like this is considered THE summer movie for women.

    I’ll be reading a book.

  27. Sandy said

    Haven’t seen the movie, but did watch the last couple seasons. I never did go out and rent the others, maybe there wasn’t much on TV back then. My sons, in their 40s, hated the show.

    With all the comments…have any of you seen the previews for the new show on CBS? Swing Town? Is this the only thing they can come up with after canceling some decent quality shows. Let’s hope this isn’t the show of the season. Ooops, forgot, there isn’t anything else on.

    Granny panties? Old enough to, but I go for Hanes cotton knit girl low riders. Fun and comfortable even to sleep in. You guys are fighting cute.

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