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Quilt For Skylar

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 24, 2008


Well, I finished another project today – had to show you all a picture of it. I really like it. No, it’s not even a knitting project (surprise). It’s a sewing project – if the prom gown did nothing for me, it at least got me in the mood to sew again.

So I have that stupid baby shower next weekend – I think it’s next weekend. Sometime soon, anyway, so I decided to make a quilt for the baby. Katie knows it’s a boy (which she says she is going to name Skylar – which I think is a girl’s name, but whatever….) so I made a baby boy quilt, with 4 inch baby boy motif squares like dinosaurs and Harley’s (huh – who knew I had Harley material, right?), Mickey Mouse (leftover from Val’s boppy pillow), Nemo, bugs, Winne the Pooh, etc. The 4 inch motif squares are surrounded with smaller checkerboard squares in orange and blue. Then I did an orange sash and a blue sash on the outside, and did the back in an off white fleece.

The middle of the quilt to see the squares –


Cute, huh? I really like it and I like how it came out and how really easy it was to do. I’m cutting out squares now for a girl one for Val’s baby. So I really hope Val likes the quilt!

So, the new guy across the street moved in. Yeah, they sold the house. My old lady hadn’t even been dead a week, and her “family” had the house sold. That has to be some kind of record. New guy seems OK – but he’s kind of weird – he was mowing the yard today and before he turned the mower on he was outside reading the manual for the lawn mower. I guess it was new. Amused Paul, anyway.

So are we all glad that David Cook won Idol? I was glad. I really liked him. Although I felt bad for David Archuletta for coming in second. I’m betting his dad beat his ass for that. (Come on, you KNOW his dad beat his ass for that.)

But, nothing else going on for this holiday weekend. I’ll probably finish up the one more sweater I’m making for the shower – a little bear cub cardigan with ears on the hood of the sweater and bear buttons., then finish the girls quilt and maybe make some sleepers for the shower, if I feel like it. What are you guys doing? Anything special for the holiday?


12 Responses to “Quilt For Skylar”

  1. letthetruthbefree said

    Kim –

    That quilt is so cute, I don’t know how you do it.

    Can I ask how long something like that takes to do?

    The house sold in a week, huh? Wow, in this market that is amazing.

    I miss Natasha, I wish she would at the very least call you, I know wishful thinking on my part.

    Happy Memorial Day !!!

  2. Can I ask how long something like that takes to do?

    This took me two days – I started it yesterday, finished it today. But I had a lot of the squares already cut out. When I have scraps from other projects, I generally cut the scraps into 4 inch squares and throw them in my “quilt scraps” bag. Then when I get enough (usually a bag full), I just sew the squares together for a quilt. I actually took longer sorting through the squares finding “boy” ones than I actually took making the quilt.

    This pattern is really, really easy.


  3. HT said

    Hi Kim,

    A salute to all on Memorial Day.

    I plan to golf since I got a new club, a #2 hybrid. My unrealistic dream is to drive it over 200 yards in the fairway, preferably the hole I’m playing. We’ll see about that.

    Love the quilt. Love your imagination. Love your generosity.

    I bought a quilt kit a few years ago. The fabric is so cool I just can’t bear to cut it. OK, lame excuse for procrastination. It was to be a winter eve project and I was going to hand sew them (after I cut the squares). When I was 10 I pieced a quilt top by hand under the tutelage of Grandma Shaw. She quilted it and I still have it. I wanted to see if I could do it again without her help since she died in 1971.

    Yesterday I nearly and I say nearly worked my rear off gardening. Then I washed both cars, still haven’t sold the Pontiac Solstice. But I sure love the Toyota Solara. It’s a sin how much I love that car…convertible, red with tan top.

    Now here’s a stumper. My printer hardware keeps uninstalling itself. I can’t figure if it’s the laptop ports or the USB cord. Anyone ever have that problem? I typed out this long ass report last night and when I hit “print”, Wizard said I had hardware to install! This has happened several times now. Grrrrrrrr. I was so pissed I printed 5 copies of the report just because it took me so long to print 1. Ha, I showed it.

    That’s it for this Buckeye. Off I go to golf. FFFFFFOOOOOORRRRREEEE

  4. anygirl said

    love the are so good at using your imagination.

    Wow that house went fast…seems so odd..what did they do give it away?

    sorry about the printer problem..I have some kind of evil aura that makes electronic items act so very np help from this girl..

    Kim you are so talented and hope that you have a happy and creative week-end..oh, staying home and watching the boob tube of course..

  5. anygirl said

    oh, do not know how that crabby little pink thingy got is not me..LOL

  6. Caroline said

    Hi Kim,

    Happy Memorial Day! Your quilt is so cute and I love your idea about pre-cutting the squares, that would speed up the process and get it done in time for baby showers. I still marvel at your output and speed, you must be feeling better. I hope?

    We are having a beautiful Spring, everything on my garden is blooming and gorgeous and so is everything along my morning walks with my dog. I will spend my holiday planting more gladiolas (gladiolae?). My mom who I care for has been very sick and has lost so much weight. Today I made my famous 1-bowl brownies to put some weight back on. If you have a chocolate Jones or PMS these will be your favorites too:

    Carolina’s famous One Bowl Brownies:

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees

    3/4 cup butter
    5 squares unsweetened chocolate
    2 cups sugar
    3 eggs
    1 cup flour
    2 Tbps. vanilla
    1 cup chopped walnuts

    1) Melt the butter and chocolate squares in the microwave for 2 minutes, stir ’til choc. is melted.
    2) Add Sugar and mix until creamy, then add eggs one at a time thoroughly mixing after each one.
    3) Stir in flour and vanilla,
    4) Fold in walnuts and pour into greased 9″ by 11″ pan
    5) Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

    After brownies have semi-cooled, cut into pieces.

    Everyone have a wonderful memorial day, and please say thank you to a Vet!

  7. Kay said

    What a unique and beautiful baby boy quilt Kim! That will be a family heirloom…..great work.

  8. Val Dalton said

    OH wow kim that blanket is awesome!! Skylar is so a girls name! Wow you actually got a new neighbor? Aren’t they afraid of the track record on that street? I still can’t beleive the house across the street hasn’t sold yet. Its a really nice one! Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. OH wow kim that blanket is awesome!!

    I’m really glad you like it – because there is one in your future!

    And yeah, new neighbor. He’s OK I guess. He’s a manager at one of the (few) stores here in town. One of the drug stores or maybe KMart or WalMart. He told us, but I forget.

    He seems quiet and unobtrusive – so I like that.

    And I can’t believe that the house across the street is still empty, either. Although she is totally unrealistic in her asking price. She wants like $59K for it, and well, you can buy 5 houses in Malone for that.

    But it’s an awesome house. So pretty and so well taken care of. I really wanted you to buy it, but with your expanding family, maybe it would be too small.


  10. Dana said

    The quilt is wonderful!

    They’ve sold the house already? Did she have a trust set up or something? Because otherwise they shouldn’t be able to legally do that yet. Not that they’re necessarily worried about the law. But still.

    My Dad died last August, and we just closed on his place last night — and the problem was that he’d taken the condo out of his family trust.

    Maybe New York probate law is different?

    Nice to have a store manager in the neighborhood. Now when the low-lives try to leech off you, you can say “Go talk to my neighbor, maybe he can get you a job.”

    Yeah, that’ll work.

  11. They’ve sold the house already? Did she have a trust set up or something? Because otherwise they shouldn’t be able to legally do that yet. Not that they’re necessarily worried about the law. But still.

    I know. I wondered about that myself – how they were able to sell the house before the lady was even buried. I mean, legally and all. It took us what? almost 2 years in probate with my Aunt’s estate.

    But then again, these are people who had half the house and the shed cleaned out before the hearse even came to pick up the body. They weren’t fucking around.


  12. Hank said

    Wow, I love the quilt. It makes me want to go and knock up some Malone girl so you’ll make one for me.

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