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Spector in the Mail

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 2, 2008


So I got an interesting little something in the mail today from Mick Brown, the author of the definitive book on Phil Spector – “Tearing Down the Wall of Sound“. Seems the book is coming out in paperback on May 13th – and this edition is expanded and updated with more trial info and (can’t wait to read!) Interviews with Spector’s kids.

So Mick Brown mentioned some of the blogs and other publications as endnotes – this one included – and sent out complimentary copies of the books to several people – including ME!!!

Such a nice boy, that Mick!!




19 Responses to “Spector in the Mail”

  1. mbmb said

    Congratulations Kim, How cool is that?

  2. Sprocket said

    He’s very handsome, too!

  3. Mizfitz said

    Pretty damn cool

    That trial is how I discovered your site and have been reading it ever since. Can’t wait till they fire up the next session. Hope he burns in hell!

  4. tess said

    Kudos…..I too found this site during that trial. I hope after all the legal olympics the trial takes place with the esteemed judge in place and the jurors are more saavy than the last group. I will look forward to your account and your musings.

  5. Kim (Canada) said

    Same goes for I!
    Actually, it was from “googling” PUNKIN PIE that I found you…LMAO!

    So, any word on when we’re going back in to court for this “dweeb’s” second trial?
    Definately looking forward to round II!

  6. Mindy said

    The next hearing is 5-22-08 to set the trial date.
    And yes this is how I found The Darwin Exception,thanks to Sprocket.

  7. how awesome is that?!

    With friendship,

  8. Kim (Canada) said

    Thanks Mindy!
    I’ll keep my eyes out for the results of the May 22 hearing…

  9. Gail theotherone said

    COOL! I hope the trial is set for sometime in the dead months of winter.

  10. luvgabe said


    It is already May, and still no Zombie Lady! Any news from or about her? If she doesn’t return, what will become of her house? Does the city of Malone have regulations about abandoned/deserted houses?

  11. AynBoleyn said

    Good for you Kim. Nice surprise for you and we get to be happy for your good words and work being recognized. I have been reading since I got hooked on PS1. Fun and precise you manage to make even this little trolls antics exciting to read about. Here is to a better result this time next time around…

  12. Val Dalton said

    Thats awesome Kim, now your famous. Can I have your autograph so I can sell it on ebay? haha!

  13. Gail in NC said

    I discovered your site during Spector 1. Hope the next trial sends him away! I look forward to reading your take on the whole thing! You have a gift for conveying all the details.

  14. Chrissycat said

    Good for you Kim!
    You deserve recognition for the great job you did during the Spector trial.

    Gosh…just had a horrible thought about Zombie Lady and Phil Spector.
    She wouldn’t ever go have after hours drinks with someone as freaky as that, would she?

  15. GPSpector said

    A friend just E-Mailed me about this updated version.

    It was very nice of Mick Brown to send you a “Free” copy.

    I just have 1 problem, which of my Brothers did the interview? I ask because I was not aware of it and I don’t think they got a “Free” book or were paid either.

    I do not recall if I actually spoke with Mr Brown while I was in California the last week of the trial but I do know that I only did 1 interview and Court TV (now Tru-TV) has the rights to that interview).

    I guess I’ll just have to look into this for more information.

  16. I just have 1 problem, which of my Brothers did the interview? I ask because I was not aware of it and I don’t think they got a “Free” book or were paid either.

    Well, generally people aren’t paid for interviews for books – not legitimate books, anyway. I looked at the interviews list published in the back of the book, and none of your siblings were listed as interviewees, although it is acknowledged that there were several sources who wished to remain “anonymous”, perhaps this was the case with the “interviews with Spector children”. I gotta tell you, if he was my father I wouldn’t want him to know I did an interview for the book – I mean, he’s free and probably well armed. Who wants to be on *his* bad side?

    I haven’t read the entire book yet – well, ok, I’m only up to chapter 2. But if I figure out who the new interviews are with – I’ll let you know. Personally, I think it’s Nicole – she looks like she might have a lot to say under the veil of anonymity. And if the best memories I had of my Dad were that I watched a few episodes of “All in the Family” with him, well, that wouldn’t inspire a lot of loyalty in me.


  17. Claudius said

    Just to clarify, it really wasn’t an “interview” or at lest what you may consider an “interview.” Talking to someone just to talk could be considered an “interview” especially if one of the “someone” is a journalist. In other words, no matter who you talked to, because you are who you are, they have the right to publish it without paying you.

    for the record, I was sent the original copy of the “afterword” before the editing. Becasue Mick doesn’t have my mailing address, only my e-mail address, I wouldn’t expect one from him, though I’m sure if I had asked him, he would more than likely send one to me as he would you. To get something, you have to first ask.

    Funny thing, “All in the Family” was also a favorite why back when… Dude needs to watch
    more current programs. Try watching “family Guy” now that’s a program about wholesome
    family values.

    Oh and not to be rude, since this is “Thedarwinexception” I have to say you have wit. I love reading what you have to say.

  18. Sandy said

    Claudius, How nice to have you post. I kept up with your posts on CTV. Always good to read your thoughts.

    Although my daughter recently moved, she lived nearby you. I’m in the same city west/south. There were times when reading your posts I thought you could use some good “mom’s home cooking”. But didn’t want to intrude personally. Please know there are many who care about you and wish always the best.

    Your comment about Kim was not rude….we all love her wit and take on life. She tells it as she sees it, along with a heart of gold.

  19. Mick Brown said

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve come across this posting somewhat belatedly, and I wanted to clarify a couple of points.
    The reference to ‘new interviews’ with Spector children in my book about Phil Spector refers to my meeting with Gary and Louis in Los Angeles at the time of the trial, when I was able to take them back to the La Collina house where they had lived as children, and which neither had been inside for many years. We spent a fascinating (for me, anyway) afternoon and evening together, talking about their upbringing, and their father; an account of that appears in the updated edition of the book.
    I have not interviewed Nicole Spector. Nor have I ever paid anybody for interviews. And Louis and Gary have both received finished copies of the book.
    Keep up the good work, and I’m greatly looking forward to your coverage of the re-trial in September.
    Warm wishes,
    Mick Brown

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