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Archive for May, 2008

Stupid Movies, Stupid Showers

Posted by thedarwinexception on May 30, 2008


This week has convinced me that I am really not female. You know how I know that I am really not female? Because I don’t give a flying fuck that the new “Sex and The City” movie comes out this weekend.

I watched five minutes of this show. Once. Didn’t get it. Thought it was boring. And I thought their clothes and shoes were fugly and uncomfortable looking. And for four women who “embraced their feminism” – they sure spent a lot of time validating themselves through their boyfriends rather than through being smart, funny and successful. Well, except for that one woman – the Ho – because, really, who doesn’t love a ho who isn’t afraid to admit she’s a ho?

And I hate the trailer. “Should I buy you a diamond ring?” “No, just buy me a really big closet.” Oh for the love of fucking god. Way to be an independent, forward thinking, embrace-my-feminism woman. Because the TRUE way to tell how successful and beautiful a woman is is by the size of her closet.

I think this series and movie sets women back 50 years. I think if I was fabulous and wealthy and independent and lived in New York fucking City for Pete’s sake, and I had three wonderful, successful, smart women friends, well, when we got together to talk and do lunch we’d have a lot more to talk about than Prada and pricks – and shoes.

I hate “Sex and the City.” Stoopid. The only thing it’s good for is to compare them to The Golden Girls and try to guess who ends up being who.

So, Instead of watching TV and getting pissed off every time a trailer for this stupid fucking movie comes on, or turning the channel to another “interview show” and being subjected to Sarah Jessica Parker talking about this new stupid fucking movie – I’ve been sewing.

I took some flannelette that a friend sent me last year and made some little sleep sacques out of some of the different prints for the baby shower next weekend that I probably won’t even go to.

The sacques are simple little things with one button closures and a drawstring bottom, but they are kind of cute, and kind of practical for a new baby. I liked sacques better than sleepers when my kids were little because you didn’t have to unsnap and undress them just to change a diaper – just open the drawstring bottom and have at it.

This is the first one I made – it’s a cute little blue and white print with clouds, stars and moons – and I used a baby blue moon button for the neck.

I have two more cut out and ready to sew together – one with red trains with a red train button for the neckline – and one is airplanes with an airplane button. They are really quick and easy to make – and I hope Val likes these, too, because I have a lot of girl prints to make for her baby.

And I’m almost done the bear cub cardigan – just working on the hood. And this one requires no finishing, because it was all knit in the round and the sleeves were on double pointed needles – and the hood is a three needle bind off. No seams! Yeah! Once you are done knitting – you’re done the sweater. I should have it finished by tomorrow.

So, for the shower I won’t attend, I have a quilt, two sweaters I made myself and the three sleeper sacques. That should be plenty for a girl I’m pissed off at for getting pregnant in the first place – right? I can’t imagine the haul I’ll have for Val – since I’m THRILLED that she’s pregnant.





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