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Val Walks – I Frog – And Start on a Prom Dress

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 28, 2008

 So – nothing new here – how about with all of you?

Malone Leslie finally got her car fixed and is back on the road – enough so that she has utterly abandoned me and gone and got herself a JOB. Because, you know, carting my ass around isn’t ENOUGH of a job for her. Some stupid crap about “Oh – I’ll actually make enough money to, like, feed my kids….” So now she’s all excited about working, and using her intelligence and superb skills to make *other* people money, and she’s all into getting dressed in suits and skirts and being back in the corporate world – and I really wish her the best – she’s awesome at what she does, I mean, if she can sell Malone – hell, she can sell anything, right?

We did get to go to a Rummage Sale they had at one of the Church’s this weekend – and I also got my very first sweater to frog and rip apart for the yarn. It was an awesome little knitted top in a cotton/silk blend that is absolutely beautiful and marvelous yarn. I love, love, love the yarn I got from it.



Woo Hoo. I’m so excited about finding MORE stuff to rip apart. And I just love church sales – much better than that re-sale shop we have that wants $20 for a sweater. I found this sweater and threw it on the pile of other stuff I was buying and the church lady took one look at the pile and said “Oh – give me a couple dollars for the lot of it.” I had three ones on me – so I gave her that. So in all actuality, I got the sweater for nothing – and ultimately, the awesome yarn cost me nothing.

Val and her team had their March of Dimes walk this weekend. They raised well over $5,000!! That’s AWESOME!! And a huge thanks to everyone here who contributed – you helped Val reach her goal of over $500 in donations and you helped all the little babies who rely on the March of Dimes. Val sends big appreciative hugs and high fives to everyone. As does her team.


So I finally am starting the first prom dress – the one for Karissa. I went and got the material this weekend – because Joann’s was having their “50% off all Special Occasion fabrics” thing, and all I had to hear was “50% off” to know that it was time. We went with the blue – but not such a “baby blue” as she wanted – the posters here who said “It will wash her out” were absolutely right. I mean, this is the frozen tundra here – and we’ve just come off of winter – everyone looks like plucked chickens with their white skin. She needed something with a little more depth to the color – so we went with this darker shade of blue. I think it’s very pretty. The lighter color will be the main dress – the sparkly tulle like material will overlay the bodice.


And the lot of it cost less than $10.00. And $10.00 for a prom dress isn’t a bad thing. I already have the lining material and the boning, the only thing I’d really like to find is a really nice big brooch or pin or something to put on the top of the bodice. I’m keeping my eyes open at garage sales and flea markets. I’m sure I’ll find something.

Which reminds me – who here lives near an “Ollie’s” or a “Hobby Lobby”? We don’t have one anywhere near me – and they have some *awesome* yarn sales. I really need to move to some place closer to civilization. I really do. I want a Hobby Lobby. Or a bookstore – or maybe even a movie theater. Oh – don’t get me started…….



5 Responses to “Val Walks – I Frog – And Start on a Prom Dress”

  1. Val Dalton said

    I can’t wait to see that prom dress! I bet its going to be great! Thanks again for Thanking everyone for me!!

  2. Leslie said

    I would never abandon you, Kim. You know I’m a phone call away and right up the street. By the way, my first day on the job, guess what happened to my vehicle, Kim? Bet you can’t guess- Yes- it broke down. So my boss let me drive his vehicle home and guess what happened? I got a speeding ticket- Yes, me. I didn’t get home until 7pm tonight. Don’t worry, I still love my life and I laughed A LOT today. Call me if you need anything, hardy har har, while I have the bosses vehicle :>)

  3. mbmb said

    I’m going to a Pug Rescue Picnic on May 10th. Will that count? If not…then I think there is not a lot going on here. My God….I thought you were dead; thank goodness you are still there & alive in Malone.

    Best Wishes From Michigan,

  4. Chris said

    I can’t believe how happy I am when I see you’ve posted a new message, Kim. I really need to get out more.

    Love the blue fabric, too. I hope you’ll post pictures of the dress.

    I’m also a knitter (though totally in awe of your sweaters, and nowhere close in talent) and Hobby Lobby has some wonderful yarn sales. Sometimes even the more expensive yarn (regularly $6.99 a skein or more) is reduced to 99cents. I’d be glad to pick some up for you.

    Keep those blogs a-comin’, woman. We miss you when you’re too quiet! And we don’t get to laugh as much, either. 🙂

  5. Love the fabric! and definitely keep your eyes out for an awesome brooch…it’s like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, KWIM?

    With friendship,

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