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It’s Spring – and I’m UnRaveled

Posted by thedarwinexception on April 9, 2008


You can tell it’s Spring in Malone.

You can tell – not by the warm weather, since my house is always 30 degrees colder than it is outside, so it’s still only 40 degrees in the house, no, you can’t tell by the warm weather. You can tell it’s Spring in Malone because all the drunks come out. It’s like the Robins returning to their treetops to nest. Only with Milwaukee Ice.

So now the phone rings every 5 minutes asking for Paul, and our backyard is full of drunks who need a place to nest and drink their beer.

I had forgotten how fucking annoying drunks are. And I had forgotten that although it’s cold in the winter here – is keeps the drunks at home, and that’s why by the end of Fall I am welcoming winter.

So, it’s Spring, Paul is in the backyard all day long entertaining drunks, and I am holed up in here and walking up and down the stairs, out to the backyard to give him the phone every 5 minutes.

Oh – and I’m knitting.

This is as far as I’ve gotten on the baby boy sweater for Katie’s new baby. Just the back and a small part of the front.

You know *why* this is only as far as I’ve gotten? Because I have discovered Ravelry.

Ravelry is a group of online knitters and crocheters who get together and form a huge database. Everyone enters their finished items, their patterns, their yarn stash, their list of “works in progress”, the knitting and crochet libraries they have amassed, and their list of things they want to make. Totally awesome resource. Totally. I can search for a yarn and have instant access to the best places to buy it, all the available colorways, all the gauge information for the yarn, who has it in their stash and who is willing to sell and trade what’s in their stash. I can click on a book in my library and see all the patterns in that book and all the people who have finished the projects in the book, pictures of their finished items, and what yarns they used, what modifications they made to it, and their own little notes on the pattern.

Now as if that isn’t addictive enough – Ravelry also has “boards”. Message boards. Kind of like usenet boards. And they have “groups” – where you can talk about all kinds of different things. There are groups for everything. Knitters who love “Lost”, Knitters who sew, knitters who knit things for kids, knitters who have dogs…just groups for everything.

And I am totally sucked into those boards. Totally.

For some unfathomable reason, I never realized there is so much fucking *drama* in the knitting community. If you think that these are just a bunch of old ladies who sit around with a Bargello bag in a rocking chair happily knitting away, you’d be wrong. They got shit going on that would make “General Hospital” look like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I shit you not. People are like faking their own deaths over there and everything.

But I’ve met some really nice people over there, and been lusting after some really incredible handspun yarn and been totally mesmerized by some of the beautiful finished projects I’ve seen.

And it makes me want to knit more – if I could just get the hell out of the message boards.

OH  – and a new project for you all. I would love it if you could go through your winter clothes before you pack them away and see if you have any sweaters you don’t want and would be willing to send me. Preferably I would like sweaters that are made from wool, angora, cashmere, alpaca or other kinds of natural fibers. I’m now into “recycling” sweaters – getting them, pulling them apart and reusing the yarn.

I went to the re-sale shop here and looked for some sweaters to try it out on, and was totally sticker shocked. This lady wanted like $20 for a used sweater – at the end of winter. Which kind of defeats my purpose. I want like back of the church, dollar a bag sweaters. But we don’t have that here.

So, if you find anything, email me and I’ll PayPal you shipping costs.

And welcome to all the new readers from Ravelry! Leave a comment and say HI with your Ravelry name.



24 Responses to “It’s Spring – and I’m UnRaveled”

  1. HT said

    Great, just great. I knew we lost you to something. And when your “affair” is over with Ravelry, you’ll come slinking back to your old worn out fan club. And we’ll take you back, fools that we are for you.


    PS. I think I have some sweaters for you.

  2. hey!

    I’m bruisin over at Ravelry. I just wanted to say ‘howdy’!

  3. kizzzy said

    LOL HT

  4. Yeah, HT, I thought you guys would all say I was cheating on you – I’m not, really. I just can’t tear myself away from teh train wreck that is the “MCY Thing” at Ravelry. I mean, when people start faking their deaths to get out of mailing people yarn – well, you know, that’s some good shit.

    And thanks for checking on sweaters for me.


  5. oh my word, my name is Kim too! LOL that is so funny!

  6. A.D.A. said


  7. Kim (Canada) said

    – I don’t know ’bout all this…
    I’ll wait to see what Luvgabe has to say about it all….LOL!

    Fonzie :`)

  8. ellen said

    I’m an irregular reader from another source entirely, but I am cinderellen over at Ravelry. The boards there drive me to distraction. I’ll be reading a thread with my mouth hanging open but still I feel compelled to keep on readin’. Faked death to avoid mailing yarn? Must pick that thread back up. I let it go because I had never ordered from them.

  9. oh my word, my name is Kim too!

    Oh Good God. Just when I thought we got the “Kim” thing straightened out.


  10. I’m an irregular reader

    Well, don’t be too hard on yourself – I think we are all a little irregular.

    Must pick that thread back up. I let it go because I had never ordered from them.

    See???? But that’s the part I can’t figure out. *You* never ordered from them – so you moved on. Like a normal person would. “This doesn’t concern me, I don’t need to spend time reading this…..” ME??? I have to stay there to watch the whole damned thing unfold – and I’m actually hooked!!

    And not only did I never order from them – I’d never even HEARD of them!!!

    By the time her fake brother said she was in the hospital with leukemia – and her fake sister was putting up the memorial site to sell yarns “In memory of my sister” – well, I was totally addicted.


  11. Sandy in Colorado Springs said

    Someone tattled on you a couple of days ago and wandered over there. Didn’t stay long as there were other things going on at my end. But, do they have suggestions for keeping my cats from totally ruining a kick back moment to do some knitting? Moving hands and flying yarn causes moving paws and flying yarn. And how do you keep track of pattern stitches while watching TV?

    You sound so good…Ravelry must be just what was needed. Love the colors of the new boy sweater.

  12. Val Dalton said

    Thank God it is spring!! Janice is officially an Aunt. Her bro and his gf had a baby boy yesterday. You got to teach janice how to knit now to make him stuff haha.

    Now that is is spring where is Zombie Lady? Isn’t there somewhere we can call to check on her??

  13. HT said

    How did “Bruisingraincloud” come up with that name? What does it mean? If your name is Kim, why do you have a guy’s pic in the square.

    Speaking of square, how do I get a pic in my square? I did finally buy a digital camera. That was a big deal for me because I have a shitload of expensive cameras, lenses, filters and gadgetry all collecting dust.

    I miss ZL too. What if she comes back “totally sane”, all cured of the indiosyncracies that endeared her to us. Wouldn’t that be a total disappointment.


  14. HT said

    To Sandy in CS, CO

    Here’s how to solve the cat problem. Take the TV remote, point it at the cat, then hit “pause” or “paws”. It will freeze the cat right on the spot. Then when you’re done, hit the same button and the cat will resume action.


  15. HT said

    Oh, and one more thing, “Kimmer Two Timer”

    After you were so busted, you responded with the typical words “Yeah, I thought you’d think I was cheating on you but I wasn’t, not really….
    Your faithful readers were “so totally” dumped for days on end. We were all listening to Barbra sing You Don’t Send Me Flowers, You Don’t Sing Me Love Songs…..” Now if that doesn’t date me, I don’t know what will.
    You know, I’m not so sure it was Barbra that sang that song. When I got dumped in real life, I listened to “I Will Survive”.


  16. mbmb said


    I’m so with you…I feel like I’m in Hertz commercial. It’s so sad 😦 All this time and no Kim! And, here she is posting on a Message Board! OMG. I’m thinking she is in the hospital. Thank God she’s not. But, it’s her blog and she can do whatever she wants to do with it. But, damn I missed her.


    HT you are very funny, why don’t you start a blog? Here is one faithful reader!!

  17. Adriane said

    Just wanted to say Hi! I’m on Ravelry also, but I’ve had you in my feeds long before.

  18. Marie said

    I have to avoid revelry, or I would get nothing else done in my life. I listen to knitting podcasts and they all refer to revelry. Now you. It’s plotting to take over my life. I will stay away from revelry…
    We used to recycle sweaters when I was growing up. My mom was from the depression era, so we tore out tons of sweaters and reknitted them over the years. I have quilts from flour sacks too. Reading that makes me think maybe I should drop in at revelry… just a peek… just for a minute…

  19. Niner said

    Hey Kim!
    WOW – you had me skeered again for you – because you said and I quote [i]And I hope to write every single day this week to make up for not posting for a while.[/i] – so yes I was worried about ya!
    SOunds likea great message board – if ya like to knit! I started an afghan that turned into a king-sized blanket!! LOL!

    I LOVE the colors on the baby boy sweater! – and I looked at some of my sweaters that I was going to bring to Goodwill; I have a blue & gray sweater which is 12% mohair/68% Acrylic/20% polyester and a tan/brown sweater that is 60% wool/40% acrylic – are you interested in these?? Let me know!


  20. I have a blue & gray sweater which is 12% mohair/68% Acrylic/20% polyester and a tan/brown sweater that is 60% wool/40% acrylic – are you interested in these?? Let me know!

    Yes!! Those sound great!! Box them up and let me know what shipping would be.



  21. Hank said

    I don’t get it. You’ve got more yarn than you could use in ten lifetimes and now you want to recycle used yarn? WTF?

  22. earthchick said

    Just popping over from Ravelry, where I am also ridiculously absorbed in the whole Danielle drama, to say hello.

    So. Hello!

  23. Erica said

    Another visit from ravelry, I have to say your naming story had me laughing out loud.
    I’m weetsie over there. Good luck with the squatters!

  24. Shelby said

    Just found you from Ravelry! I’m shelbymt over there.

    A trick I learned after the Danielle drama thread: Use your space bar to scroll the page down. I can now knit AND read the drama!

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