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Knitting a Dishcloth Sweater

Posted by thedarwinexception on March 31, 2008

 So I went to the doctor’s on Friday – he said nothing more than “Your blood pressure is still high – take twice the dosage of those last pills I gave you – and call some place reputable with a heart doctor for an angiogram.”

Oddly enough when Leslie the Chamber of Commerce lady and I were driving there – she said “Well, you obviously need *more* of those blood pressure pills, and I think you need an angiogram – but you should go to Plattsburgh or Burlington for it.” So now I’m wondering why I bother to go to the doctors when Leslie the Chamber of Commerce lady does consults over the phone – for a lot less money than that doctor is charging me.

I’ve started a new knitting project – it’s a Nicky Knits kit for a toddler’s “Pansy Plaid Jacket”. I like it – only it’s made with cotton, not yarn. Not only does the cotton feel like you are knitting with kite string but it’s scratchy and rough. I’m not sure if I like it. But, I’ve had the kit forever and I wanted to try the cotton.

This is the finished sweater:


This is as far as I’ve gotten:

I like the sweater, I am just not sure about the string it’s made out of. It kind of feels like one of those old scratchy cotton dishcloths your mother used to torture you with. I hope it softens up after I wash and block it.

So my sister called me. She’s getting out of rehab Wednesday. She is concerned about the future of Christian – her little girl. Seems to her that although the Social Worker is telling her “Oh, reunification is our goal!” The papers that the Social Worker filed with the court seem to have adoption by the foster parents as the goal. I’m hopeful about my sister’s “rehab” – but I’ve learned to hope but not expect. Seems to me she is at a crossroads at the moment. When she gets out she can be thinking clearly and cleaned out from her stay in jail and rehab, and decide “OK – getting my kid back is priority number one – let me do things the right way to see that that happens” Or, she can say “Fuck – I can do all this work and complete this list the social worker gave me for ‘reunification’ and I’ll bet she’s just going to fuck me over, anyway, and adopt my kid out – so fuck it – let me go get high.” My sister has a way of letting reality become so overwhelming she can’t deal with it, and getting high is the answer. I don’t understand the whole “addiction” thing enough to be able to offer her any help whatsoever. To me, she has a little kid, and exploring the world with her kid and teaching her kid things and watching her kid experience new things should be enough to get her “high”. Always worked for me. But, whatever.

Tomorrow the weatherman is saying it’s supposed to be 60 degrees. Of course, today it’s snowing – but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60. I only mention it because with 60 degree weather – can the Zombie Lady be far behind?




10 Responses to “Knitting a Dishcloth Sweater”

  1. Val Dalton said

    awww what a cute sweater. You should give lessons on stuff like that. Although I’m not sure i would get it lol. I’m not very crafty.

    Gee i hope zombie lady see’s that weather report and decides to head home soon. It’s almost time to plant the plastic flowers with the arrival of spring. If she needs some new mugs let me know i’ve got a buch. HAHA 🙂

  2. HT said

    Spring greetings to the Queen of Knit,

    I don’t understand the addiction thing either especially when there’s a child at stake. The older I get the less tolerant I am of excuses. I just went through an ordeal where a ring of thieves were breaking into homes and stealing big screen TV’s. Of course, I finally bought one in October and have gotten quite attached to it, to my surprise. Well, they caught the little bastards Friday right in the act. So, to protect the TV, I had doors replaced to the tune of $600 and a security system installed to the tune of $700. I’m lucky. They hit the house next door and one across the street. They rang my doorbell but I was home so they passed I guess on coming in. Fuckers.

    All your outfits are just sweet as can be. You’re very artistic.

    I do wish you could find a doc who could figure out how to get the BP lowered. I’m glad you have Leslie the Chamber Lady. By any chance, can she do an amgiogram?


  3. luvgabe said


    Your doc does not seem to be either caring or particularly helpful. I thought his job is to find out what’s causing your high blood pressure, instead of issuing bromides and referring/palming you off to someone else. Did you get a reference?

    The new Nicky Knits sweater is darling! But I imagine if the cotton string feels scratchy to you, it’d be most unpleasant when worn.

    You’re so talented–and in so many different ways 🙂

  4. tess said

    I am in awe of your knitting skills. I have a million needles from my aunt and my mother. A straight line scarf is the limit for me. I went through a time when everyone got one for Christmas. I live in Fort Lauderdale. They just smiled and said thank you.
    You really need to get an appointment with a qualified cardiologist. He needs to monitor your BP closely and figure out the best way to treat. Just throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks is not a good method of treatment. Just my opinion.
    Its real good to have you back.

  5. Leslie said

    Oh, if I had it to do all over again, I would’ve been a doctor. But, I’m not and I don’t play one on TV lol.
    Actually, I think that Kim needs a catheterization to take some good pics of her heart and she will probably have to go to Plattsburgh for this and I will no doubt be taking her just to make sure she actually does it.

  6. mbmb said


    For some weird reason I love craft kits. I think it’s the structure of them. I like having a lot of pictures and instructions. I think I need them. It looks like the one you are working on could turn out very nice…if it get’s softer to the touch.

    By the way we are at 57 degrees right now…..YAHOO! Could Zombie Lady behind the warm front?

    I don’t think I ever told you this before, but I was a Pharmacy Tech for a years & I also think you need your HBP meds increased. But, who am I to decide such a thing? Take care of yourself.

    We all love your talent and your life.

    Mary Beth

  7. Sandy in Colorado Springs said

    Good doctors are hard to find and it is getting worse. I think the insurance industry is wearing them out. It took me 6 mos to find and change my primary and a specialist. The primary is the best I’ve ever had. The specialist is dull and hasn’t a clue. I know they have years of education behind them, but eludes me how they can be on such totally different care/knowledge curves. Or maybe they are bored and want something more challenging.

    Just saw a segment on BP meds. One of the key points was that they do take a while to get it right. But you need to find a cardialogist on your own for an angiogram?

    One of the things I did in looking for a doctor was a net search and finding the youngest available. The new guys are’t tired, have the latest info. And/or finding one part of clinical research programs if you have a teaching hospital available.

    Enough of my telling you what to do. It is all with honest caring about you.

    Thanks for posting. It is so good to know you are with Kim through all of this.

  8. Hank said

    If the sweater ends up scratchy, you can convert it to the world’s most beautiful dishcloth.

  9. Kim (Canada) said

    As cute as that sweater is, how comfortable would that be to wear? Seems really “stiff” – Rigid!
    Now get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about the material of the sweater…Seriously, as Luvgabe mentioned above, wouldn’t it be annoying to wear if the cotton is of a “scratchy” feel? Reminds me of those stupid sweaters (Not that I think YOUR sweater is stupid by any means) that my mother made me wear as a child…left me itching all friggin’ day and feeling like I was wearing an SOS pad…
    I guess if it’s worn as a COAT then it wouldn’t be so bad…Other than that, I’d have to recommend an undershirt or long sleeve soft cotton ‘t’!
    It’s very pretty looking tho – I’ll give it that!

    As for ZL – I want her back like ‘yesterday’! The weather has definately started to feel much more spring-like, and so I do hope that encourages her to come on home… I am anxious to hear how her winter played out, and I’m looking forward to hearing about all the goodies she’s brought back for you and “Pole”! Of course, I’m curious to know how her house held up the last few months, and whether she’s still going to go along with you pre-winter plans regarding the “Grid” and such? Have you been in there at all? I thought there was mention at one time that you and Paul would be checking in over there to ensure all was in order…Either way, I’m sure there’s going to be some work to do in there before she’s up and running properly…Hopefully she’s on some new meds that will alleviate some of the hording and messy existence, and assist with some wonderful artwork on CANVAS…Do keep us posted on her arrival k? Please?

    Sorry to hear your sister’s having such difficulties. Actually, I’m sorry for you niece’s situation because of her mother’s choices…Hopefully she’ll get it right this time! Maybe this will be the opportunity for her to get it right… Some people need a few “rock-bottoms” before getting it straight – I just hope she stops wasting time ’cause that poor kid keeps growing up while she keeps getting wasted and wasting away… Such a shame really!

    Well, I guess that’s that for now –
    So glad to see that you got a few new posts up! Hope you’re feeling better and that you’re getting some answers to some of the health problems…With Sue’s aunt breaking her hip, they had to wait three days to operate to fix it because she had a blood pressure reading of 210! Now my understanding is that that is REALLY high! It took them three days and meds to bring it down, but they managed to eventually. Surely there’s something out there to assist and/or aid you in your situation. Granted there are various other issues with your health but someone out there must have some answers/remedies to keep you that much more stable… I keep my fingers crossed for you –

    Well, I’m outta here – Got a shitload of things to do, and I think I just got a second wind to get it done…
    Will be checking back a little later of course, and so until then, you’all be good eh!

    Fonzie :`)

  10. gary said

    hey sis, guess i missed this page. i saw our ‘other sister’ the day after she got out of rehab. she justed stopped by to say sorry for all the ‘confusion’ with her whole situation. you know how that goes. just needed someone to lay the blame on. makes it easier to deal when the whole world is crashing down on you to have someone there with you. anyways, she was on her way to nicky’s to hang out with all those people that have their heads on the shoulders. maybe it was just to test out her sobriety. now i know you know what comes to mind when i say ‘nickys house’. why in gods name would you go hang out there when you just got out of rehab? you saw how well it worked for me. i asked her and she said, oh it doesn’t bother me. oh, ok. whatever. at least she appologized for running me down. thats actually one of the steps, making ammends to those you’ve hurt. anyways, i like those clothes you’ve been knitting. Tinas been making tote bags ad selling them through a craft store we have here. it’s a co-op run place. The college kids have been buying them up like crazy. take care of yourself. talk soon.

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