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I Went to the Doctors – and the Computer is next

Posted by thedarwinexception on March 8, 2008

OK OK I’m fine – no really I am fine. I haven’t updated for a while because last week my computer shit the bed AGAIN. Yes, it shit the bed AGAIN.

This time it just shuts off as it is booting up – it gets to the BIOS screen, counts off the peripherals for a bit, then shuts down, I don’t know what is wrong with it. I have to bring it back to the lazy slow assed computer guy – which I haven’t done yet. It’s been a week now that I’ve been back on the laptop, and it’s a big pain in the ass to update the blog, because I don’t have lLiveWriter on here , or Front Page, or any of my files or pictures or my scanner or my camera – so everything is harder.

Not that I am complaining that I have a Laptop for backup – because I am extremely grateful that I do. I’d be a wreck if I couldn’t get on the net at all. But updating the blog is a pain. But Leslie the Chamber of Commerce Lady is going to help me bring the computer to the lazy ass slow computer guy – and I’ll get it fixed and then things will be back to a semblance of normality.

Yesterday Leslie the Chamber of Commerce Lady took me to the doctors – and how patient and nice is she? Well, she took me to my appointment (which was like 15 towns away) at 10 in the morning and we never got out of there until like noon. What a pain in the ass.

The doctor wouldn’t let me leave because my Blood Pressure was too high. They gave me a shot of something to render it a bit lower and then I had to sit there and wait for the stuff to take affect. When I got there my blood pressure was like 180 over 115 – they got it down to 150 over 100. The doctor said that was still too high – but low enough to let me go.

But the doctor put me on some new medicine for the blood pressure – and some new pain meds that are also supposed to help with my numbness and sleeplessness – Oh and it’s also an antidepressant – so there’s a plus. If it doesn’t help with pain, at least I’ll be happy about it.

Although to be honest, I doubt I’ll be taking too many of the “happy no pain” pills. I took one yesterday when we (finally) got home form the doctors and the damned thing knocked me out. I hate that. Paul says it probably won’t do that to me once I am used to them, but I don’t like pills that do nothing but put me to sleep.

I have another appointment with this doctor in two weeks. He seems like a good doctor, anyway. He knows a lot about Lupus, and he said that he thinks the Lupus is where a lot of my current problems are originating. He wants to treat the lupus, which most of my doctors overlook to treat the cancer which is far more interesting, and see if that helps me out some. So, we’ll see.

In other news, I finished the Rainbow Matinee Jacket. (Yeah). Great pattern, easy and quite pretty, but man I sure got tired of knitting those ruffles after about the 9th one.


Now I’ve started on the Lacey Diamonds pattern for one of the readers here who wants to give it as a gift at a baby shower. And if anyone wants the rainbow Matinee jacket and hat – let me know. It’s done and I don’t have anyone it’s meant for, so it’s up for grabs.

And who watched the Project Runway finale?? Did you love Christian’s collection? Did you love that he won? Were you touched when he cried on the runway? I was not surprised he won – and I loved his collection but it was the first Project Runway where after seeing the final three collections I sat there and said “Well, any one of them could win.” I thought all three of their collections were really great. I loved Jillian’s ability to make wearable, stylish and commercial clothes – Rami didn’t drape as much as I thought he would – and Christian was just dramatic, couture and over the top. I hope they all have great futures.

And who cried when that fucking rocker chick on American Idol made it into the top 12. I was sorry to see Asia’h go, and I was surprised Danny Noriega got kicked off. I thought sure it would be Chickezee. I liked Danny’s spunk even if he couldn’t exactly sing.

But I’m STILL going with my dreadlock boy – he probably won’t beat the little kid who had the frozen vocal chords – David Archuletta – but I like Dreadlock boy. And I loved his version of “Hallelujah”. That’s one of my favorite songs.

But really, people, stop voting for that fucking rocker screaming ass girl. God I fucking hate her.


42 Responses to “I Went to the Doctors – and the Computer is next”

  1. Hatpin said

    Yay! Glad to see you back, Kim.

    I’ll guess that LASCG will say one your drivers is out-of-date and spend ages updating them all. Yeah, that’s it – one day the driver’s absolutely fine, then overnight at midnight it overruns it’s built-in expiry date, and everyone in the world with the same version has to take their PC to their local LASCG. It’s how they stay in business.

    Or maybe they don’t have a built-in expiry date, they just get tired after a few months and decide to quit the job. They’re like those elderly cops in police movies – “I’m getting too old for this – this is a young graphics driver’s job. Just one more DirectX9 frame update, then I’m outta here; been doin’ it much too long now, kid.” And then, of course, they get killed doing that last job, and your PC won’t boot up anymore. I guess that’s what happens to out-of-date drivers: they’ve just pushed their luck once to often.

  2. NJGill said

    Welcome back – so sorry to hear about your computer problems AND your health concerns. Hope both are fixed soon. Take the pain meds – if they knock you out, that’s your body’s way of telling you it needs the sleep. We’ll be happy to wait for you! Beautiful job on the baby set! Ruffles can be a pain – I made one of those spiral ruffle scarves, and by the end I hade something like 800 stitches on the needle to bind off. Never again!

  3. JayDee said

    B.P. medicine is often a two-step trial and error process. First you have to find something that works. Then you have to find something that works without making you feel like a truck ran over you.

    Use that cuff a few times before your next visit. Do it when things are peaceful, and at different times of the day. Make a little chart to take back to the saw-bones. It’ll help speed up the ‘titration’ process.

  4. Caroline said

    Hi Kim,

    Glad to hear you are getting some treatment from a doctor who believes in treating all aspects of your illness and not as a seperate malady. NJGill is right about the sleep part, please don’t stop taking the “happy no pain” pills, it takes a while for the anti-depresent part to kick in, at least a week..look at it as Spring Break for your body. Will do your BP good. Take care!

  5. Caroline said

    Hello again Kim.

    If you have not promised the Rainbow Matinee jacket and hat to anyone yet, I have a dear friend who is having her first baby after many years of disapointment, I know she would really love it. Please contact me and let me know you arrange this. Just respond to my email. Many thanks!

  6. Veronique said

    Those ruffles are gorgeous, pain in the ass though they might have been. What a beautiful piece of work.


  7. Sandy said

    Please take your meds…I want you bloggin while on them.

    Glad you have a doc looking at all. And hope the computer fix isn’t the pain as before. I hate these guys, it is like listening to another language and they love talking the stuff so you have no clue what they are “really” doing.

    Take care and thanks for your time/effort in using the laptop to keep us updated.

  8. gary said

    i didn’t think that danny would go so soon either. he did seem to have good stage presence and pop attitude. i would like to see david win. he’s got a great voice and i thought his rendition of another day in paradise was awesome.

  9. luvgabe said

    Glad you’re under better medical care, Kim. Your doc is definitely a vast improvement over the hospital in Malone. The rainbow sweater is just darling!

  10. luvgabe said

    Kim, couldn’t help but think of you when I read this article about how & why many women want to dress up like princesses on their wedding day. These girly-girls are the antithesis of how you describe yourself as not liking jewelry & clothes, & owning only 2 pairs of shoes!

  11. PatAZ said

    The sweater set is absolutely beautiful.

  12. Mindy said

    Glad your back, take care of yourself. Tell slow computer guy you have fans and need your computer fixed asap. ZL should be coming back soon and you will need your computer.

  13. Val Dalton said

    Yeah Kim is back, now where is Zombie Lady!! She needs to come back for easter.

  14. Tracy said

    It’s not lupus!

    Somebody had to say it.

  15. Tracy said

    Huhn. That was funnier when the House tags weren’t stripped off.

  16. mbmb said

    Tracy…WTF???? are you talking about. Could you let us in on your secret please? Maybe I’m idiot, but I just don’t understand the last two posts.

    Somebody had to ask it!!!

  17. Tracy said

    Sorry. It’s a running joke on House the TV show, which I know Kim watches.
    Near the beginning of each diagnosis, Foreman will say Lupus and House always shoots him down.
    There was also a promo for the show that was a series of sound bites of House saying “It’s not Lupus”

  18. Sandy said


    You are so right to question those posts. When I read that garbage it always reminds me of the reason Kim named her blog as she did “….sometimes the idiots get in”.

    And sometimes she even lets me in.

  19. luvgabe said

    Thanks, Mbmb for asking Tracy. I was baffled as well.

  20. tess said

    Whew…I thought I was the only one who didn’t get it. I don’t watch House so that’s why. It makes sense now.

    Kim, glad that you are feeling better, sorry to hear about your computer…it does tend to raise the frustration levels. Its good to have you back.

  21. mbmb said


    Thanks for answering and letting us all in on the Secret! You know I watch “House” sometimes, I just didn’t get the connection. Now, I understand….I think 🙂

  22. Sandy said

    Now I feel like an idiot…thought I was on top of everything “House”. There is part of me that feels a need to battle in keeping Kim with as little stress as possible. Even though I know she can take care of her own. But was definitely a bit confused by the comments.

  23. luvgabe said

    Attorneys for Phil Spector want to remove the judge from his pending murder retrial. The defense filed a 44-page motion yesterday (Mar 12)contending that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler was biased in favor of the prosecution during Spector’s first trial last year.

  24. skweekie said

    and guess who was on CNN yesterday being interviewed about the Eliot Spitzer case?

    You guessed it: Babydol Gibson. She said she had many young actresses working for her who needed money badly. I was expecting her to blurt out Lana’s name again.

  25. Kim (Canada) said

    Luvgabe –
    Have they set a new trial date yet? I’m not surprised to hear that the defense filed a motion to have him removed from round 2… Not surprised at all…

    So when IS ZL coming home? I know she said “spring”! but that is technically only “7” sleeps away… And “March” is already half over – Had no idea I could miss a total stranger the way I miss her…

    Do hope all is well with everyone, and really glad to hear that the docs are following up all avenues with Miss Kim.

    Nice job on the “matinee jacket”, by the way… Size ‘mens medium’, in a denim blue would look sooooooo good on me!
    Sorry to hear about your PC – Hope it’s repaired properly this time, and repaired in time for ZL’s arrival…

    ’til then – :`)

  26. luvgabe said

    Hi, Canadian Kim! The only info I can find is a news article from last December (2007) saying that, due to the “schedule” of one of Phil Spector’s defense attorneys, his retrial will be postponed to September 2008. Even this date, I suspect, is quite iffy.

  27. Kim (Canada) said

    Hi Luvgabe –
    I had a feeling way back after the jury was hung and dismissed, that there was no way trial #2 would come along as quick as Judge Fidler wanted it to –
    If i’m not mistaken,he wanted it started within some 3-4 months time from the first mistrial date! No way was that going to work, especially not with Spector re-asembling a new legal team –


    September seems so far away…

    Well, I dare not wish my spring and summer away already – Especiallly after the winter we’ve just had…

    So, back to the waiting game!
    Waiting for ZL, waiting for Spector trial, waiting for Kim to write again… Just waiting… always waiting… LOL!

    Thanks for responding, by the way Luvgabe! I appreciate it…

    Cheers eh!

  28. luvgabe said

    My warmest wishes to you, Canada Kim, for a joyous Easter!

    And to our dear Malone Kim, is your computer still sick? If you can, please send news about YOUR health. Heard from ZL, or has she once again vanished, incommunicado?

  29. Kim (Canada) said

    Back at ya, Luvgabe!
    Pinky and I are taking my niece and nephew to the Disney on Ice production of Princesses on Easter Sunday, so I’m sure that’ll make for an interesting day altogether…I’m really looking forward to it..

    No sign of Miss Kim, I see – Everything ok with(her)you? Is this absence to do, solely with the PC troubles, or is health causing our girl some problems again… Damn! I wish I had extra special powers…
    I’d definately kick in and help out here, I tell ya…

    Well, I’m sure missing ZL too – Wish she’d turn up soon … I’m dying for an update, and a run-down on how and where she’s been… Just hope she’s ok and made it through the winter ok…

    Ok – So, I’ll keep checking in and leave the odd word…

    In the meantime, PEACE!
    Fonzie :`)

  30. mclayton said

    Does anyone have any information regarding the lack of news from Kim? I am a fan, and am really worried about her health. If anyone can share any news, please do. Mary Clayton, fan from Jonesboro, Arkansas.

  31. Kim (Canada) said

    Wondering some of the same things mclayton…
    Not sure what is going on, and I hope all is ok – Kim?
    Confused that my comment of March 19th/#29 is still “awaiting moderation”!
    Even more confused that another comment posting thereafter is posted and cleared –
    Something “funky” going on, and now that’s got me worried also…
    Kimmy! Where are you?
    Luvgabe, you there?
    Anyone heard from Kim via regular email?
    She ok?
    Someone? Hello?

    Concerned –
    Fonzie :`(

  32. tess said

    I am with you as well, a little worried about Kim. Kim if you are able to read these comments, please just a word to say that you are ok. We think about you not just as a great blogger, but as a friend (cyber as that may be). On this Easter day, I pray for you and Paul and hope all is well.

  33. luvgabe said

    Dear Kim: Ditto the sentiments expressed by Mclayton, Canada Kim, & Tess.

    When there are long absences, we worry about you. So, notwithstanding the sick computer, please get a word out to us.

    Thinking of & praying for you this joyous Easter.

  34. Pozie said

    Another fan here from Tennessee. Been checking every day, hoping you are okay. Kim, obviously there are more people worrying about you than you realize. A word from anyone?

  35. Gail said

    Kim, I’m concerned about you, too. Hope you are not SO ill that you can’t write. Please let us hear from you. You are loved.

  36. Kathy said

    I am worried about you too. But came here today to wish you a Happy Easter. So.. Happy Easter, kim.

  37. Bob E. said

    She posted this morning (Easter) on in a thread about Peeps…nothing to be alarmed about, folks.

  38. mclayton said

    Thanks, Bob, that is good news. Now we will just wait for our dear Kim to send us a morsel. Praying for good health for all.

  39. Kim (Canada) said

    Thanks Bob!
    Still hope to hear from her soon…
    Happy Easter – Happy spring Kim, Paul & All!

    Fonzie :`)

  40. noorbe said

    Kim, I check in here every day.
    I really hope you’re good and it’s just the danm puter that prevents you from blogging….

    Thinking of you, sending good thoughts…………..

  41. Kay said

    Another fan I am. Checking your blog a couple of times a day to see if you have posted. Miss your posts. Glad to hear that someone saw that you had posted a comment on another blog about Peeps. The computer must still be down. I started following your blog after I learned of it during the Spector first trial. The first time I accessed your blog, 94,000 people had visited it. And look at the total now….over 422,000! A lot of people are enjoying what you write. Hope your computer is operative soon! Also hope that you are feeling well.

  42. Caroline said


    Where are you?!!

    I know that I am not alone in expressing my concern over your “incgnito” disappearing act! Besides missing your witty take on all things mundane; concern for your health is paramount.

    I am sending positive thoughts your way and hoping that your abscence is due to a long deserved vacation. Just letting your know how missed you and your take on life is.

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