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Archive for March, 2008

Knitting a Dishcloth Sweater

Posted by thedarwinexception on March 31, 2008

 So I went to the doctor’s on Friday – he said nothing more than “Your blood pressure is still high – take twice the dosage of those last pills I gave you – and call some place reputable with a heart doctor for an angiogram.”

Oddly enough when Leslie the Chamber of Commerce lady and I were driving there – she said “Well, you obviously need *more* of those blood pressure pills, and I think you need an angiogram – but you should go to Plattsburgh or Burlington for it.” So now I’m wondering why I bother to go to the doctors when Leslie the Chamber of Commerce lady does consults over the phone – for a lot less money than that doctor is charging me.

I’ve started a new knitting project – it’s a Nicky Knits kit for a toddler’s “Pansy Plaid Jacket”. I like it – only it’s made with cotton, not yarn. Not only does the cotton feel like you are knitting with kite string but it’s scratchy and rough. I’m not sure if I like it. But, I’ve had the kit forever and I wanted to try the cotton.

This is the finished sweater:


This is as far as I’ve gotten:

I like the sweater, I am just not sure about the string it’s made out of. It kind of feels like one of those old scratchy cotton dishcloths your mother used to torture you with. I hope it softens up after I wash and block it.

So my sister called me. She’s getting out of rehab Wednesday. She is concerned about the future of Christian – her little girl. Seems to her that although the Social Worker is telling her “Oh, reunification is our goal!” The papers that the Social Worker filed with the court seem to have adoption by the foster parents as the goal. I’m hopeful about my sister’s “rehab” – but I’ve learned to hope but not expect. Seems to me she is at a crossroads at the moment. When she gets out she can be thinking clearly and cleaned out from her stay in jail and rehab, and decide “OK – getting my kid back is priority number one – let me do things the right way to see that that happens” Or, she can say “Fuck – I can do all this work and complete this list the social worker gave me for ‘reunification’ and I’ll bet she’s just going to fuck me over, anyway, and adopt my kid out – so fuck it – let me go get high.” My sister has a way of letting reality become so overwhelming she can’t deal with it, and getting high is the answer. I don’t understand the whole “addiction” thing enough to be able to offer her any help whatsoever. To me, she has a little kid, and exploring the world with her kid and teaching her kid things and watching her kid experience new things should be enough to get her “high”. Always worked for me. But, whatever.

Tomorrow the weatherman is saying it’s supposed to be 60 degrees. Of course, today it’s snowing – but tomorrow it’s supposed to be 60. I only mention it because with 60 degree weather – can the Zombie Lady be far behind?




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