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New Sweaters – No Stress

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 6, 2008

 So I still haven’t called to make an appointment for my stress test. I will *TODAY*. But I’ve said that for the last 3 days. Every time I go to pick up the phone I hear the voice of Greg House in my head “Make sure you bring a crash cart in there with her….” Fucking House.

I have been taking my blood pressure. Leslie the Chamber of Commerce Lady brought me over her digital blood pressure contraption to borrow. It’s really cool. It even inflates on it’s own – no pumping the little squeeze ball thing. What technology won’t come up with, right? And you can keep track of your readings in memory – which is really neat. And it records your pulse as well as your blood pressure.

My blood pressure has still been high, I think – hovering around 157/117, but since I really don’t know what that represents, and whether it’s good or bad, it hasn’t really worried me. The only thing that will worry me is when it gets as high as it was in the emergency room, since that elicited the “Wow! That’s high for *anybody*” comment from the ER doctor. Ignorance is bliss.

So I started a new sweater – well, two new sweaters, really. One an adult sweater – my first adult sweater in a *long* time, and a new baby sweater (of course). The new baby sweater is a pattern that a good friend sent me last year as a gift. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s from a site called Shifio’s Patterns. She has the most beautiful, unique baby knitting patterns in the whole world. I just love them. I love them ALL. I’ve decided that each week I can, I’m going to buy one of her knitting patterns until I have the whole collection. The nice part is, she’ll send them to you in a PDF – so there’s no shipping costs or waiting. And getting something instantly is very satisfying to me.

The one I have now is the “Rainbow Matinee Set”. Here’s a picture from her site of the completed sweater: (I wrote her and asked if I could reprint it here and she said yes, so no copyright violations. I wouldn’t want to violate *anything* of hers – she’s way too special and talented.)

Isn’t it adorable? I have most of the body done (It’s a really, really easy pattern – beginners could easily complete this). I can’t wait to knit the ruffles that go on the body – that’s going to be the best part. So, do you think this is fair-worthy?

The next pattern I want is her “Lacy Diamonds Matinee Set” – and I don’t care if you are into knitting or not – you have to admit this is absolutely beautiful. Check out all those little seed pearls outlining the diamonds on the front. I just look at that sweater and sigh. SO pretty.

But, if you’re a beginning knitter or you’ve wanted to start knitting but think you can’t make anything beautiful in your first try – buy one of her patterns. They really are extremely easy and the finished product looks like something terribly detailed and complicated. And they work up FAST! I got most fo the body done just watching 2 hours of “Lost” last night. (We watched the repeat from last week and the new episode).

And speaking of “Lost” – OK – has anyone figured this shit out yet?? I’m fucking confused, that’s for sure. Not that I *haven’t* been confused for 3 years, but now I’m *really* confused. What’s up with that Miles guy? Is he like a Ghostbuster? A Ghostbuster with a Dustbuster?

And which came first – the dummy plane on the bottom of the ocean or the “escape” of the Oceanic 6? The newscaster lady reporting on “finding the plane” said that it was 3 months later – so is that like “now” in Lost terms? And that guy’s last name being “Faraday” can’t be a coincidence – Faraday was a leader in electromagnetism. And C.S. Lewis for Charlotte? What a hoot that show is.






24 Responses to “New Sweaters – No Stress”

  1. Valerie said

    OMG Kim that rainbow set is beautiful. I want to have a little girl now just so you can make one for me.

    I’m going to send Luke over to your house to test your blood pressure. He has an elmo dr kit and his favorite thing is the blood pressure part LOL.

  2. Florida Fan said

    Kim, the 117 number on the bottom of your blood pressure is dangerous. Not to make it worse, but you really need to see someone about it. I know you just got out of the hospital and nothing you took really brought it down, but something has to be done. That’s too high. Anything in the bottom number above 90 is too high, and anything above 100 is REALLY too high. The 157 is high, but not awful.

    Please call your doctor.

  3. I want to have a little girl now just so you can make one for me.

    Oh I know what you mean! Hell, *I* want to have a girl just so I can bring her out in this sweater!

    I’m going to send Luke over to your house to test your blood pressure. He has an elmo dr kit and his favorite thing is the blood pressure part LOL.

    He’s welcome ANYTIME. As long as that kit didn’t come with a rectal thermometer.


  4. HT said

    I’m liking the rainbow outfit a lot. What kind of adult sweater are you making? If it’s navy blue, I got dibs. What’s that stuff in the bowl you’re craving?


  5. What kind of adult sweater are you making?

    It’s a camel color, done in cotton yarn and has really intricate embellished leaf closings with hook and eyes. I’ll post a picture when I get past the ribbing.

    It’s for a friend so it already has dibs, but I’d love to make you a blue one. Why blue?

    And that’s custard. I’d kill Holly for some really good custard. Of course, I’d probably kill Holly for some really bad custard, too.


  6. HT said

    Really, you’d make me a sweater!!??? Wow, that would really be something I’d cherish. How lucky would that be. Why blue? Wellll, it’s my most favorite color for starters. I have blue eyes. I have blue veins. Shit, I don’t know, just because.

    Do you think sometime when the weather gets nice, we could have like a family reunion except it wouldn’t be blood family, it’d be your blog family? I think that’d be hysterical. What do you think of that?

    Kim, when you take your BP, do a resting one. Lay down for a few minutes and take it like they do in the doctor’s office.

    Isn’t Holly your dog? Why would you kill Holly for custard? You lost me, Sister.


  7. Really, you’d make me a sweater!!???

    Ummm…why wouldn’t I?? I love to knit, I’m always knitting something with no intended recipient in mind, and I have all this yarn…Of course I’d make you a sweater.

    Do you think sometime when the weather gets nice, we could have like a family reunion except it wouldn’t be blood family, it’d be your blog family? I think that’d be hysterical. What do you think of that?

    That you all would come to Malone? Well, I’d love that. Malone’s IQ would rise significantly.

    We could have guided tours – Val could man the zombie lady’s house and Paul could give tours of the Harley Barn. I’ll be at the Chinese buffet – you can all meet me there.

    Kim, when you take your BP, do a resting one. Lay down for a few minutes and take it like they do in the doctor’s office.

    Will it make a difference? I’ll try it.

    Isn’t Holly your dog? Why would you kill Holly for custard?

    I’d kill Holly for most any reason – but I might as well get something I want out of it.


  8. Caroline said

    OMG! These little Baby garments are breathtaking! The diamonds sweater is so beautiful, fit for a little Park Avenue princess. Both patterns are definitly “Fair-Worthy”. I have never seen anything so beautiful, you are talented beyond compare.

    Now, I know I scared you last time you blogged about your high blood pressure, but I implore you to make that appointment with your regular doctor. Your blood pressure is way too high, especially since you are on medication. The meds are obviously not working so you need to see the Dr. so they can prescribe something else. Enough preaching!

    The Malone conference sounds like a winner! It would be a lot of fun to meet all of the fellow bloggers, as well as our fearless leader!

  9. tess said

    Ok, I am getting on the band wagon for you to go to your doctor. Picture your heart as a pump. when the pipes are open and clear the pump can push the fluid through with no problems. If for some reason, the pipe is narrowed, then it takes more effort to push the same amount of fluid through the pipe. The 117 is a measure of the pressure it takes. The “average” Blood pressure (there is a pretty good latitude for normal) is 120/80. Florida Fan is correct is saying that 90 would be the upper limit of normal. 117 is too high. Period. Please go and have a stress test. The doctor is not going to push you to the point of danger. It will give him (or her) more information to be able to help you. There are so many people that care about you, please listen, and get help. We, as your blog buddies care, but your Paul really cares, if the situation was reversed, you would want only the best for him. He is showing you that he loves you and needs you to take care of yourself. Make the appointment.

  10. azn2u said

    Thank you so much. The most beautiful knitting patterns i have seen in years. I ordered two. What a treat!

  11. azn2u said

    Thank you so much. The most beautiful patterns I have seen in years. Ordered two. Absolutely love them.

  12. Mindy said

    Hi Kim, sorry to hear about your health issues. I do hope everything gets better asap. My daughter has had alot of them to lately and I have not been able to check in here to see how things are going. Your writings mean a lot to me they give me hope. I hope your health issues gets better soon. All my best to you, I love what you have to say and it’s help my peace of mind. You have a very special husband and will do whatever it takes to make sure you have what you need, and nothing could be better then that.

  13. Thank you so much. The most beautiful knitting patterns i have seen in years. I ordered two. What a treat!

    Oh Did You??? I’m so jealous!! Which 2 did you get?? What a treat, indeed!

    And make sure you let her know that you found her via my blog!

    And I want to see pictures of them completed!


  14. Sandy said

    With all your wisdom Kim…..get going on this one. You have to see your doctor and do it NOW. I think you wrote the appt. hasn’t even been made for your personal physician. You are going to get it from him/her waiting so long. The quicker in, the quicker some answers will be there.

    As mentioned above, lie down and take some deep restful breaths before taking your blood pressure. I do the breathing while waiting in the docs office. BP is always high when my guy shows up when I forget to do this. Whatever the results though, you still need to see your physician. It is the lower number which is of concern in your situation. Your body has been through so much these last weeks.

    And I hope we have scared you enough to get this taken care of. Any tests to ferret out the problem will not be as hard on you as not knowing, letting it go and results for getting better.

    A party in Malone? How fun that would be. It should be now though… we could all drag you to the doctor.

    I can’t imagine creating such beautiful items so quickly and with such skill. They always turn out without hitch. It is good for the soul to have a passion with ability. Love seeing what your doing.

    Lost…one thing I am sure of is the title of this show is giving us what they named it. Me too, what the heck with the canister vacuum? Who in their right mind would let a “ghost buster” in the house with that? Oh, I forgot, someone in Malone who wrote an OBITCHERARY.

    Have no clue what that scene was about and we now have more people on the island with story lines to figure out. All without answers to the last 3 seasons. Am beginning to think the writers for any of the TV shows were mucking around long before the strike and we’ve been left with nothing until they get something. Don’t begrudge their wants, but TV and movies are in neverland for a long time ahead.

  15. luvgabe said

    Kim, PLEASE do what Tess, et al. urged you to do–go to your regular doc ASAP and have him really get to the bottom of your dangerously high blood pressure.

    I know denial is human nature–and I do it too–but do this for your love for Paul, and his great love for you.

    The rainbow little-girl sweater is simply darling. Can we really order adult sweaters from you? Wow, that would be most cool. And the convention of the DarwinException fanclub is a great idea!

    Please call your doc Monday, and tell him it’s urgent.

  16. HT said

    I watched one episode of LOST a couple weeks ago because I wanted to know what you guys were talking about. They named the show right. The viewers are LOST. The one I watched had some woman bitch slapping a young guy for whatever reason. Then some guy comes up out of a swamp or sewer or something. I was left wondering how they get their supplies, you know diapers for the baby, formula, make-up, toilet paper. The intrigue lost me for the practical.

    Kim, that little rainbow outfit would be perfect for the fair. It’s a winner.

    When is the fair? Maybe that would be a good time for our REUNION. Or the RED NECK thingie.

    I miss ZL. I wish she’d write or call you.


  17. skweekie said

    nothing to add except to agree with the previous advice. That bottom number is dangerously high.

    About the rainbow sweater. Even if I had a baby girl, I would never use the sweater. I’d put it in a glass case as a work of art.

  18. luvgabe said

    From the US Dept of Health & Human Services website:

    “What Is High Blood Pressure?

    High blood pressure is a blood pressure reading of 140/90 mmHg or higher. Both numbers are important.

    Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure. Once high blood pressure develops, it usually lasts a lifetime. The good news is that it can be treated and controlled.

    High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it usually has no symptoms. Some people may not find out they have it until they have trouble with their heart, brain, or kidneys. When high blood pressure is not found and treated, it can cause:

    (1) The heart to get larger, which may lead to heart failure.
    (2) Small bulges (aneurysms (AN-u-risms)) to form in blood vessels. Common locations are the main artery from the heart (aorta); arteries in the brain, legs, and intestines; and the artery leading to the spleen.
    (3) Blood vessels in the kidney to narrow, which may cause kidney failure.
    (4) Arteries throughout the body to “harden” faster, especially those in the heart, brain, kidneys, and legs. This can cause a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or amputation of part of the leg.
    (5) Blood vessels in the eyes to burst or bleed, which may cause vision changes and can result in blindness.”

  19. luvgabe said


    Sorry to nag you, but a brief search on the Web indicates that your blood pressure reading is a dangerous Stage Two. So, PLEASE see your doc ASAP!

    From US Dept of HHS &

    There are 2 stages of high blood pressure (or hypertension):

    “Stage 1 hypertension is a systolic pressure ranging from 140 to 159 or a diastolic pressure ranging from 90 to 99.
    Stage 2 hypertension is the most severe hypertension where the systolic pressure is 160 or higher or the diastolic pressure is 100 or higher.

    Note: When systolic and diastolic blood pressures fall into different categories, the higher category should be used to classify blood pressure level. For example, 160/80 mmHg would be stage 2 high blood pressure.”

    Kim, your reading of 157/117 is Stage 2.

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    “A party in Malone? How fun that would be”!!!!

    And wouldn’t it be…

    When are we doing this?
    Who’s all going?

    Count me in – I’ll be there…Just let me know what to bring off the “contribution list”

    ALL RIGHT! Me and Pinkie can start planning for a road trip to Malone, NY – Yahoo!
    Just made my day…
    Get me outta these winter, forever snowing blues…

    As for the “Rainbow Matinee Set” it is very pretty – I’m thinking it belongs in a showcase also…

    With regards to your “Stress Test” appointment and your “Blood Pressure” results… Get it in gear, woman and get yourself to the Doc’s. I’m thinking these are things you can’t mess around with and/or be negligent in following up with… So get to it, k? And keep us posted on any and all results…Take care in the meantime, and take it easy too…

    Fonzie :`)

  21. IndyGena said

    Wow! Those patterns are absolutely beautiful. Do you think the best patterns come from the United Kingdom? My Mom was British, and she knitted some lovely things. I wish I still had them. Anyway… she always used to say the best patterns were from England. After going to that website, I believe her now.

    O/T – The Fed-ex is in the mail. You should receive it on Monday.

    Take care if yourself, and make that appointment woman!

  22. NJGill said

    Research proves that your pulse rate slows and your blood pressure lowers when you knit. :
    “I do have an interesting personal little story regarding the calming effects of knitting. Since I’m scheduled for a back fusion in the fall, my anxiety level is at an all time high, therefore, my blood pressure is usually through the roof when I have a doctor’s appointment. I always take my knitting, however. After getting a high blood pressure reading say 158/112 (was the latest), the office staff will let me knit for awhile then retake my blood pressure. After knitting for approximately 40 minutes, my blood pressure read 120/70!! Who need blood pressure meds…just knit!”

  23. Hank said

    I’ve been jonesing for egg custard for a couple of months now. It’s really easy to make. I wish I could send you some.

  24. nita said

    I’ve been through the whole BP thing, Kim. Up until about 20 years ago, I was always the “ideal” 120/80. Suddenly, my BP was a steady 180/110 and I was told I was in “the stroke zone” which made me start medications. Well now, 20 years later, I spiked again, just as you are spiking now. It seems to be that some of the meds I take now tend to increase BP! So I really think you and your regular doctor need to review the total situation and see if you’ve started any medications that may affect your BP. In my case, I think there are 2 that are doing it. I’ve been able to back off one medication and double my BP meds, and my BP is getting better. Within 2 weeks, I went from 180/110 to 130/78 (and the last was taken just before I underwent eye surgery!

    Take care, sweetie! We need you around here!

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