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Health, Hoodies and Random Crap

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 5, 2008

 The one good thing about being in the hospital was that I got to knit – a lot. Paul was nice enough to go home the night I was admitted, put together a care package for me and bring it back up to the hospital so I wouldn’t be laying there going out of my mind. He knows I am not the kind of person who can just lay in bed and do nothing – I have to be “multitasking”. I can’t *just* watch TV – that bores me more than anything – I have to be knitting and watching TV – or reading and watching TV – or sewing and watching TV. And if I have to lay on the couch or lay in bed – I have to be doing something else, too. I can’t just lay there and do nothing.

So he brought me up my current “I’m trying to read this” book – which is the new Stephen King book “Duma Key”, and he brought up my current knitting project -the Hobbes hoodie – Now with Fur!

Typical of me, I didn’t read two sentences – but I did a lot of the knitting project – enough to finish it off. When I got home the only thing I had to do was sew on the buttons. I used little duck buttons – because they are a bold yellow and the hoodie is a pale yellow. I thought the bold buttons suited it.

But here is the Hobbes Hoodie – Now with Fur! all completed.

And I don’t want to hear how you can see the Pope’s face in it, or Elvis or Starr Jones or any other stupid shit.

And speaking of Starr Jones, did you hear her fucked up talk show got cancelled on Court TV or Tru TV or whatever that channel is this week? I’m so glad. If nothing else good comes out of them changing the “format” of the channel, we will always at least have the comfort of knowing they at least booted her ass. Now if they would just leave that slot open and not fill it with another “Beach Patrol” show, and allow trials to be televised for that extra hour, it will be a *real* improvement.

So – I got the paper for the hag tags (I don’t care if that was a typo – that’s what I’m calling them from now on). That didn’t take long! I ordered them and two days later they were here – and they were only like $1.00 a sheet. So I need to print out a dummy sheet to make sure everything lines up and then I can print out the first sheet of official hag tags. I’m going to put one on all the things I still have here that haven’t been given away yet, and I’ll use them for my fair entries, too, and the items I donate to Val’s March for Babies raffle.

So – to answer everyone who has written me to ask – I’m feeling the same, not better but not worse. I still have to make the appointment for my stress test – I haven’t done that yet. But I did call the doctor in Burlington and I’m going to go see him next week. I really shouldn’t watch “House” anymore, though, they were giving some woman a stress test on the show last night and they started talking about “Well, we should have a crash cart in there with her – because she’ll probably have a heart attack” and I was like “Fuck this shit! And they want ME to do a stress test??? I’m telling you right now – if they wheel a fucking crash cart into that room with me, I’m fucking leaving.”

But let me tell you – you know, privately, so lean in a little so I can whisper – Paul has been KISSING MY ASS since this whole thing happened. He’s been letting me SLEEP in the morning – and trying SO HARD not to wake me up. He’s been eating sandwiches and not asking me to cook for him (and you KNOW how important FOOD is to him.) He’s been bringing me breakfast in the morning upstairs and making me English muffins and making me soup or sandwiches for lunch. He won’t let me take the dogs out and we usually take turns doing that. It’s fucking shocking – just shocking. Just unreal.

Oh – something else I wanted to share with you. So I’m the co-moderator of this Malone Freecycle group. I am only co-moderator because the owner and only moderator had some health issues and couldn’t really do it on her own anymore. She asked for a volunteer to help and I said “Sure, I’ll do it” I mean, how hard could it be? The group gets like one message a week – I mean, this is Malone – not very many people have computers or internet access, and it’s not like a freecycle group in Atlanta or something where there would be really high amounts of traffic. So, I became co-moderator.

Then the owner/moderator died. So now I’m the only moderator, and that sucks because I don’t have permissions to do *everything* with the group – I’m still just a lowly “moderator” not an “owner” so I can’t even block members – so that kind of sucks.

But, anyway, every month the group is set to automatically send all the members a “rules” or “FAQ” for the group that the owner had originally written and put in a script file.

On the first of February, the message went out as usual and all of a sudden we got this whole barrage of messages from members “OH MY GOD!! How did THAT happen??” “I thought she DIED??” “What’s up with THIS – How did she send a message??” “OH MY GOD – Communication from BEYOND THE GRAVE!!!”

What a bunch of fucking maroons.

So then, I get this message from the woman’s daughter – someone must have contacted her and told her to come quick to the freecycle group because her mother was communicating with us through a fucking electronic séance medium or something – and I get a message from her.

And if you ever doubted my assessment of the intelligence and education level of this town – well, doubt no more. Here’s the message.


So I sent her back a message



Oh – and OBITCHERARY is my new favorite word.

So – did you see the whole “cat fight” in the comments? Let me explain something – I don’t censor messages or comments left here – if you want to leave a comment that says “Fuck you you surly rude bitch – you suck ass” well, I’ll let it go through. To do anything less is to have a “public forum” the way the Court TV messages boards are a “public forum” – they aren’t a “public forum” in the least – they represent the opinions and sensibilities of ONE moderator. If she doesn’t like your opinion – well, you’re fucked. She’ll delete your comment and ban you from leaving any more. That’s not a “public forum” – that’s a communistic dictatorship. Which is why I don’t post over in the Court TV forums – I don’t do well with “moderated” and I certainly don’t do well with “Watch yourself and make sure you don’t say something offensive to the moderator”. I have posted exactly one message over there – and that was to thank the posters who were singing my praises when they discovered my Spector coverage. I left a message thanking them, telling them I appreciated their comments – and then I left, never to return.

BUT – I am thinking I may adjust my policy slightly. Because it really isn’t fair for someone to come in here and leave a comment about ANOTHER blog. I don’t want to be the public dumping ground where all dissention that isn’t allowed at Court TV or Sprocket’s Blog or Joe Blow’s blog can spill into my comments section. Although it is kind of amusing to read. And I actually liked reading it – just for the silliness factor. From what I gathered of the original comments contents – it seems that the poster was complaining that Sprocket didn’t mark the anniversary of Lana’s death and the poster thought this was just tragic – never mentioning that *I* didn’t mark the anniversary, either. Mostly because why the hell should I? I mean, yeah, it’s terribly awful that she died and I feel for her family and I feel terrible that the trial ended in a mistrial, but, you know, that doesn’t mean I’m going to put some tacky fucking graphic on my blog with a fucking lit candle or anything and wear black all day. I mean, I don’t even light candles for my Dad on the anniversary of *his* death, and I knew him a lot better than I knew Lana Clarkson. I just don’t find it necessary to mark the anniversary of this woman’s death – I really don’t. Maybe that will get me left some comments of “Fuck you you surly rude bitch – you suck ass” – but hey, if I do, at least you know I’ll allow them through and you can read them all.

But, I’m thinking of banning anything that is disparaging and irrelevant to *this* blog. But I’ll leave it all up to you – if you like reading the little cat fights that spill over here form other places with more stringent comments policies – I’ll leave them in – but if you don’t like it – I’ll delete them. Majority rules.






45 Responses to “Health, Hoodies and Random Crap”

  1. skweekie said

    Wot kat fite? I must have mist reeding it. This is skweekie sending you this message.

  2. Leslie said

    It’d be more fun if YOU were having a catfight with someone.
    When people come on here and leave comments that leave everyone wondering, it’s annoying, to me anyway.
    The hoodie is SO cute. I want to be your first customer, so send me a price, ok?

  3. Debi said

    I just found the catfight. If you don’t care, I say leave ’em in. That one at least was amusing. Holy wow.

    signed, Another Fucking Surly Rude Bitch Who Sucks Ass (aka Debi)

  4. Caroline said

    Good to hear that you are feeling better! I say let ’em post. Do they not teach spelling in the Malone schools? That is the most ignorant and illiterate message I have ever seen!

    Reading stuff like that makes you wonder how this person gets through life. No wonder unemployment and welfare are the leading “careers’ in Malone.

    That little Hoodie is the cutest and sweetest little sweater I have ever seen. You have such a talent.

  5. IndyGena said

    Dang, I missed the cat fight. Can I still read it? What post is it under?
    LMAO Skweekie! Couldn’t have replied better myself.
    Leave them on… hell, it’s always nice to have extra entertainment. Reading your blog is funny enough, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little bonus afterwards!

  6. Sandy said

    Great to know what is going on Kim. We are a nosey bunch, but really want all to be well.

    What good stuff Paul did. None of us can be surprised, he was so kind to ZL. Any cover he had was blown with your video. You chose him well. Enjoy every minute of being the Queen Bee.

    Too funny about the recycle seance. Sorry, I have no clue how to spell that way. Will sit here and chuckle at the rest of you while I try to figure out what is being written.

    Hmmm. I’m on the fence about moderation. It was really hard not to comment back on the post. I just wanted her to go away, which never happens if taking the bait and only get’s worse. And I do not want your blog to turn into CTV forum garbage. Nor locked to others for joining in the fun days you create. Nor for your blog to become a management issue.

    My gut said the post may have been due to a newspaper article recently written about Sprocket. The article was great and used her as an example relative to the blog world. The poster’s comments repeated their being irked regarding what they felt was another’s unmerited attention.

    On the other hand, it’s a tad humorous when these posters get through. They just don’t seem to really see how their posts come across. A bit like American Idol contestants. Well, AI does let a few crazies through that love to cause a ruckus with absolutely no sense. But AI also has those big body guards in the background to handle abuse. It continues to elude me regarding the hit and run posters and their thought processes, The posts bore me beyond and will skip em when delusion seeps into the writing. Whatever their problem really is…tis’ their’s alone.

    Man, now I’m gotta get ripped apart and never did give you a solid answer.

  7. MiddleEarth said

    Since you are soliciting votes, mine is for keeping out people like Sugaree what have a gripe about other blogs from DarwinException.

    Also, your calling what happened a “cat fight” is quite heartless because it was your readers who came to your defense. When they mistakenly thought Sugaree’s diatribe was launched against you, you should have immediately stepped in to clarify that Sugaree wasn’t attacking you.

    To let it continue–and then to be amused by it and call it a “cat fight”–is quite unconscionable on your part. I’d be surprised if those who came to your defense will continue to read your blog.

  8. To let it continue–and then to be amused by it and call it a “cat fight”–is quite unconscionable on your part. I’d be surprised if those who came to your defense will continue to read your blog.

    Actually – i didn’t even see the comments until someone mentioned the “catfight” – most of the posts were by regulars who aren’t on moderation, so they didn’t come by me.

    And I was only referring to the “catfight” in the same way that it was first brought to my attnetion – someone else called it that.

    And I still haven’t read all the comments on that entry – I’ve had other things to do.


  9. Maisey said

    Ok, ya gotta see this Kim. You’ll pee your pants and you will snort Pepsi out your nose!


  10. Kim (Canada) said

    Ok – Here’s where I sit with it all…

    Someone’s got a gripe, let ’em rip! That’s what “public forums” are for….Discuss, discuss, discuss. Vent if you must…But it should end there.

    If it’s about insulting, berating, and downright dis-respecting fellow bloggers and readers, then that’s not appropriate. They need to take that shit elsewhere. Save it for their therapist, keep it to themselves, or start their own blog and see how far talk like that gets them in this big ol’ cyber-world.

    No one deserves that, and no one is entitled to deliver that on anyone. Least of all in a forum that is hosting a topic completely un-related, and/or addressing something totally off from that individual’s issue. I think that intrusive behaviour is rude and inconsiderate to the blog’s host…

    Added to all that – There are other individuals who obviously CANNOT read properly, or interpret a comment completely inaccurately and then fly off on some illogical rant, bashing and insulting anyone in the comment path…Definate signs of immaturity, lacking in any sort of class and totally void of any tact…

    I think you run this place just fine, Kim. And I completely appreciate the fact that you do keep it open and free of stringent moderation. I’m hoping that is something you can continue doing with Darwin, and that it continues to be respected and used in the same manner…

    In the event of future savage and disconcerting comments, I guess you could let us all have a go at responding, and then yank them the hell out of there and apply a three-strike warning –

    Just like children in a school yard…

    Shameful, really… Isn’t it?

    Fonzie :`)

  11. westcoast said

    Keep the random comments unmoderated please. Although I was a bit shocked by the degree of vehemence that Sugaree expressed…. Maybe ‘Ree was having a rotten moment. Your regular readers understood immediately that the comments were not directed to you. We knew that you did not need to be defended. Sprocket is doing a great right now on the Mark Jensen coverage, he’s an odd duck. Can you whip up an XXL (petite!) hoodie as pictured for moi? Thanks!!!

  12. Kym said

    I haven’t posted enough comments to be considered a “regular” here but I have been reading your blog since the beginning- honest! Ever since the first time you posted about it on AFCA for real, so I still feel like I “belong” here even if you don’t know me from Adam.

    Now that that is out of the way, as far as moderation goes I say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. You do a great job with this place and you don’t need anything else to worry about. If an occasional nasty comment or catfight gets through then so be it. We are all adults and we can handle it. So unless things get out of control, which I don’t see happening given the kind of following you attract, I say leave well enough alone.

  13. HT said

    Did you say SugarRay knocked the shit out of Sprocket in the 9th round? Well, as per usual I missed it. But seriously, is this the person that’s been ragging on Sprocket for like ever? I tell you what I think as if you even doubted that I would. I want the whole damn story. I don’t want little tidbits. I want it all. Who, what when, how, where. I want pictures of these bitches. I want blood. I want results. I want you to have on a striped shirt and a whistle. Then I want the loser to have a pay a buck a word to Val for the March of Dimes. Using that criteria, I doubt if they’ll ever blow off again on your blog.

    You gotta be blowing smoke up my *** about the obitcherary. Jesus, there’s no hope for this country. There really isn’t and it’s an election year. I don’t know whether to cry or kill myself. There is definitely a brain cell famine in Malone. I think the city ought to be quarantined before it spreads. Ammonia shot, obitcherary

    I’m glad you’re getting special treatment from Paul. Shit, I can’t believe that either.

    By the way, what did you and bloggers think about Little Dutch Boy rolling over on himself? That girl was probably alive when they dumped her. I thought it was interesting the tape might be admissible. What a loser.


  14. A.D.A. said

    AHA – Sugaree must be the one who runs that – where they edit out “Sprocket”, even though it’s in the address of the blog. 🙂

    Sorry you had such unpleasantness on your blog, Our Kim. Love you.

  15. JayDee said

    I fear I can’t offer anything new on the ‘surly rude bitch’ issue, but I can offer an experience with stress tests.

    They put you on a treadmill that tilts upwards and turn the thing on. Those (such as I) with no natural sense of balance then find themselves frantically flailing around for something to hold onto. If they don’t have the side rails on the thing, you end up grabbing the bar at the front which leaves you bent over with your butt stuck out trying to keep from falling over. Not only is that unesthetic (at least in my case), but it means you get tired quickly and don’t reach the exercise level necessary to get a good idea of how the heart is working. Which, in turn, means you’ll probably have to do the whole thing over again some other day.

    So….. if you’re not a ballerina, unicycle rider, or a triathlon participant, tell them to put the flippin’ side rails on.

  16. Rhonda said

    That u-tube is soo funny!

    Don’t change a thing it’s a perfect.

  17. Tasmaniac said

    Quote: “And I don’t want to hear how you can see the Pope’s face in it, or Elvis or Starr Jones or any other stupid shit.”

    I think I can just make out an Elvis face below the right armpit, or is it just a sweat stain, or the Virgin Mary maybe, or…..

  18. HT said

    I couldn’t figure out how I missed the cat fight so I went back and checked past postings. I totally forgot I was in AZ for 5 days. Sooooo now I’m caught up on the fur flying farce. I read Sprocket’s blog during the trial. I enjoyed them until she started criticisms of what’s her name but I took them with a grain of salt since I’m so far from fashion and fabric hip hop. Maybe DD did “use” her? I’ll call him up and ask him since VF isn’t giving an Oscar party, he’s probably sitting idly waiting for the phone to ring anyway. But if you’re going to be used, I would have chosen Beth Karas.


  19. Sandy said

    After some sleep…agree with the majority. Kim is quite capable of defending herself without our help. Although when help is needed her posters will be there. And those that did defend will not be going away. Anyone knowing the posters here know the small “cat fight” had nothing to do with why we visit Kim.

    Have read Kim’s blog from the beginning of the trial, didn’t start posting until much later. I love every blog day regardless of content. Kim’s my jump start for the day and it’s staying that way.


    Don’t worry about the stress test. Your primary doc will know best how to carry this out. When you do go they will have someone right next to you, a couple of people watching the monitors and side bars on the equipment. It isn’t a race, you go for the pace deemed possible.

    And unless you have determined the “hanging kidney” is hanging inside your body…all will go well. I love House, get him on here to post a few comments and badger us all day.

  20. Mizfitz said

    Maizey was right – that was the funniest damn thing I have seen in a while. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep your blog the way it is – it’s perfect, as is your hoodie. You were right about the buttons too.

    Very happy to hear that Paul stepped up to the plate and is treating you like the queen you are, but then we all knew he had it in him all along. It’s just a fuckin shame that women have to be near death sometimes to get our men to pamper us a little – cocksuckers! You know if the tables were turned, they would be milking that shit for months. I seem to remember another post you had that put Paul in that very situation and he did milk it. Nothin worse than a man who doesn’t feel well. I’d rather have a room full of sick 4 year olds than 1 sick man LOL.

  21. luvgabe said


    Why would you want your blob to be the dumping ground of malcontents with a grievance against someone else, in this case Sprocket? Let Sprocket and her adversaries do their bitching elsewhere.

    I tried to defend you under the mistaken impression that since Sugaree’s scolding appeared on your blog, you (logically) were one of her targets. I have no doubt you are perfectly able to defend yourself.

    It is hurtful that you found the whole “cat fight” entertaining. I promise I will NEVER defend or protect you again.

  22. I tried to defend you under the mistaken impression that since Sugaree’s scolding appeared on your blog, you (logically) were one of her targets.

    I thought that too, at first. I was misled by her reference to some “kim”something in the address. So I figured she was saying *I* didn’t mark the anniversary of Lana’s death.

    It is hurtful that you found the whole “cat fight” entertaining.

    I’m sorry if what I said was hurtful – I should have been more clear. I still haven’t even read all the comments in that thread, (as you can tell – I havent’ gone through one of my mass “answer all these comments” raids) so I probably spoke out of my ass. I found the original post entertaining, nothing more. I thought it was funny that someone could be berating someone else for NOT marking the anniversary of the death of someone neither of them knew.

    I mean, really, how weird is that?


  23. Veronique said

    I read the beginning of the catfight, and honestly, since I’m not following any of the players in the drama except what I read through your blog, it made no sense at all to me.

    Blogs aren’t really public forums. If you find the comments entertaining, keep ’em. But you’re under no obligation to let someone air their grievances in your blog…they can do that in their own blog. Especially as the initial post came more or less out of nowhere (not related to your daily entry), my inclination would be to block it.


  24. Mort Snerd said


    Please keep the forum open. I do not mind “cat fights” but find them enjoyable to watch. The only thing that raises my tail fur is reading totally stupid comments like “The earth is flat” or that “Creationism created the Universe”.

    My view is that Malone sounds like a nice place to live. Try living in Mitt Romney’s State with the drunk driver Kennedy Clan.


  25. Kim (Canada) said

    Please don’t be sad, Luvgabe!
    I totally understood where you were coming from, and would have backed you up, all the way to the moon and back…

    The initial “catfight” post got my ruffles up in a flury too…
    As to what you were responding to, you were right and had every right to voice your thoughts on the whole matter…

    With regards to “defending” – Shit, if I ever need someone on my side, or covering my backside, YOU’d be the first one I’d call onto my team…

    Keep smilin’, my firend! It’s all good!

    Fonzie :`)

  26. Kim (Canada) said

    Sorry –
    That IS supposed to say “friend”!
    Not “firend”!
    Even though FIREND would probably make a better friend…Well, better protector friend anyways….LOL!
    Yes, that’s it – my “fire-friend” LOL!

    And just so we’re clear – I DO know how to spell! That was not deliberate or indicative of my spelling/reading skills – That WAS a real TYPO…

    F :`)

  27. mbmb said

    I vote on keeping the “Cat Fights”. And, I was one of the posters who weighed in on it. Like I said in my post, I thought Sprocket did a great job on reporting her insights on Spector’s Trial. I read her blog and I read your’s. Just can’t get enough of that stuff 🙂 If you don’t like a blogger’s point of view, just don’t read it.

    I love how the hoodie turned out, it’s just perfect. How do you like working with that eyelash yarn (I think that’s what is called)? I just finished a purse for my granddaughter using it. That was a challenge for this novice!

    Don’t they have spell check on computers in Malone? I know I would lost be without mine. Hell, I’m pretty much lost with it.

    Take Care & Keep Getting Better,
    Mary Beth

    To Maisey,
    That is the funniest video I have watched in a long time. Wish I had the guts to post it over on the TruTV Message Boards.

  28. Cathy said

    You can’t make this shit up LOL

    obitcherary= obit for a female dog or a bitchy human being
    sertificet=a piece of paper royalty gave to serfs in the middle ages to remind them they are subservient to royalty and everyone else
    doghter=ugly female offspring

    Feel better soon, Kim!


  29. luvgabe said

    Much love to the 2 Kims (Malone & Canada)! All is cool. 🙂
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    I had no idea there’s been all this weird shit about Sprocket. So I did some digging and found the following:

    1. A recent article in the American Bar Association Journal which prominently mentions Sprocket (real name: Betsy Ross) as being a trail blogger of influence. This probably ignited Sprocket’s enemies and led to the creation of the website below. Be sure to read the vicious postings by commentators at the end of the article.

    2. A website devoted entirely to trashing Sprocket, “Beware the ‘Queen of Mean’ Blogger”:

  30. kizzzy said

    Hi Kim,
    This is my second time posting although I have been reading you forever.
    In regards to your stress test. I just had a stress test but my legs are bad so they gave me a chemical stress test.
    It was no fun either but has anyone suggested it to you? Maybe ask your doctor.
    As for the catfight I am surprised about the fuss.
    Your blog has always offered a little of everything and I read a few blogs and yours is the ONE I never miss!
    I also read Sprockett’s , following the Cutts trial over there.
    I wouldn’t bother blocking anyone UNLESS they just don’t quit.
    Your so funny girl, never lose that!

  31. noorbe said

    lovgabe wrote: “This probably ignited Sprocket’s enemies and led to the creation of the website below.”

    You did some good web sleuthing 🙂

    But that article has little to do with nothing.
    The other website was created before the article.

    The drama started back in october.

    Sprocket was loved by many, but after she got herself banned from CTV, she felt the need to hurt a lot of people, she did a lot of unethical and very hurtful things, to people who where loyal to her and had trust in her.

    I have read Kim’s blog for a long time now, I love it.
    And the people who leave comments here have became to love her.

    I don’t think Kim needs anyone to speak for her, she does that very well for herself.
    This is Kim’s blog, and she has the final decision what we read here or not.

    Heck Kim made the decision to leave a window in her bedroom without a drape so she can spy on the lady next door. Ha Ha Ha.
    She loves the drama, and yes a little cat fight is entertaining for her, of course, nothing “hurtful” about that.

    So what? A few gossipy comments left on her blog, and Kim needs to be “protected”? LOL.

  32. Squiggy said

    I believe I was the one that originally called it a cat fight and I’m honored that Kim took note of my comment. “Fuck you you surly rude bitch – you suck ass!” Sorry, Kim. I just couldn’t resist. You know I’m kidding thought. I just love your blog!!!

  33. Kathy said

    About the cat fighting, I think you should make a category named Cat Fights, and send all the cat fight related posts on over to its own category. That way, it doesn’t overshadow your posts, and the cat fights can be enjoyed by anybody wishing to click on that category.


  34. Sandy said

    Luvgabe….that was the article I mentioned and suspected too that it was part of the poster’s issue. Thanks for linking. As for the website….I just don’t get it. Why do people want to spend their time in such a gray world? A brief reading and it reminds me to take those who spew venom for what it really is. They are actually telling us who “they” are and has little to do with the other person.

  35. Sandy said

    Meant to add…I like Kathy’s idea for a Cat Fight area. And see no reason for Kim to apologize.

  36. Abby said

    Kim, hope this finds you feeling better, good luck with the stress test.
    I like being able to read what everyone writes.
    From what I gather several are upset with this Sprocket person, I personally never liked her blog.
    I wanted to hear about the trial, not what she had for breakfast, not what Chelle was wearing, or making fun of others who attended the trial. She just seems like a very insecure childish person. Whatever happened with her fellow posters I’d say karma is coming to get her.
    This is where I come for info and humor.

  37. The hoodie is SO cute. I want to be your first customer, so send me a price, ok?

    Yeah, right.

    Like I’d charge you for anything. Shut up.


  38. I fear I can’t offer anything new on the ’surly rude bitch’ issue, but I can offer an experience with stress tests.

    Thank you for that. I’ll try to balance the “bring the crash cart in here…” thoughts with your description. Maybe I’ll actually make the appointment then.


  39. However….
    I think I can just make out an Elvis face below the right armpit, or is it just a sweat stain, or the Virgin Mary maybe, or…..

    There’s one in every crowd…..

    I was wondering who it would be..

    Too funny.


  40. How do you like working with that eyelash yarn (I think that’s what is called)?

    You know, it was surprisingly easy. I thought “OH damn, this is going to be *impossible*” – but it really, really wasn’t. It was just like working with regular yarn. I would suggest *really* smooth knitting needles, though.


  41. obitcherary= obit for a female dog or a bitchy human being

    Oh hell!!!! I LOVE this.

    If no one posts an an obituary under the heading “obitcherary” for me in the paper, I’m going to be really pissed.


  42. Can you whip up an XXL (petite!) hoodie as pictured for moi?

    I would if I could figure out what size XXL Petite is


  43. westcoast said

    ..xxl petite is a joke as in I am short and fat!

  44. luvgabe said

    Hi, Sandy… I’m in total agreement with you about the “hate Sprocket” website. I don’t know what happened: who’s right, who’s wrong. But spending that much time creating a website & blogging is such a sad way to live one’s life.

  45. Kim (Canada) said

    Honestly –
    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the link originally posted… I thought it was a joke, but the hyper-link took me right to it…

    I can only shake my head…

    I’ll add here, that when I read Sandy’s response of
    Feb8-08 @9:19am last night, I was quite relieved and in agreement to her “take” on things…Luvgabe’s comment this morning comfirmed that I don’t want or need to be part of that shit… Think I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing, and where I’ve been doing it –

    ***** GO KIMMIE, GO KIMMIE *****

    As for Sprockets blog, I visit every now and then… I appreciate that she keeps up and writes about some of the other trials… I don’t have time or opportunity to catch up on every trial that’s going on everywhere, and so I like being able to have it all there for when I have time…
    Newspapers tend to just give quick wrap-up summations, and well, that’s not enough for me…CNN/Crime just isn’t enough!

    Anyways, I’ve never posted there because you need to have some particular email address/account or something, which I’ve not signed up for since I can’t handle another address, ID number, or password to try and recall…but from what I have seen when I’ve visited, it’s been informative and appeared harmless…Nothing dis-respectful or disparaging…
    Other than that, that’s my experience in a nut-shell – I’m not about to go digging for crap…

    Anyways, I see Miss Kim has posted a new story, and so I’m heading over there…

    See you on the “flip-side” LMAO
    (Now how gay was that?)

    Fonzie :`)

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