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because it's not always survival of the fittest – sometimes the idiots get through

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Because I need to Laugh – Stupidity in the News!

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 2, 2008

 OK – so it’s time to laugh until your blood pressure rises – here’s another installment of “Stupidity in the News”.

…and good for you! That’s what I say! Aim High!


you’ve been warned.


well, either my math is off or this isn’t *really* a 72 hour sale.


Now see, this is the kind of shit I’m talking about. If I ever saw a kid with one of these stuck in his mouth I’d slap the mother right up side the head. What the fuck??



OK – anyone that knows me knows I suck at geography, but that’s not the US, is it?


not that there’s anything wrong with that….


for the love of God.


Can’t you hear that conversation with her friends??


Yeah, wait and see what you get next year, buddy.


See?? My geography really does suck – I didn’t even know Alaska was in the Caribbean.


I have been thinking about that new ear.


ummm…..goats lie.


another reason to go out right now and get insurance.


HA! I only need to bake them for about 3 minutes!!


and my favorite – just because it’s so fucking horrible.



30 Responses to “Because I need to Laugh – Stupidity in the News!”

  1. Marilyn Young said

    Okay….I’m laughing again until the tears are running down my cheeks (facial cheeks)….;-)

  2. luvgabe said

    Thanks for the laughs, Kim! The one about the breasts in oven is priceless. Be sure to keep us abreast of what your regular doc in Burlington says.

  3. Veronique said

    I wonder if that last ad in a response to a horrible thing that happened recently, where some juvenile delinquents stole a man’s dog, called him up to “claim” the reward, and tortured the dog over the phone as he was listening to them (yes, they killed the dog. No word on what happened with the reward.) There’s some pretty scary people out there.


  4. Sprocket said

    I just love stupidity in the news!

  5. Mike said

    Actually, the map isn’t far off. Mitt Romney outsourced Boston to India while he was governor of Massachusetts. The new Boston is cheaper, and comes with 24/7 tech support. Best of all, so far, nobody has noticed the switch.

    — Mike —

  6. IndyGena said

    Too damn funny!

  7. Sugaree said

    To: Sprocket,KiminoKat, Betsy Ross:

    Nice blog entry on the 5th Anniversary of Lana Clarkson’s death. I saw zip, nothing at all.

    Way to go!

    Remember her? I doubt that!


    Did you reflect for even one nano second about Lana?

    Did you even light a candle?

    You are a pathological narcissistic groupie, and nothing more.

    You are a fake, a phony and fucking pathetic.

  8. BabyBee said

    I guess Sugaree was having a bad day yesterday. Life goes on and we all need to laugh as often as possible– so thanks for your blog.

  9. ROTFLMAO Kim!

    Thanks for keeping me in stitches!~
    With friendship,

  10. Sandy said

    Laughter is one of our finer lessons in life. Thankful for Kim and all who contribute. Laughter allows us to “feel” the world around us. It will always be a part of those loved, with me now and no longer here, which I remember most.

  11. luvgabe said


    You seriously need to chill out. Your castigating Kim particularly is uncalled for, given her recent health crisis with her heart & hospitalization. Let me quote you: “Did you reflect for even one nano second about” Kim’s condition?

    And what have YOU done about the 5th anniversary of Lana Clarkson’s death, um?

  12. Hank said

    So, because Kim blogged about the Spector trial, she’s obligated to post tributes to Lana Clarkson on every anniversary of her death, or she’s a horrible person?


  13. D.F. Manno said


    Who the hell is Lana Clarkson?

  14. Love Bug said

    Sugaree’s comments were not directed towards Kim. Please Reread. And for anybody who doesn’t know who Lana Clarkson is, well, you obviously haven’t been reading Kim’s blog for long.

  15. mbmb said

    You know if you have an internet stalker against you it’s not a pleasant thing. I think that is what’s happening to Sprocket. But, that is beside the point. Why would this stalker post against Sprocket on Kim’s Blog? Sprocket has always done a good job reporting on trials and you either like her blog or not. If you don’t like her blog, don’t read it. Simple as that.

    Bye the way Kim, I love “Stupidity in the News!” Sorry this ugliest has come into your comments. It just seems sometimes the idiots get through…thus the Darwin Exception

    Wishing you health and happiness,
    Mary Beth

  16. luvgabe said

    First of all, whom is Sugaree referring to by “KiminoKat”?

    Furthermore, if Sugaree’s nasty comment isn’t meant for Kim, then why is it on Kim’s blog?

    Leave our Kim alone!

  17. Leslie said

    WTF- Good God- You need a crazy blocker, not a spamblocker. I hope you are feeling better, Kim. You do a GREAT job entertaining us, so please don’t stop. Agenda tomorrow: Diet Coke and yarn at Joanne’s!

  18. Sugaree said

    I was perfectly clear that my comment was not in any way directed toward Kim. I suggest you re-read my comment and/or brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

    Spocket Aka Kimono Kat Aka Betsy Ross is who I was speaking of, NOT Kim. Both Kim and “Sprocket” blogged for five months on The Phil Spector
    Trial. Kim did an outstanding job. This is in NO WAY about Kim .

    To # 8 – Bad Day? My long time friend was senselessly murdered by Phil Spector. The Jury hung by, in all reality,by one idiot. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR FRIEND WAS MURDERED? What a dolt you must be BabyBee.

    To #11 – Can you read? Seriously. Kim ROCKS! and “Sprocket” SUCKS! It is none of your Goddamn business what I did on Lana’s 5th death Anniversary.

    To #12 – Hank, You have missed the entire POINT. It’s useless to explain anything to someone who’s I.Q. appears to be in the fence post category.

    To #13 – Who in hell are you? Google, as well as Kim’s archives are your friend . Catch up.

    To #15 – The only Stalker is in Sprocket’s own delusional mind. She did a crappy job and can’t write worth a lick.

    To #16 -Kim published it; ask her. “Our Kim”? Since when did you become in possession Kim. Talk about stupidity? You get the prize.

  19. Abby said

    Kim, love your blog, you are the best.Whenever I need info, a laugh, or just a good read, this is where I come.
    Thank you for posting Sugaree’s comment, not all who read it will understand, but there are those who will.

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    Sugaree –
    Why here? Why Kim’s blog to dump your shit?
    And who the hell are you to be so insulting to the bloggers that frequent this special site?
    You one nasty trip –
    Get a grip, or go home!

    Kim aka Fonzie

  21. Charlie Pearce said

    So who *is* Lana Clarkson then?

    I’ve been reading Kim’s blog for a couple of years (except for the incomprehensible entries that start “CA vs”)

  22. luvgabe said


    I’m glad you clarified that your nasty comments were not directed at Kim. But not everyone is “in the know” about “Sprocket,” “Kimikat,” and “Betsy Ross” being the same person. Also, if your fight is with Sprocket, go post on her blog.

    You say “It is none of your Goddamn business what I did on Lana’s 5th death Anniversary.” Well, it is relevant when YOU go around scolding others for not commemorating LC’s anniversay. To quote Christ: “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    You are so full of rage, it is palpable. I feel sorry for you.

  23. luvgabe said


    As for your comment about the expression “Our Kim,” it is YOU who seems to be clueless (I won’t sink as low as to call you stupid).

    No one can “possess” anyone, least of all a woman as spirited and strong-minded as Kim.

    The expression “Leave our Kim alone” is my way of being protective about Kim–and I feel protective because I care about her. So, sue me.

  24. Kim (Canada) said

    You’re too cute, Luvgabe!
    And I’m so totally with you on caring about “our” Kim…
    So Sugaree can sue me too…


  25. luvgabe said

    Thanks, Fonzie! I’ve long loved your posts to this blog. 🙂

    I just looked up “Sugaree” on the old CourtTV message board. She’s banned. Gosh, I wonder why?!

  26. Sugaree said

    Gee, why don’t you look up Sprocket on the old CTV message board? BANNED

    And you point is?????

    CW is world class A-hole. BFD!!

  27. Kathy said

    Can’t we all just get along?

  28. Squiggy said

    Holy shit! It’s a cat fight on Kim’s blog…I love it!!!

  29. skweekie said

    Well. All this time I thought Sprocket had done an outstanding job covering the trial, spending her own valuable time and money bringing information to those of us who cannot attend. Between Sprocket’s subjective accounts and Kim’s objective accounts, we were very well served.

    I guess I must have been wrong in my opinion. Thank you Sugaree for bringing this to my attention.

    Sprocket obviously has violated some arcane statute regarding honoring fifth aniversaries. She must be punished. Too bad California has outlawed hanging drawing and quartering. That would be the proper sentence for this willful infraction.

  30. Sandy said


    I swear this could have been written by you.

    Via Craigs List:

    To the Crazy-bat-shit-lady who picked up the free fridge

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