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Archive for February, 2008

So I Won’t Ask Paul to Hang a Shelf Again…..

Posted by thedarwinexception on February 25, 2008

 So remember when I was SO HAPPY because Paul was making me a shelf for my books in the sewing room.


So Paul actually goes into the sewing room, sees that I have……….slightly more fabric than he thought I had, and that was the end of the simple book shelf.

He tore the fucking place apart and decided he was going to do a flat out Trading Spaces thing on the sewing room – I wasn’t allowed to “look” until it was done and he was ready to make the “big reveal”. And just my luck he would be channeling Hildy, of course.

It’s a good thing that “don’t look until I’m done” thing didn’t last because he STILL isn’t done in the sewing room – and it’s still torn apart and I’m getting more and more nervous. I don’t LIKE the fact that my yarn is all over the fucking place. I don’t like the fact that my fabric is STILL piled on the couch and on the stands and on the floor and on the cabinets. He’s been dragging cabinets upstairs from the Harley barn and moving shit around and doing the whole “I don’t like this here – it will be better over here” and nailing and sanding and sawing and God knows what else.

He finally allowed me to go in and see what he had been up to when he hung the cabinets on the wall over the window and wanted my opinion. I don’t know if I like them, but at this point I don’t want to say “change that” because who knows when the fuck it will ever get done if I start rearranging his rearranging?? I’m thinking saying that I hate ANYTHING at this point will be quite counter productive and will lead to the place being torn apart for God knows how long.

And he moved my main sewing table up against the wall – which I really hate. Paul has this “thing” that he likes all the furniture to be up against the wall – so I’ll have more “floor space”. What the hell do I need “floor space” for – It’s not as if I’m playing fucking Matchbox Racetracks on the floor in there – I need more WALL SPACE. And I hate the whole “wall to wall furniture” look. Paul says it’s “ok” in a workshop, and that since I basically have a “workshop” going on, that it’s perfectly fine – but I hate it. I liked the way the table was turned sideways and I had all the wall space around it.

This way – with the table turned sideways and lengthwise in the room with my pattern holders underneath and my cutting table on the pattern holders. I like this. It makes the sewing table look more like a “worktable” than just a “table”.

And how wistful am I – seeing the sewing room all put together. All I wanted was a simple bookshelf. That’s it – nothing more, just a simple fucking bookshelf. I GOT the simple bookshelf – yeah, EVENTUALLY he hung the bookshelf. But it isn’t even the nice double decker shelf he started making me – no, that’s now a vertical shelf that’s holding (some) fabric. I got a single layer bookshelf hung on the wall, with the double decker one to the left of it – but the double decker thing IS holding all my new fabric I got in the mail, so I like it.


And the double decker vertical shelf is floor to ceiling – so I like that, too. And my spool rack and scissor board are underneath the new shelf, with the old Spartan sewing machine on the shelf in betwen the knitting books and the sewing books.

But I also had this in the rest of the room all day Saturday and Sunday – so, really, does the bookshelf really matter?

I hate my sewing room being torn apart. I hate it. But, it does look a little better now, although I’m still convinced that the main sewing table should be turned the way it was before. Paul says no, that it’s better up against the wall the way it is now – like this.

I don’t like it – wall to wall furniture.

But I do like the two bookshelves that used to hold yarn being used to hold fabric. It’s so much easier to find something now – I have the tall floor to ceiling double decker shelf, I have the cutting table/kitchen cabinet thing we bought full of fabric, and now these two bookshelves full of fabric.

The yarn is now all in the Rubbermaid tote things and in two overhead shelves Paul hung over the window. Which, I’m not sure if I like the shelves hung over the window, but I just need the room to be done, so I’m not going to offer an opinion.


The one thing I like is that I am starting to organize the yarn – see how all the creams and whites are together – and the blues are getting to the point where they are together? I plan on doing that with all the yarn. It will be easier to find it. So I like that. But I’m quite sure I don’t like the main sewing table up against the wall the way it is.

But, whatever, as long as Paul finishes it I don’t give a shit.


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