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Archive for January, 2008

Hang Tags and a Sister’s Tale

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 24, 2008

 So yes, I’m in mourning about Heath Ledger. I really loved him. He was one of my favorites. His movie “A Knight’s Tale” was the very first movie Paul ever personally went to the store and bought for me. He did that because every single time it was on HBO I had to watch it, and Paul got so tired of seeing it he went to the store, bought the movie and gave it to me and said “I never want to see this movie again – watch it when I’m at work.”

What a shame that he died so young. I feel for his little daughter who will not have the pleasure and joy of growing up with her daddy beside her. It’s a terrible, tragic thing for her and for all Heath’s family.

And for Paul, because now I plan on watching “A Knight’s Tale” a few more times.

In other news, my sister has now decided that it’s important for her to call me at least once a day. I haven’t been accepting the calls, only because I’ve heard that those calls can be expensive. That’s all I need is a $400 phone bill at the end of the month. December through February are the very WORST months for us financially, because my insurance generally runs out in November. We have a cap on our “benefits payable” every year, and with all the medicines I’m on, we reach that goal along about November. Which means it’s out of pocket not only for the Canadian drugs in November and December, but also all the regular old prescriptions. And it takes a couple months to recover from that. So I don’t need a $400 phone bill, thank you very much. Especially since she doesn’t really have a lot to say – I mean, what’s the “news” out of jail? “Yep, today I made some more license plates and Bubba and I played cards again….” Between the non-news and the bitching about how it’s all my brother’s fault she’s in there, there’s not a lot of things I need to know from her. Get out of jail, call me, and we’ll catch up – when it’s not $5.50 a minute and a $29.95 connection fee.

The Hobbes Furred Hoodie is coming along. I’m on the last sleeve, then it’s just the hood to go. Val wrote and asked if I could donate something to the local March of Dimes benefit raffle, so I’m thinking of donating this. I had no plans for it, anyway, and I think it would be a good thing to donate, since it’s a pale yellow and quite gender neutral.

So now I’m thinking of getting some hanging tags for my stuff. You know, those little tags you can pin on your items that make them look like specialty boutique things? Like these. Only I’m not going to pay $50 for them, of course. They have some on eBay for like $20. I think it would be neat to put them on all the things that I give away – you know, make the stuff look “professional”. Even if the clothes themselves don’t look “professional”. Only I need a “name” to put on the name tags. And I don’t know what it should be. So give me some ideas. I need something like “Kim’s Kustom Kids”. Something cutesy and goofy. And if you know how I could make these tags myself, let me know that, too. I have Adobe Photoshop, so I could do the design and layout in that, and I have the paper – lots of photo paper which would probably work well, but I need some way to line up and print out the 3 X 3 tags. That’s the only part that’s confusing me. You’d have to be able to print on two sides of the paper and have it come out right. And I was never good at that. And now that I think about it, you’d have to have photo paper that’s glossy on both sides – so maybe the $20 is worth it to let someone else fuck with it.

Oh – I got the Gemagic in the mail!!  I haven’t played with it yet, but I did sort out all the little beads and put them in the included plastic storage case. Damn, there’s a bunch of them, and all different sizes, too, so I have hopes that it will be able to put my snaps on. I’m going to try it on the sleeper I’m in the middle of sewing. As soon as the body of the sleeper is done, I’ll try the Gemagic for the snaps. If it’s a piece of shit – oh well, it was only $5.00 and I can probably still use it for simple snap embellishments on little girl’s shirts. And I can go back to using snap tape on sleepers and coveralls.

But, as soon as I feel better I’ll get back to sewing – and watching my Lost Season 3 DVD’s, which I still haven’t done, and Lost starts on the 31st, so I’m running out of time.

Never enough hours in the day – which is odd, since I sit around here doing mostly nothing. Besides screening phone calls from my sister.


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