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Hang Tags and a Sister’s Tale

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 24, 2008

 So yes, I’m in mourning about Heath Ledger. I really loved him. He was one of my favorites. His movie “A Knight’s Tale” was the very first movie Paul ever personally went to the store and bought for me. He did that because every single time it was on HBO I had to watch it, and Paul got so tired of seeing it he went to the store, bought the movie and gave it to me and said “I never want to see this movie again – watch it when I’m at work.”

What a shame that he died so young. I feel for his little daughter who will not have the pleasure and joy of growing up with her daddy beside her. It’s a terrible, tragic thing for her and for all Heath’s family.

And for Paul, because now I plan on watching “A Knight’s Tale” a few more times.

In other news, my sister has now decided that it’s important for her to call me at least once a day. I haven’t been accepting the calls, only because I’ve heard that those calls can be expensive. That’s all I need is a $400 phone bill at the end of the month. December through February are the very WORST months for us financially, because my insurance generally runs out in November. We have a cap on our “benefits payable” every year, and with all the medicines I’m on, we reach that goal along about November. Which means it’s out of pocket not only for the Canadian drugs in November and December, but also all the regular old prescriptions. And it takes a couple months to recover from that. So I don’t need a $400 phone bill, thank you very much. Especially since she doesn’t really have a lot to say – I mean, what’s the “news” out of jail? “Yep, today I made some more license plates and Bubba and I played cards again….” Between the non-news and the bitching about how it’s all my brother’s fault she’s in there, there’s not a lot of things I need to know from her. Get out of jail, call me, and we’ll catch up – when it’s not $5.50 a minute and a $29.95 connection fee.

The Hobbes Furred Hoodie is coming along. I’m on the last sleeve, then it’s just the hood to go. Val wrote and asked if I could donate something to the local March of Dimes benefit raffle, so I’m thinking of donating this. I had no plans for it, anyway, and I think it would be a good thing to donate, since it’s a pale yellow and quite gender neutral.

So now I’m thinking of getting some hanging tags for my stuff. You know, those little tags you can pin on your items that make them look like specialty boutique things? Like these. Only I’m not going to pay $50 for them, of course. They have some on eBay for like $20. I think it would be neat to put them on all the things that I give away – you know, make the stuff look “professional”. Even if the clothes themselves don’t look “professional”. Only I need a “name” to put on the name tags. And I don’t know what it should be. So give me some ideas. I need something like “Kim’s Kustom Kids”. Something cutesy and goofy. And if you know how I could make these tags myself, let me know that, too. I have Adobe Photoshop, so I could do the design and layout in that, and I have the paper – lots of photo paper which would probably work well, but I need some way to line up and print out the 3 X 3 tags. That’s the only part that’s confusing me. You’d have to be able to print on two sides of the paper and have it come out right. And I was never good at that. And now that I think about it, you’d have to have photo paper that’s glossy on both sides – so maybe the $20 is worth it to let someone else fuck with it.

Oh – I got the Gemagic in the mail!!  I haven’t played with it yet, but I did sort out all the little beads and put them in the included plastic storage case. Damn, there’s a bunch of them, and all different sizes, too, so I have hopes that it will be able to put my snaps on. I’m going to try it on the sleeper I’m in the middle of sewing. As soon as the body of the sleeper is done, I’ll try the Gemagic for the snaps. If it’s a piece of shit – oh well, it was only $5.00 and I can probably still use it for simple snap embellishments on little girl’s shirts. And I can go back to using snap tape on sleepers and coveralls.

But, as soon as I feel better I’ll get back to sewing – and watching my Lost Season 3 DVD’s, which I still haven’t done, and Lost starts on the 31st, so I’m running out of time.

Never enough hours in the day – which is odd, since I sit around here doing mostly nothing. Besides screening phone calls from my sister.


26 Responses to “Hang Tags and a Sister’s Tale”

  1. Leslie said

    A Knight’s Tale is one of my favorite movies, too. I loved the music and my favorite part is when they are doing some kind of wierd dance to some music and it goes into “Golden Years” and they start dancing really good. I always get goose bumps. He was so handsome, too.
    So what do you think of Kim P.’s Creations? Or does it sound too much like Gimpy? It kind of rolled off my tongue and sounded good when said aloud.
    FYI- My sis was in jail in Oh for trying to take her daughter back from her husband; she was calling me collect for about 2 weeks; my phone bill was $700 for all of that. You’re doing the right thing by not answering-

  2. IndyGena said

    I am also sad about Heath Ledger. I hate the stigma the press is putting on it… like he “intentionally” killed himself. I think it was accidental. Either way, it’s a damn shame.
    I like the name you came up with… maybe throw knitting in their somehow (Kim’s Kustom Kids Knits). Although that may sound like they have the head lice!! LOL
    When my daughter was in jail, her collect calls cost $3.95 per call. Nothing else, nothing per minute, no hidden fees. Even so, that’s $28.00/week if she called everyday. I would only accept once a week. She finally figured it out and quit calling.
    I’ll be sending you another fed-ex with new airbills, probably on Monday for Tuesday delivery. I’ll send ya an e-mail when I send it out.
    Take care…

  3. MyrnaTurner said

    I like Kim’s Kustom Kids. It’s a name that will inspire custom orders. You could set up a separate email account for it and put that on the bottom of the tag.

    A friend of mine called me collect from jail once. Still drunk, she said she was using a “cell” phone and laughed. It took me a minute to understand she had been arrested. I don’t remember the exact cost of the call, but it was a lot. You have to put yourself first at the moment, Kim.

    Following the avant garde and levi challenges on P.R. (plus watching some of the old shows again), I am taking back what I said about Christian’s designs.


  4. artdonkey said

    After seeing the picture of the hang tags, why not have a rubber stamp made of the basic info you want on the tag. You could then use whatever “tag” material you want, use a hole punch and attach the with the string or ribbon of your choice. Blank tags might also be available through an office supply or store display company.

    The stamp can be designed in any style and the look would also reinforce the hand made aspect of the items.

    As for a logo/name…..what could be better and ADD to the value of one of your hand made items more than “Made in Malone”.

    Thanks for sharing all the laughs with us cyber-lurkers.

  5. noorbe said

    Does the jail get the money from the phone calls or the phone company?
    That must be a substantial amount, considering all the people that are in jail.

    I loved the movie “the client”.
    Heath Ledger was just a little boy when he was in that movie.
    So sad.

    About the hanging tags, you might want to try to use stamps or stickers.
    People use them when scrap-booking.
    Jo-Ann’s has isles and isles of materials.
    My daughter makes beautiful handmade postcards this way.
    Lots of options available going that way.

  6. Jerry said

    I don’t like “Kim’s Kustom Kids” because the initials are KKK. Also, the substitution of “k” for “c” is sometimes used as a marker for political purposes, like in “Amerika”.

    “KimCraft” “KimCrafts” “KimCrafted”

    “Kim Made This”

    “Made in Malone”

  7. Caroline said

    I made my own tags for dried bunches of lavender, roses and other herbs, my “company” name is “Circa 1905”. I used “Quark” a Graphic design program, designed the tag, and just duplicated it across 8.5″ by 11″ layout. I imported old-fashioned style clip art of floral and garden patterns from the 1930’s, color-washed the pictures in Photoshop and used an old-timey font. I printed them on my own laser printer with some Sepia-type paper I bought at an Art Supply store. They came out great, better than any I could have bought. If I still had the program and that computer I could whip some up for you. I would bet that among your fans their must be someone with basic graphic design software that could give you a hand, they would just have to save the file as a jpeg or adobe acrobat file and email it to you. They are fun and super easy to make.

    I am also a HUGE Heath Ledger fan. I cried all over my keyboard when I heard about his death. Such a shame, we will never get to see his talent grow and mature, and his little daughter will be denied the most important man in her life. Life is not fair!

  8. Caroline said

    I like your name, here is another to throw in the mix: Kim’s Kewpie Kids.

    No body probobly knows what Kewpie dolls are anymore!

  9. tess said

    Hanging tags are different than hanging chads right? I am from Florida so I get confused easily.

    I like the idea of making the tags and hole punch with a little ribbon to attach to the item. Very cute. As far as a name….Kim’s Custom Collection for kids ( I know too long.) Anyway, thanks for your blog, I check everyday even though I don’t write too much.

  10. luvgabe said

    Brad Renfro was a child star in The Client. He was found dead on January 15 this year at age 25 from unknown causes. He had a history of drug & alcohol abuse. The recent deaths of Renfro (1/15), Suzanne Pleshette (1/21), and now Heath Ledger (1/22) seem to confirm, once again, the oft-noted spooky phenomenon of celebrities dying in units of three.

  11. skweekie said

    Kimtastic Knits


    Kimaroos (you could do a graphic of your head on a kangaroo body)

    Kim: Knitter to the Stars

    Sweet Home Malone

    Harley Barn Designs for Kids

  12. skweekie said

    Kimagic Creations

    Zombie Lady Couture

    La Belle Malone

  13. Greg Smith said

    I like the sepia-tone paper idea better than glossy. The rubber stamp sounds like a swell idea too — gives more of a homey, individually constructed feel. Add satiny ribbon and attach to garment with tiny gold safety pin.

    KKK worries me! How about a two-liner:
    Kim of Malone
    handcrafted kidswear

    Leave out a reference to knitting and you could use the same tag for your sewing creations.

  14. skweekie said

    The Devil Wears Kim

    Kimmy Choo

    Be My Baby – By Kimmy and the Kimettes

    Kimmy Tales

    Kimmeister Kinder Kleider (in German: Master Kim’s Kids Clothes)

  15. Missy said

    Cutiekins Couture
    (Designs for the Adorable)

    KimKnits For Kidlets
    (Dressing Your Blessing)

    ::rattling lone marble in head:: That’s all I’m capable of at 2:20 a.m.


  16. Charlie Pearce said

    How come you are paying your sister’s phone bill, on top of everything else?

  17. luvgabe said

    Can we have a vote on all the terrific suggestions for your label, Kim?

    My vote goes to “Made in Malone,” “Kim of Malone,” and “Zombie Lady Couture.” The last one is simply inspired: funny, eye-catching, & quite a juxtaposition (oxymoronic, even) of “ZL” & “Couture.”

  18. Greg Smith said

    Make your logo tags one-sided on any paper you choose — glossy or matte. Then make a second one-sided tag — maybe different size, shape, paper — with details you want included:

    Logo tag: (large type)

    (small type)
    handcrafted kidswear
    by kim in malone

    second tag:
    fabric content and care instructions
    from yard label

    garment size and what age child this might fit

    Made in Malone, N.Y. by k.i.m.


    Seems manufacturers often go with the two-tag approach. Hold them together with the tiny ribbon. I wanted to run over to the mall and check out some garments there but my neurophils are nonexistent at this point and I have to stay home for three weeks.

  19. Veronique said

    Oh man, I was going to suggest going the rubber stamp route as well. Here is an URL from OfficeMax for blank hang tags:

    And I’m wondering if there isn’t a kit with prepunched tag paper to run through the printer? I know there are business cards and table tents and a bunch of other printable forms in non-standard shapes that punch out after printing…hmmm.


  20. Hank said

    If you folded your tags into quarters, you could have a little book with printing on the inside and still only need to print on one side of the sheet. How about “From Kimmie With Love”? I think a textured brown paper would look much more “artsy-craftsy” than photo paper.

    I think it’s disgraceful the way the prisons use the phone system to make money. Considering how cheap long distance is any more, virtually all of that cost is profit for someone. No matter what you think of the people in prison, it’s better if they have contact with their families, and it’s the families that are being punished with exorbitant phone rates at the very time that one of the bread-winners is no longer able to contribute. Of all the ways that governments raise money, this is one of the most mean-spirited.

  21. Greg Smith said

    Kimmer With Love

  22. NJGill said

    Hang Tags for Two-Sided Printing:

    they cost about $1.34 (or less, depending on the quantity you order) per sheet of 12, they come w/ a free punch if you order $25.00 worth of stuff, and they have the templates on their site you can download to use MS Word to print on both sides.

    While I agree you could use Kim and Knit and Creations (or Kreations), I’d skip Kids – you’d be limiting yourself to one market segment.

  23. marie said

    How about KimCreations
    Or Kim Malone Exclusives

  24. Greg Smith said

    NJGill, that’s a terrific site

    They even have templates for printing them with Word. And cool hemp string, cut to size, to use with the sepia tone paper.

  25. nita said

    Kim, it’s good to see you and know you are feeling better. Hope you are 100% soonest!

    You’ve had a lot of great ideas here on how to make hang tags. Although I like the idea of a print stamp, I’d think you could do this with the right type of business cards, a hole punch, and matching yarn, ribbon or twine. Print one side with your name of choice, the back with instructions for care.

    I used to have the Kaskoff Kalendar Kompany, so I am fond of Kim’s Kreations for Kids: handmade in malone.

    Now, for those jail calls. Years ago, my sister lived with me. All of a sudden, our phone bills went sky-high! Reason? A “friend” of hers was in jail and wanted to rant and rave about his dilemma. My sister unkonwingly accepted the calls. Mind you, this was about 15 years ago and the average 5-min. call was $25!

  26. QueBarbara said


    (nicked from darkon)

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