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OJ, Spector, Hollywood Births – Bedazzling

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 5, 2008

 So, OJ’s back in jail, Spector witnesses are dying off and I bought a Bedazzler. Oh, and in some weird Hollywood convergence Nicole Ritchie and Christina Aguilera spawned their kids on the same day. That’s a lot of stuff for one week, isn’t it?

OJ got arrested (again) – this time for violating the terms of his bail release. Seems he called one of his co-defendants. Which is rather odd, considering that the three co-defendants claimed not to have even known each other before the robbery went down. I guess OJ just like wanted to wish them Happy New Year or something. I wonder if they make a Christmas Card for that? “Merry Christmas to the guy who is going to do time for my sorry ass….”

OJ will be going to court in Nevada early next week so the judge can slap his hand and let him get back to Florida. If she is like out of her fucking mind or something she could hold him until his trial, which is tentatively set for April. I’m hoping the judge does keep him in jail until the trial. Because *then* you know there won’t be any delays and Yale Galanter will try to get the thing going as quickly as possible. I don’t want the OJ trial season to interfere with Season 2 of “Spector  on Trial.”

And speaking of Spector Season 2, Dianne Ogden died. Which sucks. I liked her. She was the cutest of the bunch of “Prior Bad Act Witnesses” – and she was the one who said of Spector’s attempted rape of her “I don’t know why he did that – he didn’t have to do that – he could have been romantic and stuff – that was not romantic to me.” She was also the one that Spector chased down the driveway with an Uzi.

The cause of death is “unknown” – but I’d be checking to see if Spector or the Wife of Convenience were in Utah over the holidays. I’m not *saying* – I’m just “saying”. You know what I mean.

And speaking of former victims of weird ass Hollywood types – Christina Aquilera and Nicole Ritchie both gave birth this week. Nicole was released from the hospital with her new daughter Harlow Winter or Garbo Summer or Monroe Fall or whatever the fuck she named it – and went straight to the gym so she could get back to her pre pregnancy weight of 27 pounds. There was one report that the baby weighed more than Nicole did. But while Nicole allowed her press person to release the details of the kid’s birth, Aquilera was more coy, not even saying whether the kid she birthed was a boy or a girl. Let’s hope the kid is as discreet in 10 years when it’s writing it’s tell all book about life with mommy.

And, finally, to wrap up all the info for this week – I bought a “Gemagic” – which is a fancy version of a “Bedazzler”. Remember those things? Ugh. I thought they were tacky and hideous. I can’t stand all those rhinestoned pants and jeweled tops. But Paul has a bunch of leather stuff that he wanted silver studs put on – or he wanted the stud that were once on the items but fell off over the years to be replaced. So I bought this stupid thing since it was cheap on eBay and seemed to promise to be able to do the trick. But it comes with thousands of jewels and rhinestones. So I’ll have to use those up. Are those things fashionable with kids these days? Can I make some little kids shirts or pants and Gemagic them and have little girls love them? What else can I do with this stupid thing? Any ideas? I was hoping that it would work with snaps. I have a *terrible* time putting snaps on with my Dritz pliers. Do you think this fancy Bedazzler would handle snaps?

I looked on eBay and it seems like the extra rhinestones and jewels they sell for the Gemagic are 9mm and 5 mm. Now, the snaps I use for the Dritz pliers things are like 7/16. I don’t know how that converts. Or even if snaps come in different sizes. I’m sure they do though, right? Anyway, I want to try the Gemagic with snaps. If it works, it will be well worth the thousands of fucking rhinestones I now have to deal with.

Oh, and I went to the doctors. Finally. I have bronchial pneumonia. Which is odd, since I didn’t know there was such a thing. I thought pneumonia was pneumonia. But I knew I was sick. I’m feeling better now, with the antibiotics the doctor gave me – and I’m back on prednisone again. It finally feels like the elephant got up off my chest where it had it’s fat ass parked for a week.

I’m thinking it was the tomato sandwiches that cured me, though. My God I love those things – with a lot of pepper and fresh mayo and squishy bread. Oh stop – I’m making me hungry.


28 Responses to “OJ, Spector, Hollywood Births – Bedazzling”

  1. HT said

    Hot damn. Welcome back. I just wrote you a “longie” as you probably saw. Dianne DEAD????!!!! Shit. She was the most normal looking one in the whole lineup. Yes, we gotta get to the bottom of that one. I wouldn’t put it past that crazy ass Rachelle or whatever her name was. Man, she was nasty.

    Karen Sue/HT

  2. Veronique said

    I wondered about that pneumonia, which is a sneaky illness and can take many forms. Glad you’re back and feeling good…and little girls LOVE rhinestones.


  3. PatAZ said

    I absolutely love tomato sandwiches, with fresh Wonder bread, mayo and salt. You made me hungry! I enjoy reading this so much, I am disappointed when there is nothing new for the day. So glad to hear you are feeling better. My granddaughters would love the rhinestones. No comment about Spector. I might say something improper.

  4. AtwoodLady said

    Kim…..I had bronchial pneumonia. Yes, there really is such a thing and just awful. Glad the meds helped you quickly.

    I got the BeDazzler for my granddaughters this Christmas. They love it. Yes, rhinestones are still in fashion. They used sweatshirts and T’s for theirs.


  5. luvgabe said

    Kim, glad you sought medical help. Here’s some info on pneumonia on

    “Pneumonia is an infection of one or both lungs which is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, one-third of all people who developed pneumonia subsequently died from the infection. Currently, over 3 million people develop pneumonia each year in the United States. Over a half a million of these people are admitted to a hospital for treatment. Although most of these people recover, approximately 5% will die from pneumonia. Pneumonia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.”

    Since pneumonia is an infection of the lung(s) and since lungs contain bronchi (small airways inside lungs), if the infection/inflammation is centered in the bronchi, it is bronchial pneumonia!

  6. OK – thanks everyone for the nasty descriptions of pneumonia. I just like to think of it as “a boo boo in my chest” not -“bacteria, fungi or virusiii in the lungs”. My way sounds nicer.

    And I’m glad everyone thinks little girls like jewels. I might be able to pawn them off on someone as “handmade with love” not “I had to get these the fuck out of my sewing room.”


  7. skweekie said

    Can you do the face of Jesus in rhinstones? I can help you get it trademarked.

  8. Jenn said

    I can’t believe Diane Ogden is dead–I thought for sure Spector would kick the bucket before the new trial…I guess there’s still time. Just pisses me off that he’s enjoying this (I’m sure he sees it as a victory).
    Do you remember the footage from the helicopter after the mistrial was declared? Spector was out of the car and Rachelle was humping his leg? Ugh. I’m sure they danced when they got the news of Diane’s death.

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better Kim

  9. Kathy said

    Hi Kim:

    I’m so happy to know that you are feeling a bit better. Another great sandwich is a mayo and bbq potato chip on either soft white or sourdough bread. ohh yum

  10. Greg said

    7/16 inch = .4375 inch = 11.1 mm

    So that’s bigger than the 9mm you’re citing. Dunno if it can go anyhow.

  11. mbmb said

    Hi Kim,

    You are making me think I should have gone to the doc’s. I was so sick, at least 2 and 1/2 weeks. Still not back to my old self. But, so much better! Everyday, I feel better. I missed your blog but, I knew if you had what my Sisters and I had it’s just a matter of time. I had one Sister who was on an antibiotic and it didn’t even help her. So it’s a good thing that it helped you.

    Isn’t crappy about Diane Ogden? She was my favorite prior act witness, also. What the hell happened to her? I wish we could find out what she died from. I’m sure Spector had something to do with it 🙂

    And, I just love that OJ is back in jail. If I live another 100 years…all I want to see is OJ in jail for all of them.

    Mary Beth

  12. Anne said

    7/16″ is about 11.1mm (thank you, so it doesn’t quite fit. I always hated putting on snaps, too. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve done it, but I remember the whole process as some weirdly choreographed voodoo which wouldn’t work if I wiggled a toe wrong or something.

  13. Kym said

    It is funny about the gem-magic thing. I have been looking at one to (maybe) buy because I heard that the brand name Bedazzler is crap. My daughter is driving me bananas because she flat-out refuses to wear jeans without rhinestones or studs all over the place- and she has outgrown girls’ sizes and most juniors sizes- Do you know how hard it is to find that type of jeans in grown-woman size? Not to mention that when you do find jeans all tacky-ed up with “sparklys” they cost at least double what a nice tasteful, but unadorned pair would run. Anyway, let us know how it works for you (and if you think it would handle denim well).

    Glad to see you are feeling better. Take care of the boo-boo in your lungs and don’t stress your body too much!

  14. Sandy said

    Hey Kim…winter and Malone has really done a number on you health wise. I do hope this is the last of the worse for a while.

    Rhinestones on Jean pockets? My GD loves anything with them, think Cinderella. She likes the headbands. Project Runway won with those biggie gems on the prom dress.

    For Paul’s leather, you really need “rivets”. They are different than the normal snaps for sewing, no little prongs. has tons under spikes and studs. They aren’t as meticulous to work on. Perhaps Paul can do the pounding to save your strength.

    I was floored hearing about Ogden. It wasn’t even reported until over a week later. She was so young and a good person. I hate what comes to mind regarding Spector’s thinking about this. And it goes back to wondering why things happen to the best, while the likes of him remain.

  15. Caroline said

    Hi Kim,

    So glad to hear you are recovering, really missed your blogs!

    Little girls love sparkle and shine, you will be a hit with the junior set in Malone! Some big girls like it also, have you watched that hilarious trainwreck “Real Housewives of Orange County”? Those women wear the tackiest clothes ever and they have sparkle all over them and they are NOT cheap (the clothes, not the women!). I saw one of them in a leopard print Versace dress that looked like she borrowed it from a hooker, it had sparklies all over it! So see, a whole new avenue of artistic expression awaits you!

  16. Katprint said

    Here in California, I know I feel safer now that OJ is in jail . . . yet less safe than if Phil Spector were the one in jail. Hopefully Phil will be in jail by the time our family takes our annual southern California vacation trip to Disneyland in August.

  17. Missy said

    Hey Kim,

    So nice to see you back! So sorry to hear that you’ve had pneumonia, though. I have a lot of health problems since childhood and used to get pneumonia every fall or winter (from infancy up til my early 30s…hospitalized many times with it).

    However, about ten years ago, I had a pneumonia vaccine. While I still get bronchitis with nearly every cold I catch, I haven’t once had pneumonia since the vaccine. If you have not had it already, please ask your doctor if you can take it. If you have had it, check to see if you’re due a booster (I think I’ve had 2 since the original vaccine).

    I know it probably doesn’t work as well for everyone as it has for me, but I’m tellin ya…it’s mighty nice not to start dreading coming down with that stuff every year when fall and winter roll around. My dr. told me they are supposed to be lifetime vaccinations, but since they originally came out, they’ve found it’s beneficial to revaccinate every so often, apparently. So, even if you’ve had it, might not hurt to check and see if you’re due another one.

    A more funnerer subject — tomato sandwiches! I swear I could live off them. Every meal. Every day. Winter, spring, summer, fall. OMG, I practically cried when the farmer’s market finally ran out of big giant homegrown tomatoes last season. There is nothing in this world more delicious than soft bread with lots of mayo, a big slice of tomato that covers the entire bread and salt and pepper. Especially when the tomato is ripe and juicy and it makes a mess dripping down the side of your hand and…well….you know what I mean — tomatorgasm! 😉

    I live in the south and use Duke’s Mayo. I couldn’t bear the thought of eating a tomato sandwich with any other kind. I think that might be a regional product…not sure if it’s available where you are. Oh boy, it just beats Kraft and all other Mayos all to hell. If it’s not available where you are, I’ll be happy to send you a jar. You’ll never wanna go back to any other kind (especially with your beloved ‘mato sammiches!).

    It tickled me to read about how much you love them. I thought I was the only one who would marry a tomato sandwich if it were legal. I get teased by my family over it. Even when I’ve cooked a gourmet meal for my husband, if I know there’s a ripe tomato available, I’ll pick at the meal and then have a delicious, juicy tomato sandwich later. Ahhhh…nothing better!

    Anyway, please take care of yourself…takes a while to recover from pneumonia. You’ll likely still feel a little puny for a few weeks. Try not to overdo (I can say this with authority from personal experience…you really can relapse if you try to go full throttle right away). And lemme know if you’d like to try the Duke’s — would be my pleasure to send some to you! 🙂

    Take care,

  18. Mizfitz said

    Hey for an added twist on the the “matersamich”, try it with the same squishy bread, S&P, and miracle whip. I love it both ways, and by the way, Missy is right about Dukes Mayo. Hellman’s wishes, and Kraft should just hang it up.

    Plus, it never really tastes right unless there are lots of Slurping noises, and you eat it over the sink… juicy! LOL. That sounds so sexual LMAO! But a good one is damn near orgasmic! And I thought it was just a southern thang.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  19. QueBarbara said

    Another of my favorite blogger reports that Christina Aquilera named her baby . . .

    Max Bratman

  20. Val Dalton said

    kids not only love those shinny things so doesn’t janice. Fashion Bug puts them on Tshirts. She has a cute on for halloween to bad she didn’t read the directs to wash it inside out cause now half of them are missing. Hehe. Make us zombie lady tshirts, you can put her and bob marly on it.

  21. so glad OJ got nailed…LOL!

    that rhinestone setter is garbage. If you want to put rhinestones on things, use the Hot Fix tool…it’s sooooo much easier. And you have to buy the rhinestones with the glue on the back. I use mine all the time…love it.

    But however, if you want studs and snaps, check out Their $9 tool is so easy to use (I’ve done hundreds of snaps with them)…they come in all different sizes. check it out!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’ve had broncho pneumonia several times–respirator and all…not pretty!

    oh and now I’m jonesing for a tomatoe sandwich!!!

    with friendship,

  22. Another great sandwich is a mayo and bbq potato chip on either soft white or sourdough bread. ohh yum

    I don’t know if I would eat *just* potato chips on a sandwich, but a requirement for me on many sandwiches is potato chips. Egg salad, bologna, ham, chicken salad – I have to squash potato chips in those. And I can’t eat a hamburger unless it has three or four french fries on it.


  23. Project Runway won with those biggie gems on the prom dress.

    That’s true, isn’t it! When I was trying to explain to Paul what a Gemagic was, I reminded him of Victorya’s dress from PR. He said “I thought you said that dress was tacky?” And I sid “Well, it was, but apparantly little girls LIKE tacky.”

    As soon as the Gemmagic gets here I’ll tacky something up real nice and let you all know how it works.


  24. have you watched that hilarious trainwreck “Real Housewives of Orange County”?

    You know, I HATE that show. I think it’s the ONE show that if I had a “vote off the island” vote – I’d use it on this show. It’s worse than that shit Paul watches on the “Paint Drying” channel known as HGTV.

    There is nothing more annoying than a whole hour devoted to vapid, gold digging, bleached blonde and tanned women who talk about nothing other than their rich husbands, their spoiled kids, their lunch schedules and how expensive their stuff is.

    I think that whole gated community should be turned into a compound for homeless people and those women should be forced to live in downtown Compton. And they should have to get jobs commensurate with their non existent skills.

    I hate that show.


  25. If it’s not available where you are, I’ll be happy to send you a jar. You’ll never wanna go back to any other kind (especially with your beloved ‘mato sammiches!).

    I didn’t see anything called Duke’s at Price Chopper. But I just buy the generic version of Mayo. I’m not even sure I could tell the difference between mayo’s. I don’t have a very discriminating palate. I buy everything generic that I can. Things just don’t taste “different” to me. The only thing I insist on name brand is Diet Coke – I’ve tried store brands of soda and those I *can* tell the difference between and I hate generic soda.


  26. Another of my favorite blogger reports that Christina Aquilera named her baby . . .

    Max Bratman

    Yeah, but to be fair, she didn’t really have an option, Bratman is her husband’s last name. There’s really not a lot of names that work with Bratman, so as it goes, Max is as good as anything else. Although since we had a dog named Max, I wouldn’t personally name my kid that.


  27. to bad she didn’t read the directs to wash it inside out cause now half of them are missing. Hehe.

    Well tell Janice that when I get the Gemagic she can bring the shirt over and replace the ones that fell off.

    And you can work on the ZL & Bob Marley t-shirts for everyone.


  28. if you want studs and snaps, check out Their $9 tool is so easy to use (I’ve done hundreds of snaps with them)…they come in all different sizes. check it out!

    I have one of those – it didn’t work for me. Just left holes in the fabric of the sleeper I was trying to put snaps on. And my dritz pliers don’t work either. I’ve been using snap tape ever since.

    Maybe it’s just me.


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