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A New Year for Stupidity in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on January 2, 2008

 Yeah, I know, no video. I’m having a problem transferring it. I can watch it, but when I go to import it, it gives me an error message. I have a different program ordered – you’ll get the video – somehow.

And it’s just the one disc, too. I took some video on the old disc and then a different disc, and they transferred fine. So, since I can watch the New Year’s Eve video, I’m going to just copy it over and import it a different way.

Oh – and have you ever gotten something unsolicited in the mail and you don’t know what the fuck it is?? I did. I got this Japanese thing for game boys (I think) Nintendo DS (I think). But the box is all in Japanese and I don’t know what the hell it is. Not that I have either a Game Boy or a Nintendo DS. But I really want to know what this is – and if it’s expensive.

I’m going to mail it to my friend Lesmond – her kid has one or the other of these things and she has assured me that they will figure out what it is.

But if you read Japanese or know what this thing is – let me know.



In the meantime, it’s a new year, and time for new stupidity in the news.


You know – that’s a real sign of love. Not that I’m going to be finding Paul’s enlarged prostate any time in the near future.


Yeah, Dad looks fucking thrilled, doesn’t he?


this is why I’m still anemic – I had to stop taking my iron pills.


Well, with no sex and drugs, what do you expect?


Yeah, like being in the country illegally……


They grow up so fast these days…..


OK – is there anyone here from Ohio – and are you all really that dumb?


Well, I have a couple of English friends who might be interested – but I don’t know what this person calls “old”.


Yeah, sure he did…..


I’ll bet they have a bunch of these pictures




…and my favorite. Because this is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in a long time.



17 Responses to “A New Year for Stupidity in the News”

  1. Tazzie said

    Darn, sorry you are having problems with the video. I wanted to let you know that flash player is finally working here. Woo Hoo Doesn’t play for long but something is better than nothing! Thanks again for your help with it.

  2. Sprocket said

    I just love supidity in the news!

  3. A.D.A. said

    I laughed until my stomach hurt!

  4. NJGill said

    re: authors (like you, and Madonna) – guy leaves his publisher’s office, having dropped off his new manuscript for printing. decides to stop at the grocer’s on his way home and pick up a bottle of champagne. checker says, “oohh, celebrating tonight, eh?” “Yes, I just finished my book!” he replies. she leans over and pats his hand pityingly, “Don’t worry, my son’s a slow reader, too.”

  5. Kym said

    Your Japanese thing looks like a flash linker to me. I could be wrong, and my own son is not awake to ask him, but it looks like the one he wanted. If it is, they are pretty pricey- or at least they were two years ago. Kind of cool to just get one out of the blue.

    Oh and a flash linker is used to play ROMs on the Nintendo DS. That is supposed to be backups that you made of games that you own, but of course it ends up being like all the “back ups” mp3s and movies that are traded around. There might be other things you can do with it, but I would have to ask my kids.

    PS I have been reading your blog forever. The stats you used to get from Guam were from me, now they will be from Kansas. But I just love it here, keep up the good work!

  6. luvgabe said


    The unsolicited “Japanese thing” you got in the mail is actually a Chinese thing because all the non-English script is Chinese. Since some of the Chinese characters are simplified, this means the thing was made in China (vs. Taiwan).

    The first picture you showed:

    At the top, following “NDS & GBA” are 4 Chinese characters. Literally translated they are “burn, record, cover or case, pack or sack.”

    At the bottom of the first picture are five series of characters. From left to right, they are:

    1. GBA “game”
    2. “movie broadcast”
    3. “photo exhibit”
    4. “portable broadcast”
    5. “electronic literature/books”

    The second picture you showed is easier because it has both Chinese AND English that say the same thing.

    Hope this makes sense!

  7. Lesmond said

    Not that it matters, but Lenny says it’s Korean, not Japanese. He also suspects that purpose of the thing is to display photos and play music on the DS or GBA. But that’s just a guess. He’ll also be surprised if the cd isn’t in Korean, too, but send it along. If he can’t figure it out, no one can. Thank you!

  8. Glenda said

    I want the name of the police sketch artist and what school did he graduate from? I could do a drawing that good and I have not one artistic bone in either hand!!

  9. your bro said

    i love that last one to. reminded me of the one fron the tonight show of the article that was from here, have you seen this man and its got the picture of the guy with a bandana over his face. lol! anyways, your stupid news clips are always funny. keep ’em coming!!!

  10. Kim…you’re the best! Thanks for the continued laughs!

    With friendship,

  11. Missy said

    Hey Kim,

    Love your blog and very much look forward to each new entry!

    Regarding the police sketch, I think I know the guy in the picture. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve seen him, but I’m certain I remember him from Fat Albert’s neighborhood. Maybe the guy who always wore the toboggan (and with that hair, I know now why he never took it off).

    Happy New Year and thank you for the joy you bring to my life (both with your humor and with your and Paul’s care and concern for Natasha). Bless you!

  12. Opus said

    Interestingly, that police sketch may be headed in the right direction. Recent research indicates that people are better at picking people out based on caricatures rather than realistic sketches:

    Researcher Charlie Frowd of UCLA is recommending that police
    change the way they produce composite sketches.

    However, the technique seems to work because caricatures
    exaggerate various features. The picture you have above
    doesn’t seem to do a good job on that score. It’s childish
    without being cartoonish.

  13. Deran Ashe said

    It would be cool to know if that sketch resulted in an arrest.

    Thanks for all the interesting stuff you do.

  14. Kim (Canada) said

    Thanks for the “stupidity” chuckles – Always good for a laugh or two… Think I’ve seen that “characature” fellow running the streets here in downtown Toronto…

    Still no sign of the “video” – I’m quite anxious to see the interview(s) included on this new one… Why the difficulties on the transferring of this one – Is it not the same process as with the video of ZL?

    And why no word from you, Kimmy? Everything ok? We know you didn’t “over-indulge” at New Year’s, and so, you’re either on hiatus or not feeling so good again…. Sure hoping it’s a hiatus-thing! If it is due to illness, well I wish it was all due to “over-indulgence”, and so I’m praying repeatedly that you’re not feeling crappy again!

    Anyways, like those that frequent your blog, I’m looking forward to this new year and the continued laughs you bring our way through the Darwin Exception…
    Thanks for all you do, and write about!
    Thanks for keeping us on our toes with “legal” issues and informations taking place in the world. And thanks for keeping us laughing with the on-going sagas taking in place in Malone and with your neighbours…On a personal level, “Thanks” for always making my day, even when I’ve had a “shitty” one – You definately have some gift there!!

    Looking forward to any and all future D-EX blog postings…

    Fonzie :~)

  15. Veronique said

    I just can’t get over that police sketch. I’ve often wondered why police sketches bear only the, uh, sketchiest resemblance to human beings, but this looks like the artists is seriously frustrated at foregoing a career in cartooning. Wonder if they ever found the assailant?

    (No, but Roger Rabbit was pretty worried for awhile.)


  16. Jerry said

    Eyewitness: “He had a squarish face.”
    Sketch Artist: “Like this?”
    E: “Yeah, kind of. And short black hair. All over his scalp.”
    S: “O.K. How’s that? Can you describe his eyes?”
    E: “They were — oh, I dunno — kind of sleep-looking. Half-closed, you know?”
    S: “There. How’s that?”
    E: “He had, like, bags under them.”
    S: “How’s that?”
    E: “Exactly! And thin, low eyebrows, yeah.”
    S: “What did his nose look like?”
    E: “It was really wide and flat-looking.”
    S: “And his ears?”
    E: “They were small and cauliflowery.”
    S: “Like this?”
    E: “Smaller. Yeah, that’s it.”
    S: “How about his mouth?”
    E: “Big lips. You know the type. His teeth showed. They were really white.”
    S: “Anything else?”
    E: “Yeah, he had a long skinny neck.”
    S: “So, how does this look?”
    E: “That’s him! Wow! You’re good. I hope you guys catch him!”

  17. Kim (Canada) said

    Good one, Jerry!!!
    LMAO on that one! Loved it!

    Fonzie :`)

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