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The Further Adventures of Zombie Lady…

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 28, 2007

 I get a knock on my door at 9:00 on Thursday night. I answer it wondering out loud “Now who the fuck is knocking at 9:00 at fucking night???”

I open the door to find none other than Zombie Lady standing there with a huge box of Lady Godiva chocolates and a bag of biscotti. She says “Here, this is for you Christmas present.” And she turns to leave like she hasn’t been fucking MISSING for THREE FUCKING WEEKS.

I think she was startled when I yelled to her “HEY!!! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN??” And I know she was startled when I grabbed her arm and dragged her ass into my house, yelling at her “I was fucking worried sick over your stupid ass – the fucking POLICE have been here! I’ve been calling them every day!”

When she heard that the cops had been here she seemed to pay more attention to what I was saying and I explained to her that her son had called and asked the police to do a well being check and that the police had reported to him that she was not here, that they had gone to the bus depot to find out that she had gotten off the bus in Albany, and that she was apparently “missing”, although I did explain that her son had been reluctant to actually officially have her declared such.

She then proceeds to relate this story:

She got off the bus in Albany and since Greyhound doesn’t take credit cards, she had to go to the ATM machine to get cash and she bought a ticket that way – paid with cash to go to New York City. When she got to New York City, she went straight to the emergency room. She was not feeling well. The ER found that she had high blood pressure and admitted her. She was in the hospital for two weeks. They found she had a thyroid problem and that she was anemic. But she isn’t diabetic anymore. She also “had her head examined” (her words), and they found she was not schizophrenic.

OK – how many questions do you have after reading *this* story, and how many Mack Trucks can you drive through the holes?

Here are the questions *I* have – someone else can do the research please and answer them for me.

NUMBER ONE: Greyhound doesn’t take credit cards? Really?

NUMBER TWO: How did she just “go to the ATM and get cash” when the story was when she left here that she couldn’t get a single fucking dollar out of the ATM?? What changed on the bus ride that she gets OFF the bus and suddenly has the ability to use ATM’S?

NUMBER THREE: What fucking hospital in the free world admits you for 2 weeks for “high blood pressure?” I had a fucking emergency c-section and they were kicking my ass out of the hospital 2 days later – and I had INSURANCE. Which leads me to…

NUMBER THREE A: What fucking hospital in the free world admits you for two weeks for high blood pressure when you don’t have insurance? You can have a fucking bullet wound to the gut and if you don’t have insurance all most hospitals will do is “Stabilize” you until they can get some other hospital to take you.

NUMBER FOUR: What hospital admits you for high blood pressure and then does a test to see if you have schizophrenia? I’ve had many a hospital admission since my diagnosis, and I don’t think ANY of those included a “having your head examined” test. (Probably luckily).

Now, and this is just *my* theory (well, and maybe Lesmond’s theory, too), but *I’M* thinking that she may have been in a hospital, all right, but it wasn’t voluntarily and it wasn’t for high blood pressure. Does anyone want to bet she was in some psych hospital? I think it’s a lot more likely that she was at a psych hospital for evaluation and they found high blood pressure than that she was at a medical hospital and they did a psych evaluation. Especially given the length of time she was incommunicado. Which was damn spot on to 28 days – and what is the length of most psych eval programs?

And I’ll tell you one thing. She is a FUCK of a lot cleaner – her hair is clean, her fingernails are clean, her clothes are clean and she looks nowhere near as tired and drawn. And she said “The hospital gave me my medications – this helps me to sleep and to speak better. I have better thinking on my meds now.” OK – what are these medications, the ones that help you have “better thinking” – high blood pressure pills? Yeah, I don’t think so. But she *does* seem more lucid – she’s like almost fucking normal.

So, she says that she was in the hospital, and that after she was released (after signing up for some sort of outpatient program that is going to allow her to get Social Security – again, in what world does “high blood pressure” qualify you for social security?) she called her family in Moscow. This is where she got a little upset, because she didn’t understand why her son would not know that she was in the hospital, since he speaks to her family in Moscow and they knew she was in the hospital.

I explained to her that the police did not come until she had already been gone like a week and a half – and she said “Oh, this is why, I did not speak to my family until I had been released”. But she was upset that her son had contacted the authorities on her *again*. She said that he had written her a letter (yeah, we knew that, didn’t we?) and she showed me the letter. For someone who sent something *Priority Mail* it sure didn’t fucking say a lot – it was basically a two sentence letter saying “Mom – I don’t know why you continue to play these games – please come back home. We do not think that you should be on your own – you continuously prove that you are not capable of taking care of yourself. Come back home.” Oh – and get this – the letter was written in RUSSIAN!! Now how glad are we that I didn’t give in to the bad Kim and go over there and take that letter? I would have been fucking FURIOUS to risk that and then find out the fucking letter was in RUSSIAN!!

She was very put out by this letter and said “See! My son – he wants I should just forget this house and go back to City. He is trying to prove I am not capable”.

And this is where I saw my “in”.

“Yes!! Yes!! And don’t you understand?? The more he sends the authorities over here and the more they see that you are living without heat and electricity in the middle of the fucking Adirondacks in the dead of winter – the more they are going to see that what he is saying is the truth!! He is going to prove that you are not capable by your own actions! You can’t be staying over there with no utilities. You need to prove to him that you *are* capable – and the first step in that is getting your lights back on and getting heat in your house. Otherwise, you are letting your son win.”

Then she counters with “No, if I do what he say and turn power back on, then I am letting him win –  he is controlling me.”

So I have one other backdoor, right? “Look, why don’t you let ME turn the lights back on and then he doesn’t win.”

AHA!!!! VICTORY!!!!!

She says “Yes, this might work.”


Then she says “Well, this no matter anyway, I am going back to New York City – I only come here for 2 days to check water and to deliver Christmas present to you,  then I go back for seeing doctor again. I see doctor on Monday, then I get the social security paper then I come back.”

I told her that in the meantime I would get the lights turned back on, and she didn’t seem to protest this. Paul said though, after she left, that I should not have the lights turned on until I had Val’s company come out and do a safety check, and to make sure that the basement isn’t full of water – which is probably a good idea. So I’m thinking that Val, Janice and I will be making another foray into the house – this time into the scary ass basement.

Then I told zombie lady that she had some Christmas presents here – which she did. One of the blog readers recognized the raw talent in zombie lady and sent her a beautiful acrylic paint set and some canvas’s to paint on. I didn’t tell zombie lady that they were from one of her many admirers on the internet – I took credit for the gift myself – with the sender’s permission. But Zombie lady LOVED the gift – and provided me with a WONDERFUL excuse to tape her – so you get to see zombie lady in all her glory. I will upload the tape as soon as I figure out how to do it – but I thought everyone would want the details of her returning right away.

So, zombie lady opened her presents, loved them, asked if she could have some hot water for tea, and left. I asked her when she left “Are you going to be OK over there? It’s very cold.” And she said she would be fine because she had “lots of clothes”.

I was still up last night at like 2 o’clock in the morning when Paul got up to go get his middle of the night gulp of Gatorade. When he was downstairs in the kitchen he suddenly yells to me “Kim!! Someone is here!” Then the dogs start barking. Paul opens the door and I can hear a distinctive Russian voice saying “I so sorry – I so cold – I so cold.” As I get into the living room, Paul is bringing her into the dining room and he has the woodstove door open, throwing .wood into the stove and telling her to warm up. Paul told her “Look – you fucked up – your body was used to the cold over there – you left and stayed someplace warm, now you aren’t used to it and your body is used to heat. You’ll never be able to stay over there again. It was colder the night before you left when you stayed over there with no propane than it is tonight – now your body just isn’t used to it, though.”

So, zombie lady spent the night on our couch. See?? I told you we needed a guest bedroom – but NOOooooooo – I had to fill it up with fucking yarn and fabric! But, we stayed up until 3 am talking about her son, his promises to her of “delivering a stove”, his promise to “pay the electric” and his promise to come and help her get the house ready for winter, and how he broke all of those promises and then sent the “authorities” over to spy on her and deem her “incompetent”.

Which only added more layers of “mystery” to the whole story. Why would her son have to “deliver a stove?” Is he the one who “delivered” the port a potty and the sink that are sitting in her house unopened? Why was her son responsible for “paying the electric?” Doesn’t she pay her own bills? Is she on some kind of allowance from her son? Did her allowance run out and that’s why she couldn’t get money from the ATM? Is he already a conservator of her money? And if he’s responsible – why doesn’t she have electricity? Is it just for him to prove to the “authorities” that she’s incompetent? How can *she* be incompetent if it’s HIS legal responsibility to pay and he doesn’t? Makes no sense to me at all. AT ALL.

But, she finally went and laid on the couch to sleep some. She said she couldn’t sleep on the bus at all – which I surely believe. I couldn’t sleep on Con Bus, either. And it’s now 10 o’clock in the morning and she’s still sleeping, although she did get up earlier when Paul left for work – I heard her ask him if she could pay us to stay here again tonight. Paul told her she could stay but that he wasn’t going to take any money from her – that that’s what neighbors are for, and that it doesn’t cost him anything to have her sleeping on the couch, so he didn’t want her money. (Paul being Paul and all..)

Sometime today I will figure out how to upload this video so you all can see Zombie lady open her presents and hear her appreciation and thanks first hand. But I knew you wouldn’t want to wait to hear “the rest of the story” while I figured out the new camcorder. So – discuss amongst yourselves while I RTFM.


40 Responses to “The Further Adventures of Zombie Lady…”

  1. Val Dalton said

    So when are we inspecting and getting the power turned back on? Should we help her clean it? Maybe she wants to buy my futon LOL Since she has no bed..

  2. So when are we inspecting and getting the power turned back on?

    OK – the plan is thusly:

    Paul is supposed to hook up that vented gas thing she has. Remember that thing? She said she needs a “hose” for it – and Paul told her “Yeah, you can get that hose for a couple bucks at the hardware store.” He said he would hook up the heater this weekend. (It’s a chance to actually use some of those expensive ass tools he HAD TO HAVE because they would BE SO HANDY and he would USE THEM ALL THE TIME. )

    She also needs a tank of gas for it, and I am to call Adirondack Energy today and have one delivered. But Paul is going to go over and when he hooks up the gas heater he is going to check the basement and make sure it’s not full of water. When she came last night at 2 am she said that everything in her house was “wet” and that there was a sheet of ice on the bedroom inside wall – and that the floor was wet – but only in one room. Paul gave me a “look” like “Yeah, ya think?” Only I didn’t know what that “look” actually meant – but he did say to her “I need to check the water pipes in the basement.” So, I’m thinking He’s thinking that maybe something is going on down there.

    Paul said if the water is full of water she’s fucked, but that if it’s not, she still needs to have the electric checked out before the lights can be turned back on. Just because of the condensation that has most likely built up inside the walls – which are most likely not insulated. I told him I would call you at work when we got to that point.

    And she seemed to go along with all of this – not protesting at all once she realized we were going to take care of her and she wouldn’t have to pay for it (because of people here and the ZL fund I set up and from my spare cash and Christmas money), Which only makes her “I have to go to NYC for outpatient program” all the more fishy like, because when we started making a plan to get her heat and electricity and FOOD and she knew she could stay here until that happened – all talk of leaving the next day went out the window. Although she is quite worried about the police coming back – I don’t know why. I told her not to worry – she hadn’t done anything wrong, and they couldn’t go in her house again unless she invited them and they couldn’t drag her ass off without a court order saying she is incompetent which I’m quite sure they don’t have.

    Should we help her clean it?

    Oh God yes. We are DEFINITELY going to help her clean it. But she’s got to get some heat in there first – at least let the fucking rats thaw out. But once there is lights and heat and we can run a vaccuum and water and get a good supply of garbage bags you, Janice, and I’ll call Leslie, since she volunteered, and we will all go over and make quick work of it.

    Maybe she wants to buy my futon LOL Since she has no bed..

    LOL. Maybe!! I would suspect she might! Why not – she won’t find another bed for $50 – and that’s a fancy wood one! I’ll show her the pictures.


  3. Val Dalton said

    oh ok let me know! I’m out of town tonight until sunday afternoon. Anything u need? I’m leaving around 430.

  4. Leslie said

    Awesome! I’m so glad she’s home and ok. Call me whenever, Kim, I’ll come over. My oldest daughter can help, too.

  5. Val Dalton said

    oh i forgot to add, make her go to that appt if it means she’s going to get a social security check. It might be her only income if her some has cut her off?

  6. Greg Smith said

    And, in your spare time, find a way to get her to move the mail box out front.

  7. Mindy said

    Ok I think if this son is ever found you should go off on his ass, what kind of son does this to his own mother. He needs a good ass kicking. Be sure to find out more about his ass because well if anyone can take care of him, that would be you. I cannot believe this so much to take in and I can not wait to see the video of ZL.

  8. And, in your spare time, find a way to get her to move the mail box out front.

    Oh fuck – good idea. Thanks for reminding me – I would have forgotten all about that.

    Val? Take notes.


  9. Karen said

    Hi Kim…
    I’ve been keeping up with the saga of ZL. Please post the information for the “ZL Fund”. I got a few extra bucks for Christmas, I would like to donate. Also, one other question…is ZL the “Formerly Dead Neighbor” from some of your earlier blogs? Thanks!

  10. oh ok let me know! I’m out of town tonight until sunday afternoon. Anything u need? I’m leaving around 430.

    Whre are you going, missy?? Inlaws??

    And no, I probably don’t need anything – hell, I’ve got a big ass box of Godiva chocolates and a bag of bicotti! I”m set – well except for the lock and key I’ll need to keep it under to get Paul to stay away from it.


  11. Also, one other question…is ZL the “Formerly Dead Neighbor” from some of your earlier blogs?

    Yup – one and the same. She was formerly dead – that’s why I call her zombie lady.

    I know, obscure, but it’s the way my mind works….


  12. luvgabe said

    ZL is back and is well (as well as she can be). There is a God. Bless you abundantly, Kim and Paul. What a simply WONDERful way to end the year. Kim, let us know if you need more help, financial & labor-wise. Thanks a million for keeping us informed, but most of all thank you for being you! 🙂

  13. Val Dalton said

    Yuppers its christmas again this weekend with scotts sister and his parents! Yeah more loud toys to bring home and play with!!

  14. skweekie said

    God Bless America. Where else could a crazy Russian woman meet a brilliant American woman and a Man with a Harley under frozen circumstances….with Godiva chocolate.

  15. HT said


    I’d have to read TALE again to comment much but you’re right, Kim, she was not in the hospital 2 weeks for HBP. This is America, home of the uninsured. But in her mind she was. And boy, is she ever RESILIENT!!! She seems to know where to go to get help, like ER. Shit, wouldn’t that make for a great episode on TV/ER? I’d love to know which hospital she was in. I may have guessed right when I wrote earlier she was in NYC Bellevue Hospital. I think that’s the one crazy people go to or end up.

    Hey, I’ll say one thing about her. She may be crazy but she knows her chocolate.

    I’m also guessing her finances are controlled by NYCBOY. Plenty of blog material there.

    Yes, it’s VERY important to get the mailbox out front or if she won’t, have her sign a change of address card to your address. I say that hesitantly because you’re getting pretty deep in this crazy ass scheme to keep her from freezing to death.

    And bless you and Leslie and Val for being willing to clean up the house. I’m hoping you won’t run into frozen pipes, etc. but I can’t believe you won’t.



  16. Shiobhan said

    Oh thank God she is back.

    Kim and Paul, I wish we could all have neighbors like you. I so appreciate all you do.

    I wish I lived closer, nothing I love more than a good deep cleaning of the house. I know, odd, isnt it?

    Thanks again for the good news.

  17. Sandy said

    Kim, please take care of yourself too. I know that caring for others is part of your very being and keeps both mind and body in a far more healthy spirit. You thrive on seeing other’s thrive. Still…stay warm, do not over do and make sure you do not come into contact with anything to affect your immune system. I’m the mom…gotta preach.

    You are right thinking she may have landed in the mental ward of the hospital. I’m sure they took very good care of her. The rest of the story is still a bit convoluted and she probably has no clue what really happened early on. My first thought is she got off the bus in Albany and was found cold, hungry and sharing the confusing stories we have heard here.

    SS checks come at the end of the month, this Monday was the magic date. It is possible she has automatic deposit, the timing is right for her to use the ATM and get home. The SS story and the bus to NYC is confusing though. Perhaps her son is taking care of money in some way and a deposit was made before he called about her missing (cover thyself).

    The hospital may have contacted SS to check on her status. She may not understand this part and believes they got it back for her.

    I think her appt. may be for the hospital. But wouldn’t they refer her to someplace in Malone since she lives there? I wonder too, why they let her out without anyone to go to. Well, maybe not, she may have been sent to a homeless shelter which allowed her the freedom to come home.

    Since you will have her near for a few days, can you get her son’s phone number and talk to him? He has a story none of us know. She obviously didn’t go to see him. And we don’t know if the hospital contacted him or not. Maybe they did and he decided all was well since she was found. I was going to rant about him, but decided against it. There may be far more than we realize on both sides. So, will wait to place blame until we understand what has been happening in this little ladies life.

    Regarding utilities. Depending upon her financial status, she may be eligible for lower charges and no charge for turning them back on. Also, Malone being what it is in the SSI environment, should be easy to get her more than what she needs in food, clothing, etc. Of course she has to personally take the steps to do so, but part of your conversation with her regarding being independant may get her going. Since she is thinking clearer right now, it may be a good time to move through the process. I was glad to know she came to you rather than staying cold.

    I’m so deep into this story and all the mysteries surrounding it. You have my email. Please send me your address and I’ll add something to the fund. You and Paul (and friends) are a blessing to ZL.

  18. a Busby said

    RE: Social Security

    She should be able to draw on her husband’s account, if they were married at least 10 years even if they were divorced. If she does not have enuf work quarters, she will not be able to draw on her own. If a hospital is setting it up, it is probably supplemental security income (SSI). That is for disabled persons. I’ll bet she would get more SS on her husband’s account then she will get in SSI.

  19. Gail said

    God bless you and Paul! We should all have people like you in our lives. ZL is very fortunate to be your neighbor.

    I’m SO grateful she’s alive and apparently well!

  20. skweekie said

    the suggestion of changing her mailing address to yours may be a good one. At least you would know who she is in contact with. You could not open the mail legally, but you would know where it came from. That may be helpful to you in the future.

  21. DT said


    Can you come up with a good excuse to get her doctor’s phone number? Or her son’s? Tell you you want to make sure she gets there or something. Perhaps you can gain some insights into the situation, although the doctor probably won’t tell you much.


  22. Bob E. said

    Well, no doubt the Malone police would like to know that she has returned, and they will undoubtedly contact the son to let him know her status. Maybe they can pass a message to him to contact ZL’s friendly, concerned neighbor for more detailed information?


  23. Veronique said

    Yo, what great news! Round here, I think they can only keep people 72 hours for observation, so I’m really, really curious about what the rest of the story is, since it sounds like you’re dead on and she was locked up for head-straightening. And heck, maybe she’s right, maybe they did tell her she wasn’t schizophrenic…just crazy.

    Good luck with the light and heat and photos please! And also, keep yourself well; ZL’s obviously got more inner resources than we figured.


  24. AtwoodLady said

    You and Paul are great neighbors.

    This is an amazing situation and I hope you will be able to fill in the blanks as time goes on.

    What is a wake up call is the fact that the police limit their concern for a missing neighbor. I guess it is a matter that if she is out of their jurisdiction, she is out of their concern.

    You certainly went above and beyond to bring warnings regarding ZL to the attention of your community. If they blow off your concerns, can you only imagine what occurs in a bigger community?

    Who knows, perhaps, ZL is a diamond in the rough and your reward for caring for her will be in your future.


  25. Ligita said

    Oh WOW! So glad to hear that ZL is back safe!! I’ve been lurking on your site since the Spector trial… Oh what FUN!! Kim, I just LOVE the way you write!!
    Happy Christmas! And a Merry New Year!!

  26. Sandy said

    Busby…you are right. SSI is for disabled. I meant welfare in some form to supplement her if necessary. She wasn’t divorced from her husband, so she would get widow’s benefits. This can start at 60 yrs and are much more than if he were alive and drawing his own SS. Perhaps the hospital was trying to help her establish this. But she could do this in Malone too.

    Kim, can you ask ZL to look at her meds? Tell her you want to make sure she has enough until the appt. or want to help remembering to take them. It would tell you who the doctor is and then google for his/her location and practice. Even the name of the pharmacy would tell us where she was. Unless they gave her a little white envelope with pills, like they do at the doggy vet.

  27. Mindy said

    Greyhound does not take credit cards, the guy told me “cash only” I called.

    They will take you regardless of insurance – if ZL was here one way to confirm this is if you see one of her prescription bottles, this could fill in some blank spaces for you.

    Bellevue Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency

  28. Andi said

    Glad to hear that she’s okay. It sounds like she may have made her way to a shelter that provided some medical examination.

    Particularly around Xmas in big cities, workers go out to encourage people on the streets to enter shelters in cold weather. And many have special meals and gifts of clothing for the holiday. Many shelters also require people to bathe and change into clean clothes before spending the night.

    Can she manage a prepaid cell phone with your phone number programed into it? If not, next time she leaves, try giving her some writing paper and stamped envelopes addressed to you. She might be willing to write and give updates. If the envelope has a stamp and address she should be able to ask someone to drop it in the mail for her. If you reconnect the mail box, you could send her a few postcards now to help her adjust to getting mail.

    And I love the Godiva, and the fact that she has some sense of etiquette in spite of everything. Good luck. You are a kind soul.

  29. mary c said

    Great news!!! What a New Year you and Paul have in store for you, and what fun we will all have reading all about it. Please send me your mailing address at I live too far away to help with the cleaning, but I can sure help buy the supplies. Love to you,Paul, and all the wonderful readers who CARE.

  30. Lorraine said

    zl mentioned anemia. The kind of anemia common to the elderly is pernicious anemia and over time causes dementia. My Mother in law has it and was at the point of paralysis, dementia and rounding the corner to death when we got a very smart doc who caught it. Could be that she was found wandering and they thought she was mentally ill and found the other. She would have to be on injectable B12 for that and it would take a couple of weeks to work. The dosage was every day for a week, then every other day, then once a week for a month, then maintain at once a month. She was back to herself in three weeks. If you research it you will find that it is very hard to diagnose and like you, B12 from food isn’t absorbed. The timing would be right for her to go back to the doc. Why don’t you see if you can get her to sign a HIPPA waiver so you can talk to her docs. Then all you have to do is fax it to whomever and they would probably be thrilled to talk to you. Docs hate HIPPAas much as we do.

    I’m not so sure her son is to blame here. He could be just as frustrated as everyone else. My Mother-in-Law’s kids–all in their 50’s didn’t have the balls to go against her when she refused what was good for her so evil daughter in law (ME) did it. Saved her life and she told the rest of them that I was pushy–3 times. Now she lives with me. LOL

    I’ve thought of Zombie Lady every day but I just knew she would come home. How could she stay away from the excitement of living next to Kim?


  31. Kim (Canada) said

    You’ll never believe how happy, and relieved I am to hear that she’s back, and that she’s back in good shape…Even better shape than when she left, it sounds like –

    So many questions, so many speculations…Not going there this time… I’ll wait to hear the details as they unfold –

    I’m sure that some of the answers to our questions will reveal themselves as Kim and Paul (and Co.) work closely with, and alongside of ZL in the next little while in order to set her up at home…Hopefully anything else of great importance and/or interest will be volunteered information, or info answered “truthfully” (By that I mean clearly/understandably) if/when asked of her…

    Please let us know how things unfold…
    And please, please, please, please take care of yourself, miss Kim!
    We need and want you around for ourselves too… :~)

    Looking forward to the ZL video!


  32. Caroline said

    So glad to hear she is alive and well! I bet she was sure Happy to see you as well, and you and Paul and Val and the rest of your gang are angels in disguise.

    Can’t wait to hear more about ZL’s adventures in the Big City and see the video from your new camera. You have a new BFF now whether you want one or not!

  33. luvgabe said


    Now that the elation from ZL’s return has subsided, I’m beginning to worry about you doing too much–both financially and physically.

    I don’t want you to be taken advantage of.

    Financially, even if the electricity account is in your name, ZL or her son should pay for the expenses–not you.

    Physically, please don’t take on the hard labor of cleaning up her place. Your health is too fragile for that kind of work. ZL’s mental health is questionable, but physically, she is hale, hardy, & stout. It is already most kind & generous of you & Paul to help her. At a minimum, she should participate in cleaning up her own home, instead of having it done for her.

    There is a true story about a colony of baboons on Gibralta. They got so accustomed to being fed by tourists that, when the feeding stopped, the baboons threw rocks at people because they grew accustomed to and felt entitled to the freebie.

    Take care, good Kim!

  34. MyrnaTurner said

    Thank God she is all right! You all are saints, Kim. ZL is very blessed. (And not without her own very special charm.)

  35. tess said

    Yea! Shes ok. I just got home to be able to write. My computer at work is questionable at best. I know that in spite of her weirdness, you are relieved. Bless you and Paul for all of your kindness and concern. I believe that if there is any effort to clean her house, you shouldn’t be the one involved in that. Your health has to take precedence and you need to nurture and protect yourself. This has been an amazing adventure so far, and I suspect there will be more to come. Take care and have a very Happy New Year.

  36. Khrist said

    I think that ZL should accompany you and Paul to the New Year’s Eve party…..I think lot’s of cocktails would be in order for her….What a story that would be.

  37. Susan said

    Hi Kim,

    The long and short of the story is that ZL’s story may just be accurate. Her hypertension was probably serious enough to get her admitted via the ER and once an in-patient it takes the discharge planning department forever to put together a “safe discharge”. Due to the horror stories of “patient dumping” hospitals are afraid to discharge patients “to the street”. I currently have 2 patients sitting in the hospital (an acute

    care hospital in San Francisco) that have no medical needs, are taking up good beds but CAN’T be discharged and it kills me.

    They also have no insurance, no family and aren’t “conservable”. A person has to be WAY CRAZY (that’s the appropriate medical/legal terminology) to be conserved and ZL doesn’t fit the criteria. Hopefully, the hospital where ZL was a patient called APS in the Malone area for follow-up but I doubt it. Seems like the hospital did the appropriate thing in getting her a neuro-psychiatric consult and had Social Work involved in trying to get her MediCare/MediCaid.

    Don’t get me started on how those of us with insurance pay for patients with out insurance and their lengthy hospital stays.

    You and Paul are saints in my opinion and ZL should be thrilled to have you as friends. In fact, I believe she’s very “taken” with both of you and she demonstrates this with her trust. Let me know if I can offer any help and I’d also like to contribute a few dollars to her care.

  38. kaydaver said

    I wonder what the chances are that she had been at that particular facility before.

  39. Tim said

    Wow. I’m so glad to hear that she is back!

  40. nita said

    I echo everyone’s sentiments about ZL’s return and improved condition. It is my best Christmas present.

    Also, I believe you need to do the “brain” work and not the physical labor. Perhaps, if time permits, you can help ZL to sort trash from important information, such as letters, medications… some of her papers may indicate where she has been and her treatment plan. I’m thinkig that an inexpensive, expanding file container which would help her get “organized” could be a treasure trove for you.

    Please send me your PayPal info so that I can contribute to her cause.

    Happy New Year to All!

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