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Posted by thedarwinexception on December 27, 2007

You’ll never guess.



13 Responses to “GUESS WHO’S BACK?????”

  1. kellygreen said

    I can’t wait to hear the story. I hope you can capture it with your new DVD recorder.

    I’m also glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Mindy said


  3. Tazzie said

    OMG I hope it is ZL!!!

  4. Gail said

    OMG I do hope it’s ZL! I can’t wait to hear the story! Thank God she’s alive and safe! This is a late Christmas present!

  5. Mardy said

    HOT DIGGITY DAMN DOG….can barely wait to hear.

    Been checking in several times daily for this very message.


  6. Val Dalton said

    Is it Zombie Lady? Please I’m in suspense! Where was she? Tell her that her son is an idiot!!

  7. Sandy said

    Jeesh, you must be feeling a lot better. What a tease for the day. Now how are we going to get the rest of the news? You cannot go over there….too cold, too chancy with your health right now. But, I can’t wait to hear her story.

  8. TwinMom said

    I have been watching this site for days!! Oh I hope it is ZL and I have been keeping you and your health in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Greg Smith said

    Guess her son knows her better than we do!

  10. luvgabe said

    Ok, Kim, enough with the suspense! Tell us, pretty please! Is it ZL? And what’s her story? We are waiting with bated breath….

  11. gary said

    this is so awesome. you really do have such a loyal fan base here kim. i’m glad that you all see how gifted a writer, and how funny my sister really is. i got to grow up with her and appreciate her off the wall humor all the time. thank you for helping and being there for her. i know how much she loves and appreciates all of you.

    happy holidays!

  12. Patricia said

    come on!! tell us!! tell us!!

  13. i got to grow up with her and appreciate her off the wall humor all the time.

    Don’t let him kid you – Gary is the funny one. Nobody can make me laugh like he can.


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