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What Did Santa Bring You???

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 26, 2007

 So what did Santa bring you?? Anything good?

I got my new DVD camcorder – which is wonderful – and I’m sure it will be even more wonderful once I figure out how to use it. But once I do figure it all out, I can upload videos to the blog! Now how cool will that be? If zombie lady ever comes back home I can tape her and put it here for everyone to see! She can tell about her invention in her own words! And don’t tell me you all wouldn’t love that!

I also got, from one of the blog readers, a beautiful, totally awesome gorgeous print of “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen – the textures and the colors are just indescribable in this print. I am going to Joann’s this weekend with my handy “50% off your custom framing order” coupon and have it framed. Paul has some antique frames out in the Harley Barn – but I don’t think this belongs in one of those ornate gold gilded frames. This print needs a totally classy totally sophisticated frame.

I’ll take some pictures as soon as I get it framed and hung. It will look awesome in the dining room – I’m trying to “do” my dining room in yellows and blues – from the Van Gogh print “The Cafe Terrace”. I already have that print hung in the dining room, and my floor is blue (yes, blue) and the walls are yellow, and I wanted the “Starry Night” one to go on the opposite wall, since it’s done in the same blues and yellows. But now the “Starry Night” print is so much more beautiful, and such a better print than the one I have of the “Cafe Terrace”, I don’t know, I may switch them around. I’m thinking now that “Starry Night” should be the focal point.

I also got a Joann’s gift card for Christmas from Paul – which I love and adore. Paul, I think, has decided that whatever holiday it is, it will NEVER fail to please Kim to get a gift card from Joann’s. And he’s right. Gift card’s from Joann’s are NEVER a bad gift. I’m sure my buddies DomesticDiva and Sprocket will nod their heads along with this statement.

And books – I got books for Christmas. Which is also a gift that never fails to please.

And I am feeling better. I think that my recent illness *was* mostly stress related – and maybe mostly to do with Christian and the zombie lady – with the major themes of “homelessness”, “guilt:” and “holidays” running through both stories, I think it was just getting to me. Now that Christmas is over and I can forget about feeling guilty that Christian will be alone, or that the Zombie lady is in some homeless shelter for Christmas, I’m feeling less stressed out. I just have to let it go. It is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it. Although now that I have the DVD camcorder, I am *dying* for zombie lady to get back here. Maybe I can get the story of where she’s been on tape. God knows she has some splainin to do. *And* she has Christmas presents here.

So the thing I am most looking forward to right now is Zombie Lady coming home, uploading some videos to the blog (suggestions of videos you want to see welcome), and the Annual New Year’s Eve party at Ray and Lynn’s. Last year I took pictures. This year I shall tape *and* take pictures. Should be good for a chuckle, especially since the useless twins are supposed to make an appearance. I can’t wait for the New Year’s Eve party.

So let me know what you got for Christmas – and let me know the great gifts you gave to people – the ones they just LOVED. I made my mother cry this year. With a gift I wasn’t even expecting her to cry over. I didn’t think it was *that* wonderful. I wanted to get my her a calendar – but one I could personalize with the dates of all my brothers and sisters birthdays and all the grandkids birthdays. My mom is getting old – she calls me all the time – “When is Bianca’s birthday – isn’t it this month?” “No, mom, it’s 6 months from now – John’s birthday is this month, though.”So I went to the Wal Mart site and their photo center and made a calendar – the nice part about it was that I could not only personalize it and add comments to the dates with birthdays – but I could also add photos to each month. So for each month I added pictures of whoever had a birthday that month – and then for months with no birthdays (there are those, really), I added some old family pictures of my mother’s family when they were kids.

My mother fucking LOVED it. She LOVED all the old pictures I had added and there were some pictures in there she hadn’t even seen in decades, pictures
my Aunt had left to me that my mother had no idea even existed anymore.

I was really, really surprised that a gift that cost less than $20 would have my mother on the phone with me crying about how she didn’t have a picture of my Uncle Bill before now, and how she didn’t even remember what her grandmother looked like, and that my sister never thinks to send pictures of her kids and they’ve gotten so big and grown up looking….I mean, she was like really TEARFUL and all crying and stuff…..Unreal.

Such a stupid and cheap and simple present and she loved it more than last year’s expensive present when all of us kids pitched in and put in new carpeting all through her house.

Go figure.

Oh – and Holly says “Hope you had a good Christmas!”



9 Responses to “What Did Santa Bring You???”

  1. Kathy said

    I’m so happy that you are feeling better. I’m also happy that the post office delivered your Mom’s present. Yay!

  2. luvgabe said

    I’m so happy that Santa was good to you, Kim! I’m even happier that you are feeling better.

    Now, if only Zombie Lady returns….

  3. mary c said

    Hi Kim, glad to hear you are feeling better–your gift to your Mom was really special, she will enjoy that for years to come. Long after the carpet is threadbare, her memories will be strong. The best gift of our Christmas was the presence of a special little girl who lost her Mom in a car accident this summer. She is 9 and is bff with my only grandchild. They have shared Christmas Eve for the past 5 years. This year was hard, but they got us all through a difficult time with their love of the season and each other. Looking forward to your New Years report. Praying you continue to feel better each day.

  4. Leslie said

    The best thing I recieved was a photo album with all my girls in it. I’d had photos spread throughout various boxes and bins but could never find the time or energy to put it together myself, 17 years worth. I cried when I opened it. I also got candles, socks, a lint brush (for Whoosha hair), a BIG can of Maxwell House and chocolate covered cherries. We all had a great Christmas.
    SO glad you’re feeling better, Kim. Can’t wait to watch videos!

  5. Mindy said

    Love the stuff you got for Christmas, very nice. Well I got money so that’s always good. My daughter “Sara” got everything because well she is spoiled rotten, be on what you could ever imagine. I am on her computer writing this right now because her computer is better then mine could ever be, and she got the computer back in October for her birthday. So this is what I would like to see on your DVD camcorder of course the ZL and all the interesting folks there in Malone, but if the pregnant thief shows her face I would love to see that to. By the way you have the best blog ever.

  6. Mindy said

    I just reading your post about the useless twins, guess I missed it along the way, but what you were smelling was not feet or smoke it was “ass” anyone who does not bath has this smell about them it is something you will never forget and based on what you wrote I knew right off. So if you see these twins on new years and they are still both alive and the same smell comes back to you, it is that. My advise would get the DVD recording and move away as fast as you can and never look back. My father has COPD and he has none of there problems and he does not smoke since he found out.

  7. Looks like you scored, Kim! I got a new computer and color laserjet printer…no damn Joann’s gift card…WTH? But not to worry–I still have DH’s credit card…haha!

    I also got one of those video cams, so I, too, am going to upload some videos (once I figure out how to edit them…LOL).

    Happy Holidays!

    With friendship,

  8. Val Dalton said

    haha i can’t wait to see zombie lady on tape! We made calanders for all the grandparents of Luke. It made them all cry as well. They didn’t care about the other gifts just the calander.

    The present i like the most is one Luke got, it was a Winnie the Pooh basketball thing we got at Aldis for like 20 bucks. Its great! LOL I’m such a big kid!

  9. Sandy said

    My Christmas present is having “You” back. So, so, glad to read the fisty Kim again. Your holiday sounded wonderful and no wonder you were mad at the post office. A very special gift.

    Can’t wait for “real time” video on your blog.

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