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Live Food in the Mail

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 12, 2007

 OK – so I felt like shit all week. Thanks to everyone who wrote me, both here and in email – I appreciate all your kind thoughts and well wishes and I’ll answer you all soon enough – I have about 200 emails I am behind on, so I am getting to you. Just slower than usual.

No word on Zombie lady. I’ve been continuing to call the police department, they’ve been continuing to say “We know you are concerned – nothing we can do.” I’m still hoping that they give her son my phone number and that he calls me. I can understand his indifference if this is something she does quite regularly – takes off with no firm destination and no contact with anyone – but to me there’s a huge difference between taking off when you have a pocket full of ready money and credit cards and resources and taking off when you have no access to any kind of money at all. And I’m quite convinced that he has no idea she has no money available to her. And I don’t know if that would change his level of “give a shit:.” But I really feel that he should have all the pertinent information before he decides to write it off as “Mom went wandering again.”

But when it comes right down to it – if she is somewhere safe and warm and if she has access to food and electricity, well, she can’t be much worse off than she would be here, with no heat or water or lights. And I just know that her pipes here have to be frozen damned solid. I’ve been trying to talk Paul into going over there and checking her pipes in the basement. But it’s hard to convince Paul to enter the premises without her permission, even though I keep telling him “But she told me to keep an eye on the place, and I told her I would!” Paul just says “Well then YOU go check her basement.” But he won’t go in. Fucking Mr. “I’m too good to break the law” Paul. What the fuck ever.

So, that’s all the news on Zombie lady – the news is, there’s no news.

But there is OTHER news. Like today I got in the mail a cooler – yes, a cooler. Full of tamales. I think this was the first time in my life that I ever got live food in the mail. And the tamales were even frozen. With little ice packs all around them in the cooler. It was the neatest thing in the world. One of the readers of the blog from Texas sent them to me. Incredible.

Paul insisted that we have some for supper tonight, so I cooked the beef and pork ones – Paul pronounced them the best tamales he’s ever had. And they were good. I ate a couple myself. Although the cooler is still the thing that blows my mind the most. Unreal.

In other, other news, I finally got the body done on the bunny sweater. I’ve started the sleeves.

All I’ve really been doing is sitting in front of the TV all bundled up, feeling like shit, watching Lost and knitting. The problem is I keep just nodding off, so I don’t actually watch Lost and I don’t actually get much knitting done. But I finally managed to finish the body of the sweater. And I got through the first disc of Lost. Only 7 to go.

And about 200 emails….


14 Responses to “Live Food in the Mail”

  1. HT said

    Ahhhh. She lives.

    Welcome back.


  2. luvgabe said

    In Kim-speak: “Woo woo!!!!” I am so so relieved that you’re back, Kim. I was just contemplating contacting your blog-friends who live in Malone to give us some news. Love ya.

  3. abbi_normal said

    Thanks for the update. Keep bundled up on the couch and keep nodding off, you must need it!

    Please take care.

  4. mary c said

    Hi Kim, I am so glad you are feeling well enough to post. I hope you continue to rest, knit, watch Lost, whatever makes you happy. You have brought much laughter to so many people, and we all just want you strong and healthy. I reread several past blogs last night, better than past episodes of Lost in my opinion!!! Take good care of yourself, and please continue to share your gift with us all as you are able.

  5. skweekie said

    A cooler full of live tamales from Texas. I laughed so hard I spit coffee on my monitor.

    Keep knitting. Remember you are the defending champion at the fair.

  6. Leslie said

    You scared me. When I saw the Headline “Live Food In The Mail”, I thought you recieved a chicken or something.
    Hope your head is feeling better. I swear, headaches are the worst pain; they make me really grumpy.
    Glad to hear you’re taking care of you :>)

  7. NJGill said

    what’s with the posting dates on your recent entries? today is 12/21/07, but the byline says posted 12/12-? previous posts have also appeared to be posted on a day much earlier than the actual posting date – did the computer repair guy mess with your PC’s clock?

  8. Gail said

    Kim, I’m SO glad you are writing again! Sorry you have not been feeling well and I hope all is well, soon.

    ZL stays on my mind and I just wonder how she would react knowing so many people are concerned for her welfare. I keep thinking her paranoia will somehow keep her safe from people that would try to take advantage of her. Here’s hoping she is safe and warm. God bless you for caring!

    By the way, the little sweater is beautiful!

    Peace and good wishes,

    Gail in NC

  9. Sandy said

    Wow! So good to know you are getting better. Keep warm, keep watching lost and keep nodding off. All good for the body and soul. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Now go back and do what was best for “you”.

    Do not go to the “cold” house. You’re health is more important and even if the pipes are frozen there is nothing that can be done. Well, there probably is, but my guess is that none of us want you over there right now.

  10. Debi said

    Kim – I’m with Sandy – don’t go to check the pipes. They’re frozen, and not one thing can be done. You keep resting and taking care of yourself, and concentrate on getting through the other 7 disks of Lost.

    When ZL comes back, Paul will be ok with helping her, and he can take care of the pipes. Or if she stays in Albany hanging with people who speak her language – thats not bad either. She’s nothing if not resourceful – she’ll be ok.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!


  11. Caroline said


    You are the only person who would still continue to be productive while at death’s door. I am of course, referring to your amazing output of that adorable bunny sweater.

    Mexican food, really good Mexican food that is, is known to have a restorative effect on all kinds of ailments so enjoy and have a Merry Christmas. So GOOD to hear you are feeling much better!

  12. Lorraine said

    Glad you’re back. Missed you. Feel better.
    Question: How does one eat tamales with a feeding tube and are they as disgusting as when you eat them by mouth? I have this mental image…… that has to do with a blender and a funnel. Remember Bass-o-Matic?

    You really make me miss knitting. I learned from my Grandmother in England a hundred years ago and can follow an English pattern but not an American one. I think the needle sizes are different too. Sigh….

    Look up Edwardsburg, Michigan in Wikipedia and see if anything looks familiar.


  13. Sue (Canada) said

    So glad to hear you’re doing better…
    Keep doing what you must ’til you’re back on top!

    It’s just not the same without you – Your writing, your humour, your ‘matter-of-fact’…Missed immensely – Especially knowing that it’s due to on-going health issues…I’ll add here that it amazes me that even while feeling so shitty, you can pull off such amazing pieces of work….Master knitter, you….

    Well, I’m still hoping for some word on ZL – Sure am hoping that all is well with her… In the meantime, I’ll continue telling myself that “no news IS good news”!

    Anyways, please take care of yourself, and know that we’re here, in your corner, “rooting”(sp) for ya…

    Only the best –
    Fonzie @ Pinky’s

  14. outwest said

    Hey Kim, Glad you are a bit better and like the other Spector people, I am sorry to hear about MM and the feeding tube. As Lorraine has asked about your feeding tube, my understanding is that you use it as needed but can go back and forth from feeding orally to the feeding tube. Fill us in on this if you are up to it. It cannot be a good thing to have this tube, I am sure, another thing to maintain, and worry about along with everything else. You have lots of people out here pulling for you. Your friend, ,, Merry Christmas.

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