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Posted by thedarwinexception on December 10, 2007



The police were just here. Apparently Zombie Lady’s son FINALLY got around to calling them to report that his mother hadn’t shown up last Tuesday as he had expected and, you know, gee whiz, could they go over to her house and make sure she was OK?

I’m beginning to think that he’s as mentally deficient as his mother is. I mean, if my mother lived hundreds of miles away and was due to come in ON A BUS on a specific day at a specific time, I think it would take me LESS THAN A FUCKING WEEK AND A HALF to call someone and say “She didn’t show!”

But he finally did call and the police officer came over to ask me if I knew the lady next door. At first I was going to say “Zombie Lady?” then thought better of it and said “Ummm….yes, I know her – I have permission to go in her house and check it out – she left last week for New York City and I’ve been watching the place for her.” The police officer said “well, that’s why we are here – her son called and said she never showed up.” The police officer then asked if I had a key to her house and I said “No, the door is unlocked – but be careful going in and be aware that there are no lights and no heat – and you can’t get upstairs.”

The officer went in, looked around and came back out, telling someone who lives in her coat collar that she couldn’t make entry to the upper floor. (Ya think? I’ll bet she couldn’t make entry to the bathroom, either.)

The officer asked me when zombie lady left, how she left, if I saw her leave, what she was wearing, what she had with her and what she looks like. I told the officer I had a picture of her – and the officer asked me if I had a copy, and I told her it was on my computer, but that I could print it out, which I did. I also explained to the officer that although zombie lady purports to have money, she didn’t have access to any of that money when she left, and this was one of the reasons she had gone to the city, to resolve her banking issues. I said that perhaps if her son knew which bank she deals with, he could call and see if she had, indeed, been there to resolve her issues with them.

The officer left here headed to the bus station with the picture in hand to see if anyone remembered her getting on the bus.

And now I’m very, very worried about zombie lady.

I immediately called Val to tell her about the visit from the police. Once Val was assured that the police weren’t here to arrest us for breaking in (we didn’t break in – I had permission to be there), she was as worried as I am. Although she did say that zombie lady could be somewhere between Albany and New York City in some hospital, having cut off her ear.

And the thing that really pissed me off about the visit from the police was the surprise the officer showed when I said there was no heat or lights at zombie lady’s house, and hadn’t been since Spring. They’ve been here no less than 3 times to do safety checks on her – the APS has been here, code enforcement has been here, and I’ve made tons of other calls, and this officer was completely unaware that anyone was even living in the house. Grrrrrr…..

But, now everyone needs to pray for the zombie lady and hope that she’s OK somewhere. I worry that something happened on the Con Bus, or that she couldn’t get any money in the city and she’s living in a doorway over a heater grate somewhere and doesn’t have the money to get a ticket home. Or that someone bopped her over the head on her way to the bus here and she’s floating in the Salmon River.

And I’m worried that I am probably the last person to see her alive and now my fingerprints are all over her house and all over her mail. And fucking Paul said right in front of the police officer “Well, do you have her son’s phone number, Kim? Because if something happened to her, he’s probably going to want to sell the house.” Stupid fuck. Jack McCoy would have a field day with this kind of circumstantial evidence.


38 Responses to “MISSING – ONE ZOMBIE LADY”

  1. Marianne from Ohio said

    Omg….I can’t believe that she is really scary is that? I have a
    really big knot in my stomach at this point.
    Plus to make this even worse…isn’t NYC having really bad weather in the last couple
    of days, how awful if she has been on the
    streets..What the fuck is up with her son?
    Takes him a week or more to call the cops to
    report his MOTHER hasn’t shown up…arggg…
    I am sick…just sick about this…please
    keep us abreast of what’s going…I don’t think many of us will be getting much sleep
    in the next couple of days..
    Hopefully there are more good souls out there,
    like you Kim and maybe someone has taken her
    in. Does she still have any friends in the city that she could be staying with?

  2. noorbe said

    Shit shit shit.
    I was so worried about this, that something like thit would happen, I even wrote so, as other people.

    Where do you begin?
    She has no money.
    Where the hell could she have been this whole week?
    Wandering the streets? No money for food or a place to sleep.

    Yeah, makes you wonder about her son……He waits a whole week?

    She’s in my thoughts, and PLEASE as soon as you hear something, anything, you HAVE to let us know.

  3. noorbe said

    Kim, I’m so glad you took that pic, and could give it to the police, just think if you had not done that……the police would not even know who to look for.

  4. HT said

    I just checked my calendar today to see how long she’s been gone and now this. This is definitely not good. Will the police give you her son’s name? What a jackass. I don’t have a good feeling about this, Kim. And I just mailed you something today. Hang onto it. Maybe it’ll all work out with so many people praying. Thanks for letting us know and if the police come back, put Paul in the closet.


  5. Jenn said

    This is terrible. I hope they find her soon, safe and sound.

    Kim, she is so lucky to have you and Paul looking out for her and befriending her. As far as we know the only other person she has is her wretched idiot son! A week and a half to realize your mentally disturbed mother is missing?! He more than anyone else has to know how she is…she could be anywhere…ugh. Unbelievable.

    ZL is in my thoughts. I hope she’s okay.

  6. luvgabe said

    This is the worst-case scenario come true. Just awful, awful…. Poor ZL. Does she have your phone number, Kim? And did the police officer indicate what steps they’ll take to find her? What about the bus station in Malone? Surely someone would remember having seen her. Good God….

  7. Kim (Canaada) said

    I had a feeling something like this might happen –
    I’ve had a couple of really awful days, and she has crossed my thoughts often. I keep counting my blessings to wade through the shit…
    Sue keeps saying “she’s a strong lady, a smart, albeit crazy lady and she’s probably trying to make her way home”…God, I hope she’s right!
    And what kind of grown “child”, that of a mentally incapacitated parent, waits that long to figure out that “mom’s missing, hasn’t shown up” and so “I should contact the authorities to see that all is ok?”
    What is this world coming to?
    We send our prayers and keep saying more…
    Please keep us posted on any and all developments, Kim – I beg of you…
    So wish I lived closer….
    Sue and I would be ready for an all out search…

  8. Leslie said

    God- I feel so helpless. Whatever she does and says and thinks makes sense in her own mind- I wish I could be there for 10 minutes. All my problems seem so trivial next to hers and she doesn’t even know. This will always be the “Natasha (aka ZL) Christmas”. If she comes home, Kim, please let us no right off. I want to bring her blankets and a Christmas tree.

  9. Moe said

    Oh the poor Zombie Lady, I pray she’s okay.
    I don’t know about the bus terminal in the city, but the Albany Greyhound terminal is a criminals dream. My Mom takes the bus to visit me sometimes, I live in Saratoga Springs, you have to hang on to your purse for dear life. There are tons of drugs traveling on those buses from NYC to upstate, and the folks are not pretty. I hope she did not get caught up with any of those types.
    The kids are calling me to make cookies for It’s a Wonderful Life, how ironic.

  10. luvgabe said

    Kim, I wish I live near Malone instead of in California, so that I can help you make & post up flyers with ZL’s pic. We must pray and think positively that she’ll be found. The first thing is determine whether she even got on that bus to NY. Please please let us know if you have any news!

  11. Veronique said

    Kim, it would look weirder if your fingerprints weren’t all over her house and mail, since you agreed to keep an eye on things, and giving it a walk-through seems like a natural part of that. Especially since your blog documents some of the on-going issues and frustrations and craziness. (And what a completely useless dumbfuck her son is. Surely if any fingers are being pointed, it should be at him.)

    I am so scared for her. I wonder if you can find out if she actually got on the bus: do buses keep passenger lists like airplanes? Then I hope the authorities are doing an APB; maybe she got on the bus in the wrong direction and got put off somewhere. I have an image of her sleeping in the bus station in Albany or Buffalo, getting more and more scared.

    Fingers crossed,

  12. Kristen in Georgia said

    Kim, It was bad enough worrying about her living over there with no heat, the dangerous gas grill, etc – and now this just leaves me with a sick feeling! Keep us updated!

  13. Sandy said

    So many scenarios cross my mind. And agree with the possibilities others have mentioned. This is not what any of us wanted to happen. We were all concerned about the trip Natashia was taking.

    Did she say the trip was to stay with her son? I thought she said her son had not spoken to her for years. Wonder if he went to the bus station every day to check? Or was he waiting at home for her to show up or call him? None of which makes sense to me that her son waited so long.

    Can you keep in touch with the police? Am glad you let them know all done in trying to help her. You have gone beyond to help, nothing done was intruding or wrong.

    It sounds like the police played their normal dead ban face in responding to anything you said and the conditions of the house. I don’t care that they couldn’t get upstairs. Why didn’t they try? They are looking for lost Natashia.

    How are the lost posted for public to know? In her mind set, even if she needed help, the norm of most would be to avoid her. Which doesn’t bode well for her getting help if in trouble.

    You must feel so helpless right now. Can you find her son’s number and call him? At least to know what the plans were and possibly help trace the steps.

    Haven’t we all assumed her son didn’t care? Perhaps this is not true and her condition changed quickly. Or as many have found, changes are not seen immediately. Especially when not in contact with another for a long period of time. The other side is he did know and the police were not surprised to find her home in the condition it was.

    Bless this kind lady and you Kim. All that you have done in trying to help her and no one listened. A very sad event. She is in my heart.

  14. Kim (Canaada) said

    I just woke up and was so hoping to find some news – Some positive news!
    Where the hell has ZL wandered off to…
    Don’t think I’ve ever talked to “the big guy” as much as I have in the last 19-20 hours…
    Any news you can update us with, Kim?
    Sue has sent the photo and a little info to all her New Yorker friends – Maybe someone will be able spot her somewhere today…
    Kim, you are a godsend – I can’t imagine all you must be going through, not to mention the constant checking you must be doing in hopes to see her strolling up the street….Please let her turn up SOON –
    GodSpeed Natasha “home” – To Malone, next door to Kim and Paul, and Holly and Milo….

  15. Kim (Canaada) said

    Sorry – I didn’t just get up at the time posted above – Let me correct this… I woke up earlier than that – We’ve switched over to standard daylight savings time and so it’s earlier than that here – No, I am NOT a lazy ass who sleeps all day – Just so you know and we’re clear on that! LOL! LOL!.

  16. HT said

    I’m straining my brain here trying to think of positive possibilities for ZL. My social worker friend thinks it’s likely she got off the bus somewhere, drew attention to herself and is either in jail or a hospital somewhere between Malone and NYC. I am so hoping. She said people like ZL are resilient beyond our wildest beliefs. I’m ready to jump in the car and drive to NYC. How stupid would that be? If she is in a hospital, probably Belluvue, she’ll get a psychiatric eval and maybe this whole thing will have an incredibly happy ending. OK, I’m a hopeless optimist looking for a pony in a pile of shit.

    Kim, please post something even if it’s “I don’t know a f**king thing, OK?


  17. William said

    Do you have to use this BAD language to write your bogs????

  18. Veronique said

    Do we even know if she got on the bus? Did she even get out of Malone?


  19. Do you have to use this BAD language to write your bogs????

    Yes I do. Do you have to use such bad spelling when you write your comments?


  20. Do we even know if she got on the bus? Did she even get out of Malone?

    The cops were going to check the bus station yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t say if she actually got on the bus.

    The officer said they would let me know if they heard anything – if they haven’t called me back by tomorrow morning, I will call them.


  21. HT said

    Hey William, it’s Kim’s blog. If you don’t like the language, don’t read it.


  22. Marianne from Ohio said

    I have had a awful night, up and down, checking to see if there has been any updates. I am sure it has been just as bad
    for you and Paul.

    I am now trying to have a positive attitude.
    There is a large Russian community in NYC
    and it could be she is staying with friends.
    She is very resilient after living in both
    Russia and Nyc for many years. She has good
    survival skills on her side. Maybe she likes
    having the heat on, hot showers to take and
    sweet cooking of borcht, blini and sweet tea. Enjoys talking to someone in her mother tongue…[sorry getting a little sappy..making myself start to tear]….So I
    am going to believe its all good until I hear that it’s bad…That’s what I am thinking
    and dammit I am sticking too it. So off I go
    to clean out my closet to send her some warm
    clothes for Xmas…[it’s a good thing, been
    meaning to do this for ages so now I am motivated and since we are under snow and ice storm seems like the perfect day to get it done]

    Everyone be safe out there….

  23. skweekie said

    Kim, you have a paper trail a mile long about how you tried to help her. The people who should be worrying are those who left her alone and without help: the city of Malone and her son.

  24. luvgabe said

    Hi, William. As HT said, if you don’t approve of Kim’s “bad” language, don’t read her blogs. Nobody’s putting a gun to your head to read them. I, as well as her many fans, find her use of the English language hilarious.

  25. abbi_normal said

    OMG !!! I have been an avid reader since the “Spectacle” trail and I love your blog. I hope zombie lady is ok. I will be sending good thoughts out to her.

    To William: I like the cussing. If you don’t, realize that no one is twisting your fucked up typing fingers to click on this damn blog. OK?


  26. Mindy said

    If ZL has not been found, I am on your side and will take the stand in your defense, you only tired to help her. It is not your fault this women has a mental illness.

  27. tess said

    The son should be checking the hospitals, jails, homeless shelters etc., its interesting that he waited a week to contact anyone. He was obviously expected her if he realized she didn’t show up. Maybe the police should be apprised of the situation he allowed her to live in. There are a million stories of people who actually had money that lived impoverished. I am suspicious of this son. Does he have all of her money? Is this just a show of concern for future scrutiny? Anyway, I will, along with many others pray for the safety of Natasha and hope she is somewhere safe, warm and happy.

  28. Moe said

    I’ll pray for the Zombie Lady tonight, the weather is going to be wicked.

  29. Caroline said

    Just like you and all of the other bloggers, I am truly sickened and sad that it has come down to this! I do not believe she has good survival skills or that some “good samaritan’ is going to sweep down out there on the road and put her under their wing. I think you should call the local TV station, newspaper or talk radio program or all three and get some high level visibility going. It is time that all of these social service agencies that are SUPPOSED to be looking out for those less fortunate are put on the spot and humiliated into action. Good God, it is the Holiday Season!

    There is really no more time to lose, I can just picture this poor soul trying to keep warm on a steam vent in NYC, or mugged into incoherency somewhere on the road. Kim, you are a powerful soul, there is no one else that is in the position to carry this out!

  30. Val Dalton said

    I wish we had her sons phone number so we could call and yell at his sorry ass for not reporting ZL missing sooner. Who waits almost two weeks to say their mom hasn’t shown up? I’ve tried to search everwhere to find his phone number. It’s like the guy doesn’t exist. Whoever he is he’s an idiot.

    Any more word from the Malone police since they visited the bus station? I hope she’s ok, i’m really worried about her! I really hope she is in a jail or a hospital at least she’d be somewhere safe and warm.

  31. Caroline said

    Seriously Kim, fuck the son. He is like a Kmart employee, he is keeping quiet for his own reasons; 1) doesn’t want to be responsible 2)some weird financial reasons, like getting a hold of any $$ she may have.

    You and Val need to alert the press, Let them flash her picture on the local news, it will get picked up by the NY feed. This is the best chance we have for Natasha’s recovery and some attention by the local social service agencies.

  32. luvgabe said

    Caroline has the right idea, Kim. I’ve just e-mailed a newspaper reporter here in California, as well as a retired public defender with contacts in law enforcement, asking for their help & for them to go to Kim’s blog. Hopefully, they will alert others. Let’s get poor Natasha as much media publicity as we can!

  33. Buckeye Belle said

    I agree with Caroline. It is time to officially report her as a missing person and get the word out. No reason that the idiot son has to be the one to do it. She did tell Kim that she would be gone a week, and even the police know she did not show up at the son’s house when she said she would. Kim? Val? Could either of you make the report?

  34. Tim said

    I pray that she is a resilient as she looks. Good luck, Kim.

  35. Greg Goss said

    V asks about passenger lists. I took a Greyhound for a 12 hour trip last March, and nobody took my name other than on the credit card slip. So, no. There is no trace of passengers. The driver knows how many passengers he’s supposed to have, and what to/from cities are expected.

    William: What you see is what you get. Kim’s weblog has always used rather profane language. For some reason, I find that charming from Kim, though I usually hate it otherwise. There are supposedly forty million blogs on the web. If you don’t like this one, you can choose another. Then another…

    The son: Everyone is ragging on the son for not reporting her absence sooner. But we don’t know what kind of schedule he was given. We’re used to airliner itineraries. But someone with no job travelling by bus couuld well have an entirely different timescale in mind. If she sent him a letter saying “I’ll be there for Christmas — probably a couple of weeks before Christmas,” and she had a history of odd reasoning, how long would you leave that vague arrival date slip before reporting it? Natasha doesn’t have a phone — any co-ordination was probably set up by a letter. he may well nave had no idea precisely which day she was planning to get onto a bus. Stop ragging on his case until we hear what his case actually is.

  36. I so hope Zombie Lady is warm. We are in the middle of an ice storm here in NYC…it’s freezing to be outside for too long.

    Does anyone know which bus station she was traveling into? Penn Station? there must be some way for the police to check if she even got on the bus in Malone and then if so, made a connecting bus.

    and while the son took too long to report her missing, I wonder how in the world he could have contacted her if she has no home or cell phone…KWIM? Also, it may be typicla of ZL to show up days late if she did so in the past.

    Keeping fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    With friendship,

  37. Kim (Canaada) said

    I was under the impression that she hadn’t continued a relationship with her son, so I was rather surprised to hear that he was involved with contacting the police in the first place…
    As far as communication between the two, I thought that Kim had previously mentioned that ZL doesn’t get mail…. We know she doesn’t have a phone, so short of writing to her son, that would be the only way that he could have known that she was coming…And I tend to agree with Greg (Goss) with regards to “vague-ness” on date and time….
    I know Kim mentioned previously that ZL had spent her last $55 on her bus ticket. How was this ticket purchased? Did she run to the bus terminal to pick it up a few weeks ago? Was it purchased by her son and sent to her? (Again, that brings up the MAIL issue) and/or was it delivered specially by courier…. Kim, did you purchase it on-line for her? Something has to account for him believing she was to arrive on one date, and her not arriving at all, resulting in him contacting the police….I would imagine that him FINALLY doing that, is in fact the equivalent of a “missing persons report” being filed, no?
    At this point, my entire weekend has been focused on ZL! I just want and need to hear something…God forbid anything horrendous has happened, and I’m so hoping she’ll turn up, non-chalantly, with not a care in the world, and with no idea of the worry she has stirred up around all of North America (Possibly the world?)
    And I almost agree with Val – Jail or hospital would be the safest place at this point. Well, next to visiting with her Russian friends, in a warm place and sipping on some Broscht concoction….
    Please let it be so….
    Kim, any update for us yet?

  38. bro said

    holy crap. the star of your show went missing? hope you can find someone to fill in. do we know any other crazy people?

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