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We Love Stupidity in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on December 9, 2007

 I talked to Santa today – the real Santa. Told him what I wanted for Christmas. Have you talked to Santa yet and told him what you wanted? Well, if you haven’t, and you would like to (and you have free long distance) you can call (813) 273-8160 and tell him yourself. But don’t be greedy!

And when you stop chuckling over that – come back here and take a peek at more stupidity in the news.

Yeah, that sounds easy to find…


Well, I guess the tomato sauce helps out the porcupine



Well he’s never going to come back now! How could he face all the other search and rescue dogs?


I didn’t even know cows were in gangs.


Damn! How big was she?


Maybe now isn’t the time…


Well that’s really going out on a limb…


This guy still had his Christmas lights out in March?? I’m thinking the fucking neighbors smashed them.


Well, it was one of his two favorite arms


Well, I’d hope that they would be in fine shape – but I’m still trying to figure out the 20 categories.


Yeah, because the killing of innocent people didn’t do it…


I guess the vampires are for the night games.


Get yourself a professional beheader, too, if you’re going that route.


And my favorite…OK, I know it’s mean, but it made me laugh.


9 Responses to “We Love Stupidity in the News”

  1. luvgabe said

    Hi, Kim. Any news on ZL? Do you have a backup plan if she never returns? Can you report her as a missing person?

  2. DT said

    Hey, if the Eskimos have 100 words for snow, we can sure have 20 categories for boobs!

  3. Katprint said

    There really are more than 20 “categories” of boobs if you consider how bra sizes are done i.e. 34a,b,c,d,dd,f,g,h etc.

  4. morettom said


    FYI, we called a stuffed cabbage roll Porcupines (among other names native to the area). It’s a Polish recipe that calls for cabbage leaves to be boiled and then stuffed with ground beef, rice and spices. Prior to baking, it’s covered with a tomato sauce (actually Campbell’s tomato soup where I’m from).

  5. Greg Goss said

    “Car hits boy; Car damaged”

    This was my CB QSL card more than thirty years ago. In the comic I copied it from the pedestrian is asking the driver of the econobox microcar “Are you hurt?” The caption disappeared on the QSL card, but the facial expressions survived. I don’t know where my QSL cards are or I’d scan it up for you. I saw them when I was organizing stuff (including repacking a few boxes that were getting bedraggled) for the move from Toronto to Vancouver in early 2005 — move #5 of the 7 moves in 2.5 years that i keep talking about.

    “Used Boobs”. I’m a guy. There are way more than 30 varieties. But I think calling them “used” is a pretty rude way of putting it. So the owner has been a little bit free with her affections. You don’t have to put ’em down as “used”.

  6. ROTFLMAO! You find the best stuff! And your commentary is hilarious!

    With friendship,

  7. Dr. Sugar Ray said

    LMAOOOO !! I’m gonna’ start comin’ by here regularly !! Off tha’ hook…I love it !!

  8. Mary Beth said

    Dr. Sugar Ray…So exactly why are you dropping in? I’m really waiting for your answer. Dr. Sugar Ray????

  9. Malone Leslie said

    Who the hell is Dr. Sugar Ray?

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