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Bruce Cutler Sends Me Schwag!

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 29, 2007

 I almost forgot to tell you – with all the computer problems and the zombie lady and everything else going on. But Bruce Cutler contacted me a couple of weeks ago – well, more accurately, one of his people did. And he asked me for a small favor, which I did, and as Thanks his associate sent me a whole box of Bruce Cutler schwag. Or, again, more accurately, “Jury Duty” schwag.

And this isn’t just cheap crap, either, it’s like high quality schwag. The t shirts are thick, not that “wash once and be threadbare” stuff that you normally associate with “free schwag”. And the cups are really heavy ceramic – the bags are as good as what you would expect if they had a Nike swoosh symbol on the side, and the cap is a really heavy cap material, not the cheap “one layer of lightweight cotton and a piece of cardboard” kind of cap.

So I was really impressed with the “Jury Duty” schwag, and wanted to show you what I got. And I really am going to have to set a season pass on “Jury Duty” on the Tivo so I can check out the show. It has to be fairly good, with the high quality schwag they hand out.

These are the mugs – one is an insulated traveling mug and one is a regular coffee mug – oh, and I got two bottles of “Jury Duty” water. I’m not quite sure what the significance of the water is. Maybe when I see the show, it will be clear.



These are the shirts – a dark blue polo shirt and a pullover gray t shirt. Really, really nice quality.


These are the bags – a light gray canvas tote bag and a dark blue nylon zippered backpack. Again, really high quality materials.


Then we have the golfing towel – I think that’s what it is, it’s a small hand towel with a silver clip in one corner. Are those golfing towels? And the cap.


Everything has the Jury Duty logo on it, and the shirts say “You have been summoned to watch Jury Duty”. On the back of the gray t-shirt it says “Don’t even try to get out of it!” I guess that’s their slogan. I guess they didn’t have room for the last line of the slogan “If I can leave in the middle of a high profile murder case to tape it – you can take time out of your mundane fucking life to watch.”


13 Responses to “Bruce Cutler Sends Me Schwag!”

  1. *loly Toledo said

    Just exactly what was the *little favor*? Yep, that’s good shit. I hope OJ doesn’t think it’s his and come get it or if he does, I hope he goes to the wrong house, like Zombie Lady’s.

    I got dibs on the golf towel, OK?


  2. noorbe said

    I thought the show was already cancelled.
    This is too funny.

    You’re FAMOUS!

    Is hubby going to take one of those mugs to work with his coffee in it?
    What will people think?

    This is SO funny.

    It also tells you that the defense was reading your blog……………………

    For your entertainment, in case you missed it:

  3. marie said

    You’re just going to tease us with “a small favor for Bruce Cutler”??? Well, that’s really kind of cool. Nice stuff too!!
    Way to go!!

  4. Kathy said

    Wow. Can’t help but wonder what the “small favor” was.

  5. Just exactly what was the *little favor*?

    Yeah, I knew that would drive you all crazy, but I can’t discuss it, really. Maybe later.

    I got dibs on the golf towel, OK?

    You golf??


  6. Holy Toledo said

    Yes, loosely speaking I golf. Whaddya think? I’m 90 or something.


  7. Charlie Pearce said

    I have two questions.

    1. Who is Bruce Cutler?

    2. What is schwag?

  8. 1. Who is Bruce Cutler?

    Bruce Cutler is best known as the mobster lawyer of John Gotti, and the “general “house counsel” for the Gambino crime family. He was accused in New York of jury tampering in one of Gotti’s cases and was banned from representing him further. Most of my readers best recognize him as one of Phil Spector’s lead attorneys. He was the one represnting Spector as Spector’s murder trial began, and the one who delivered the “denuded” opening arguments. In the middle of the trial Cutler got an offer to tape a new reality series, and Cutler left the courtroom to go and do it, leaving his co counsel to “make it work”.

    Upon his return to the trial, he and Spector disagreed on whether or not Cutler should deliver closing arguments. Spector thought it best if Cutler stayed out of it, since Cutler hadn’t been present for most of the defense case. Cutler, since he had been “keeping up” via court tv, transcripts, and daily reports from Spector, thought that he would be just fine delivering closing arguments. Spector prevailed and Cutler quit on the eve of closing arguments saying “there is nothing more I can do for Mr. Spector”.

    2. What is schwag?

    Goodies, junk, stuff, trinkets, freebies, souveniers, whatever….


  9. Holy Toledo said

    schwag, No 2: low grade marijuana


  10. Rhonda said

    Well… I gotta say you’ve already performed a favor for him by promoting his show on your wonderful blog. Worth more than the “High Quality Schwag” (crap) he has sent you. I have to wonder if Sprocket has recieved such a lovely gift????
    Holey Toledo, like your definition #2 LOL

  11. Ken Johnson said

    Question: I wonder if Bruce Cutler ever reads these?…..

    It seems that Mr. Cutler, who claims he has no children, has two estranged children from his past… I know this for a fact…

    One was the Love of my Life… Samantha Spencer…died May 27th, 2007.. Her brother still lives between North Carolina and San Diego.. His name is Jake….

    Sam was very special and had only one major secret… she told me that secret before she left us…

    Was going to honor that secret until her brother denied me closure and refused to call after she died in North Carolina..

    Now I’m not quite sure what to do with the information..

    This is a start….


  12. HT said

    Well Ken, I’m wondering what did Jake do to deny you closure. I’m sorry for your loss of Samantha. Even if Cutler reads this blog, do you really think he cares if the world learns he has or had illegitimate children? I sincerely doubt it. It’s obvious you have pain. Don’t let it turn to revenge and bitterness. Usually it will come back to bite you. Let it go.


  13. Sandy said

    Great load gal. Cutler should have you on one of his juries, including paid travel and accomodations. The ultimate thank you….for whatever it was you did for him. Plus, you would be far more interesting than most of the knowns he is probably getting on there. My guesses regarding your “favor” are all over the place, but not in the mud.

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