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Invitation Accepted & Sewing Projects

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 19, 2007

 So, the zombie lady has accepted the invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. I went over this afternoon and knocked on her door. I guess my last tirade at her was halfway effective, at first she wouldn’t open the door for me. I yelled through the door “Are you going to be here on Thursday?” Half knowing that she probably doesn’t know what day that is, since I heard her telling the APS lady that she didn’t keep track of days and months. She answered me by yelling ‘Yes”. And I yelled through the door “Well, Thursday is Thanksgiving! I want you to come over for dinner.” She still wouldn’t open the door and she just yelled back “oh no, I no impose.”

This kind of pissed me off, so I yelled to her “Open the door, I don’t want to yell.” And she did.

So then I said to her “Look, it’s not imposing if I invite you – it’s only imposing if you knock when I haven’t invited you – but this time, I’m inviting you. So I want you to come over – and I’ll come and get you early, so you can help with getting some of the stuff together, and we can hang around and watch the parade and you can warm up.” I only mentioned the “warm up” part, because it was fucking COLD in her house. The gas grill wasn’t going, I don’t know if she was conserving the propane tanks or whatever they are, or if the APS lady convinced her that it probably wasn’t a good idea to have the grill going in the house. But it was “see your breath” kind of cold up in there. Damn!

In the end, I’m not sure if it was the “warm up”, or the thought of the parade that prodded her to accept, but she finally said “well, Ok, I come, yes.” Then she asked what kind of beer Paul drank – because she wanted to bring something. I told her “Fuck if I know – Bud maybe? I’m not sure. Just bring yourself.” But she said she wanted to bring something – so she would bring beer. Then she asked me if I drank the Palm. I had no fucking clue what “the Palm” was, so I said – “The What? The Palm? What’s that?” And she said “The Palm – the palm, you drink the palm, no?” I told her I had no fucking clue what the palm was, and I was pretty sure I didn’t drink it. I said “No, I don’t drink the palm, I drink the DIET COKE.”

Finally she got the hint that I didn’t know what she was talking about and she said “No, the pomegranate – you drink the palm, no?” And I said “OH! Pomegranate – no, I don’t drink that.” But she promised to bring some – maybe it’s big in Russia – or among the undead. I don’t fucking know. But I ain’t drinking it

In other news, Val came by and picked up the stuff I had made for her little cutie boy. I ended up not sewing the ends of the fabric on the overall buckles. Here are the overalls

And here is the little shirt you can see peeking out from behind the overalls. It has snaps on the shoulder for easy access. I liked little shirts with shoulder snaps on them when my kids were little.

Here is the sweatsuit jacket – I love the little pockets that are on the front and the drawstring hood. It has a zipper in the front.


My favorite are these duckie PJ’s with the feet in them. I think they came out so cute. They are flannel – some of the flannel I bought at last year’s Joann’s Black Friday sale.

And to go with the duckie PJ’s – a duckie bathrobe. This is the first one I’ve made out of fleece – all of the duckie bathrobes I’ve made in the past have been out of terrycloth. I bought some blue terry to make the little dig bathrobe – but when I went looking for flannel for matching PJ’s and saw the duckie material, well, I had to make the duckie bathrobe – and I didn’t have yellow terry – just yellow fleece.

But I actually like it better in the fleece. So now when I go to Joan’s on Friday for the flannel sale, I’ll have to get some blue fleece for the dog bathrobe.


11 Responses to “Invitation Accepted & Sewing Projects”

  1. Velouria said

    Your neighbor must’ve been talking about this stuff:

    Supposedly good for your heart, although it sounds like your neighbor may mix hers with a little vodka…

  2. Holy Toledo said

    Awwwww. Awwwww. Awwwwwww. Awwwwwwwww. Awwwwwwwwww. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

    All the outfits are handsome, adorable. I’m in awe.

    So Ruskies do drink “palm”. That seems like a strange drink. Vodka, I understand. Maybe that’s what they mix with vodka.

    I’m glad she accepted your invitation. This is all going to be so curious. I can hardly wait until Friday. Hey, promise you’ll write your blog Thursday night since you’re going “flanneling” Friday.


  3. Greg (in Canada) said

    Pomegrante juice is about the richest juice in antioxidants. (Assuming that mere mortals cannot afford Goji.) Antioxidants mop up the metabolic leftovers that are one of the causes of cancer. So pomegrante is a healthy juide to buy. But I didn’t like the flavour, so I don’t buy it.

    Most dark coloured juices are pretty strong in antioxidants. I don’t know if Welch’s is one of them.

    “palm”? Pomme is officially French for “apple”, but in practice it’s French for something approximating “fruit” or “produce”. “Pomme frites” are french fries from “fruit of the earth”. Pomegrante in French is “Grenade”. I don’t know how the “pomme” got stuck on the front when it got pulled into English. But if you try feeding “jus de pommes” into a translator from French it comes out “apple juice”. It’s a lousy short form for pommegrante juice.

  4. Lesmond said

    Yes, Kim, Paul drinks Bud.

    And Pomegranate juice is delicious. I’d buy it all the time if it wasn’t so expensive. I’m sure she was talking about the “Pom” brand of the juice.

  5. Val Dalton said

    We love everything you made for Luke! I can’t wait to take his picture in them. I will try to get the too you after this busy holiday weekend. Thanks again!! We can’t wait to hear about Zombie Thanksgiving 2007.

    PS – You should tell Zombie lady that she should get a kerosene heater, they are a lot safer than a gas grill. Hell if she has the money to buy beer and POM Juice she can afford a decent heater!

  6. noorbe said

    There’a “palm” beer in Europe, it’s very good.
    I’ve never seen it here in America.

    The outfits you made are beautiful! I love the little bathrobe you made.
    What kind of stitch do you use when you sew the material used for the sweatsuit?

    You’re a brave woman to wander out on “black friday”.
    I will not even be near any store.

    Have fun tomorrow! I can’t wait to read all about it……….:)

  7. We love everything you made for Luke!

    I’m so glad!! Did Scott raise his eyebrows at the duckie bathrobe??

    You should tell Zombie lady that she should get a kerosene heater, they are a lot safer than a gas grill.

    I would think so too. Not that I trust kerosene heaters, but it’s got to be better than having a ticking time bomb in your living room.


  8. What kind of stitch do you use when you sew the material used for the sweatsuit?

    That’s mostly serged. I think top stitching is done on the pockets and the zipper, but the rest I just serged it all. And the material is just a stretch fleece, with ribbing for the cuffs and waistband.

    You’re a brave woman to wander out on “black friday”.
    I will not even be near any store

    I’m not that brave. I wouldn’t go to Wal Mart on a dare, but I plan on being at Joann’s bright and early, grabbing their entire inventory of flannel and getting the hell out of there.


  9. Gail said

    Kim, the jammies, robe, sweatsuit jacket, overalls, and shirt are darling! WOW O WOW! Damn you are GOOD!

    I’m curious tho, what are you going to do with the entire inventory of Joan’s flannel? Oh and how does one keep flannel from getting hard and nobby? The nice sunggly smooth feel doesn’t seem to last very long. 😦

    I can’t wait to hear about your dinner with Zombie lady. I was wondering about her collecting wood/sticks or whatever. Think she is roasting wood on the grill? Her very own fireplace? whew!

    Well, I feel sorry for her. We should all chip in and buy her wood burner.

    We are having dinner with the in-laws, who are quite old. Mr. Inlaw, who is a step in-law, has his daughter (who I hardly know) coming to cook. She is bringing all the food-then cooking it, but that is not enough for them, as she also has to wallpaper the bathroom and plant a 100 tulip bulbs while she is visiting. Oh and she is also cleaning out the attic! lol I think I love her LOL!

    I almost forgot, I heard she brought some pomegranates. LOL


  10. Caroline said

    Kim you are so talented…that’s one lucky little guy! I used to think I was a good seamstress until I saw your creations!

    Sewing, kniting, cooking, entertaining, blogging, you should be really proud of your accomplishments. I know you would never admit it, but you are a really kind soul! Creating gorgeous little outfits for lucky boys and girls and taking pity on a thouroughly unlikable soul who sounds as though she doesn’t have a friend in the world. Happy Thanksgiving from a grateful reader!

  11. I, too, would pass on the Pomme juice…ugh!

    WOW…you’ve been a busy bee in the sewing room!!! Love all the little boy creations! You are a talent!

    And yes, I too wouldn’t miss the flannel sale for the world!

    With friendship,

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