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NV vs. Simpson – OJ Bound

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 14, 2007

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Judge Joe Bonaventure today ruled that OJ Simpson and his co-defendants Clarence Stewart and Charles Ehrlich should be bound over for trial in their robbery case. They each face life in prison for the 12 charges they face.

What might come as a surprise is that the judge lent some credence to the defense’s arguments that the group of witnesses who were brought into court to testify did have some “credibility issues”, and the judge repeated the litany of appellation ascribed to them by Joe Moran, the attorney for Ehrlich, who called the motley crue a collection of groupies, voice hearers, pimps, gun toters and court order violaters. The state is going to have an uphill battle to present a believable case with a group of witnesses who can’t find a clean hand amongst them.

Their next court date will be November 28th, in front of Judge Jackie Glass. One hopes that she will be able to reign in Yale Gallanter better than Judge Bonaventure did.

Most likely the defense attorneys will be busy in the interim submitting motions to sever the cases and have their clients tried separately. And one would think that Yale Gallanter is submitting motions to either change his clients venue to downtown LA or asking to bus in the jury from the last major OJ trial, accurately arguing that those jurors are the only people on the face of the Earth that didn’t follow the murder trial.


One Response to “NV vs. Simpson – OJ Bound”

  1. Bill T said

    Any interest in covering a sports-related trial in San Francisco next year?

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