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It’s Dead, Jim

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 5, 2007

So now I have a new problem, because life can never be just smooth and uneventful, there always has to be an issue or something to complain or worry about. 

There’s something wrong with my computer, and let me add, just as an aside, that if you are glad and grateful that I am able to post, able to be online and that I am not a blathering mess of suicidal thoughts and tears in a big heap in the middle of the floor, thank AFCA member and all around wonderful guy groo, because he’s the only reason I am online and not sitting with a gun to my head and a bottle of sleeping pills in my hand.

Groo is the one that gave me that laptop a while back for my sewing room, and I am using it to get online and get my email and post to AFCA, and get to the blog. So everybody wave and say “Thank You Groo!”

My regular computer is acting odd – it boots, everything is there, no problems until about a minute after it loads up, the monitor goes dark and I get that ”No Signal” message, although the computer keeps running. Got me. I haven’t a clue what’s wrong with it, but when I asked in AFCA, I think we got to a consensus that it’s probably either an “overheating” issue or a software issue – or maybe it’s the power supply. I know it’s not the monitor, because I have 2 monitors here and it does the same thing with both of them.

I was going to mess with it and try this and that and kind of narrow the problem down a little better, but what the fuck, I’ve got a computer guy, he’s pretty good (if slow), and since he charges the same price whether or not you’ve narrowed down the problem, I’ll just let him figure it out.

And he is a pretty good computer guy – last time I took the computer to him, he recovered all my data from a crashed hard drive. I thought that was awesome. But, like I said, he is kind of slow. Of course, that could just be my perception since usually when I bring the computer to him I don’t have a backup.

So, the computer will go to him on Wednesday, or sooner if I can get there sooner, and I’ll pick it up whenever it is ready – probably not until next Wednesday. And in the meantime, if you’ve sent me an email I might not have it on this computer to respond, and I don’t have my address book on this computer, so be patient, I will eventually write you back. And I don’t have Front Page or Live Writer on this computer, so the posts might look different. And I don’t have any of my pictures or half finished posts, so we’ll be winging it for a bit.

I’m just happy that I can get online at all

And I have faith the computer guy will be able to fix the other computer – eventually. And I do need to talk to him about getting a proofreader or a spellchecker for his website, that thing irritates me every damned time I go to it.


15 Responses to “It’s Dead, Jim”

  1. Kim (Canada) said

    Glad to see nothing keeps you down…LOL

    Oh, and…
    “Thank You Groo!”

    Fonzie :~)

  2. Holy Toledo said

    Hey Groo, put a gold star on your forehead. I said forehead!!!!! 🙂

    I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew there was trouble in River City. I’m glad it was the computer and not the alternative…. you were blown to smithereens by ZL.

    I’ve concluded we’re all destined to have a love/hate relationship with computers…love em when they work, hate em when they don’t.

    Anyway, glad you’re back, for sure.


  3. Sprocket said

    I feel your pain.

    If you have animals, it could be your are getting crap in the fins of the heat exchangers. And it could be the power supply. Cat hair totally killed one of our computers, and we really keep our office space as clean as possible. And it could be because the fins are all filled with crap, that the computer isn’t able to keep itself cool. We added extra cooling to one computer and that did fix it, but you could not run it without the extra fan. When Mr. Sprocket finally trashed it and tore it all apart to salvage stuff off of it, that’s when he found all the hair in the heat exchanger fins.

    Hope you get this all straightened out, soon.

  4. Estron said

    Thank you, Groo.

  5. Veronique said

    Maybe your computer has worms.


  6. Sprocket said

    Kim, any news on the status of your main computer system? I went to the Spector hearing today. Still hasn’t inked a deal with his potential new attorney. Asked for another MONTH to get that done!

  7. tulpje said

    sprocket, just putasockinit.

  8. Maisey said

    Wow Kim, hope your system gets straightened out. How frustrating!


    Still stalking, I see. You seriously need help. Get a life!

    Your inappropriate comments about Sprocket do not belong on Kim’s blog.

  9. Lisa Ann said

    Thank you groo! (Waves)

  10. Holy Toledo said

    Kim, just want to let you know I’m missing you. Any word on the computer?

    I just checked out the book on Spector, Tearing Down the Wall of Sound. So far so good. Spector seemed to have a pretty good sense he was insane, even admitting as much, but he thought he was functionally insane or something to that effect. And it sounds like he could charm a snake if he wanted to or be one. Once these people get money, there’s not enough oxygen in the room for them.


  11. Maybe your computer has worms.

    Maybe I should sprinkle some of this medicine on it. ‘


  12. Kim, just want to let you know I’m missing you. Any word on the computer?

    I brought it in yesterday. Even though it was kind of “back to normal” – in some ways. It wasn’t blanking the monitor anymore, and it would stay on until I physically turned it off, but I was skeered that I was going to burn something up.

    When I turned it back on, though, I had no sound. Although it could have just been that I had the speakers plugged in wrong. I remember that there was something weird about the way you had to plug the speakers in, but I forget what that was.

    And I went to backup my email messages and address book, and the DVD/CD burner wasn’t recognizing my discs. So, I don’t know if all this is related or not, but I brought the computer in and told Mike to just “fix it – fix it all.”

    I hate hate hate getting a new computer – to me, getting a new computer is the equivalent of moving, and I hate that, too. And I just LOVE my computer – although it bears little resemblance to the computer I bought since most everything in it has been upgraded. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a new one.

    But I am quite convinced I couldn’t buy a new one with the specs I have unless I immediately upgraded the new one, too, so I really just don’t see the point.


  13. Holy Toledo said

    I’ve had a Compac, Dell and Gateway. Next computer will be an Apple. Dell was the worst.


  14. I’ve had a Compac, Dell and Gateway.

    Gateways I don’t mind too much, but I probably wouldn’t buy one. And I can’t tolerate Dell’s or Compaq’s. Cheap parts, cheap production and failure prone components.

    Generally I get custom built computers from small mom & pop shops, or I build it myself. I like being able to define what I want from the get go. This computer, which is the one I’ve owned longer than I’ve ever owned a computer (I usually get a new one every 18 months or so – this one I’ve had over 2 years), is a Sony Vaio. But, like I said, I’ve upgraded it so much it’s really not the computer I initially bought.

    I had an Apple back when the kids were in school and that’s what they were using in their computer labs, I had no trouble with it, and I liked it just fine.

    If Sims 2 expansion packs for Apple were released at the same time as the Windows ones were introduced, I could see owning an Apple. But I wouldn’t be able to stand the delay with the Sims 2 games.


  15. Dana said


    Groo sent me a Tivo. He’s really, really nice.

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