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Zombie Lady and Cabbage Night

Posted by thedarwinexception on November 1, 2007

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s been a few days, but I’m fine, really I am, just getting into sewing again – I’m sick of knitting for the moment so I’ve gone back to sewing. Well, and it’s not so much that I’m sick of knitting but that Bravo has paraded out their “Project Runway” marathons in anticipation of the new season starting November 12th, and nothing gives me the urge to sew more than a good Project Runway marathon. God, I love that show. I could kick ass on that show, if I was more creative, and knew how to design clothes, and knew how to put color and fabrics together, and knew how to fit garments to models, and knew how to draw. But other than those things, I could totally kick ass on that show.


But, in Zombie news, guess what happened to her house on Cabbage Night (otherwise known as Devil’s Night, Mischief Night…or the night before Halloween)? Yup, news of her lunacy must be spreading because her house got totally TP’d and egged. So sad, too bad. But it gave her something to do – she was out bright and early Halloween morning washing her windows (and she took the curtains down that were hanging on the outside of the house – I don’t know how she’s going to wash them with no running water – but, whatever), and she took all the TP out of the rose bush by the side of her house. Which kind of pissed me off because I really wanted to get a picture of the TP and the eggs on the windows.


And no, it wasn’t me who got her house – and no other house on the street was touched, either. And whoever did it must be really good at it because the dogs didn’t bark at all and they’ll bark if they hear a leaf fall off of a tree. So I was actually surprised when I saw her house had gotten hit. I’m thinking that they did it to stave off any ideas she had of handing out cat food tins to Trick or Treaters.


We had a total of three trick or treaters this year, which is an all time high, actually. Last year we had none. And Val came over with her precious adorable little boy, which was nice – and she brought cookies, which was even nicer. YUM!!!


I told Val to go over to the zombie lady’s house to see what she was handing out, but Val was too chicken. Although, to be fair, the Zombie lady didn’t have a welcoming porch light on. Or her solar lights lining the walkway, either. So I guess she wasn’t welcoming trick or treaters.


So, now I have to get back to sewing. I’m making a little shirt and sweat suit outfit for Val’s adorable little boy for his first birthday. I’ll post a picture when I’m done with it.







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