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Works in Progress

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 30, 2007

 So the county came back.

I don’t know what they are doing now, still working out back doing something and also doing some really weird shit across the street. There’s a big truck that says “Vactor – Ram Jet” on the side, and the county workers are taking a long orange hose, inserting it into the ground and doing something. Like right in front of the old lady across the streets door. I’d be kind of upset if they were doing whatever they are doing right in front of my door. Guesses welcome as to what this is all about – because I haven’t a fucking clue.

I’m not sure if Zombie lady is around to get to see the county workers – I haven’t heard a peep from her since that day in the backyard when I told her I wasn’t angry at her – just fed up with the constant banging on the door. I did consider going over last night to see if she was around and inviting her over here to hang out only because it was really cold last night and I was worried she was over there with the gas grill going.

And since V asked in comments, let me say that this is not a Weber Gas Grill – it’s more like a cheap gas grill you would get from KMart or Wal Mart – it’s one of those black ones with the big domed hood, it has wheels on two of the legs and there’s a  redwood shelf on the side that holds utensils. It’s really kind of too bad she doesn’t have any pots or pans, because I suppose she could boil her own water or sausages if she did – I’m not sure, but I think you could probably put a pan on the grill and boil water, couldn’t you? At the very least I think she could be toasting marshmallows.

Her grill is kind of like this one, but it only has one shelf on the side and her shelf is made of that faux redwood.


In other news, the curtains in the bedroom are done – except for the tie back things. I haven’t made those yet since I don’t really need or want them until spring. I like the curtains hanging straight down for now. I have some material left, so I’m thinking of making some pillows for the bed and maybe getting some more of this material and incorporating some of it in the canopy on the bed, too. Paul wants me to cover the lampshades in there with this material, too, but I don’t see that happening. Too much work. That’s what I say.

But here are the curtains – and again, the colors aren’t really “right” – it’s hard to get the colors exact with the sun shining behind the windows. This first picture is the window over our bed – the white material you see is part of the bed canopy.

This is the window that faces the house next door (not the zombie lady’s house – the other side) – you can see Paul’s clothes thrown on the chair in front of the window.

And this is the back window – the one window where we get a little bit of sun once in a while. This window faces the back yard and the Harley barn.

Here’s a scan of some of the remnants – much better true to life colors. And you can just see the sequins in the bottom right corner.

I’ve also been knitting a new sweater. I finished the short row sweater – except for the button band and the ruffle I want to put down the button band and the collar and sewing it all together. Other than that, the pieces are all done. Just have the “finishing” to do. I started the “rabbit sweater” with my wonderful, wonderful new Plymouth Dreambaby yellow yarn and the Bernat Baby lilac yarn for the contrast. This is the “rabbit sweater”.


And this is what I have done so far.

This is going to take forever because it’s worked on the size 0 and size 1 needles. Ugh. So slow going. But it’s good warm up for the christening gown. And I think it’s an adorable set.



15 Responses to “Works in Progress”

  1. fiberjewel said

    They are shooting jets of water into a sewer/pipe to clean it. at least that is what my company uses those trucks for.

  2. Queenie said

    Hi, Kim… the old lady is probably having her septic tank cleaned out. That would be my guess, anyway. Does it smell bad around there? That would be a clue.

    Beautiful beautiful knitting work.


  3. Yep…it’s a septic cleaning truck. Guess the employee w/ the cigarette isn’t aware of the “gas” problem (aka Zombie Lady) in your neck of the woods.

    Love the fabric you used for the curtains…how pretty! oh and make those tiebacks before you misplace the extra fabric. Or you could always buy some of these iron curved rods (which hold the curtain back at each side).

    What a pretty sweater!

  4. Debi said

    Vactor makes sewer cleaners – so I bet thats what they’re doing. Interesting that they’re going in in front of her house and not from the road.

    BEAUTIFUL knitting. I can’t imagine using size 0 needles – too much like trying to knit with toothpicks.

  5. MyrnaTurner said

    The story about this poor woman has me so drawn in it has become the primary reason I turn on my computer in the morning. I check every day for updates. And worry when there isn’t one. Best wishes (and prayers) for all involved. (I have a neighbor who isn’t far behind. She called the police on another neighbor who had kindly pulled a small weed when passing her yard on the way to the mailbox. The police suggested she retrieve it from the collection pile and replant it. And she did. Supported in all its glory by sticks and string. Then, she photographed it. For her “case.” Last winter we lost our power for a week. Ice storm and single digit temperatures. Although offered warm and powered sanctuary, she refused to leave her home and stayed the entire week, guarding her pipes (which had been turned off.)

    Love the curtains!!!

  6. Holy Toledo said

    I love the sweater-to-be. Sister, you are good.

    What kind of camera are you using? When you take pictures of a window in daytime, the light gives a false reading and they usually won’t turn out very well. If you want a good picture of the drapes, which we all do, then take the picture at night and the true colors should show. Go ahead and say, kiss my ass, HT. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. Lorraine said

    Well, code enforcement might have taken a pass on Zombie Lady but I bet the Fire Marshall won’t. Thing is Fireman have to go into the most incredible dumps while they are in flames and its a real danger to them. Also they don’t get much of a chance to do macho police type stuff so they usually jump at the chance to be officious. In addition they have a lot of down time and are bored. This will make good dinner conversation for them. Then Fire Deptartment will call Code Enforcement who will call Adult PS and the ball of red tape will start rolling.


  8. Sprocket said

    You are a fantastic knitter Kim. I am in awe. I don’t have the patience. Looking forward to seeing this little outfit completed.

    Hope you are able to get some help for the grill in the living room lady. That’s scary!

  9. tery said

    The guy w/ the ciggy hanging out of his mouth- hope theres no gas leak issue nearby!!!

    Re: gas grill in living room- I just love it. You can heat the room, cook yourself a hot dog and sit on the sofa and watch tv, all at once!

    Every winter they warn about using other sources for heat on the news ad naseum- grills are always on the list here. Then comes Thanksgiving and they hoopla is about the nuts who try to fry a turkey in a vat of hot oil right outside their garages and end up burning the house down.

    I am sorry your neighbor is a looney but gee, I wish i had an interesting neighbor. All we have is a guy who has his head up his own ass all the time. Hubby and I see him out the window and just seethe- “look at him, there he goes, what a dickhead….”.

  10. skweekie said

    Kim, you may want to get some photographic evidence of the grill in her home, if possible. Also, keep a record of who you contacted, and follow up in writing so you have a record in case anything happens. If they do nothing, and you have a loss because of her problems, you could have grounds for a nice lawsuit vs the city.

  11. Kim (Canada) said

    Where you be?

  12. noor b said

    Sprocket posted:
    “Hope you are able to get some help for the grill in the living room lady. That’s scary!”

    The grill in the living room does not need any help…………..
    The lady who lives in the house and uses the grill as a heatsource, that’s what’s scary, and the lady needs help, so does Kim, so her house will not blow up.

    I need some help also, and what’s so scary is that you gave your cronies my last name and the town I live in, they learned from you to look into the white pages, and now I get about 10 “unknown caller” calls a day.
    Never happened before…………………….
    Maybe you can ask them to stop this crap.


  13. Kim (Canada) said

    Noor B –
    Please don’t take offense to this, but I don’t understand why an issue you had on another blogger’s space is suddenly being brought and debated over here at Darwin Exception…Seems you’ve even taken a few “pot-shots” at Kim that were un-neccessary and un-called for – How is she responsible for what happens at someone else’s blog…and as far as her one response to you, it was completely in fun coming from her humourous nature, especially with regards to her “zombie lady” neighbour….There was no personal or vile attack on you, and obviously the seriousness of what’s now happened to you, was not visible or apparent at that particular time…

    I, like yourself, would be quite concerned with someone “outting” my identity over the internet, and so I take the protective steps and follow the rules so as to keep myself safe….I would very much like to believe that we’re surrounded by adult, mature and civilized people, but you know as well as I do, that that is NOT always the case – Especially on public forums such as these…

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re now experiencing crank calling and other forms of taunting, but might I suggest that you remove NOOR B from existence and re-invent yourself as a new identity with a new nick-name, and keep this ID protected….
    As far as the calls, keep tabs on the numbers calling you and either have them blocked, or if necessary, lodge a formal report with your area telephone provider and/or if neccessary your local police/law enforcement….
    It’s a shame that it has to come to this, but we learn from out mistakes, and it’s only through that LEARNING that we can ensure no repeat lessons on the same or similar topics….

    Good luck, and stay safe….

    Kim (aka) Fonzie

  14. Kim (Canada) said

    Where you be?
    It’s been days since we’ve heard from you…
    Everything alright?
    Please check in soon k?
    Getting worried, and I don’t do worried too good….LOL!

    Cheers! Happy Saturday to all….


  15. Maisey said

    Noor B,
    I have been to CTV, Sprocket’s Blog, etc. Nowhere have I seen or heard about the ‘supposed’ outing of any information about you. In fact, she’s never even mentioned you that I have been able to find. Perhaps you could direct me to where this was done.

    On the other hand, if you are making this up, it is you that seems to have a problem with Sprocket.

    I am not sure why you choose Kim’s blog to make your posting, but it is inappropriate.

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