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CA vs. Spector – Season 2 Prep & Zombie Lady Revisited

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 23, 2007

There was a production hearing yesterday in anticipation of the second season of that great summer hit show “The Phil Spector Trial”. Seems Spector hasn’t chosen his new “team” yet. Chris Plourd handed the judge 2 documents that were ultimately sealed by the court which outlined the financial arrangements and defense attorneys that Spector is working on. Since the documents were sealed due to their “financial nature”, I’m thinking they could be documents relating to loans or such that Spector is trying to secure to pay for his new attorneys. Guess the legal community is wising up after the Shapiro fiasco and demanding their retainers up front and with contracts outlining payment schedules. And you kind of knew that Spector would be running out of money soon – you can’t be hiring 3 different whiz bang defense teams and some of the best testi-money defense forensic witnesses in the world and expect to be able to keep this level up every year. Something’s gotta give eventually, and it looks like Spector’s bank account is the next victim.

But, in the end, we still don’t know who Spector is in negotiations with, although it is reportedly “some unknown Californian attorney”, referred to in court yesterday only as “Mr. X” – (or “Mrs. X”, Plourd offered), and we probably won’t know until November 6th, the date of the next hearing.

So, another delay, and more delays likely, since whoever “Mr. or Mrs. X” is, they can certainly appeal to the judge for several delays to get “caught up” on the case. Fidler himself intimated yesterday that this would probably be likely when he took Spector’s waiver of the “60 day” trial date, and said that a new team would probably need more time to prepare. If the judge is expecting more delays, I think it’s safe to say that we can count on them.

Oh well, more time for us to reacquaint ourselves with the trial and the issues and evidence and players.

In OTHER news, remember how I thought it was a GOOD thing that the county finally came and Zombie lady could finally stop fucking OBSESSING about their imminent visit? Yeah, well, that didn’t turn out to be a dead issue. Yesterday afternoon, not an hour after the county finally left, with a nice cleared portion of the backyard and the creek behind them, I hear a knock on the door. Since I was quite sure it wasn’t going to be another inquiry into when the “Creek guys” were coming, I made the mistake of answering it. It was the zombie lady, and now she was here to ask “Akeem – are they all finished – are they coming back or all they all done?”

Rather than stand there and have a nervous breakdown, since I have now decided that the only reason I can have a panic or anxiety attack is if I *ALLOW* someone to get me that stressed out, and I am not going to allow it anymore, I took a very, very deep breath, counted to five and said to zombie lady very calmly “Look, did they come and knock on your door when they left and tell you if they were finished or if they were coming back?” And she said “No, this is why…” Then I cut her off and said “So why do you assume they knocked on my door and let ME know?” Then I calmly but firmly shut the door.

Much, much healthier than having my blood pressure rise, and sweating and shaking and getting a migraine and having rapid heart movement. And much more legal than SHOOTING HER IN THE FACE, I suppose. I don’t have the money Spector has to hire three high falutin defense teams, although I probably could get Michael Baden to come and testify that my shooting her in the face didn’t kill the zombie lady, that she died of liver failure at that very second. He says that kind of shit, you know.


9 Responses to “CA vs. Spector – Season 2 Prep & Zombie Lady Revisited”

  1. Holy Toledo said

    I’m still in Portsmouth and the 3rd batch of company just left so I can pick up where I left off. Was I missed? Oh, don’t hurt my feelings, please.

    Yep, you’re one smart K-eeeeem. Because insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…..and you shut the door. So see, you’re not crazy/nervous breakdown afterall.

    Where in the hell was zombie lady when all this was going on? Does she have a car? How old do you thing she is? I’ve been thinking about sending her a care package but I haven’t quite got just the right idea yet. What’s her size? Just kidding….maybe an LL Bean sleeping bag that withstands -10 degrees. I don’t know her name but don’t you bet it’s Olga?

    Congrats on your new haircut. I like that knit sweater you had on. Hey, just kidding again. I’m not that stupid.

    My eyes are bloodshot from leaf-peeping but it was enjoyable. The rule in the car became the word “pretty” was banned because it was getting used too much and everyone got sick of hearing it. I left my camera at home intentionally so I wouldn’t get all frustrated not capturing how “pretty” everything looked and that made the scenic drives more enjoyable for everyone.

    No Court TV here so missed the Spector spectacle. You know what I was thinking? California has it right. When rich people do something wrong like kill someone, they get a jury that hangs so they can retry and drain the idiot’s bank account. It’s a big scam, a conspiracy ala Hollywood style. Whaddaya you say to that?


  2. […] Read it all here. […]

  3. Terry said

    It may be wishful thinking that Spector’s money is depleted. As the copyright holder on a fairly large number of the most popular songs ever recorded, he could easily be making seven figures a year just from radio airplay. Here’s a link to a good article explaining the finances of music copyrights.

    The pertinent part is this: “ASCAP and BMI, the mysterious licensing agencies, only pay the owners of copyright for radio and TV airplay. So when you listen to the golden oldies station pumping out the hits of yesterday, only the owner of copyright is collecting money- not the artist or the record company. If a song becomes part of the voice of a generation, the amount of royalty airplay money it can generate is substantial. An all-pervasive hit song can literally provide hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for life for its owner, while the artist who performed it might be driving a taxi. A lot of those mansions in Bel Air are paid for with ASCAP checks.

    Once you have been around in the music business for a while, you learn that owning of copyrights is the oil well and the gold mine. Owners also have the sometimes extremely lucrative option of licensing the song to movies and TV commerials, which make more money and even increase record sales and airplay, which make more money. The Rolling Stone Magazine “Where Are They Now” articles are full of tales of woe of the artists whose performances no doubt made many of those songs popular, but who are sitting back and watching other people make a fortune from them. The record company owner who controls the entire Creedence Clearwater catalog, (they are among the best-selling artists of all time, world-wide) reputedly has collected close to $500 million!”

    Spector’s song “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” is, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, the most frequently played song on the radio. Add in “Be My Baby,” “Da Do Ron Ron,” “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home,” “Spanish Harlem,” and the rest, and Phil makes a brand new fortune every year while he sits in his castle and polishes his gun collection.

  4. 2BReal said

    Kim – OMG, too funny the way you handled the zombie lady, but very smart. And I also wonder where the heck she was when the county was there.

    I just love your blogs!

  5. NEsleuth said

    Hi Kim,

    Hey, you were smart with Zombie lady!

    I’ve been officially declared sleep deprived by my doc because of this stupid whining puppy! She’s going to be a certified therapy dog some day if I don’t choke her first. I did some googling on whining pups and found a site that you might be interested in:

    Don’t know if it will help you and Holly, but I thought I’d pass it on.

    We have a 100 year old pine tree planted by Randy’s great-great something. If they cut a branch of it, I’d go ballistic! You’re doing much better than me dealing with all the crap.

    I go through Kim withdrawals if I don’t get to your blog every couple of days. I love your writing!

  6. Sprocket said

    Virtually zero press showed up for this hearing; only three accredited reporters. I bet everyone was coverng the fire.

    Maybe you should try talking in gibberish next time she plops herself on your front doorstep.

  7. Val Dalton said

    Next time she comes over ask her “Isn’t it time for you to hybernate for winter” maybe that’s how she servies without any power?

  8. Susan said

    As one of the few “almost graduates” of a Free Skool, I like Zombie lady’s craziness but how is she allowed to live without the “basics”? Doesn’t Malone have ordinances about electricity, plumbing, etc.? She’s gonna freeze to death this winter or take you with her a Blaze of Glory. Invest in some HUGE fire extinguishers NOW.

  9. I’m still in Portsmouth and the 3rd batch of company just left so I can pick up where I left off. Was I missed? Oh, don’t hurt my feelings, please.

    Well, I missed you. Pop in more often, would ya?

    Where in the hell was zombie lady when all this was going on? Does she have a car? How old do you thing she is?

    I have no idea where she went off to. People say they see her walking all over town. The cops have given her a ride home a couple times – just to be nice. I don’t know why they would stop and just pick someone up, so I’m not sure if she flags them down or if she like walks into the police station and asks them for rides, or what.

    She doesn’t have a car, but she does get around. She walks everywhere. And LONG walks, too. She walks to KMart quite regularly. I’m not good at judging distances, but I wouldn’t walk to KMart. It’s a pretty long ass walk.

    And I’m not sure how old she is, either. I’m not good with ages. She’s probably 50-55 or so. I don’t know. Maybe Val can estimate better than me, Val has seen her.

    I don’t know her name but don’t you bet it’s Olga?

    It’s Natasha, and you know what that is backwards, don’t you?……

    California has it right. When rich people do something wrong like kill someone, they get a jury that hangs so they can retry and drain the idiot’s bank account. It’s a big scam, a conspiracy ala Hollywood style. Whaddaya you say to that?

    I want him to have some money left for the civil trial.


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