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Welcome to my Nervous Breakdown

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 19, 2007

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days – I was busy having a nervous breakdown. No, really, you think I kid, but I really think I am having a nervous breakdown.

And the reason my posts get all dated wrong is because I start them, save them in draft mode, and then leave them there to add pictures or scan something or link to something, and then when I do post, and add the pictures or the scans or the links or whatever, I “publish” them and forget to change the date. So they get published with the date I saved them as “drafts” – that’s why they come out funny. Sorry about that, I’ll try to remember to change the dates.

So, anyway,  I think I had a nervous breakdown.  Maybe. If not, I was REALLY close. Thank God for Lesmond, Again. I like having someone to call and bitch at. Makes me feel better.

And I’m not even sure there is such a thing as a nervous breakdown. I’m not sure if that’s like a diagnosable illness. Do doctors actually come in with their test results and say “OK, Kim, looks like, from the blood tests, you’ve had a nervous breakdown.” Maybe “nervous breakdown” is some, like 50’s euphemism for “she wants a divorce, but of course THAT would be scandalous…” I need to know the medical term for “nervous breakdown”, or what the hell it is that’s happening to me, so that when I go to the emergency room looking for tranquilizers or whatever the fuck they give you, I can get the best ones and the most of them.

But my nervous breakdown consists of a severe headache brought on by the blood rushing to my head in a very rapid fashion, combined with a shortness of breath, my heart rate accelerating and my hands shaking uncontrollably. Then, something happens where all I can see is these spots and stars and firework looking things. And then the voices start. I get voices that say things like “KILL. KILL!!! IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. KILL”.

And what is bringing on this nervous breakdown?

It’s a combination of things. Mostly, it’s Holly. Holly the horse. Holly the fucking chewing horse. She is slowly but surely eating her way through the house,. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing if she was eating food. I wouldn’t mind that, I mean, I live with Paul, who basically does the same thing himself. But Holly doesn’t eat food – she literally eats the house. Holly has so far managed to eat the stairs, the floor, the dining room table, the end table in the living room, and then, when we got wise to her wood eating fucking ways, we chained her ass to the woodstove (let’s face it, she’s not going to eat the woodstove), and moved the dining room table out of her way, gave her the toys she likes, gave her her rawhide chews, her ball, her Kong, her blankie, her food and her water, and said “OK, now stay there until you learn that it’s not acceptable to eat the table and the stairs and the floor.”

And she promptly ate the windowsill.

So, we cleaned out the closet under the stairs, which is a fairly good sized closet – we are eventually going to make it a second bathroom, put the gate up at the doorway, and threw her ass in there with her assorted and sundry paraphernalia. 

And here’s where the nervous breakdown part comes in – because she whines. She doesn’t bark, she doesn’t even growl – it’s a high pitched, never ending, constant whine that I’m quite sure is akin to something some rogue nations subject their prisoners of war to when they want military secrets. Because let me tell ya, 2 hours of this and I’m ready to tell you any fucking thing you want to hear JUST MAKE IT STOP. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE IT STOP GRANDMA PUT FENNEL IN THE CORN CHOWDER!! FENNEL!!!  JUST MAKE IT FUCKING STOP!!!

Then I start getting all those symptoms described above – the sweats, the shakes, the shortness of breath, the headache, the heart palpitations and increased heart rate, and my blood pressure soars. And I want to kill. I want to kill the dog. I start to have very vivid and richly detailed visions of going downstairs and plunging a knife into her chest. I can actually feel the warm Holly blood flowing over my hands. And it feels good. And satisfying. And slightly scary – since I kind of LIKE the dog when she isn’t eating the house or whining. She’s really an OK dog. I feel bad for her, since I now realize that the reason she was probably exiled to the outside in a cage at her last 10 homes was because she ate like ate her way through these peoples homes.. But I’m telling you, in the middle of my nervous breakdown, I could easily strangle the dog to death with my bare hands, and do it easily and without batting an eye.

And Paul doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand why he comes home and I start crying and falling to my knees begging “please shut the dog up – please!!!” Paul yells at her once JUST ONCE “Holly – quit that or I will spank you!!” and the dog shuts up for the entire time he’s downstairs. She starts up again LATER – when he’s in bed, and I’m trying to sleep and I can’t because she’s whining and whining and whining. Then I’ll wake Paul up and say “She’s doing it again” – he goes downstairs and yells at her – she shuts up – for about an hour, and then, again, Paul is asleep and I can’t sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat all night long.

Mornings are the worse – because Paul leaves here at 6 am or so to go to work, and the minute he leaves, well, that’s when Holly starts her most vociferous whining. It never fails to wake me up – so in total I sleep maybe 3 hours a night – if that. And the lack of sleep, combined with the constant torture during the day, combined with all the other crap, and you can see why I’m having a nervous breakdown.

And it’s the “other crap” that threw it over the edge yesterday and made me call Lesmond. The Zombie lady next door flipped me right the fuck out.

Two weeks ago the county came by. The “Department of Works”. Because we have a creek in the back that provides drainage for the neighborhood. The county generally comes by a couple times a year and cleans it out, makes sure that there’s no overgrowth of vegetation blocking it. No big deal, right? They usually take a small bulldozer or backhoe thing back there and remove some of the overgrown bushes and weeds that manage to creep up around the banks and grow down into the creek. Not a problem. No big deal. Not an issue. Whatever.

Now they are the county – they have an easement to do this. If they want to do it – well, they’re going to do it, right? It’s not like they need my permission – they just come and tell me when it’s “on their radar” to be nice and courteous and polite and neighborly. But if I said “No, I don’t want you in my back yard on my property”, well, they’d probably just tell me “well, fuck you lady, but we have an easement”.

THIS year, Paul has parked the stupid fucking Satellite Dish hitting fucking van beside the Harley barn. So there goes the path for the bulldozer. And Paul isn’t here all day, and he can’t just hop in it and move it when they come – and believe me, I wouldn’t know the first thing about driving this van. So when the county came by the FIRST time, I told them “Sure, just come whenever, that’s fine, thanks for letting me know…” Never thinking about the van being in their way.

They came by again on a day when Paul was here and Paul told them “Oh, by the way, I have my van parked there – do you want me to leave the keys in it, and you can just move it?” And the guy said “No, we really aren’t allowed to do that – is there another way through?” And Paul said “OH SURE! Just go down the driveway next door – there’s a small fence at the back of her property that abuts our property and that’s my fence, which we are replacing anyway, just drive over it.

See, our property in the back of our house is in the shape of a T. The leg of the T is where the house and Harley Barn sit, then there’s a sort of kind of driveway next to the Harley barn that opens up onto the property in the back, which flanks the backyards of the two houses on either side of us and goes way back into the woods. So there’s this 2 foot high fence which separates zombie lady’s backyard from our property. Paul told them to just drive over it. They said “Fine – oh, and let her know we’ll be driving down her driveway…”

BIG BIG fucking mistake. Paul told her IN PASSING, OFF THE CUFF, BY THE WAY…..”The county guys are going to drive down your driveway to clear the creek…”

Oh my Fucking God.

People, I do not know what is in this lady’s head. I truly do not know. But she’s treating “the county is coming to drive down my driveway” as the second fucking coming of Christ. I don’t know what she’s thinking. I don’t know why this is like a HUGE fucking deal to her. But EVERY SINGLE DAY – sometimes 10 times a day, she will come and knock on my door and say “I have to go to market, no? But the county are coming to drive down the driveway….” And I look at her with bewilderment and say “You don’t have to like be here, you know, they are JUST driving down your driveway – it’s no big deal.” Well, that’s what I was saying the first 100 times she came over after Paul told her they would be driving down her driveway. It slowly degenerated into “Look, lady, what did you do, bake them a fucking cake or something? DON’T FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT.” She now comes over 5 times a day to ask me WHEN they are coming, WHY they haven’t been here yet, If she somehow MISSED their coming, If I have talked to them, and If I have any new information about the great driveway parade of 2007.

I can’t take this shit. I just can’t. I can’t take it anymore. And this bitch had the great misfortune to come here again yesterday in the middle of my Holly Nervous Breakdown. More’s the pity for her, but let me tell ya, I seriously fucking doubt she’s going to come over AGAIN.

I m having my headache, my palpitations, my racing heartbeat, and here she comes, knocking on the door.

I open the door and say “What?”

And she starts in – again – on the “creek guys” – “Akeem” – I have figured out, since I have had SO MUCH TIME TO PRACTICE LISTENING – that this is how she pronounces my name – Akeem. So she says “Akeem – the county, they say they are coming to go down to creek, no?”

And I lost it – I completely fucking lost it.

I screamed at her – and I know I was screaming because later, after I got off the phone with Lesmond, the old lady across the street called me and said “Why were you screaming at that nut?” So I was screaming loud enough that even she heard it.

So I screamed at her “OH NO YOU ARE NOT – You are NOT here again asking me about the fucking county!! What do you want from me? Do you think I fucking SCHEDULE these people? Is that what you think? Do you think they call me every morning to let me know what they are going to be doing that day? Is that what you think? THEY ARE THE COUNTY!!!! They will be here when they want to be here!!! They don’t need you to be here – they don’t need your permission, THEY ARE THE FUCKING COUNTY! Why is this important to you?? Do you think they are going to fucking PAY you or something if you are home to collect? Why???? WHY??? WHY are you even here again asking me about this shit????”

And she tries to get a word in edgewise, and she looks very afraid (which she should be), and she stammers out “Well, Paul said….”

And I started in again “Paul said SHIT. Paul said they were going to drive down your fucking driveway. He told you that only so that you would EXPECT them sometime in the future. That’s ALL Paul said. And so what if Paul said that – that doesn’t tell me why the fuck you are HERE – NOW! Do you think Paul is home? He’s not. And you know he’s not. So why are you here? WHY?”

And all this time, she is trying to get down the porch stairs, but something keeps compelling her to stop and listen. She should have just walked hurriedly away the minute I started screaming at her – that’s what I would have done, but she didn’t – she would start to leave, and then she would stop again like she felt she had to listen to me rant and rave at her.

When I finally stopped – only because I was waiting for an answer – I really wanted to know why this seems SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to her – why it’s like the biggest obsession in her life at the moment, I want to understand this. She looked at me finally and all she could say was “Well, they said they were coming….”

And I just gave up – she wasn’t going to be able to make me understand, there is no reason for her obsession other than “mental illness” and even though I am perilously close to mental illness myself, I certainly can’t understand it in others, and I finally just said “Well, I don’t get it, I don’t understand why this is such a big fucking deal to you – they can’t turn your fucking lights back on, you know, all they are going to do is drive down your driveway – that’s it, nothing more. And I don’t want you coming over here asking me about it again.” And I shut the door.

So, the sleeplessness, Holly whining and the zombie lady next door have all combined to contribute to my impending white jacket and new quarters in a padded cell somewhere. But I really do want to know if “nervous breakdown” is an actual medical diagnosis and condition. I would like to know what I am afflicted with when I go on my killing spree. It’s good for the defense team to know.


29 Responses to “Welcome to my Nervous Breakdown”

  1. Holy Toledo said

    No, you’re not having a nervous breakdown but that would be easier to treat. You are suffering from sleep deprivation which can be a form of Chinese torture and I’m not kidding. If you want to drive someone crazy, wake them up every couple of hours; it’s scientifically proven they will exhibit all kinds of rash behavior. Now for the solution, sort of. Holly needs to be outside, far far away. And that’s only a temporary solution. Poor baby may not be able to be fixed although I guess you could call the Dog Whisperer or Ellen.

    Akeem… did you ever figure that out? You thought Kimmer was bad. Well, ZL’s paranoia is alive and well. Things like the government, grid company, TV screens, all things electrical really trip these people off. I know from experience. My mother suffered with this illness until she died. I can’t tell you how many intercoms, TV’s, crepe makers, radios, electric hot water tanks and on and on she dissembled. I lost count. The irony is meds help but then they feel good and don’t think they should take the meds. It’s a vicious circle. It’s a horrible illness. I feel badly for anyone so tormented but that doesn’t help you. I guess the only thing you can do is not answer the door. Believe me, she will outdo you in any confrontation and that’s not to say you’re not a strong person.

    I hope you can get “restorative sleep” soon. I knew something was wrong when no column appeared. I was getting worried.


  2. gary said

    holy shit!! i guess this answers my question as to why you haven’t written me back. lol! if nervous breakdown didn’t have an actual definition, it does now. hope things get alittle more sane for you hun. you know i wish i could be there to see this “zombie” lady. how much i love bizarre shit. anyways, love ya and talk soon. gary

  3. Val Dalton said

    OMG OMG , you yelled at her? She probably didn’t understand half or what you were saying just that you were screaming it! She needs to get a life. Maybe she needs a companion, you could give her Holly. You know she eats catfood, maybe she eats dog food too and they can have dinner dates.

  4. OMG OMG , you yelled at her?

    Val, I am totally surprised YOU didn’t hear me – you know, you hear this faint noise in the background coming from my area and go “Wow – that sounds a little like Kim!”

    I was in such a blind rage when I was screaming at her, I can’t even remember half of what I said to her. And that’s what’s so scary and foreign about it – I never get that mad – never. But the combination of all this stress is just throwing me into some weird Thelma and Louise psyche where all I want to do is kill something or someone then drive off a fucking cliff.

    Swear to God.

    Paul said “Go to the ER and get some meds – you need them” and I would, only I’m afraid they are going to ask “Are you a danger to yourself or others” and if I answer honestly I’m going to have to say “Are you going to knock on my door? Because if you are, well, yeah, I might shoot you in the face, I mean, if I had a gun, which I don’t….but yeah, I might kill ya if you do it repeatedly and ask me about the FUCKING COUNTY…”

    And god knows what they do to people who will shoot their neighbors in the face when they come knocking 100 times a fucking day asking aobut the “guys coming to clear the creek, no?”


  5. holy shit!! i guess this answers my question as to why you haven’t written me back. lol!

    Yes, I haven’t gotten to my email – I have a million of them piled up and I do have a couple from you. I’ve just been trying to do “relaxing shit” in my spare time – trying to keep my fucking head from exploding. Just make sure Erica does NOT call me in the next couple of days – I’ll fucking throw her over the edge, too, I’m sure, with my attitude right now – you know how she gets when I yell at her.

    you know i wish i could be there to see this “zombie” lady.

    Yeah, I wish you were here, too – I could use the drugs.

    Oh shut up – I’m just fucking kidding.

    how much i love bizarre shit.

    You would LOVE this woman – the vines in the window alone would be worth the trip to see. Ask Val – zombie lady does NOT disappoint – Val had to bring a friend the second time – it’s like a fucking tourist attraction.

    anyways, love ya and talk soon.

    Write me about Autumn’s birthday – what happened? Did Nicky go?

    Love ya – take care.


  6. abarclay12 said

    Woah. It sounds like you have a lot going on here. First, please don’t kill the Holly Horse even though, like a goat, she ate your window sill. Second, your zombie neighbor is outrageous. If I had to put bets on it, I’m going with her as the one to have a nervous breakdown anyday now. She sounds kind of intense. Finally, I think it would be best if you indulged in your intense craving for Kentucky Fried chicken. It might soothe the voices telling you to “Kill!! Kill!!” Good luck with everything this weekend.

  7. Veronique said

    Hi Kim,

    The Zombie Lady needs professional help, and you need to either have Paul exercise Holly more often or find her a new home.

    We had a 1/2 Golden Retriever. 1/4 Lab, 1/4 Rhodesian Ridgeback, NICE dog, but she never stopped chewing until the day she died. She ate the kitchen wall, about six feet of it– nom nom nom. She was about 10 at the time. God knows how many tons of rawhide this dog went through in her lifetime. She also ate the table legs, chair legs, and anything that wasn’t nailed down. I’m sure she would have eaten a windowsill.

    You can crate Holly in a big ol’ crate so that she can see you instead of being locked away. See, this is why I’m a cat person…I’m temperamentally unable to deal with an animal that can’t let me out of its sight. And a lot of dogs (especially the protective ones) are like this.

    Zombie Lady, man, call the county. She either needs to find a community who speaks her language, or she really is a few slices short of a loaf and needs professional help. You’ve got such a good heart; here I am, spraying vagrants with the garden hose, and you take people and animals in, give them food, try to solve their problems. But you can’t solve Zombie Lady’s problems yourself. And Paul needs to step up to the plate with Holly– is there any way he could take her to work with him?


  8. Kristen said

    Kim, I read your blog alot and think your views are alot like mine regarding “idiot behaviour”!

    Anyway, I raise dogs and have had alot of experience with “whining” dogs as it is one of the things in life that takes me to “crazy-land” too.

    Here are some hints for Holly.

    1. Put your other dog in the closet with her. They normally will not whine if they have a buddy.

    2. You could get a no-chew muzzle for her so she can not eat the house. Not the kind that clamps her mouth shut but the kind with the “basket” on it so she can open her mouth etc but just not get to anything to chew it up.

    3. Correcting her over time will work if you can make it this long. I make a “shhhhhhhhhh” noise when my dogs whine and they learn it is unacceptable fairly quickly.

    4. Training collars work well but alot of people are opposed to these because they can be misused. You can just use the “tone correction” though and it works quite well so you dont have to physically go yell at her to be quiet – you just push the button on the remote and a tone comes on warning her that she better be quiet.

    5. If these things fail just put a fan on low in the corner of your room to drown out the whining.

    Anyway, just a few hints. Hope it helps.

  9. AtwoodLady said

    Take a couple of motion sickness pills….I get 100 count bottle of “Equate” at Walmart for $4.00.

    When needed, I get a good night’s rest and no drowsy hangover that other meds can cause.

  10. Glenda said

    omg–Lexapro and a weekend away at a B&B with massages, naps, wine and no crazy animals or neighbors. Do not, under any circumstances, open the door for anyone right now. The consequences could be dire. We really would rather hear your comments about trials than watch you on CourtTV. God knows what Star F***ing Jones would say about you!!

    I finally got curious and looked up Malone. No wonder you are going crazy–when you click on “entertainment” the pictures that come up are the post office, the cemetery, the agricultural society and Lucky Strikes Lanes?? Are you kidding me?

    I’m coming to Ottawa next summer for work–I think I’ll just take the 2 hour drive and come see this lovely place. I’ll bring yarn and stickers and treats for the animals.

    Did you get your carrot cake for your birthday?

  11. JayDee said


    Motel. ANY motel. For a couple of nights of recovery. Do it now! It’s a lot cheaper than the ER.

    Or buy a motel gift certificate and give it to the crazy broad.

    Hmmm… or give her a nice round-trip bus ticket to someplace she’d like to go… take her to the terminal and wave goodbye… then cancel the return trip?

  12. AtwoodLady said

    Glenda and JayDee, Kim can handle her latest breakdown cold turkey. Afterall, she has all that yarn to deal with.

    Holly can be trained to whimper lovingly to Kim and lull her to sleep.

    Kim is a tough gal and doesn’t need to be pampered thru her hopes of having a nervous breakdown.

  13. luvgabe said


    The other posters all have excellent suggestions. I hope you take them to heart. Mine are:

    1. It’s not enough to check into a local motel. You must get out of Malone for a vacation in a warm and sunny big city. You are having cabin fever, among other problems. (If I lived in a small rural town like Malone, and I’m at home almost 24-7 knitting, and being harassed by a whiny dog and a crazy neighbor, I would go mad as well.)

    2. Much as you are a kind-hearted animal-lover, you must accept the reality, which is that Holly is preventing you from sleeping at night and is driving you crazy with her incessant and uncontrollable chewing and whining during the day. You need to turn Holly to a no-kill animal shelter or rescue foundation–even it means putting the dog in a plane to where the shelter is.

    PLEASE do something to restore your sanity. We are all really really worried about you.

  14. Emily said

    Well no, nervous breakdown is not a diagnosis. But the symptoms usually associated with the term are sometimes due to depression or overwhelming amounts of stress that lead to anxiety and panic attacks. (and yes, it can be the little things that pile up – like a dog howling incessantly and piles of lurking yarn and odd neighbours). It’s worth having it checked out.

  15. A.D.A. said

    Oh, who gives a sh*t if you get the dates wrong? We don’t run your blog; you do. We’re the beggars here!
    I live in a warm and sunny city. (Well, it was 49* last night and 85* at two; definitely sunny, though.) Come vist me. We’ve got really great Asian food, too.
    Call in your chit, and I’ll start cleaning. Fly Continental, though, so I can pick up those OnePass miles when I buy your ticket. 🙂 For real!

  16. Mindy said

    Oh I cannot believe this shit, picture this, the felling is the same I am on your path the only thing I would change would be I’m in Florida in a fucking condo from hell, with the drug lords two doors away going through withdrawal and this is my fault how? I am done if they come here or call here I have a bat and hammer and will use it and in Florida if they are in my unit it’s self defense. I know how you feel, perhaps somethings happening to us and it will pass. Good luck with Holly tell Paul to take a vacation until the dog adjusts with you and to remove the fence and tell Zombie lady she missed it.

  17. richard said

    here are some ideas for the wood eating, whining dog.

    1. get a lion: they dont like dogs except to eat.

    2. duct tape around the jaws. about twelve complete wraps ought to do it.

    3. give the dog to the neighbor, explaining that its a watch dog, specifically trained to aler its owner when the county approaches the driveway.

    thats all thats coming to mind right now, two wine glasses down…hope it helps.

  18. Richmond said

    I want to kill our neighbor. I was walking to catch the bus to school and I met him while he jogs.

  19. Richmond said

    Nervous Breakdown is never a medical diagnosis… I guess it more like a sudden outburst of emotion or syndrome of something else, like anxiety or depression…

    Get a lot of sunshine during the day to increase your melatonin.

  20. Mary said

    Make a recording of Paul saying “quit that or I will spank you” and play it when the dog whines, and when anyone knocks on the door. Good luck.

  21. bahamamama said

    Kim….Poor Molly the horse is whining because she wants to be with people. You’re having a nervous breakdown because of her behavior (incessant chewing of everything) and whining. Trying to keep her confined is not the answer ~~ It will only feed into the problem. I agree that you need to get Molly a soft muzzle. There are fabric ones on the net (I went and looked) that will keep her from chewing. She can still drink with the muzzle in place and you just have to remove it to feed her. You can then allow her to wander about the house, she’ll be happy because she can have that human contact, the whining will cease, the chewing will cease and you can get some sleep. Then you’ll be rested and refreshed and have enough energy to keep up your blog (which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)and then you can deal realistically with the zombie neighbor.
    BTW, I stumbled onto your blog a few weeks ago in relation to a sewing question. I have spent every spare minute catching up with all your news because I found your writing so hilarious and entertaining (even the Spector trial which I had no interest in taught me a few things). As you can tell, I live in Paradise and STILL I spent most of my time learning about you, Paul Rainman, Pregnant Thief, your psychotic mother, and everybody else in this crazy cast of characters.
    Please take my advice, then get some rest, continue to pump out your beautiful creations and LIVE STRONG.

  22. muffy said

    Get out of there! You need R@R!!!You need peace,sleep and healthy food. Run as fast as you can to a motel!!
    Good luck!

  23. Lesmond said

    I’m telling you, Zombie Lady wants to set a trap and capture the county workers.

  24. NEsleuth said

    Hi Kim,

    I’m working on a new papillion puppy that whines all the time, too. Night and Day. If you google dogs + whining, there are some good articles out there that might help. Mine is in a large x-pen with a top because she figured out how to climb out. She gets NO attention as long as she’s whining. When she’s quiet, I get her out and play with her, but she’s always on a leash, even in the house because she’s not house trained yet. A large crate in the closet might be your best bet. When she whines put her in the closet, shut the door and turn a radio on. When she’s quiet, immediately praise her for quiet and give her lots of treats and attention.

    I had chewing dogs, too, and it’s really hard. They loved tree branches and plastic garbage can lids. Wimpy toys and rawhide just didn’t cut it with them. They could be outside a lot, so it wasn’t so bad then, but inside was a nightmare. I have to agree on the muzzle idea.

    Also, with both things going on (she’s not a puppy, right?), she might also have emotional problems and you should talk to a vet about possible medications. Sometimes if they’ve been through a lot, it helps.

    If you’re really thinking dangerous thoughts, maybe you really should get some help. It sounds like you’re sleep deprived and having anxiety attacks. Who wouldn’t with all your weird neighbors. Sometimes you just have to stop and take care of yourself.

    Can you put a dog crate in the harley barn at night and get some sleep? We fixed up cage with a chicken brooder light for heat for a dog that wasn’t suitable for the house and it worked great. No way for them to chew up the heat source that way. Your dog is probably big enough to be without a heat source for a little while yet, though.

    Most important, though, GET SOME SLEEP!

  25. NEsleuth said

    OH, yea, I’m PROUD of you for going off on zombie lady! It’s about time. I would have a long time ago. I can’t stand people who just show up at my door with their hands out, whining.

  26. Kathy said

    Sounds like you just need to smoke a big fat joint.

    : )

  27. Kim (Canada) said

    I’m with Kathy on that one….LOL!

    Fonzie :~)

  28. patsy said

    Sounds like Holly the horse has anxiety issues, especially if she’s been passed around alot. Homeo-Pet anti-anxiety herbal solution you can get from the local Veterinarian helps. You can give a few drops to her straight or into her bowl of water. It calms the dog down without any side effects.

    Seriously, the zombie lady needs intervention. Sic her onto the local agencies you deem most appropriate!

  29. Katprint said

    I completely agree with post #1 from Holy Toledo about sleep deprivation causing your turmoil. I had a similar problem after I had an unusually large baby (10 lb 4 oz) who was unusually hungry and wanted to nurse 24/7. By the end of the first week I was hearing voices telling me that I was better off dead and that I should “just do it”, I was hearing the baby cry even when he wasn’t crying, and I was having visual hallucinations similar to an alcoholic’s DTs with spiders, flashes of light, etc. I was diagnosed with “severe post-partum psychosis” due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and the entire situation was fixed literally overnight with a prescription for Restoril (Temazepam) which is a sleeping pill that also relieves anxiety. I found it helped me to fall asleep faster and to sleep more deeply so that I did not hear every little sniffle from my baby – pretty much exactly what you need with regard to your whining dog.

    Seriously, don’t just suffer – help is available!

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