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Another Year Older – Another Pile of Yarn

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 13, 2007

 So my birthday was great!!!

I woke up to a bunch of E-Cards in my inbox – which was really neat and made me smile. I love E-Cards – they are so funny and clever.

And I got a bunch of cards in the regular mail, too, which was neat. Paul kept asking “Who’s that from?” When I continued to open cards and put them all on the TV (Which was soon full). I kept saying “people”, which made me feel mysterious and special, like I had people I knew that he didn’t.

I got cards from Texas and Michigan and Kansas and Florida, California, New Jersey and even from Canada – how cool is that? Cards with stickers on them and stickers *in* them – here’s my bitch stickers.


How funny are they?? Think somebody knows me?? So I loved all the cards – THANKS.

I got phone calls too – most notably from my mother, who said “Happy Birthday! I sent out a card today!” She does that every year – she sends out a card on the DAY of your birthday. Always. She’s funny like that. And she’s always a little surprised when she GETS cards on her birthday – like “Oh my God – how did THAT happen? How could it have gotten here so quick???”

And I didn’t just get cards in the mail, either. I also got some wonderful Pingouin yarn I had bid for on Ebay. Pingouin No 3 Corrida – gorgeous yarn. I got 10 skeins. Cheap, too, which is the best way to get yarn.


I love this yarn – and I love Pingouin. I’m thinking of using this yarn to make this outfit – what do you think?



And speaking of yarn, another friend sent me a birthday present early and said “Now don’t open this until your birthday”, and I didn’t – I opened it on my birthday like she asked – and guess what this was??? Dale Baby Ull yarn. Now, if there are ANY knitters in here, you will KNOW what this shit is. This is the Rolls Royce of yarn. Rolls Royce, baby.

And how cute is this outfit for the Dale Baby Ull yarn?



Best yarn EVER. Believe me, it just IS. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. I have a bunch of Dalegarn Patterns put out by the same company that makes the yarn, so I have to go through those and pick out something really, really special. But I’m telling ya right now, if I can find the perfect pattern for this yarn, it’s a shoo in winner for the fair. No doubt in my mind. Generally I don’t buy such luxuries as Dale Baby yarn. So this is an extra special treat.

And if you have a baby due next summer, let me know, because I need some ideas and inspiration.

So then, after the mail came and I had played all my E-Cards 100 times, we went out – went to the dollar store, Joann’s (looking for fabric for curtains), Wal-Mart (looking for already made curtains), K-Mart (ditto) and then to dinner at the Chinese Buffet – the best place in town. God I love that place. Then we went to the other dollar store and got some more bins for the never ending parade of yarn coming in the mailbox. Now I’m running out of height availability for the storage bins.



 I need another stack of them, because there is STILL yarn on the counter top. Good God.




11 Responses to “Another Year Older – Another Pile of Yarn”

  1. Kim (Canada) said

    Hey –
    Glad to hear you had, what appears to have been, a pleasant, leisurely birthday with the chinese fixin’s and all….
    Question: Why are the dates of your most current posted blogs all wrong. I’ve noticed in the past that I don’t get the email notice of new blogs until the following day that you’ve actually posted it, but now I’m noticing that all the dates on the actual lead blog are behind and not at all coinciding with our responses!! What up with that?
    Hope it’s not just me seeing things, but it’s starting to mess with my head and its natural calendar clock…LOL…
    Thought I’d mention it – FYI….

  2. Kim (Canada) said

    PS –
    Love the “bitch” stickers – Friend of mine has them in a magnet collection: Real cool!
    It’s amazing how many of them I can relate too…..LOL
    As far as all that yarn – all I can say is “wow”! My mother would love you…She tried to teach me how to knit once – Not a good thing…She damn near got hurt!

  3. Holy Toledo said

    I got an idea. Why don’t you tell us *fans* when Paul’s birthday is and we’ll send him cards and it’ll freak him out. Whaddaya think?

  4. Kay said

    A very happy belated birthday to you Kim. From all the beautiful yarn you received, it looks like you will be busy for some time. Thank you for your Blogs. Checking to see what you have written each day is an adventure. It has been said many times but I will say it again, you are a very gifted writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I also enjoy seeing photos of the beautiful outfits you have knitted. My birthday wish to you is that this will be a very happy and fulfilling year.

  5. Val Dalton said

    HAHA kim that sticker with the laudry i have as a magnet on my fridge. My lil sister got it for me. I also have one to that says “if they kids are alive at 5 i’ve done my job” or something like that lol. I have a friend thats having a baby due around Jan 18th. However they aren’t going to find out what they are having. I hate when people do that!! I have no patience ….

    Janice said she can teach crazy lady next door how to burn wood in her toilet. Apparently Janices parents use to work for the bank repoing places and this one guy they repoed was using his toilet to burn wood he was ripping up from his floors. Pretty sad.

  6. Kathy said

    Happy Birthday Young Lady!

  7. Amy said

    Happy late birthday! I tagged you for a meme! See:


  8. IndyGena said

    Hi Kim,
    Start cleaning out them cross-stitch books/magazines (wink-wink) 🙂 and you’ll have some yarn room!! I am anxiously awaiting!
    How much would you charge to knit me a fishermans sweater? My Mom made me one years ago and I cherished it. I wish I still had it.
    Thanks Bunches!

  9. mbmb said

    Happy Belated Birthday Kim! Sounds like it was good one. I’m having my Son a little birthday party over here on the 23rd. October is a great month! How lucky for you to be born in such a wonderful month and lovely time of year.

    I also wonder about your blog postings…things are very much behind. I don’t believe you are posting later than usual…but, something weird is going on. If that is not the case could you please explain? Don’t get mad, I’m not blaming you, just wondering what’s happening?

    Please let all of us know about Zombie lady…we know you are doing your best.

    Congrats to my Favorite Blogger!

  10. Happy late birthday! I tagged you for a meme!

    I could kill you for this.


  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Kim!

    Love the Beotch stickers!!!

    oh my…yes, you need a yarn intervention…LOL!

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