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Birthday Surprise

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 6, 2007

 So I got my birthday present today from Paul – I know, my birthday isn’t until next Saturday, but I got the present today because Paul said he didn’t have anywhere to stash it where it wouldn’t get damaged. He said all of his friends have cats, and he didn’t want to store it at anyone’s house with a cat, since the cat might use it as a scratching post.

But let me ask ya – does my husband have good taste or what??? And does he know what I would LOVE, or what??? Sometimes he just downright amazes me. Just when you think that the guy hasn’t got a fucking clue and wouldn’t be able to pick me out of a crowd, he comes up with something like this and you just go “Fuck, maybe the guy does pay attention a LITTLE bit.”

So – let me describe this thing to you.

Picture a wooden suitcase, on it’s side – about three feet tall, and made of wood, standing on legs. The outside is covered in a vintage cotton print, pink with red roses.  


There’s an old hook and eye that keeps it closed if you want it closed, and old brass handles on the top in case you have the strength to carry it (I don’t – it’s *heavy*).


Then, for the best part, we unlatch the hook and eye, and swing the thing open to reveal the extraordinary contents inside:

Yes, it is chock full of OLD – or, as they say on eBay, VINTAGE – sewing implements, tools, thread, thimbles and accessories, old patterns, old wooden spools of thread, old darning eggs, old scissors, old lace and trims, old wooden shoe forms, old measuring tapes and bakelite buttons – it’s absolutely incredible.

Look at some of the shelves and the old nails hammered into the wood to hold the old spools of thread. Extraordinary.

This is the old brass measuring tape – this thing is HUGE – like 4 inches across. It’s positively awesome. Those pockets that line the sides of the box are just full of old (vintage) stuff. Needles in their original advertising paper cases, old detailed boxes full of buttons, thimbles, porcelain, plastic and metal. Even one sterling silver thimble.


This is one of the old wooden darning forms. There are three of these in different sizes and an old wooden darning egg.



These are some of the old wooden spools of thread – see how the nails are in there to hold the spools?



There are old patterns in the pockets on the second row, and dowels to hold the crochet cotton spools. There are also some old quilting templates in the pockets, and lots of old traced pattern pieces and more fabric measuring tapes.


I like the old (vintage) embroidery hoops and old advertising packs of needles and elastic.


More old patterns and wooden thread spools.


Old scissors, more darning forms and the jars on top are filled with old lace and ribbon and old bakelite buttons.


Gotta love the old advertising.


So, what do you think??? I absolutely positively adore this. BEST PRESENT EVER. And the best part of it is that Paul bought it on his own, it wasn’t something I saw and had to have, and told him about – he saw it in the window of the consignment shop on Main Street and knew that it was something that I would love. Which means he REALLY loves me, because I know he hates stopping and parking on Main Street.

So, sorry to bore you all with the old (vintage) sewing crap – but I just had to share this – I LOVE it – Can you tell??





23 Responses to “Birthday Surprise”

  1. BayBee said

    If you should die can I have him? I’ll even pay to write the will. Baybee

  2. carolina said

    Happy early birthday! You have a HONEY of a hubby, not only is this an awesome piece of Americana, it’s custom designed for a creative woman like you!

    Incidentally, some of the “really old” stuff are things I once had!! Happy sewing girl!

  3. Sprocket said

    Congratulations on the great present from your husband who thought about YOU to surprise you with a special gift. Way to go on both fronts, Kim!

  4. A.D.A. said

    Bravo, Paul! Well done!

  5. Holy Toledo said

    Awesome, perfecto.

    Well done, Paul. Definitely a gift of love.

  6. Paul’s a GEM!!! Be nice to him…LOL~

    Happy Pre-Birthday~

  7. brdsnbs said

    Don’t you just love it when boys are thoughtful? Good for Paul, for finding you the ‘perfect’ gift! He probably gave it to you early because he was so excited and knew how much you’d love it that he just couldn’t wait. Sweet! Good for you, Kim!

  8. 2BReal said

    Great gift and enjoyed the photots! Have a Happy Birthday!

  9. skweekie said

    wonderful gift! and have a happy birthday.

  10. Marie said

    What an awesome gift!! Way to go Paul! Happy Birthday Kim!

  11. luvgabe said

    You are so blessed, Kim! That hubby of yours REALLY REALLY loves ya! When will we get to see a picture of the two of you? Happy week before your birthday!!

  12. MyrnaTurner said

    Absolutely PERFECT! Both of them!!

    Happy Birthday, Kim! Have a wonderful week and year!

    Love your blog.


  13. Hank said

    Now Paul will expect you to darn his socks.

  14. Gail said

    Kim, that is so neat! 3 Cheers for Paul and what a nice and caring guy–yep he is paying attention! I love that wooden foot thingy 🙂


  15. Holy Toledo said

    Hey Kimmer, I’m home.


  16. mbmb said


    That is “One Beautiful Present”. How sweet of your husband. It shows that he knows the real you. Just don’t tell the zombie lady or Rocky about any of it. Some how it would all get twisted and spoil it for you. Sort of like the Damn Spector Trial 😉

  17. mbmb said

    One more thing. I love all the photos that you put into your blog to give us a full picture of every thing you write about. I’m always trying to put photos into things that I write about so I really appreciate the extra work that you do to bring words and life to view for all of us to see.

  18. susan said

    An exceptional gift for a exceptional person! Happy Birthday Kim.
    My Best.

  19. WCofCA said

    You are a lucky girl, Kim! However, Paul is a lucky guy to have such a wonderful and creative woman as his wife too.

    Happy Birthday Kim!

  20. Kim (Canada) said

    Like how awesome is that?

    Three cheers for Paul…
    = Hip-hip-horaay x 3
    And three more for the birthday girl
    = Hip-hip-horaay x 3

    A fantastic treasure indeed…

    Fonzie :~)

  21. Val Dalton said

    That is a great present!! 🙂 I love consignment shops you never know what you’ll find! Hope all is well…janice saw rainman last night walking down pearl street.

  22. your bro said

    that is awesome that he got it on his own. you know paul loves you anyways, but this is a gift that makes you know even more. i know, i love seeing the old advertising too. especially the old commercials.

    love ya, gary

    p.s. happy b-day

  23. Jill said

    Kim, you realize after this gift you really should go with the threesome thing…

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