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CA vs. Spector – Cast Changes for the New Season

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 4, 2007

 So Spector was back in court yesterday, at a status conference for his retrial, which should take place in approximately 4 months – but don’t bet the farm on the 4 month date, since Spector’s attorneys confirmed in court to the judge yesterday that he is, indeed, in talks with about a half dozen new attorneys, ready to form his fourth high powered legal defense team. And do we want to speculate on who these lawyers could be? High powered, not already fired by Spector, willing (or insistent) to take on high profile cases….I’m thinking Tom Mesereau has to be in there somewhere, right? Whoever they are, they will have only Dennis Riordan and Christopher Plourd as co-counsel from the last outing. But Plourd has said he will continue only if the new counsel would like him to. Figures, of course, that Riordan would be staying on, since he’s the most annoying of all the attorneys. Hopefully if new counsel keeps him on board someone sends him an actual fucking plane ticket to be in the courtroom – because that “I’m on the phone your honor” shit has got to fucking go.

Spector did not attend the proceedings Wednesday and there wee no cameras allowed. Plourd, acting as counsel. asked the judge for a date six months into the future as a tentative start date. The judge told Plourd that Spector should be ready in 4.

Judge Fidler also told Plourd that Spector should be ready – with his new attorneys – for the next hearing on October 23rd. So we won’t have to wait long to find out who exactly Spector hires for the first round. Not that these will be the *final* attorneys come trial time – as we know, Spector goes through attorneys fairly quickly, and the hiring of one doesn’t mean that they will actually be around come trial time.

But the one thing I am looking forward to the most with the new trial is what this “new set of eyes and ears”, as Rosen diplomatically called the hiring of a new team, will settle on as their main defense theory. One would hope that they will have a set theory and not an ever evolving one, as was presented in the first trial. And it will be interesting to see if Henry Lee shows up, and if Michael Baden testifies now that his wife isn’t part of the defense team, and even more interesting will be how the prosecution changes.

Will they conduct a psychological autopsy, now that the jurors have made it clear that this would have helped them? Will they put on more witnesses and evidence to counter the “depressed, over the hill actress” testimony, with friends who can portray Lana as happy and upbeat?  Will they beef up the forensics and hammer home the scientific evidence, and will they include the lesser related charges for the jury?

I’m telling ya, this new season of “Spector on Trial” has me more excited than the season 4 debut of “Lost”.


16 Responses to “CA vs. Spector – Cast Changes for the New Season”

  1. Tony said

    I totally agree with you that Tom Mesereau is the most likely next defense attorney for Phil Spector. He did manage to get Michael (Wacko)Jackson off the hook. Wow just think the money Spector will be spending again.

    This time we will hope and pray for a just verdict and finally justice for the Clarkson family.

  2. LydiaClaire said

    Just wanted to say that I did not discover your website until the last trial was over & I’ve been pretty obsessive since – your coverage was wonderful and insightful and you can be sure I’ll be a regular visitor for the next go ’round.

  3. A.D.A. said

    Tom Mesereau would be a great choice! He and Alan Jackson would be well-matched, don’t you think? Makes my heart sink to think how much better he’d be than the last stewpot of attorneys…

  4. Judy said

    Hopefully, the main work the prosecution will do is in jury selection. Some of the people they let in were hard to figure. Is that the best they could do? Makes you wonder about their jury pool.

  5. Kim (Canada) said

    I’m so excited and I just can’t wait for this second trial to get going –
    As far as the respective lawyers for each side, it will be very interesting to see just how things will unfold and in which manner their case will be presented…
    Either way, being that I’ve recently accepted a new position with a Legal Resources facility here in my home-town, I will definately be relying on “THE” Kim and her fantastic re-caps
    to see me through this one…
    And I am looking forward to it…


  6. Glenda said

    Did you see the wonderful things that Anthony in the UK said about you in his blog yesterday? He said if you ever went back to practicing law he would be honored to clerk for you. Now that’s high praise!

    I find it fascinating that Spector made such a big deal about Linda KB being his key person, his support, his connection, he couldn’t go on without her and now POOF she is gone. Think that was her choice?

    Should be interesting. I agree that jury selection, as always, will be key and the prosecution could do more to over come the accidental/intentional suicide presentation. Does Pie get a second appearance fee?

    I’m sure there will be other trials in between but this one seemed to capture so many folks’ attention and imagination. Looking at the CourtTV blogs innocent pages just boggles the mind. Did they hear the same facts? I don’t get it but that’s why we play the game.

  7. Arm's Length said

    Spector II.

    Whatever it takes. This guy is a murderer. Wonder if Rachelle will still be in the picture? She seems a likely victim of gunplay. Wonder if he has his guns and tequila back yet. No problem, gun and liquor stores are within walking distance from his pathetic little “castle.”

    Jurors need to be screened for cult memberships and mental health issues next time around.

  8. frenchie said

    Hopefully, it will be an advantage to the prosecution having a new defense team since they won’t be as familiar with the case.

  9. K Abatan said

    I don’t think Rachelle will ever succumb to the same fate as Lana. Her teeth look like they have been reinforced.

  10. RJ said

    Thanks again for your insight and reporting.

    Is Judge Fidler pretty much a sure thing for the re-trial? I sure hope so because a lesser judge could easily lose control of the defense team, a la Ito.

    Besides the theories of the two sides, I think it became abundently clear in SpectorOne that the defense was playing hard for error as much as an acquital. We need a sharp judge and more importantly, 12 jurors of sound mind with common sense on SpectorTwo.

  11. enlightenme said

    Glenda, the NGs on the CourtTV forum ARE mind boggling! Phil seems to have more supporters than even Scott Peterson had. Of course, it could be a few supporters with a LOT of nics for all I know. Phil is so guilty that it’s a no brainer, IMO.

    Love your blog Kim! I can’t wait for the next trial. I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it but I know I will. Argh!

  12. […] CA vs. Spector – Cast Changes for the New Season  So Spector was back in court yesterday, at a status conference for his retrial, which should take place in […] […]

  13. Kathy said

    My guess is that the second trial won’t be televised.

  14. Lady Di said

    Kim, you’re the best!! You are so real – love your blog. Here’s my guess of “most despicable” defense attorneys on Spector’s short list of candidates: 1) Jeralyn Merrit (who never believes a crime was ever committed by anyone), 2) Leo Tyrell(never stops screaming and hates the world). What a team these two would make – murder in the courtroom!!!

  15. k.j.l. said


    1. Rosen and Mesereau are friends.
    2. Mesereau knows what Rosen went through with Spector, et. al.
    3. It’s my opinion that there’s NO CHANCE IN HELL that Mesereau would take on the case! Mesereau is no dummy!
    4. However, he was an excellent choice.


  16. Will Pie have a makeover for Spector II? Bets on the hair color? What kinds of body/face work? Will she learn to dress for court?

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