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Yarn in the Mailbox

Posted by thedarwinexception on October 1, 2007

 I’ve been getting many, many things in my mailbox – not my email mailbox, my REAL mailbox – the one that ISN’T around the back of the house, hidden from the mailman, the way the zombie lady’s mailbox is. And she doesn’t know what she’s missing by hiding her mailbox – because the stuff I have been getting is awesome!

First off, I got this month’s Vanity Fair issue autographed by Dominick Dunne! How cool is that!? He wrote on it “To Kim – I love your Blog! Best, Dominick Dunne”. I wanted to frame it and was unsure how to do it so it came out looking OK, until Huey in AFCA gave me some advice – and it came out pretty well!

I hung it in the stairway, opposite my family collage pictures. Which I need to finish someday. My family is just too large for one collage frame – so far I have three and I’m nowhere near done. That’s another project.

Then, of course, the yarn. I’ve been getting a LOT of yarn in the mail. More than you can imagine. I was having a very serious yarn storage problem. I had yarn in so many boxes and bags all over the sewing room it was hideous. But I didn’t know what to do. So I moved all the fabric previously on the bookshelf to the new kitchen cabinet unit in the sewing room and put all the yarn on the bookshelf.

That only solved about 1/4 the problem. I still had yarn all over in boxes and bags – with more coming in the mail every day. So I bought these Sterlite containers at the Dollar Store and put some of the yarn in there.

Which solved a little more of the problem, but I still have boxes and bags all over. And piles of yarn on the kitchen cabinet unit in the sewing room. I need about 20 more of those Sterlite containers. That should do it. Until I stop getting yarn in the mail.

The great thing is I have also been getting pattern books. Since I started sewing 20 years ago I have always lusted after the great books available in other countries – Dale of Norway books, the Sandnes books, Sirdar books, and mostly the Pingouin books available in France. The patterns in these books are breathtaking – but before the internet you had to go to France to get them. I had one from many, many years ago, it was a bootleg copy that a friend of mine who owned a knitting shop photocopied for me from a book she had. I’ve carried that thing around for YEARS.

But thanks to eBay, they are now available for anyone with enough moxie to outbid everyone else, and deep enough pockets to pay the prices these things get. The layette Pingouin books are HIGHLY sought after, and I’ve seen them fetch prices upwards of $70.00. For a KNITTING PATTERN BOOK. Can you believe that shit? But, here’s a tip for you – if you go to yard sales or flea markets and you see any of these books – BUY THEM. Buy them and sell them on eBay – you won’t be sorry.

So I went on a mission – I was going to have a Pingouin layette book – a real one, not a photocopy one. So I stalked the eBay boards, and got a couple “Buy it Now” ones from France – where they aren’t so highly priced, and I found one on IOffer. And I ended up with FIVE of them – FIVE. Woo Hoo. AND I got a couple of the “Dale of Norway” books and a Phildar book. And now I am inspired Absolutely fucking inspired. And I have set my sights on making some really, really awesome things for the fair next year. They think my little “Design your own” sweater set was prize worthy? HA! Wait until they see some of THIS shit. And I’ve also decided that I should set my sights even higher. I’m thinking I shall enter my things in the Champlain Valley Fair in Burlington – and the State Fair in Syracuse – where the stakes are higher and the prizes even bigger.

Of course, now I am also thinking of dragging out all my cross stitch stuff from storage and selling some of that to support my knitting habit. I can’t do cross stitch anymore – my eyes are just not up to it, and I have fucking TONS of cross stitch stuff. TONS. I threw it all in boxes when I was separating out the stuff I would use and wanted in the sewing room. And I have boxes and boxes of cross stitch leaflets, Aida cloth, hoops and floss that I will never, ever use. So I’m thinking of putting it all on eBay in one big lot and just getting rid of it. Unless one of you does cross stitch and wants it – let me know.

And the last thing I have to tell you about that I got in the mail was this wonderful market bag from Sprocket – isn’t it lovely. She says she can’t sew. HA! This is much more difficult than the little outfits I make.

Although I must confess, I’m not going to use it as a market bag – it’s much to pretty to take out of the house and risk getting dirty. I’m going to use it as my “current project” knitting bag. All the skeins and the “completed” pieces of my current knitting project are going in it, so I can carry that around from the sewing room to the living room to the computer room, wherever I happen to e knitting. Keep everything together and off the floor – where the dogs are always seeming to grab the skeins of yarn and trying to carry them around to chew on. And Sprocket has a new blog where she showcases her sewing – you can find it here.

So there you have it – you can see why I’ve been busy,  I have a LOT of yarn to use up. I should be posting some of my creations shortly. I am still working on hats and mittens and the “short rows sweater”. And I expect to start the christening gown with the kite string yarn sometime this week. Which should be a hoot on the size 0 needles.






14 Responses to “Yarn in the Mailbox”

  1. Oh my Kim…ummm, that’s a lot of yarn. Perhaps Paul can built a shed out back for storage? LOL

  2. Oh my Kim…ummm, that’s a lot of yarn.

    The sad story is that what is pictured isn’t even *half* my yarn – this is just the “new” yarn.

    Perhaps Paul can built a shed out back for storage?

    I was seriously considering a hostile takeover of the Harley Barn. Just throw all that Harley shit out and all the skulls and skins and stupid shit he has out there into a dumpster – and VIOLA! Knitting Room!


  3. Gloria said

    Hi Kim,

    I love your blog. That is a ton of yarn, and so many beautiful colors. My grandmother knitting and always had tons of yarn around her house. I admire anyone you can knit, something I can not do but I do stitch! I would be very interested in your cross stith stash, one can never have enough stash.


  4. William said

    Looked forward every morning to reading you Spector coverage….great job!!!


  5. Sprocket said

    Hi Kim, I loved the way you showcased your Vanity Fair article. Perfect. Dominick loved reading your stuff and looked forward every day to the print outs of your entries that I would bring to court for him. He often read them before testimony would start.

    I was thinking about your yarn storage, and how best to organize it. What about using some cubbyhole shoe storage? Where there is a space/box for a single pair of shoes? That way you could organize yarn by color, type, etc. Sort of like a floor to eye height type of of unit.

    Here’s something from the container store that I think would work perfect for you:

    Just a thought.

  6. Holy Toledo said

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving to get such “great shit”. I think I recognized a few items. Better hurry up and make those slippers you mentioned with the variated yarn or is it varigated? I don’t know crap about yarn. Golly, you’ve vacuumed, cleaned the john and organized your new stash of yarn, got prized books from Ebay; you’re on a roll. I seriously have missed your Spector writings. Maybe another good trial will come up that will catch your fancy.


  7. T. Albert said

    Kim, I’m so glad to hear you’re getting lots of goodies in the mail! If I still had all the yarn and goodies my mom used to use I would have sent them to you too. She past away last year and I gave them to my friends daughter. I think these people feel the way I do, and they are thanking you for your wonderful insights and hilarious observations. You seem to be one of those MULTI-talented people I am so jealous of, in a good way. What goes around comes around and you must be doing something right!!!!

  8. A.D.A. said

    Oh, gosh. Now almost everything you get will probably be stuff you already have! When are you going to write: STOP SENDING ME STUFF!?

    Glad to see that Dominick Dunne is giving you recognition that you absolutely deserve! May the world follow!

  9. Now almost everything you get wil probably be stuff you already have! When are you going to write: STOP SENDING ME STUFF!?

    Oh no – the wonderful thing about yarn is YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!!! And the one GOOD thing about living in the frozen tundra of the North is that you will use your entire stash over the cold, cold winter months when there is nothing else to do but sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket and knitting your fingers to the bone.

    And yarn is a beautiful thing – there are SO many varieties and SO many colors, it’s hard to get 2 of the same thing – ask anyone who is trying to match yarns when they run out in the middle of a project.

    I am now lusting over some of the foreign yarns – a friend got me hooked on foreign eBay and browsing through yarns from other countries (HA). I am in love with Dale of Norway ULL yarns and I am going to try and snipe my way into some of that! They are high on my list of “Luxury Shit You Can Really Do Without” but damn, it’s Dale of Fucking Norway!


  10. Sprocket said

    ….but damn, it’s Dale of Fucking Norway!

    LOL! I so get it. That’s just about what I think when I seen a fabulous new print from Alexander Henry or Robert Hoffman, or see an exquisite upholstery chenille that knocks my socks off. I HAVE to have it!

  11. IndyGena said

    Hey Kim,
    I LOVE to cross stitch, so before you go crazy selling all of your goods on e-bay, tell me what you got and we can wheel and deal. My Mother was a huge knitter (being from England, rightly so), and I could never grasp holding those darn needles. I would try and try and I finally chucked it. She used to make me beautiful sweaters. Once, while in high school, she knitted me a fishermans sweater. It was gorgeous. I wish I still had it. Anyway… Cross stitching is now my passion. I love anything by Stoney Creek and anything that’s a challenge, which most Stoney Creek patterns are. So… let me know whatcha got (I’m all excited!!!). And, as always…. keep the good blogs rolling!

  12. Holy Toledo said

    I was just thinking that your skill with knitting needles probably comes in handy when you’re eating Chinese food. Am I right?


  13. abarclay12 said

    The Dominick Dunne framed autographed cover is very cool.

  14. lovey von doodlesocks said

    Kim – Girl, you have some cool shit! If I went into your sewing room it would be like a kid in a candy store! With all that beautiful yarn and your awesome talent I think you should definitely enter the Champlain Valley Fair!! I love the frame job you did on your Vanity Fair issue that Dominick Dunne sent to you! Wow! Now that’s flattery! Thanks too, for linking to Sprocket’s blog. I’m faithful to her blog as well and can’t wait to check out her sewing creations! I’m still a beginning knitter, but have sewn for awhile now. I love, love, love fabric and am drooling over Sis Boom’s Girlfriends line as well as all Amy Butler fabric. Keep up the great work, and please continue to post your beautiful knit creations! Hugs, Kitty M.

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