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Never Ending Verdict Watch and More OJ

Posted by thedarwinexception on September 17, 2007

 So OJ is being held without bail in a Las Vegas jail cell – too bad, so sad. His booking photo doesn’t look too bad, though, I was hoping for some kind of mad Nick Nolte/Bill the Cat photo.

He still has to be arraigned, where he will be formally charged and once he enters his plea the matter of bail should be brought up again. Yale Gallanter released a brief statement and said that they are going to fight the charges and they are looking forward to the swift resolution of this matter and that they are working to get OJ out of jail as quickly as possible.

If this ever goes to trial, well, “fighting the charges” should be interesting, and elicit some interesting testimony – especially when the prosecuting attorney asks the victim “When you saw the men enter your hotel room, were you in fear for your life?” Victim:” Well, not until I saw OJ Simpson! Then I was – he’s a fucking murderer!” Defense: “Objection, your honor, assumes facts not in evidence – move to strike” Judge: Sustained, the witnesses answers will be stricken from the record – the jury is to disregard.”

Cross: Defense: “Why were you in fear for your life? OJ didn’t have a knife did he?” Witness: “Not that I could see.” Defense: “Then you really had nothing to fear, did you?”

There’s an audiotape floating around of the break in incident, which is rather odd, really. Was OJ set up? Why would the guy make a fucking audiotape of the incident? According to what is known of the way the whole thing went down, there was a collector selling off the stuff, OJ got wind of it and pretended to be an interested buyer, he was let into the room, and he took his stuff. Why would there be a recording of this?

OJ’s alleged accomplice, Walter Alexander, was released on his own recognizance, and according to Detective Dillon, this is the guy who was actually holding one of the guns. Shades of Michael Vick here, don’t you think? This guy is flipping on OJ.

But you just know OJ is going to be super busy now! He’ll have to be looking for the real burglar along with the real killer.

In Spector news, today is Day 7 of the deliberations, with over 26 hours now devoted to jurors looking over and discussing the evidence. One has to wonder what they are discussing in there. With their big easel sized pad of paper and their red marker. Maybe they are crossing off Linda Kenney Baden’s “10 Things the Science will prove” the way Jackson did in his closing arguments.

Also, the lawyers for the family of Lana Clarkson went to the judge to ask that all the documents and pictures that weren’t admitted as evidence in the case be sealed. They don’t want all of Lana’s psychiatric records, emails, and personal photos to be disseminated all over the place. They want the judge to fashion a continuing order that would last throughout the appeals process, if Spector is convicted, or throughout a second trial if there is a hung jury. The judge questions his authority to make such a continuing order, and said he would like briefs by both sides, and that he would take the matter under submission.

The judge did make a quip saying “*IF* this case ever ends….” maybe implying that he’s as anxious as the rest of us.


6 Responses to “Never Ending Verdict Watch and More OJ”

  1. brdsnbs said

    Hi Kim,

    I was wondering if you know what the procedure would be if there is a hung jury. For instance, would the judge poll the jury and identify who the hold out(s) is.

    I’ve been reading Michelle Blaine’s blog and she says that Pie was bought by Spector’s people. I’m wondering if someone in the Spector camp was able to get to a juror.


  2. Maureen said

    So…re: OJ…OJ set up Beardsly and the other guy who is selling his stuff (or maybe not legally his stuff.

    Then the guy who helped him with the “Set Up” sets up OJ as well!!! AND I heard on the tape that Lawyers were waiting in the hotel during the STING??

    What a mess!!! Would love to know the names of those Lawyers!!!

    You Lie Down With Dogs….You Get Fleas!!

  3. Carolina said

    Kim, you are just too funny with your pretend trial testimony.

    OJ cannot keep out of the spotlight, that darn narcissist! Can you imagine how humiliating this and the new Fred Goldman book must be for he and Nicole’s son and daughter. Come to think of it maybe THEY set him up in the Vegas heist. Nothing like a 35 year jail sentence to keep him off of the front page and outa their lives for a while.

    And by the way, after the Specter Jurers reveiwed Adriano “I think I just killed somebody” DeSouza’s testimony, it should have been all over! Bet the jury person that thinks OJ got a fair trial is holding out for acquital. Just get it over already!

  4. acala said

    Uh Oh, Spector jury hung, 7/5. When polled, the women felt maybe further instruction on reasonable doubt would be helpful, while juror #9, male,was interested in “doubt” period. The judge is considering adding an involuntary manslaughter charge, with additional argument. The jury was old to go home, relax, and just not think about it until tomorrow. Frankly, I am stunned.

  5. Marie said

    You are sooo funny. Bill the Cat. If that is his booking photo, he looks more like the cat that swallowed the canary. He’s got that smirk going on.
    At least he’s in jail and off the streets for a couple of days.
    The Hung jury message was sooo disappointing. After 5 months that’s the best they can get to?

  6. Lajet said

    Involuntary manslaughter is beginning to make some sense to me. Perhaps they were playing (yeah, right), someone slipped, it went into her mouth and bang. Sort of a perfect storm. I don’t think that’s what happened. I don’t think it’s likely. But I’m not sure it doesn’t make reasonable doubt for someone. Can a judge change the instructions after it goes to the jury? I suppose if JF is considering it the answer is yes. Just never heard of it.

    As for OJ. It does look strange. Maybe someone set him up. But doesn’t look like entrapment so does it
    matter? Set him up for what? getting angry? Did they (if there is a “they”) really set up a plan where OJ had no choice but to order people to stay put (kidnapping) ordered others to take his stuff (thievery) and ordered others to use guns (well, maybe he was ignorant of that – does it matter. It was still a crime – kidnapping and robbery – so if someone else had a gun it’s irrelevant.)

    Seems to me the guy in the hospital has a civil case against OJ too (in which case he can stand in line for all his damages).

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