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OJ’s Got a Gun – And I get stuff in the Mail

Posted by thedarwinexception on September 16, 2007

 So OJ Simpson has been arrested and charges are pending in relation to the armed robbery first reported Thursday night. 90 minutes before he was arrested he was talking to a CNN reporter – Ted Rowlands – about the arrest of another party allegedly involved with the robbery, one Walter Alexander, 46, from Mesa Arizona. OJ told Rowlands that the items involved were items that were lost or stolen 12 years ago from his Rockingham home after the not guilty verdict and in his mind he did nothing wrong – the items were his items and he knew they were out there and he got wind that they were being sold on the black market, and went to get them. When talking to Rowlands he had the attitude that the whole thing was not a big deal, and that “the truth would come out”. He also contradicted himself, saying at first that there were no guns involved and later saying “well, maybe there was a gun, but I wasn’t holding it.” An hour and a half later he was arrested.

He is being booked and transported to the Clark County Detention Center where he faces multiple felony charges including robbery with a deadly weapon, 2 counts, conspiracy to commit robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, 2 counts, and burglary with a firearm. Even if he didn’t have the gun in his hand, and the police don’t think he did,. if he was a part of it he can still be charged at the same level as the principal – ask Warren Jeffs what “accomplice” means. The police are still looking for three or four other people they think were involved.

After the arrest of Walter Alexander the police served three search warrants and found two guns allegedly used in the crime, as well as the clothes the suspects wore. They then dispatched police to the hotel where Simpson was staying and took him into custody. He immediately invoked his rights to counsel.

It will be interesting to see if he is granted bail, since he isn’t a resident of Las Vegas, and could conceivably be considered a flight risk. And supposedly he has no money other than what he spends each month from his pension, since any “surplus income” is supposed to go to the Goldman’s and the Browns. If he is granted bail and makes the bail, he will have to return in 48 hours for arraignment.

The whole thing is just fucking bizarre. OJ’s a definite “Darwin Exception”.

In other, non OJ news –  she came back.  Not the zombie lady from next door – the other one. The rather large, extremely loud woman who calls me “Kimmer” and says “Love ya!” as she leaves. I think I’d rather have the zombie lady over. At least she leaves fairly quickly, even though it is abruptly, in the middle of a sentence, as she just gets up and walks out the door. But she never says “Love Ya” as she’s leaving,. Which really is a good thing.

But, megaphone bitch came over yesterday. It was Paul’s fault, really. I never answer the phone when she calls. I let it ring, because frankly, I don’t need it. And she’s LOUD. I hate loud people. But Paul answered the phone, and I heard him say “Oh? She must have been out walking the dogs…” and I knew what Loud Lady had said “I called this week and Kimmer was never home…” because there were several times when she called that I didn’t answer. But Paul hung up and said “They’re coming over.” And I screamed “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Why did you do that????” And he kind of looked at me with a stupid face and said “What?”

But at least I got to clean the bathroom while she was here, so that was a good thing. Paul and her long suffering, henpecked husband went to the store, and she bitched and moaned all the while they were gone, because they didn’t *just* go to the store, and since Paul NEVER *just* goes to the store, it didn’t bother me, but she had a fucking meltdown. Since her voice kept getting even louder the madder she got, I went in the bathroom and cleaned it. It’s the only room that has a door, and I needed at least a door between us. Not that one single little door drowns out her fucking voice, but it was all I had.

Paul and Henpecked finally came back, and she started screaming at her husband in ways I would never dream of screaming at Paul – even in private. It was really rude, really embarrassing and really made her look like a fucking idiot. But Paul went in the bathroom and said “What the hell did you do in the bathroom?” (It’s been that long since I cleaned it – I blame Phil Spector), and I said “I had to have a closed door between me and Megaphone Mouth” and Paul said “well, we need to put some temporary doors up on the other rooms and invite her back over.”

And, in other news, I am now the owner of *TWO* pairs of size 0 needles!!! Yeah!!! I am so excited. I can now start the christening gown – as soon as I finish up hats and mittens and another sweater I started – the “short rows” sweater.

But 2 readers sent me needles – and they are PERFECT because one is a set of double pointed size 0’s, which I didn’t even know I needed until I looked at the pattern and realized I *did* need then for the sleeves, so how lucky was it that I got sent those?? And the other is the size 0’s I need for the rest of the gown. I am using cotton thread “Luster Sheen” for the gown, it really is like kite string, and it has a “glimmer” to it. I bought the cotton thread on eBay, since it’s another of those “things I can’t get around here.” There’s a long list of those things.

But I’ve been getting packages in the mail *all week*! It’s been really exciting and thrilling. I got a package of yarn all the way from England, from Christine, another reader who asked if I would make her daughter a hat and mitten set. She sent Red Heart Baby Cloud yarn in a gorgeous pink shade.

*AND* – more importantly, she sent me a salt and pepper shaker set in the form of little Beefeaters and a matching magnet for my fridge – and a souvenir magnet from England.

 That’s something I didn’t have! (Surprisingly – since I have a few magnets on the fridge).

And another reader sent me a huge skein of “Pound of Love” yarn – which is the most awesome yarn in the world. I used to knit with this *constantly* in Florida, where I could buy it at the little local mom and pop yarn store. They carry it on line at Joann’s, and I was actually considering ordering some, since I missed it and couldn’t find it in the local Joann’s. And she sent me the most beautiful deep, rich blue color you’ve ever seen. It’s fantastic.

*AND* she sent some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in variegated fall colors that’s too pretty to knit something and give away, so I think I’m going to make a pair of slippers out of it for myself. I never make crap for myself, but I just love the colors of this yarn and it’s *so* soft.

I love getting stuff in the mail. Especially knitting stuff. And I love it when OJ gets arrested.


18 Responses to “OJ’s Got a Gun – And I get stuff in the Mail”

  1. pbb said

    Hi Kim,
    Busy times for bloggers, isn’t it?
    And trial watchers like you (and me!) and half the world.
    And knitters: how nice of all those people to send you such loverly stuff. wo sets of “0” — I didn’t have one set of 0 or I would have sent you a set.
    I live in one of those places where you can’t get anything, either. Lovely and rural, but you can’t get anything here. is my “very very bestest” (pie voice) friend.

    Anyhow. Just wanted to stop by to see if you wrote anything today about Orenthal. And you did, so I was glad I came.

    I’m sitting here with my #3 needles and koigu yarn (do you know it, the hand painted gorgeous stuff)–knitting away and watching the press conference about Simpson’s arrest, and wondering if the jury will come back tomorrow with a verdict in Spector, and thinking about that guy Warren Jeffs and how creepy he is–it’s a good day, all the way around I would say, for both of us–as well as for all knitters, trial watchers, and people who are enjoying watching what might be the fall (finally) of OJ Simpson.
    We could hardly ask for more.


  2. A.D.A. said

    We appreciate you!

    Oh, please, please, please let the Spector jury hear “O.J” and “gun” and “arrest”!

  3. Cacafuego said

    You might be interested to learn that Michelle Blaine, Spector’s former assistant, is now blogging about the case, and doing things like pubbing emails Spector sent to his attornies that he (for some ungodly reason) CC’d her on, after suing her for $700K after she either quit or he fired her, apparently on orders of his new wife, who, to use Spector’s own terminology, appears to be a fucking cunt on wheels. I guess Spector doesn’t know how to operate his email address book.

    As for OJ–he’s going to learn that Vegas LE and the Nevada Gaming Commission take a VERY dim view of people coming into casinos and robbing customers at gun point. Doesn’t matter if the casino is one of the ultra-swanks like the Venetian or the W or Mandelay Bay, or a nasty low-roller hole like the Gold Spike, Sam’s Town or the Palace Station. Shit like this is Bad For Business, no matter who the fuck you are. And they last thing they need is this story giving the other fucking low-life morons idea. Even if he gets off, OJ will never be welcome in Sin City ever again.

  4. tess said

    Hi Kim,
    I have to tell you that I needed to laugh and I just stopped by in case you wrote today. I laughed. I have a picture in my mind of megaphone mouth and her poor long-suffering husband. Thank you for the laugh. Tess

  5. Sprocket said

    Looks like you scored some great gifts! Happy knitting!

  6. Looks like you scored some great gifts!

    Didn’t I!!! I love getting packages in the mail – most awesome thing in the world.

    I can get a sample of Luvs in the mail – and if it’s in a box, I think it’s the coolest fucking thing ever. And I haven’t had a baby anywhere near me in 20 years.


  7. I have a picture in my mind of megaphone mouth and her poor long-suffering husband.

    Does the picture look anything like Jack Sprat and his wife? Because that’s what they look like – to me.

    She’s like 5 foot 6 and weighs somewhere close to 350 pounds. Or maybe more – I’m not good at that sort of thing. It’s a lot, anyway. Much, much bigger than Oprah & Rosie put together.

    Her husband is maybe 150 pounds and is like six foot two.

    And she’s just overbearing and rude and did I mention she’s fucking LOUD????

    I hate loud people. Shut the fuck up already.


  8. A.D.A. said

    Cacafuego – Dominick Dunne (VF) says that PS holed up with (six-years-before Lana’s death and two-years-after Lana’s death) assistant Michelle Blaine in a 2BD at the Bel Air for eight days after his release on bail. (That’s where the Menendez bothers went, too.)

    PS proposed marriage to Michelle Blaine to keep her from testifying against him. She refused. Michelle’s own assistant, Rachelle, jumped at the chance.

  9. Sprocket said

    My friend houdini “dini” has made the first of more to come “puppet shows” starring Phil, Rachelle, and “Mommy.”

    Ah, hem. Phil could not have “holedup” with Michelle Blaine SIX years before….because the murder only happened 4.5 years ago. It does help to be accurate, and yes they did go to a Bel Air bungalow for eight days after the murder.

    Spector met Rachelle where she worked, in Jerry’s Deli. I reported that first; Michelle confirmed it. Yep. Rachelle was a WAITRESS, and she got Phil to replace all her teeth. Michelle started her own blog, and spills the beans on Rachelle. Here it is:

  10. A.D.A. said

    Sprocket, Have I written something incomprehensible here? DD says that Blaine was PS’s assistant for six years before Lana’s murder and also for two years after the murder. Together they holed up for 8 days at the Bel Air after his release on bail. So sorry for your confusion, dear.

  11. Lajet said

    PRIOR POST: PS proposed marriage to Michelle Blaine to keep her from testifying against him. She refused. Michelle’s own assistant, Rachelle, jumped at the chance.

    I’ve heard this often enough to give credibility to the assertion – but given that she didn’t marry him, and she didn’t testify, what exactly was he afraid of?

  12. A.D.A. said

    Blaine assures us that she wasn’t thinking up alibis. Perhaps Dominick Dunne knows. However, his column says that she has distanced herself from the “I Spent Eight Days In a Hotel Room With a Killer” book project , yet my brief glance at her blog revealed a vote for “buying my Book”, or “not buying, but the blog is great”, with a finite number of days left to vote. (Since there was no place to vote – “Wouldn’t help you make money from Lana’s death in a billion years and I find your blog vile”, I abstained.)

    Maybe the prosecution didn’t need her, and from the tone of her writing, do you think she would make a favorable impression on the jury? She sounds like one angry woman, perhaps jealous of Michelle on some level? And anyone who stayed with Specter that long (6 yrs. + 2 years = 8 years) before they had a falling out…?

    Her father is a great drummer, Hal Blaine. Just trying to say something nice here. 🙂

  13. A.D.A. said

    P.S. I Think of PS’s marriage proposals were as on a par with the rest of his “legal” thinking and strategy. Kinda nice to think he got Rachelle as a result of his supercontrolfreak legal genius – that’s a sentence of its own, apparently. 🙂

  14. Glenda said

    First I am just in awe of anyone who can take skinny little sticks and some yarn and turn it into anything! I actually thought I should take up knitting and bought all the stuff and how to books. That lasted oh, about 15 minutes. I don’t get the process! So, kudos to you, Kim and all your blogger friends who can do the magic thing.

    Second OJ just makes me tired. I would love nothing more than for him to get put in prison for SOMETHING but just looking at his face just makes me want to turn the TV off. And, I’m pretty fed up with the Goldman’s for publishing the book and with Denise Brown for bad mouthing them FOR publishing the book. . .

    Third, how in the hell did you just walk into a bathroom, close the door and start cleaning? Did she notice? Did she just keep talking? Did you say, “sorry I have an emergency bathroom situation that I must attend to immediately”? I stand in awe, once again, at your ability and balls!

    Fourth, the Utah rape case is making me VERY sad and I just hurt for this little girl (as the mother of 2 girls I can’t imagine putting them in that situation). But, I just can’t get how this is going to fly as a punishable offense. Disgusting, degrading, deplorable–yes. But I can imagine the judge dismissing after the prosecution rests, can’t you?

    At least it was a fun day even without a verdict in the Munchkin case.

  15. Holy Toledo said

    Hi “Kimmer”

    You should never have told your blog friends that one. It made me laugh out loud for some reason.

    You are so easy to please with your yarn and needles. It looked so weird to see pictures of what I sent. You crack me up.

    How pleasant that Orenthal is in the slammer. Better late than never. I suppose he’ll say he was set up. And Johnnie isn’t here to defend him.

    I’m thinking there’ll be a verdict Wednesday. I hope it doesn’t go any longer than that. What I really hope for is a conviction and they can take as long as they want if that’s what they deliver.

    Keep posting pictures of your creations.


  16. Mary C. said

    Love your blog—but does anyone seriously think there could ever be a jury that would vote to put OJ behind bars? If it goes that far it will be a hung jury for sure. He has done more to hurt the race relations in this country that anyone in recent history. We will once again be pitting black against white. What a shame for our country, that this is more important than the lost lives in Irag.

  17. Carolina said

    Hi Kim,

    Love your knitting sample, you are just so clever!

    OJ is going to get his just desserts…politics and government in Nevada are very conservative, not at all “sin City” the tourist ad campaign would lead you to believe. As a matter of fact most of what goes on in Nevada is managed by the Morman church!! That’s right, Nevada is a state with a huge Morman population and I’m talking the whole Tabernacle Choir singin’, Great Salt Lake, no caffine drinkin’Morman Church….. Not the Warren Jeffs prarie skirt wearin’pedophile lovin’ disgraced cult that calls itself “Mormans”.

  18. poplife said

    OMG, spit on my screen seeing your fridge! Cheers!

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