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Hobbes Has A Hoodie

Posted by thedarwinexception on September 8, 2007

 So I haven’t *just* been sitting around wringing my hands over the fate of ole Phil Spector. No, I’ve been knitting, too! I can’t sew when the trial is on, because there’s no TV in the sewing room. I have a small 10 inch TV for in there, but since we have the Dish now, I have to get another receiver to hook up another TV to the whole confabulation. I will – when the trial is done. I do want a TV and a DVD player in there – I think it will be nice to be able to have my “Project Marathon” sewing sessions in there. My best times are when there is a Project Runway marathon on and I just sew. And now that I have that whole cabinet thing going on in there, I have the room again to think about putting the TV in there.

I have a million things I should be sewing, too. It’s getting chilly so I can go through my stash of warm and cozy flannels and make some really neat stuff. I’m really glad this trial will be done with this week.

But, I have been knitting. As exhibits were being moved into evidence, I finished the Hobbes Hoodie.

This is for Pattymac’s new grandson. Patty is a blog reader and fellow AFCA’n. I love this. It’s incredibly, incredibly soft – I used Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn for it, which has a sheen of silvery, glistening white mixed with the really pale yellow. I really like the way this turned out, and I’m sure this is a pattern I will use again. It was just a regular baby sweater pattern, with a garter stitch for the ribbing, and I found a different pattern that had a hood, with a not as cute sweater, so I took the hood from that pattern and combined it with this sweater. I had been wanting to try a hoodie for a while, so this was a great excuse. I think I’ll make another one for my “fair stash” for next year.

Then, as the attorneys and the judge went over jury instructions, and the closing arguments began, I started another sweater. I’m not sure who this one is for, but I have two little girls in mind. This is supposed to be a size 2, but it looks small to me. Maybe not, it’s been a while since I’ve had a kid who was a size two, but I have to check and see which little girl it will fit.

I really like this sweater, too. I hadn’t done ruffles in a while, so I wanted to do those again. This isn’t as soft and cuddly as the Hobbes Hoodie, but it’s still nice. It’s just regular old “Super Saver” Red Heart yarn, with an interesting ombre print. Since I’m into ombre prints now that Mary, The Digital Knitter, got me all excited about them. And both these buttons and the buttons on the Hobbes Hoodie are ones I got over the Labor Day weekend at Joann’s big “50% off buttons” sale. Plus I used a “10% off – even sale items ” coupon – so I bought tons and tons of buttons. Which I didn’t need – this is my button cabinet, it used to be some nail and screw holder Paul had in the shed. The drawers are now full of buttons. In each drawer I have a different color button.

Oh, and by the way, this is also full of buttons

and this too.

Sorting buttons is a tedious, thankless task, and not one I take up very often, so I don’t think I’ll ever actually sort through these to put them in drawers – although I have another one of those cabinets waiting that I stole from the Harley barn if I ever do.

But now I am knitting a new project, a little ruffled sweater with bands of color – it’s another new technique, not one I do often, of short rows of color interspersed with a soft yellow background. It’s one of those “Knit 12, turn, knit 4, turn, knit 9, turn” patterns. Really involved. But I loved the pattern.

THEN – due to the largesse and generosity of one of my readers (THANK YOU) I will have my precious size 0 knitting needles, and I can start on my  NEXT project – it’s a christening gown done with 100% Mercerized cotton with a silver sheen to it. Gorgeous pattern – and one that will probably take me a year at least to complete. I really want this to go in the fair next year, so I’m going to start it NOW. I mean, you’re knitting on size 0 fucking needles with what basically amounts to kite string – how fast could this possibly go? If I knit an inch a week, I’ll be doing well. If I don’t go fucking blind first.

But the christening gown will definitely be one of those “pick it up, put it down” kind of projects – too intense to be the only thing I’m knitting – so if anyone wants something knit in the meantime, let me know. I’m working on hats & mittens, and I need another baby sweater or baby dress or something like that to do as a side project. So speak up.

And thanks to EVERYONE – you all were incredibly wonderful and generous in coming to my rescue when I needed those stupid needles. I can’t believe how many offers I got of “I’ll look through my things” and “I’ll get them when I get out this weekend” and “Here – Here’s some MONEY for your Paypal account get the damned needles.” Totally unreal how nice you all are. I can’t believe you all would go out of your way for me like that when I’m such a bitch.



27 Responses to “Hobbes Has A Hoodie”

  1. Greg Goss said

    “there’s no TV in the sewing room. I have a small 10 inch TV for in there, but since we have the Dish now, I have to get another receiver to hook up another TV to the whole confabulation.

    Back in the eighties I had something called a “VCR Rabbit”. VCRs were so expensive then that you would have the VCR in one room then run a remote from it to wherever you wanted the TV. It came with several hundred feet of almost-hair-fine wire. The box by the VCR had an infra red emitter head that you glued to a shelf in front of the VCR and the remote box had an infra red receiver. You plug the main box into the cable coming out of the VCR and run wires to remote boxes in whatever rooms you might also have a TV in. Then when you leave the room with the source device, you flip a switch on the back of the primary box and take the remote with you. Whichever room you were in, you could point the remote at the box on top of the TV and the VCR in the far room would respond. Whatever was on channels 3 and 4 on the cable going through the box would appear on channels 3 and 4 of the remote box — usually whatever the VCR was showing. I bought a set of these in 85 or so and was still using them when we packed up the North Van place in 03. I’m not sure where they are now. Something like that must be wireless or WiFi by now, but there should be something similar available. Then you’d hook it up to one of the satellite receivers and watch on whatever TV you were near. Don’t you have to pay licencing fees for each receiver you have? With a receiver repeater like this, you wouldn’t.

  2. Sprocket said

    Kim, you are so much a bitch, you would actually “dare” to write about yourself! The nerve! (J/K)

    I’m not your BFF, but I very much enjoy seeing the wide range of your talent, with all the photos you put up of the things you create. And, I really enjoy hearing about life in Malone, since it’s so different than this city girl’s life.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Unsolved said

    I really envy your knitting ability. I tried knitting many long years ago. I started out trying to knit a blanket for my little girl. As the day wore on, I decided I would just knit a blanket for my poodle. Finally, I conceded that I could not knit and ended up with a leash for my poodle.

  4. Unsolved said

    “there’s no TV in the sewing room. I have a small 10 inch TV for in there, but since we have the Dish now, I have to get another receiver to hook up another TV to the whole confabulation.

    Just get a signal splitter and run a cable to any TV you want. It’s illegal, BUT….first you have to get caught!! I personally know that it works. I can’t knit but I can split a signal in a hearbeat.

  5. Scottie Rich said

    Kim, first of all, your knitting is wonderful! Looking at the ruffles tht are on the bottom of the sweaters I thought “how hard would it be to put some on the sides where the buttons and the holes go. I do love that look of just throwing on loose jacket type of sweater. As one who has never been able to knit anything but a long rectangular object, I feel nothing but awe after seeing your work.

    So, verdict on Thursday? I think it will be a great big GUILTY. Then the usual appeals based on inadequate or inept representation (he could have a point here). Allan Jackson, you are an inspiration. If Harvey doesn’t get convicted it won’t be your fault.

    Thanks, Kim, for the wonderful blog. It just makes my day!

  6. CarolynNVa said

    I am so envious of your talents! You are awesome! Your sweaters are so pretty! I have tried crocheting a blanket for my youngest son and it ended up looking like a blind mentally challenged monkey did it.
    I absolutely love your blog!! I am as addicted to it (and Sprocket’s as well) as I am to the CTV blogs.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Holy Toledo said

    OK, I went shopping this afternoon. Hobby Lobby was closed but Hancock Fabrics was open. The yarn selection looked pretty anemic but what do I know. Soooooo, I have a bagful of yarn *fer ya*. I need to find a box that will work and, of course, an address.

    And whatever you do, write your stuff this week because I’m going to Hillbilly Heaven and NO COURT TV! I’ll have my laptop though so I’m counting on you to cut through the crap and add your flavor.

    I thought Jamie Floyd was pretty disgusting too with Rachelle. Boy, can Rachelle lie right smack into the TV camera and keep a straight face. That BS about his hair is so much hooey. He might have a few strands with extensions fastened to them but that’s about all I think he has. Not that I give a rat’s ass how much hair he has or how much she loves him and they never talk about age, blah, blah, blah. Ruined my lunch watching that.

    Your little sweaters and stuff were really sweet. You’re such a contradiction making stuff like that and writing with all those expletives. I think that’s your draw to people, at least to me.

    Remember to send me an address, OK?

  8. Veronique said

    Kim, those are seriously beautiful sweaters you’ve knit. The hoodie is breathtaking.

    V., serious, really!

  9. Carolina said


    Do you realize that your amazing blogs and beautiful award-winning knitting and sewing projects qualify you as a true rarity in this modern world? Not only do you write THE best blog on true crime, you produce lovely little garments for lucky little boys and girls that make them feel so very special. Even infants will someday hold a little “Hobbes hoodie” or gorgeous layette set you made for them and feel special all over again.

    Actions speak louder than words, so quit trying to convince your loyal bloggers that you are such a hard ass!!

    By the way, what does AFCA stand for?

  10. Sprocket said

    After searching google for AFCA, here are some possibilities

    Arizona Fire Chiefs Association
    Association of Christian Women in Action
    Air Force Communication Agency
    American Foundation for children with Aids
    Antique Fan Collectors Association

    I think the answer is:

    American Football Coaches Association

    but I could easily be wrong with that, too, lol!

  11. Robin said

    You have so much talent. I love your knitting, I am such a novice. I just completed my third sweater and of course, another pair of slippers. And your writing is fantastic. You are amazing.

  12. Looking at the ruffles tht are on the bottom of the sweaters I thought “how hard would it be to put some on the sides where the buttons and the holes go.

    That’s actually a really good idea. I think I’ll do that on the sweater I’m making now. I’ll post pics as I go along – and I’ll blame you for the ruffles down the button band.


  13. And whatever you do, write your stuff this week because I’m going to Hillbilly Heaven and NO COURT TV!

    What the hell is Hilbilly Heaven? And why are you going there? And how long will you be gone? Not for DAYS, I hope – we’ll have a verdict in a few hours.

    Remember to send me an address, OK?

    OK – but you really didn’t have to buy me yarn.


  14. By the way, what does AFCA stand for?

    It’s a usenet group where I hang out –; the smartest people in the world live there and I go to try and get some of their pearls of wisdom and soak in the brilliance. They answer questions on everything from “why is one of my boobs bigger than the other” to “Does glass flow?”

    I’ve been hanging out there for YEARS, now, and the people are like family to me. A lot of them stop by here every once in a while, and many have come to see me in real life, both in Florida and here in Malone.


  15. skweekie said

    Why don’t you try knitting a series of Phil Spector wigs?

    The Afro-Spector for those electric evenings out on the town.

    The Little Dutch Spector, blond pageboy cut for those days when you want to look a bit more serious, yet creative and not at all homicidal.

    The Dark Side. Brunettes have less fun.

    The Prior Bad ActSpector. Wig includes a hidden pocket for the firearm of your choice. For an extra $10 we’ll throw in an Elmer Fudd hat.

    With the purchase of any two Spector Wigs, the customer would get two matching bodyguard wigs and a life-size cardboard cutout of Rachelle.

    ….or maybe not.

  16. Holy Toledo said

    Hillbilly Heaven is Portsmouth, Ohio, where, sadly, I was born…but I escaped and live in Toledo, Ohio which is just a few knotches up the food chain. I would get so homesick for the “hills” especially in autumn,so I bought a house there and go back once a month usually for a week or so. It’s been sort of an expensive cure for the homesickness. I know it sounds hokey but that’s what I did.

    I tried to find yarn with specks in it which is what you said you were into but, cripe, I didn’t see any such thing so I’m afraid what I got might be boring but it’s a baby hoodie kit and then something else I thought was pretty, maybe a nice scarf or something, potholder, whatever.

    Don’t you just love all the stuff people write to you? There’s some funny people out there….


  17. mbmb said

    I love your knitting….you are really good. I know your husband is from Michigan…and, so am I. Anyway…I have a dear friend who has the coolest knitting and yarn store. I thought you might like to take a look at her website. She is really into llamas and goats, and weird kinds of yarn…and it’s all very different. Here’s her site: just from the name you can tell she’s fun! I think you may love her sense of humor…it’s close to yours..

    On to the Spector trial…I can’t wait until it’s over. I’m personally will not get involved with another trial like this again. It’s so time consuming. Not that I’m telling you anything new! I love all your blogging…can’t even imagine how you do what you do, and knit & sew, too. BTW…your new sewing room looks great…you are very organized. I can only wish that my crafts looked as good as yours 🙂

    I always say I’m not going to get involved in another trial & then somehow I get hooked into the next one…

    Keep up the wonderful work…if you can!

  18. Lesmond said

    Did you get the knitting needles I sent? And the cashmere yarn? And there’s something wrong with your PayPal…it wouldn’t accept more than $1,000. Is there a receiving limit? I guess I’ll just mail the rest. You’re getting that new basement whether you want it or not!

  19. Scottie Rich said

    I’ll be watching your progress and I take full responsibility for the result. The ruffles are large and wavy. Like on a ladies there may be four or five and there are no buttons or holes at all. I saw this sweater on someone in the news and loved it.

    I forgot to comment on Jami Floyd. Oh, my God! I don’t think I have ever seen such sucking up to someone in my life (except from someone who wants to get laid) from a probing journalist and lawyer to boot. I was absolutely embarrassed for her. Where were the hard questions?? Why would anyone want to know the nauseating personal life of Rachelle and Phil??? Rachelle sounded like a 15 year old cheerleader. Or like Ashley Bannfield opining how she doesn’t understand law, for God’s sake. I really don’t want anything more to do with Court TV. The idea that one hour is lost to Star Jones is fucking beyond comprehension. What are we watching “Court TV” for anyway…to watch a talk show?? It’s becoming the new A&E with the Beach Patrol. I think they are commiting TV suicide by alienating the audience that made them successful in the first place.

    Jami Floyd, shame on you!

  20. MeMeMystery said

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! These sweaters are precious and you’re so unbelievably talented. Oh, to knit like a pro! I’m still at the blanket only stage, but do enjoy it just the same. Kim, a big thank you for following the trial for all of us. For those of us unable to attend, you’re blog has been so insightful and appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  21. Pattymac said

    The hoodie is gorgeous! It’s so nice that when Hobbes outgrows it I’ll make his parents put it away for their future grandchild. Today I mailed to my daughter-in law the outfit that Seth wore home from the hospital 25 years ago and if she has Hobbes wear it when he comes home for the first time, I’ll be crying like a fool.


  22. Here’s her site: just from the name you can tell she’s fun! I think you may love her sense of humor…it’s close to yours..

    Nice yarn!! I wish you could buy it online! I’d love some interesting cashmere or alpaca or wool. I can’t get that stuff at Wal Mart or Joann’s. I *so* miss a specialty yarn store.


  23. The hoodie is gorgeous!

    Well I’m glad *YOU* like it!!! I sent it out to you today, so let me know when it arrives!


  24. We just got a local yarn store (LYS) here in Lancaster. I went by on Sunday (it was closed, of course) and peered in the window; they had Sirdar and Noro patterns in their display, which was a good sign. Then I actually went by on Monday, after finishing for the day at my mom’s house and dropping fourteen boxes of stuff off at the thrift store she volunteered at.

    It was even better than I thought it might be. Misti Baby Alpaca, Blue Heron rayon, Rio De La Plata kettle-dyed merino, Noro, Cascade, Sirdar, Gedifra, and so on. Not a lot of the really high-end stuff, but this is Lancaster and, as the owners said, I wouldn’t expect it to move well. Every Clover bamboo needle made and some lovely wooden needles, even size 0.

    I didn’t buy a single thing. I was mightily tempted, but I just couldn’t decide on anything. Too much choice, I guess. I think I’m going to get a couple of skeins of purple Baby Alpaca for a scarf for my sister-in-law. Just touching that yarn made me long to own it, I tell you.

    Speaking of clearing out my mom’s house, I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a line with your address. There are a few things from her sewing room that I want to send you.

    My good friend Pat’s daughter, in South Dakota, is going to have a baby in the spring and I bought four skeins (a mile of yarn) of white fingering-weight merino wool to knit a lace christening shawl (traditionally this gets used for the christening and then gets put away until the kid’s wedding, when the bride wears it). This yarn is a lot heavier than what you’re using, being the weight that’s commonly used for socks, and I’ll knit it on US 7 needles. Right now I’m knitting a lace shawl in lace-weight alpaca and silk yarn, on US 5 needles. Lovely, but slow, slow, slow.

  25. […] bunny sweater, which I can work on for hours and see no progress. I’ve started another of the Hobbes Hoodie’s – this time with fur. It’s coming out kind of cute. It’s a normal Hobbes Hoodie with a […]

  26. Love that hoodie, is it Merino wool? Great clothing here. Thanks!

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