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Fair Update: The Ribbon Winners!

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 14, 2007

I went and picked my winning items up from the fair on Monday! I was so excited to have the items back and to have all the ribbons. I have got to figure out now how I can display the ribbons and the certificate in the sewing room. Paul says I should get some kind of shadowbox, but I just don’t know the best way to do it. I’d like to take some pictures of the items and hang those with the ribbons, but I am not sure the best way to do it. But I do want to get all those ribbons displayed – I think they will be great motivation when I am sewing and knitting – and I want to make a bunch of stuff for the fair next year.

I downloaded the “Premium Booklet” from the fair site and I’m just going to go right down the list and make one of everything for next year. Now I just have to figure out what a “luncheonette set” is. Because I don’t have a clue.

But here are the winning items: Up first, the little striped knit set with the shirt and pants – won a Blue ribbon! This is going to the AFCA baby.

Then we have the bunting – which took over a year to make and won a red ribbon. I’m sure it got a “Second” because towards the end, I was just swearing and bitching at it. I was totally sick of this bunting. My buddy Val who lives here in Malone and who I met through the blog is coming by in a bit to drop me off some material to help her with a present for a dear friend of hers who is having a baby shower this weekend. They are having a very special delivery in 9 weeks, and I think I am going to ask Val if she would like to give the bunting to that baby. After all the time I spent with this bunting, I really need it to go to a special child so I can carry fond memories of it.


Then we have the one sewn item I entered – and it won a blue ribbon, which was very encouraging. This is the Winnie the Pooh set. Overalls, lined jacket and shirt. With embroidery on the jacket. This is going to my friend’s little girl.


Then we have the star of the show – the item that won the Edna Hill Memorial Award – the knitted layette with hat, booties and sweater. This is the design I made myself – and by the way, if you want the pattern for this set, just let me know. I’ll get it to you.



14 Responses to “Fair Update: The Ribbon Winners!”

  1. Karen said

    Kim, The items are just darling! Congratulations!

  2. Kay said

    Congratulations on your work that won all the ribbons at the fair. Beautiful items. Tell me, how much sleep do you actually get? You are certainly multi-talented. I especially enjoy your insightful and brilliant coverage of the Spector spectacle!

  3. Gail said

    Kim, all the little itty bitty outfits are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your awards, WOW!

    A shadowbox might be good idea, especially for preservation. I remember winning awards for fresh vegetables, canning veggies, and making some jelly at our local fair years and years ago. I proudly hung the ribbons from an old egg basket in my kitchen, only to gather dust and now they are long gone.

    How about having some pictures taken of the lucky little children wearing your lovely creations, to hang in your sewing room.

    Kim, you are quite talented! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. Valerie said

    OMG so i typed in luncheonette set into google and the first thing that came up was your blog… no lie… thats just too funny. I have no idea what it is though.

  5. Holy Toledo said

    Luncheonette. Well, that’s have to be a bib and depending on what was for lunch, a diaper or two….

  6. Christine said

    Congratulations on your win! These are all so cute! Well done!

  7. Annette said

    Your blog on the Spector Trial is awesome and so is your knitting!

  8. Carolina said


    You are so talented and energetic! You write the BEST Spector blog, at least as good as Dominick Dunne but with a wicked sense of humor. And the works of art you create! you are my hero, you go girrrl!

  9. Boron Elgar said

    I wish my kids would go out and breed so I could ask you to knit something. All the outfits are lovely, Kim. I commend you.

  10. Guernica said

    I am in awe of your skills and creativity!

    Congratulations on all your awards; you deserve each and every one.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

  11. Beautiful outfits, Kim, just beautiful. The little recipients are very lucky. You deserve your prizes.

    I’ve got to find a good bunting pattern (I’m no good at designing my own). The latest rules for averting SIDS includes not having blankets in the crib, I believe, so a bunting or two might be good for the baby on the way in South Dakota.

    I think a luncheonette set is four place mats and lunch napkins, but I could be wrong. It might be only one of each, not four, too. If so and if you want to knit one, try Louet Euroflax yarn. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a pattern, but I might be thinking of the Euroflax hand towels in Mason-Dixon Knitting.

  12. Jim said

    Hi! Great break from the trial in your blog today (and congrats!) but C’MON! Some of us depend on your coverage of the trial. I must have checked this site 15 times today. 🙂

    I expect a full report tomorrow, missy!

    Thanks and much admiration! Jim

  13. Mary said

    Simply beautiful. You are both physically and intellectually talented. Did you use a pattern for the striped outfit? It’s just adorable and the colors wonderful.

  14. Pierre said

    Great projects! Congratulations!

    But I still need you to know what happened in Phil Spector’s trial yeasterday. You are my main source of information and I am feeling withdrawal symptoms… Please urgently post…


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