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Houses, Hoodies and Cars

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 10, 2007

Last summer the old lady across the street died. She was a great old lady, and I really liked her. When we first moved in and started demolition on this house she let me go over to her house and use the bathroom and get water for the dogs and when the noise and commotion here just got to be too much, I’d go over there and sit with her and we would knit (she loved to knit) and watch Court TV. She loved Court TV as much as I did – of course, that’s before they got their new “vision” and decided that people wanted to see Psychic Detectives at 3:00 instead of the afternoon session of the Phil Spector trial – which is a really huge misconception, if you ask me.

When the old lady across the street died she left the house to her daughter, and a couple of weeks ago I saw that the daughter had put a “For Sale By Owner” sign in front of the house. I was out with the dogs yesterday when the daughter was by to get more stuff out of the garage, and she said that they wanted $54,900 for the house. It’s a beautiful house and I think the price is about right, but I don’t think she’ll get that. The daughter also said she was having a garage sale of some of her mom’s stuff next weekend. I’m looking forward to that. Her mom sewed – and I’m hoping she can find some old sewing stuff to put in the sale. I told her to set aside any sewing things and I would buy those – and she mentioned “Well, Mom did have an old antique treadle sewing machine”. You know, because I *need* another sewing machine, right?

But if you want to buy a nice house and live across the street from me, well, there you go.

I also found out that the daughter’s daughter had a baby on Wednesday – a little girl. She was quite excited and I said “Dang! I wish I had known she was pregnant, I would have made her something!” So I still may make her something – just as a little tribute to the old lady that I used to watch Court TV with. I know the old lady would have made something for the new baby, and since she’s not here to do it, maybe I should do it for her, in her memory.

And, speaking of knitting, I have started on the Hobbes hoodie -which no matter how many times I make this thing now, will forever be called the Hobbes hoodie. The back is done, one of the fronts is done and I’m working on the other front. When I went to Joann’s they didn’t have any of the blue “Baby Coordinates” yarn left, so I got the very pale yellow “Lustersheen” yarn, only because it’s gorgeous. It has a stand of a silvery yellow in it, so when the sweater catches the light it looks “lustery”, that’s the best way to describe it, it just has a “sheen” to it. And boy is this stuff soft! It’s like BUTTER.

So I hope Patty is reading and that she approves of the pale yellow.

I’m going to go back to Joann’s today or tomorrow, and I think I’ll get a bunch more of this yarn – it’s wonderful.

The other thing I wanted to post up here is the pictures we took at the car show a couple of weekends ago. The car show was at the rec park and we walked down there with Milo and looked around. Paul likes these car show kinds of things. Of course, all cars look alike to me, so I’m not easily impressed at car shows, but I took pictures of his favorites from the show.



3 Responses to “Houses, Hoodies and Cars”

  1. Pattymac said

    Yellow is my favorite color! My kitchen is yellow and red. I just painted my living room mustard yellow. My yard is full of yellow daylilies, sunflowers, and black-eyed susans. Yellow has been my favorite color since I was a kid. A yellow Hobbes hoodie is perfect.


  2. Holy Toledo said

    If I didn’t already own two houses, I’d consider it. I own one in Portsmouth, Ohio which is pretty much a hick, hillbilly town on the Ohio River. I was born there but moved once I got out of highschool. But I would get so homesick for the “hills” I bought a small brick cottage with gingerbread trim that was built in 1884. It’s adorable and perfect to go stay a week a month. And I own a house in Toledo that I can’t seem to let go of although every winter I wonder what the hell I’m doing here. OK, I’d done now.

  3. Valerie said

    That’s a really nice place. What street is it on? I have a friend who might be intersted. She and her fiance are looking for a nice little place.

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