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We’ve Got Stupidity in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 7, 2007

So tomorrow is the big day – I go and get my award at the fair. I am really excited – even though I have to wash clothes and shave my legs and stuff – I never do that. Paul came home from work and asked me “What are you wearing?” and I said “I don’t know” and he said “well, you better find something”. Which is a really big deal in this house, because I hardly ever wear anything besides my nightgowns. That’s my normal dress code – sweats and a long t-shirt or these muu-muu dresses. And I don’t think either outfit is appropriate for the fair.

So, I washed some clothes, and now I just have to find shoes – I never wear those, either.

And it sucks that they couldn’t have given out the awards today when there was no trial testimony instead of tomorrow, when there actually will be testimony. The Tivo will be going on both the computer and the TV for the hour or so I am gone.

And hopefully they won’t make me pay admission just to get in there and get the award and get out – because that will be a deal breaker – I’m not going to spend $12.00 to get into the fair unless Paul is with me and there’s at least a bag of cotton candy in the deal.

But I am bringing my camera – I’ll get some pictures of the locals enjoying the fair and maybe some carnies – I love carnies – they are all so strange and odd.

Kind of like these things – strange and odd.

You may get extra tortoises with this pair…


This is one of those “cure is worse than the problem” things…..


I think they are taking this armed services rivalry way too seriously.


No, this is not from the local redneck games….


I would *so* go to that….


That’s really nasty, you know…..


Somehow I don’t think this would be anywhere near as fun…


Best “Before and After” picture ever


well if it’s hore like, it’s gotta be friendly.


I wonder if this is the guy that keeps sending me spam.


Awwwww!!!!! Bad Luau!


What a steal!


I’ll take 2 of the $500 bikes, please.


And my favorite, just because it’s so sad and stupid.


13 Responses to “We’ve Got Stupidity in the News”

  1. Kathy Riley said

    I haven’t been to the fair in several years. I also love the carnies and miss not seeing them. And, oh yeah, the corn dogs! Yummy!

    I hope you take pictures; I would love to see them!

  2. Ron Sowards said

    You will have to pay admission, looks like $10.00, but they will mail you your check if you don’t show up.

    I used to live in Malone and never quite appreciated the fair, until I moved (3 times in 25 years) and found out that you need at least $100.00 to go anywhere and do anything anywhere else in the country these days! Pay the money, see the cows, chickens, llammas, art, eat some fair food, see the concert!

    I wish I could be there, at least for the bull riding and Loverboy concert (and some ribbon fries and pulled pork)…well, maybe if I win the lottery, I’ll show up.

  3. geewhiz said

    I think you had too much time on your hands today!

  4. Veronique said

    Hell wit’ the cows/chickens/llamas, go see the sheep!

  5. Susan said

    If nothing else, just eat your way thru the fair. Go ahead and start off with your cotton candy, then on to the funnel cake, bread bowl, rajun Cajun, chick in a basket, candied apples, rice bowl, corn dogs, gyros, falafel, cheese on a stick, deep fried twinkies on a stick, snickers on a stick, pizza on a stick, teriyaki whatever on a stick, and my personal favorite, Dippin Dots. I don’t know about Malone, but the LA County fair has wine tasting too. All that, along with the Carnies? What’s wrong with you?

  6. If nothing else, just eat your way thru the fair.

    Well, there’s two problems with that.

    1. My Aversion to Meat. I can’t eat meat – can’t even smell it cooking without hurling. I’m not a vegetarian by any means – I love meat. I think the aversion is a recent side effect of one of my meds or maybe a combination of meds. Or maybe it’s all in my head – I don’t know, but I have it BAD. I was hoping it would be over with by now, but it rages on. I was hungry for a BLT one day and made some bacon and I actually got through half a BLT sandwich before the rumbling kicked in. And that was the end of that.

    2. The Trial is on – I will be missing testimony! And we can’t have that. I have the tivo set to record and I have my AV capture set to record the streaming video on the computer – but I really want to be here for the testimony.

    So the fair will have to wait. I am going to take the camera and take pictures of my stuff to post, but the walking around looking at crap is going to have to wait for Friday night. That’s when Paul and I will probably go again.


  7. You will have to pay admission, looks like $10.00, but they will mail you your check if you don’t show up.

    I called this morning. I don’t have to pay admission – the lady said to report at the fair office and they check off your name against your exhibitor number thing and they let you in free.

    And nobody gets a check today – all checks are handed out the Monday after the fair when you pick your items up.


  8. Valerie said

    Good Luck today at the fair. Take lots of pictures of the carnies, they love to smile for the camera. Just don’t get to close they are very handsey!

  9. Sue said

    Damnit Kim, I’ve been checking and rechecking for an update on the fair. Comeon, write something. I need a fix.

  10. Sue said

    By god, you outdid yourself, Kim. I am still baffled at how you do it but appreciative. Were you, by any chance, trained as a court recorder? One thing for sure, you’re putting those other experts to shame. And look at those blog visit numbers. Holy smoke. You’re the hottest thing on the ‘net.

    I was wondering how that “fair visit” went or did you play hooky?

  11. Abigail said

    I once went to the Wood Festival in Grantsville, WV. Once was enough. Everyone had the shits for 2 days afterwards. Who knows how many miles the funnel-cake oil had travelled before it landed in that place.

  12. Were you, by any chance, trained as a court recorder?

    No – but wouldn’t that be the coolest job EVER? I’d only get hired for one trial, though, since when they read the transcripts and noticed my little “comments”, like “And then the witness contradicted their earlier testimony, by saying….” And well, that would be the end of that.

    But it would be fun for the one trial.

    I just take good, fast notes. Years of practice. I was in college with 3 young sons, a husband, a house, a full time job and I lived an hour away from school. I learned to *absorb*.



  13. Who knows how many miles the funnel-cake oil had travelled before it landed in that place.

    Well, thanks. No funnel cakes for me at the fair!


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