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Project Fair: Some Results!

Posted by thedarwinexception on August 6, 2007

So it’s funny, but now that I blog, everything that happens to me during the day makes me think “OH! I can’t wait to put this on the blog!” And I start editing notes in my head and kind of writing in “outline form” in my mind.

Today I got news I just couldn’t wait to share – I got a call from the fair – seems I WON!!!!!!!!!!

I got the Edna Hill Memorial Award for “Most Beautiful Knitted Item”. I’m not sure *which* piece won, since the girl who called didn’t know, she just said that all she knew was I won “Most Beautiful Knitted Item” she didn’t have word of exactly which piece it was.

I have to go on Wednesday at 1:00 to get the award, and have my picture taken for the local newspaper.

I’ll be sure and post a picture Wednesday of the ribbon or award or certificate or whatever it is they give me and I’ll let you know exactly which piece it was that nabbed the award.

But I was thrilled – what a great validation of my work – I don’t think I’ve ever actually won anything before – especially in any kind of “judged” environment. So this was really thrilling to me.

I called everyone I knew and told them, and none of them seemed as surprised as I was – the old lady across the street basically said “Well, I’m not surprised – you do really beautiful work”, and Lesmond said “Oh, I knew you’d win”.

I even called Paul at work and told him and all he wanted to know was if there was money involved – he was much more excited once I told him that yeah, there was a monetary prize that went with the award. Which I never should have told him, because now he’ll have me chained to the couch knitting all the time.

So, that was my exciting morning.

I also had a pretty exciting afternoon, since my heroin addict brother Gary showed up out of the blue looking for “his stuff”. HA! Who knows where the hell that is 7 months later? I found a bag of clothes that seemed to be his on the back porch, and gave him those, but as for the other shit – hey, you got me.

OH – and I got another award in my email! Isn’t it wonderful????

I’m just an award winning fool this week, huh????


5 Responses to “Project Fair: Some Results!”

  1. George said

    Congratulations on a well deserved award. The least I can do after lurking here so much is to give public acknowledgment of your skills. Thanks for writing.

  2. Susan not Sue said

    As a long-time devotee of “Stitch and Bitch” and Project Runway wannabe, I applaud you! Also, LOVE your Spector coverage. You’re a gifted woman; my new mentor.

  3. Wonderful news. I’m so happy for you. I hope it was the variegated yarn that won them over.

    A decade or so ago I entered some needlepoint in our fair and won some ribbons, as well as enough money to cover my entry fees. That was no where near as neat as your prize, but I was pretty damned proud of it. Extrapolating, I can just imagine how great you must feel.

  4. Hank said

    Congratulations, Kim!

    Do you know if all the judging is completed, or might you still win with some of your other entries?

    What’s the name of the local paper?

  5. Do you know if all the judging is completed, or might you still win with some of your other entries?

    I think the judging is compete for this particular award, but ther ear estill the “regular” fair awards of first, second, third, etc. So there may be some ribbons left to be won.

    What’s the name of the local paper?

    The Malone Telegram – they don’t have an online presence.


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