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Tea and A Bunting

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 6, 2007

So I bought some tea. I bought three different *kinds* of tea, because, you know, I don’t drink tea, I don’t know tea, and I don’t know what the formerly dead lady next door drinks, since she didn’t stick around long enough to tell me.

I haven’t given her the tea yet because there is no way in fucking hell I am knocking on her door. I’m waiting until I see her outside, maybe doing some gardening, and then I will just kind of yell over there “Hey, Vampira, I got tea.” Paul reminded me that it’s not letting loose the zombies if they invite you into *their* house, that it’s if you invite them into *your* house, but I’m still not taking any chances. I’m not knocking on her door. I may even make sure Paul is home when I do yell over to her. Just in case I never come out. It’s better to do those kinds of things when you have someone who you can say “If I’m not back in 10 minutes, come in and get me” to.

And I finished the never ending bunting -and about damned time, too. I looked at my notes and I started this thing on August 17th, 2006. So it’s been almost a year in the making. All I have to do is choose some ribbon for the ties on the hood and cut a few of the straggly ends. But it’s done, it’s washed, it’s blocked and the zipper down the front is all sewed in.

What do you think? Is it good enough to enter into the fair?

So, one project down, two to go before the fair. I went to Joann’s on Friday and got the snap tape for the Winnie the Pooh outfit, so that’s all set to be completed. And now I am working on the rest of the “design your own” sweater. That should only take a couple days if I work at it.

But, the trial starts again tomorrow, so, there goes a lot of free time. Although I am really ready for the trial to start again. There’s nothing but shit on during the day. I miss watching a live trial.

But let me know how you like the bunting. I am *SO* glad that thing is done.


5 Responses to “Tea and A Bunting”

  1. Veronique said


    V., and good luck with the formerly dead lady next door. What kind of tea?

  2. Lisa Ann said

    The bunting looks beautiful, Kim. But, like everyone else, I’m dying to know what’s going on with the Formerly Dead Lady. And I thought it was vampires that you had to invite into your house, not zombies – I thought zombies could pretty much go where they wanted to eat your brains? Paul may have his horror legends confused…so be careful. Then again, if the formerly dead lady is a vampire and she invites you in, you should be safe. Especially if you wear a string of garlic around your neck.

    Lisa Ann

  3. Jill said

    The bunting looks beautiful enough to use as a horrible, hot, and unbearably cute restraining device for young children. Since whoever you were making it for is now too big, what are you doing with it?

    As for your lady, stop being all chicken-shit and go knock on her door. She came over to your house, that means you’re allowed to go over to hers. You just have to plan it so she has to let you in.

  4. Hank said

    Have Paul go over with you, and tell her that “you both wanted to meet her”. You’ve tolerated his weird friends enough times that you should get some payback.

  5. DT said

    >Have Paul go over with you, and tell her that “you both wanted to >meet her”. You’ve tolerated his weird friends enough times that you >should get some payback.

    Heck, let her know how cheap the rent is at your place, maybe she’ll move in. Tell Paul she wants to sleep in the Harley Barn.

    Denny (ducking)

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