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Movie Theaters, Fireworks, Signs & Sewing

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 3, 2007

So the talk around Malone is that we *may* – and emphasize that *may* – be getting a movie theater. I, of course, think this is a great idea. Lord knows we could use *something* here in town, and I’m all for the first thing being a movie theater, if it can’t be a book store.

But the talk is also saying that the man proposing the idea isn’t exactly “reliable”, whatever that means, so no one is holding their breath or getting *too* excited over the prospect.

The nice thing is that the proposed location of the movie theater is the “old Newburry’s building”, which is right on Main Street downtown, which means it would be within walking distance of our house. I would love being able to walk to the movie theater, stop and get an ice cream after the movie on the way home, and maybe even have a bite to eat at the local restaurant before the movie starts. Of course, this would mean we would also have to have an ice cream shop and a nice restaurant on Main Street, too, besides pizza places, but one thing at a time! I think a movie theater would be a great start.

Oh – and for some reason I can’t find out if there are supposed to be fireworks here or not tomorrow. We had a nice little parade on Saturday – I took Milo to it, and he had a great time. But I really wanted to see some fireworks. I thought for sure they had them last year at the rec park, but everyone says that that was a “one time” thing, and that Malone *never* has fireworks. So who knows? I guess if I start to hear really loud “boom” sounds tomorrow night, I’ll know that the fireworks are happening at the rec park, and I can run to my back window and watch them.

Lately, there have been a bunch of these yellow signs popping up around Malone – it’s Real Estate Auction time again! Since we first moved into this house, I always loved the green house around the corner from us. Lovely, lovely old house. Just spoke to me. Cried out “Help Me! I’m Lonely!” My friend Dana described it as “sympathizing with real estate” – she has it, too, and I guess that’s what I have. The green house was abandoned and I always thought “what a shame – such a pretty old house.”

Well, this year it has a yellow sign in front of it, and I got all excited when I saw it. I called our real estate guy and asked him what he thought a reasonable bid would be for the house- he said $12K – so I am putting in a bid of $13K. The auction is July 11th, so I’ll let you know how it goes. But isn’t this a nice house?


I’m still knitting my fingers to the bone – today I did a few inches of the never ending bunting, and almost finished the left (or right) front on the variegated yarn sweater. I haven’t done thing one on the Winnie the Pooh set, besides cutting all the pieces out, and the quilt is a distant dream, although I do have about two rows worth of squares already done for that. Not that this is anywhere near enough squares to even make it worth sewing the rows of squares together.

But this is a scan of the right (or left) front of the variegated yarn sweater – I scanned it on a fairly high resolution so you can see the pattern in the body of the sweater. I also knit the button band into the pattern, because I hate “picking up and knitting” the band afterward.


And this is a scan of one of my quilt squares.



It doesn’t look very impressive on it’s own, but when you put four of the squares together, you get this.



I like the pattern – it looks pretty interesting with all the squares laid out together. I’m keeping all the small corners the same yellow, just to keep some consistency in the overall pattern.

Oh – and while I’ve been sewing and knitting my poor little fingers to the bone, this is what Milo and Paul have been doing. I guess it’s true that dogs and their owners tend to start to look like each other over time. Because these guys sure do.





14 Responses to “Movie Theaters, Fireworks, Signs & Sewing”

  1. meh said

    malone used to hold its 4th of july celebration on july 3rd, with a parade earlier in the day, with a band and other activities followed by fireworks over Lamica Lake(Turd Pond) aka the Rec-Park.

  2. Gary Day said

    Damn… 12K for a house!!!! People I know over here are paying more than that in a quarter for rent!

    Maybe I should move to Malone…


  3. Well, we had the parade on Saturday, and it was quite nice. We really enjoyed it. They had a little “get together” over at the gazebo with some music and hot dogs, and other July 4th kinds of eating. Quite a lot of people came out for that, which was why I wondered if there were going to be fireworks. Seemed that the community really enjoyed this kind of thing.

    I *thought* that last year they had fireworks over in the rec park – but someone told me “no, those fireworks were at a different time of year for something else, you are disremembering”, and then someone else said “yeah, they had them that one time, but they usually don’t have them”.

    And now you have raised some other questions – why is it called “Lamica Lake?” We have some friends here whose last name is Lamica. And why is it called “Turd Pond”?


  4. Damn… 12K for a house!!!! People I know over here are paying more than that in a quarter for rent!

    We paid less than that for ours, and we have the Harley shed and an extra acre.

    Maybe I should move to Malone…

    Yes, yes, I think you should….


  5. Marloes said

    I love the house and if I knew what a ‘K’was I’d probably faint..:)

  6. I love the house and if I knew what a ‘K’was I’d probably faint..:)

    LOL. “K” is a thousand. We are putting in a bid of $13K, or $13,000 on the house.

    Our house was $9K.


  7. Greg Goss said

    “Our house was $9K.”

    Yeah, but didn’t you have to find a notary in rural Pakistan to pay for it?

  8. Jill said

    I like the sweater pattern, it looks scalloped but without those icky nubby sticky out scallopy things you usually see in knit and crochet patterns.

    I hope the camera isn’t adding ten pounds on Paul’s pic.

  9. Valerie said

    Did you ever bid on that house? I’m wondering who bought absoulte fitness, hopefully they will do something with it and not leave it abandoned like all the other buildings in malone.

  10. Did you ever bid on that house?

    Hey Val!

    Yes, I did. I even went to the auction! I pulled out of the bidding at $19K. Only because Paul would have killed me if I went over 20K and there were back taxes owed on the house. I wasn’t quite sure how much those were going to be but I estimated $1,000 a year, and didn’t want to go over 20K, so I pulled out at 19K.

    I still love the house, though. It’s so pretty. I don’t care that I didn’t get it, as long as *someone* gets it and treats it right.

    I’m wondering who bought absoulte fitness

    Oh me too! Isn’t that a beautiful building, too!!?? If you look past the decrepit windows and storefront, and just look *up* at the building itself, it’s *SO* nice.

    Paul wants to buy that one that’s right on the river next to the bridge – the one that says “5 story building For sale” on the sign – with all the shingles on the front. He *loves* that building – I think mostly for the wrought iron stairs that go down to the first floor under the bridge. He thinks that is awesome.

    I agree it’s a pretty building – but not real practical to live in, although Paul has big ideas about making the bay windows of the storefront his “Showcase’ for his Harleys, and that floor his workshop, and then we’d just live upstairs.

    But he’s a fucking nut, anyway.


  11. Valerie said

    Oh i love that building too next to forartsake!! Too bad there isn’t a lot more public parking available on main street, i think more of the old buildings would be used.

  12. Oh i love that building too next to forartsake!! Too bad there isn’t a lot more public parking available on main street, i think more of the old buildings would be used.

    Well Geesh! You’ve been talking to Paul, haven’t you?? You guys think *just alike*.

    That’s Paul’s main complaint about Main Street. He is firmly of the opinion that the businesses, the Flanagan (Best Western), restaurants, and any services on Main Street are not going to do well unless and until there is parking. Me? I don’t think about such things. I look at Main Street as a “walking destination”, but Paul doesn’t. He says foot traffic will never support a thriving Main Street, he feels they need to either build a parking garage or tear down a couple of the buildings and have a huge parking lot that can accomodate a lot of cars.

    Paul says that people from out of town who go through Main Street in cars while on their way to other places *won’t* stop if they have to search for a parking place, no matter how attractive the shops.

    And he thinks that any “development plan” has to include parking.

    I love Main Street and the gorgeous buildings – I can’t imagine sacrificing any one of them for a parking lot. Makes me shiver. But Paul says that none of those buildings are going to be successful unless and until there’s parking available.

    Me? I say keep the cars away. I’m from Burlington, where cars aren’t even allowed on Church Street downtown, and I love it. Street vendors, fountains, sculptures, park benches. Long live foot traffic.


  13. Valerie said

    LOL that’s too funny. I think the perfect building to tear down without loseing too much is the old nikki’s hotel. It’s a great corner lot, and would make an excellent parking garage instead of the pigeon hotel it is now. It’s already got traffic lights for easy in and out access.

    Foot traffic is good but people are too lazy to walk now a days. I was at the super 8 motel the other day and someone was looking for good place to eat they could walk to. I told them Gallaghers was right up the hill not even 1/2 mile. She said it was too far… laaaazzzzy! lol

    Maybe if we find someone with money to invest in our collective good ideas malone might end up with some new life on main street 😉

  14. Veronique said

    Maybe a parking lot could be located behind Main Street, with signs directing people to it? This reminds me of Murphys, California, which is a dear little gold-mining town. There is a little bit of street parking, but some wise soul realized you really have to be a DESTINATION-type destination for people to put themselves out finding parking. If you are just a bunch of cute little shops and a small museum and a little park with a buggy, you need to make it easy. The walk up from the big parking lot goes through a park along a really pretty creek, and the walk is only about five minutes, maybe the equivalent of two blocks away. You can SEE Main Street from the parking lot, so it doesn’t feel like a journey at all.

    A separate parking area encourages people to stop AND allows the ambiance of a “walking” Main Street.

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