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Silly Stuff in the News

Posted by thedarwinexception on July 1, 2007

I am finished with the back of the “my own design” baby sweater. Working on the right front – or maybe it’s the left front – one of the fronts. I am still undecided about the pattern on the yoke. I’ve found a couple from other patterns that I really like – but I think I want something with a garter stitch in it.

I hope to work on the Winnie the Pooh outfit later today, and I may even do a few more rows on the never ending bunting. But I am truly thinking if I get *one* thing done for the fair, I’ll be doing very, very well.

In the meantime, take a time out for a laugh.

You know, what in the hell is the world coming to when you can’t even trust your crack dealer??


She isn’t lost – she fucking ran away from those crazy ass people that made her wear cheerleading outfits.


Well, there’s an endorsement.


You know, I see bad things happening if someone opens that fucking door.


I’ll have the onions – and a sprinkle of the penis. Can you slice that thin?


Some things just end up making sense.


How do you make that mistake? How?


How old are the high school graduates these days?


If he’s unknown, how did she know him?


Band Name!




I wonder if they are throwing in a hose.


…..and my favorite, just because it’s so fucking stupid.


2 Responses to “Silly Stuff in the News”

  1. Julie said

    Honest to God, Kim… I’m going to seriously hurt myself. Where do you FIND this stuff?

    (Oh, and I’d like my penis on the side, please.)


  2. nobody said

    Julie wrote:

    > (Oh, and I’d like my penis on the side, please.)

    I like mine exactly where it is. And where I put it.

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