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Finished Another Sewing Project

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 23, 2007

So another project is finished! I finished the groovy patterns and crazy fabric little Capri set for my friend’s little girl. This is the one that my friend had to coordinate the fabrics for me. Didn’t she do a great job!!! I need to fly her in and have her put together a bunch of fabrics so I won’t have to keep bugging her. I’m just not good at the whole “this goes well with that” thing.

But here is the little outfit: pants, top and hat. I used McCall’s pattern number 5306, making view “C”, shown in the bottom left corner, for the top and hat, but I modified the pants a bit, adding the ruffle around the bottom.






Here is the back view of the top, showing the buttons. The buttons are little red flowers.



Here is the hat – I think the hat is really cute.


I used some decorative stitching around the bodice of the little top. Around the waistline and neckline I did a topstitch of hearts. Mostly I just wanted to try out the decorative stitches my machine does, since I really haven’t explored those a lot. I think it came out kind of nice – although this outfit really didn’t need anything more going on with it – the fabrics are busy enough.


So, I rearranged the sewing room a bit again. I had a dresser in there that was full of magazines – mostly cross stitch, knitting, plastic canvas, crochet and craft magazines. And now I don’t do cross stitch anymore, I never really crocheted, and I never did plastic canvas at all. So I need to get rid of all of those magazines. I sorted the magazines out and kept only the knitting ones, put the rest in a big pile for Paul to put them into an “I am having a garage sale someday” box.

If you cross stitch and would like hundreds of cross stitch magazines – email me. I also have a bunch of crochet leaflets. I can’t cross stitch anymore – my eyes are just not that good.

So, after I emptied out the dresser of all the magazines, I took it downstairs and painted it black to match the bedroom. All of our bedroom furniture is that black lacquer stuff. We have a big 4 poster black wrought iron bed, a long dresser, and a high black lacquer dresser that’s really just a waste of space, since it has two doors that open with 2 little shelves in it and two small drawers on the bottom. I like it because it has a long mirror in one of the front doors – but it’s not that good for actually storing clothes in. So we needed another dresser in there.

So now we have an extra dresser for the bedroom, and I freed up some space in the sewing room for that sewing machine I got from the Free Trader. So Paul brought that upstairs for me, and finally got it off the porch.

Now I still need to find some bookshelves for the downstairs living room. Then I can get all the books out of the sewing room and it will finally be the way I want it.


For now.




6 Responses to “Finished Another Sewing Project”

  1. Julie said

    Oh my gosh, Kim! Katie is going to LOVE this! It looks just how I pictured it in my mind… Funky and wacky and high-energy, just like my Katie! Ha ha! It’s too adorable!

    Hey, anytime you want me to put fabrics together for you for any of your sewing projects, please don’t hesitate to ask me. My problem is that I can see the item in my mind, all finished, just how I would want it to look… But I can’t even figure out how to thread my machine much less make anything.

    It’s wonderful and precious and adorable…Thank you so much!


  2. Well, it really helps that Katie is like THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL IN THE WORLD.

    I could sew her a sackcloth outfit out of old ratty cat hair, and people would still walk up to her and say “Oh my Goodness, what a LOVELY little girl!”

    I hope she loves the outfit, though.

    She is so fun to sew for.


  3. Hank said

    It’s really cute, Kim. I hope Julie will let you post a picture of Katie wearing the outfit.

  4. Julie said

    An opportunity for people to ooh and aah over my daughter? Why, I DO think so! Kim, I’ll send you pictures as soon as the outfit arrives… I’m so excited!

  5. Should I post the picture of her in the purple dress? That was featured here on the blog, as well.


  6. Julie said

    Oh, of course! Now, her hair looked like kittens had been playing in it all day, as we’d just come from romping around like monkeys outside… But the cute will shine through! Post away!

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