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New, Improved Mug Growing

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 22, 2007

So I got really brave and took some pictures of the formerly dead lady next door from the safety and security of my bedroom window. Yeah, I’m no fool, I ain’t getting anywhere near that lunatic.

On this day, I kept hearing this scraping sound, like someone was scratching something against concrete. I couldn’t figure out what it was, and I followed the sound until I got to our back bedroom. It was the crazy lady next door – scraping her back concrete little pad next to her porch with an ice scraper – you know, the kind you scrape your car windshield off with. She was scraping the dirt off of the concrete.

So I ran and got the camera and took some pictures of her doing this. The bonus of these pictures is that you can see her stick and twig pile in back of her – you can also partly see the clear plastic she uses to protect the twigs and sticks – because, of course, sticks and twigs *that* good you don’t want nothing happening to.

See that old tin pot/bucket thing next to her? Well, see, that was full of water, and as she scraped the concrete of dirt, it the scraper got dirty, she would rinse it off in that bucket, then continue scraping. Now, why she didn’t just hose off this concrete is beyond me. Of course, she probably doesn’t have a hose. But I would have let her borrow ours, if she had come over and asked. In fact, our hose probably would have reached over the fence attached to our hose bib, so even if she didn’t have one on the outside of her house, she still could have hosed it down.

I also got some pictures of the new, improved garden mug, and BONUS – I got a picture of the crazy lady working in the front garden. This picture was taken with her wearing the Bob Marley tapestry – but you can’t really see his face emblazoned across her ass very well. But, that light color across her ass? That’s Bob Marley.

And here is the result of all that hard work – the new, improved garden mug – with the weeds. These are weeds from the back yard. I don’t know what kind of weeds they are – but they are weeds. They grow wild in the back. But, I have to admit,. I was glad to see the garden mug back. Nothing like a little crazy to liven up the street.


2 Responses to “New, Improved Mug Growing”

  1. Valerie said


    I saw in todays free trader that there is a contest for “The Most Beautiful Yard and Garden” . I think you should enter the mug lady from next door. It’s a $50 awarad, plus you get your picture in the local news paper. No professionally landscapped yards… i dont know the mug might have a chance to win hhaha

  2. Oh My God!! That’s too funny!!! I should don’t you think?? I mean, it would be good for a laugh, anyway, and I’m telling ya, no one raises weeds the way she does!

    And you won’t believe it, (but I am going to post photographic evidence, because you *know* I had to take a picture!) but he original mug has *REPRODUCED!* Can you believe it?? There ar enow *2* mugs in teh yard – right next to each other. The baby mug is a sky blue color, so it must be an iris or some such shit.

    And I am damned well going to start burying fabric or sewing supplies in my front yard.

    Hubby is going to plant one of his Harleys.


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