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CA vs. Spector – Evidence of Intimacy

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 12, 2007

 Well, thank Goodness for KTLA and their live, gavel to gavel coverage. Court TV decided today that they would discontinue the already spotty coverage of the Spector trial and instead devote their live coverage resources to the hearings on the State Bar Association versus Michael Nifong, the Durham county District Attorney responsible for the rape and kidnapping charges leveled against the Duke Lacrosse players. The woman who claimed she was raped and kidnapped later was found to have mostly invented the story, yet, from all appearances, even though Nifong was aware that her story was mostly fabricated, he plowed ahead with the charges, some say to further his political career.

Whatever – it’s nowhere near as interesting as the Spector case.

Especially today, when some of the more salacious testimony was brought out in the cross examination of Steve Renteria by Defense attorney Christopher Plourd.

Today we heard that Lana Clarkson’s left nipple tested positive for Phil Spector’s DNA, suggesting that the night may have, indeed, in the words of have been “a sexually motivated killing”.

Renteria said the genetic profile found on Clarkson’s nipple was rare, occurring in only one in 14.8 billion Caucasians, more than double the number of people of all races alive today.

In Renteria’s second day on the witness stand, Plourd also pressed him on what his DNA testing did not show. Lab results on swabbings from the .38-caliber Colt revolver that killed Clarkson turned up her DNA, but not Spector’s.

“All of these markers are consistent with her and inconsistent with Mr. Spector, is that correct?” asked Plourd.

“Yes,” Renteria said.

Plourd’s point is obvious: If Spector was gripping the gun tightly enough to shove it in Clarkson’s mouth, why isn’t his profile on any of the seven areas of the gun the lab tested?

But, Renteria previously said, during his direct examination, that Clarkson’s blood on the gun could mask the presence of other DNA.

The witness also detailed the tests results on a set of false eyelashes in a bathroom near the site of the shooting. He said they showed a mixture of DNA belonging to Clarkson and Spector.

Asked if the results were consistent with Clarkson touching Spector and then removing her lashes, Renteria said it was possible.

During the cross, Renteria also acknowledges that he accidentally contaminated at least one sample from the gun. The criminalist says he detected his own genetic profile in one tube.

“I had confidence that the other samples were fine,” he says.

Renteria should finish his testimony tomorrow. There will be no court Thursday morning, as a juror has a longstanding doctor’s appointment.


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