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Sewing Room Curtains and Rainman’s Clothes

Posted by thedarwinexception on June 9, 2007

Well, Rainman came and got *some* of his stuff today.

He didn’t take the big stuff – the mattress, the chair/van seat or the stands. He only took his one garbage bag full of clothes and the box full of papers and books.

I wasn’t here when he came – luckily, enough. Or maybe unluckily, since Paul spent the whole time Rainman was here yelling at him about moving the rest of his stuff out. Paul was trying to get across to the guy that this isn’t his closet, he can’t just come and get a change of clothes every couple of days – he needs to get *all* of his things. Rainman was only here to get “a change of clothes”, he wasn’t even going to take *all* his clothes, Paul made him by throwing them all off the porch while Rainman was here. I think if he could have lifted the bed and mattress, he would have thrown that off the porch, too.

But, it smells a little better in that room, anyway.

The rest of the day I spent making curtains for the sewing room out of zippers. Yeah, zippers.

When my grandmother passed away, my Aunt got all of her things, and when my Aunt passed away, I got them all. Those things included all my grandmother’s sewing stuff. Paul was going through the Harley shed and came across *another* huge box of industrial and heavy duty zippers. There are thousands of zippers in there, and I didn’t know what to do with them all. So I got to thinking about it, and decided I could make some curtains out of them.

So I took some of the upholstery fabric that I got from that sale I went to the other day, and made a 42 inch long strip 1.5 inches wide. I then made some loops, and sewed the loops onto the strip. Then I took zippers and sewed them in a row onto the 42″ strip, overlapping them a bit. Instant curtains.

I took some of the shorter, 7 inch zippers and made the valence the same way.

Paul made me curtain rods out of PVC pipe and elbows.

They look pretty cool. I like them. The pictures didn’t come out so well, I’ll take more when it gets darker and the contrast isn’t so bad.

The best part of these curtains is they allow more light to come into that room. Our house is really, really dark and the curtains I had up there before
blocked whatever small amount of light that might come in. The zippers are light enough that it doesn’t block the sun so much. I can already see a big difference in the brightness of the room. Of course, now I can also see all the dust on the bookshelves, so I think I know what I’ll be doing the rest of the afternoon.

So how do you like the curtains?


6 Responses to “Sewing Room Curtains and Rainman’s Clothes”

  1. mermaids said

    very interesting idea for the curtains.

  2. If you want to do it – let me know, I still have about 10,000 zippers!


  3. Que Barbara said

    I have to say, when I look at the curtains, in my head I keep hearing my flaming friend Stephen’s voice saying:


  4. Well, They’ve been “gay approved” by two friends of mine who are gay – but they aren’t “flaming”, so maybe there’s a different level of tacky the higer up the flame list you go.

    I kind of like them. They really do let in a LOT more light, which was my number one purpose. Although most of my house is probably high on the “tacky” list to most people – I like a lot of crap most people would call tacky – and I inherited a lot of stuff even *I* consider tacky, so some of it has to be way off the meter.

    But, since my house is a hodgepodge of crap right now, and probably the only room that would ever get high marks on the “taste” meter is the living room downstairs, and it isn’t even done yet, I think I’ll refrain from inviting over any flaming gay guys who might be horrified.

    I’m not holding my breath for Bettter Homes and Gardens to come do a cover shoot, believe me.


  5. Veronique said

    I would like a skirt made of zippers.


  6. mattie said

    Maybe it would look better if you put some colorful fabric to the sides of the zippers(not hiding the open window). Then take the picture when its less light out side. The sunlight makes it hard to see the vision of your zipper curtains.
    EX: ()~||~()
    \ /
    / \

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